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Judicial CP - March 2006

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Sunday Mail, Harare, 19 March 2006

Teenage thief sentenced to three strokes

By Ngoni Nguruza

A 16-YEAR-old Harare boy will receive three strokes of the cane for stealing two of his sister's blankets after his mother urged the magistrate to be ruthless.

Tidings Mavhuse, who lived and worked at his elder sister Tendai Beta's residence in Highfield, was convicted on his own plea of guilt by Mbare magistrate Mrs Florence Mudzongo.

The prosecutor, Mr Abel Gumbura, told the court that on January 23 this year, Beta left the accused in custody of her property while she attended a funeral in Chinhoyi.

Upon her return 15 days later, she discovered that her blankets were missing and confronted Mavhuse, who admitted to having stolen the property.

Mavhuse's mother implored Mrs Mudzongo to exact a severe punishment on the accused, as this was not his first time to trouble her.

Mrs Mudzongo responded by sentencing Mavhuse to three strokes of a rattan cane and suspended four months for five years.

Mavhuse will receive his punishment from an experienced designated member of the police force.

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