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Judicial CP - March 1978


Liverpool Echo, UK, 1 March 1978

Rough Justice for an Abductor

There was a double dose of punishment for a man who abducted a young girl in Pakistan.

He had to endure a flogging for his crime.

And to add to the humiliation, the sentence was carried out in public.

Two officials took it in turns to whip the criminal, who was convicted by a military court. His screams signalled that he was repentant.

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Daily Telegraph, London, 2 March 1978

100,000 watch as child rapist gets 15 lashes

MORE than 100,000 angry Pakistanis bent on vengeance crowded a racecourse in Rawalpindi yesterday to witness the flogging of a 27-year-old bachelor who raped a girl aged seven.

Mohammad Sabir, a mill worker, was sentenced to 10 years' rigorous imprisonment and 15 lashes of the cane for the rape of Mussarat Yasman.

"What is the use of inflicting 15 lashes if he cannot die?" screamed people in the crowd.

Sabir was beaten by a prison guard wielding a cane which had been soaked in mustard oil for several days to increase the pain as the lashes cut into the flesh.

The public flogging was carried out under the supervision of martial law authorities, members of the Government and prison officials.

At the end of the 15 lashes Sabir's legs would not support him and stretcher-bearers carried him bleeding to a truck which took him to the prison hospital.

First public flogging

This was the first public flogging in Rawalpindi since the martial law Government headed by Gen. Zia assumed power last July in the coup which deposed Mr Bhutto. Gen. Zia's Government introduced flogging as punishment in certain criminal cases.

The rape occurred on Aug. 12 last, a public holiday when Yasman did not go to school. She was playing in front of her house with her three sisters and a younger brother when Sabir lured her into his house by promising her sweets.

The girl's screams attracted neighbours who rushed into the house and rescued her. -HPI.

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