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Judicial CP - January 2006

Corpun file 17282

Serambi Indonesia, Banda Aceh, 31 January 2006

Effects of flogging on back

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Beni bin Saleh (45) warga Desa Landuk Kecamatan Rantau berdarah dan bengkak bagian punggung usai menjalani 40 kali razam dari algojo. Tubuhnya bergetar menahan rasa sakit, dikhawatirkan shok Beni terpaksa di larikan ke Rumah Sakit Umum Karang Baru. SERAMBI/M NASIR

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Beni bin Saleh (45), of Landuk desa, Rantau sub-district, with a bleeding and swollen back after undergoing 40 strokes from the executioner. His body trembling as it withstood the pain, and worried he was in shock, Beni had to be rushed to the Karang Baru General Hospital on Saturday.


[A longer story in Serambi Indonesia on this case, '14 Warga Tamiang Decambuk, Dua Dilarikan ke Rumah Sakit', dated 1 February, refers to Beni as being among one of 14 caned in Tamiang district; Beni and a female called Zuliana were mentioned as having been rushed to hospital. Beni (and the woman) were convicted of drinking, for which the penalty was 40 strokes. A couple of others were found guilty of khalwat (close proximity among unrelated individuals of the opposite sex), for which the penalty was 9 strokes. An official was quoted as saying that they appointed a "special" executioner so that he would not show favour to any of the people to be caned. They chose the 1st of Muharram month (first day of the new year) to carry out the caning to spread the good word of Islam -- not to demonstrate its harshness. All individuals had been given written warnings to cease their bad behaviour, but they had not paid any attention.]

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