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Judicial CP - January 2011

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Minivan News, Male, 19 January 2011

Two years and 25 lashes for sexual assault of Japanese music teacher

By Ahmad Nazeer

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The Criminal Court of the Maldives has sentenced a man to two years imprisonment and 25 lashes for sexually assaulting a Japanese woman on Kulhudhufushi in Haa Dhaalu Atoll.

The Criminal Court, which identified the victim, said she was walking down the 'Giolhilaashi Hingun' street in Kulhudhufushi on November 6, 2010, when she was approached by Adam Shareef who sexually assaulted her.

"Adam Shareef stopped [the victim] and [sexually assaulted] her according to his own admittance."

An authority at Kulhudhufushi told Minivan News that the Japanese citizen was a volunteer music teacher at Kulhudhufushi school.

"Whatever took place happened on that street," he said. "It is a very narrow street where people do not walk very often."

"Another islander reported the incident to police, not the Japanese citizen," he said, adding that the incident occurred during broad day light in the afternoon.

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