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Corporal punishment: News chronology 2001

All 2001's news items for all countries, in a single date sequence



02 JAN....NIGERIA: Canada Rises Up For Sharia Convict
International row over flogging sentence on pregnant woman

04 JAN....IRAN: Women partygoers flogged in Iran (illustrated)
Woman is pictured after receiving 70 lashes

04 JAN....NIGERIA: Nigerians flogged for drinking
Two receive 80 lashes each before excited crowds

10 JAN....SINGAPORE: He went fishing ... for valuables (illustrated)
Four strokes of cane for 23-year-old housebreaker, pictured

12 JAN....NIGERIA: Another girl faces flogging for sex
Second girl and her boyfriend both sentenced to lashes

13 JAN....NIGERIA: Nigerian girl flogging reduced
180-lash sentence reduced to 100 and must be imposed "softly"

16 JAN....UNITED STATES: Short of the goal (illustrated)
Tennessee football player pictured getting paddled for poor grades

18 JAN....NIGERIA: Igbo Youths Vow to Avenge Flogging of Obi in Kano
Tensions rise after Christian gets Islamic punishment

18 JAN....SOUTH AFRICA: Bad old school days relived in US film
Rigid discipline and caning portrayed in independent short

19 JAN....MALAYSIA: Points system to curb indiscipline in Penang schools
Demerit points add up to progressively more canings

24 JAN....NIGERIA: Sharia Victim's Flogging Condemned
Girl gets her delayed 100 strokes; human rights groups in uproar

28 JAN....UNITED STATES: Use of paddle losing favor among schools
Moves afoot to ban CP in a Tennessee school district

30 JAN....SINGAPORE: Jailed for stabbing man to death (illustrated)
Labourer, 39, pictured, to receive 12 strokes of cane for 1993 killing

31 JAN....BRUNEI: Ex-Police Constable jailed
Former cop, 29, to have three strokes of rattan for housebreaking

31 JAN....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for airplane molester (illustrated)
27-year-old Indian computer engineer, pictured, gets 3 strokes

31 JAN....UNITED STATES: Battery trial set for 6th UAM student
Five fraternity members took turns paddling freshman in Arkansas

03 FEB....SAUDI ARABIA: Flogging for mobile phone passenger
70 lashes for using phone on plane; second such sentence in 4 months

03 FEB....SINGAPORE: Repeat burglar to get 6 strokes
35-year-old already sentenced to 12 strokes in 1993, now to receive another six

05 FEB....SINGAPORE: Singapore Rambo floored (illustrated)
Three rioters jailed and caned; one aged 27 is pictured

05 FEB....UNITED STATES: Player says coach hit, bruised him
06 FEB....UNITED STATES: Coach put on leave
07 FEB....UNITED STATES: Blankenship's background is strict, but he's a good person
Detroit high-school football coach in trouble after team paddlings

05 FEB....UNITED STATES: Local High School Coach Accused Of Paddling Players (illustrated)
More on the Detroit case, with mugshot of paddled boy

06 FEB....SAUDI ARABIA: Illicit drinking parties are a way of life for the expats
Last flogging of a Briton was in 1985

06 FEB....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Government to Ban Corporal Punishment in Schools
But some see trouble ahead

07 FEB....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: TTUTA agrees with Ministry on corporal punishment
Teachers agree to support government's attempt to end school CP

09 FEB....SINGAPORE: Trio who beat lawyer withdraw appeals (illustrated)
Three youths, pictured outside court, beginning jail sentences after 8 months out on bail, will now receive their 3 strokes of the cane each

08 FEB....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Teachers boycott classes at Union Presbyterian
Teaching is tougher since corporal punishment banned, they say

10 FEB....MALAYSIA: Duo convicted in sex attack (illustrated)
Two 34-year-olds, pictured, get jail and cane for rape and molest

11 FEB....SAUDI ARABIA: I know what it's like for Scots in their prison hell
Brit recalls his Saudi flogging in 1980

11 FEB....UNITED STATES: Arkansas schools still using paddle
Only about 10% of school districts ban CP

14 FEB....KENYA: Death Orders For Teen Rapists
Three boys to be caned, jailed for 13 years, then hanged

15 FEB....UNITED STATES: Bill backs corporal punishment in schools
New law in SC would protect paddling teachers

15 FEB....AUSTRALIA: Strapped for cash: man gets $2.5m for a 1984 caning
16 FEB....AUSTRALIA: More cash for a strap than a car crash
17 FEB....AUSTRALIA: Catholic schools should be brought to account
Lawyers lost for words after jury payout to man strapped in school 17 years ago

16 FEB....IRAN: Iran Flogs Three (illustrated)
Public floggings, pictured, for sex and booze

17 FEB....UNITED STATES: Spanking bill OK'd despite concerns
Parents may spank their kids if new law passes in Utah

19 FEB....NEW ZEALAND: The chicken that came home to roost
Possible NZ implications of Australian strapping payout

21 FEB....AUSTRALIA: Casey on Thursday
Humorous reflections on strapping pay-out case

22 FEB....UNITED STATES: Murray-Wright coach granted reprieve
Football coach in MI keeps job after paddling 15-year-old

27 FEB....UNITED STATES: Not even 2nd vote in Senate can save the spanking bill
Utah "parents may spank" bill narrowly dies at final hurdle

28 FEB....UNITED STATES: Parents protest spanking
School paddling in NC left boy bruised, they say

01 MAR....UNITED STATES: School system votes out paddling
No more CP in Murfreesboro, Tenn.

03 MAR....INDIA: Caning of students to be made a crime
Government sets up committee

04 MAR....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment makes impression
TN columnist waxes nostalgic

05 MAR....SINGAPORE: Ran from one group, but 10 more were waiting (illustrated)
Canings for four, pictured, after "orgy of violence"

10 MAR....NIGERIA: Drama As Sharia Convict Dares Judge With Whisky Sachet
Man, given 80 strokes of cane, insists he will carry on boozing

10 MAR....SINGAPORE: Housewarming party turns bloody (illustrated)
Six teenage rioters, of whom two are pictured, given six strokes each

14 MAR....UNITED STATES: Police no longer investigating Murray-Wright coach
15 MAR....UNITED STATES: When a coach paddled a player, their lives were turned upside down
Prosecutor drops Detroit case; sports columnist comments at length

18 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Teacher wants accusers disciplined
Welsh head teacher was wrongly accused of slapping pupils

18 MAR....UNITED STATES: Schools make case for paddling (illustrated)
Some Kentucky schools considering reintroduction; elementary principal pictured holding paddle

18 MAR....UNITED STATES: Paddle usage generally fading among Kentucky private schools
Catholic schools have banned it but some others still use CP

18 MAR....UNITED STATES: Paddling very rare, restricted or not used in Indiana districts
Most but not all IN districts have stopped using it

18 MAR....UNITED STATES: Church faces abuse probe over whipping of children
21 MAR....UNITED STATES: Pastor, 5 followers arrested in child beatings
22 MAR....UNITED STATES: Minister has prior conviction for beating
22 MAR....UNITED STATES: Welfare officials acknowledge the value of spanking
Controversy over Rev. Arthur Allen's 'House of Prayer' in Atlanta GA

22 MAR....UNITED STATES: Ex-Alvarado student sues district over corporal punishment
12-year-old TX boy opted for paddle, then regretted it

23 MAR....UNITED STATES: Who's supposed to be the villain?
23 MAR....UNITED STATES: 'They'd beat them for every simple little thing they'd do'
26 MAR....UNITED STATES: Reader responses: corporal punishment
More on Atlanta's 'House of Prayer'

23 MAR....UNITED STATES: LSU frat hazing leaves bloody, gaping wound
24 MAR....UNITED STATES: LSU frat may face charges
Tales of paddling at Louisiana State University

24 MAR....KENYA: Rapist Teacher Jailed 28 Years
50-year-old also ordered to receive eight strokes of the cane

28 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Rebel pupil Blair was given six of the best
Future PM was caned at age 17 for persistently flouting rules

29 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: College tutor 'spanked pupil'
Lecturer accused of spanking girl students over his knee

01 APR....UNITED STATES: Discipline or abuse? Church renews spanking debate
02 APR....UNITED STATES: Whippings In The Pulpit
02 APR....UNITED STATES: Race, Region and Gender Play Roles in Support for Corporal Punishment
Authorities remove 41 children from 'House of Prayer'

02 APR....SINGAPORE: Killed over a pot of curry (illustrated)
Three illegal immigrants, one of whom is pictured, get jail and cane for manslaughter

02 APR....UNITED KINGDOM: Spanking charge teacher admits visiting sex websites
04 APR....UNITED KINGDOM: Spanking case tutor jailed
Two and a half years' prison for lecturer who spanked young women

03 APR....GHANA: Reintroducing Caning In Our Schools?
Govt minister wants CP brought back but editorialist disagrees

04 APR....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Students Publicly Flogged
Forty lashes each in the school yard for 8 students who attacked teachers

04 APR....SINGAPORE: Army sergeant gets jail, cane for raping teen (illustrated)
Six strokes of cane for 23-year-old, pictured

05 APR....ROMANIA: Mayor wants prostitutes to get "a damn good spanking"
Let police spank these girls' bottoms, he urges

06 APR....SINGAPORE: Bus driver molested 15-year-old (illustrated)
Attacker, 43, pictured, is given 30 months and four strokes

06 APR....UNITED STATES: Punishing child leads parents to file suit
10-year-old girl was paddled in Louisiana

07 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddling: Just the "village" doling out justice?
Letter-writers clash in TX

08 APR....UNITED STATES: Redefine cruel, unusual
Use CP on criminals and save money on prisons, urges TX letter-writer

09 APR....SINGAPORE: Christmas punches land him in jail (illustrated)
35-year-old, pictured, gets six strokes for rioting

10 APR....KENYA: Lawyer Jailed for Sex Offence
Former newsreader gets three strokes of cane

10 APR....UNITED STATES: "Excessive" spanking gets Dawkins probation
FL charter school drops CP after row over paddling of 8-year-old

11 APR....KENYA: Minister outlaws caning in schools
Ban will have immediate legal effect

11 APR....MALAYSIA: Man jailed three years for credit card fraud
Plus four strokes of rotan for 20-year-old

12 APR....SINGAPORE: He punched one cop on the nose, another in the eye (illustrated)
Six strokes for illegal immigrant, 49, pictured

13 APR....SUDAN: Fifty-three Christians flogged in Sudan
Men, women and boys given lashes for taking part in demonstration

16 APR....KENYA: Discipline in School: Govt Must Go Further
How will new caning ban be enforced, asks editorial

18 APR....SINGAPORE: Stiffer sentence for vicious attack on wife (illustrated)
47-year-old, pictured, has caning increased from 4 strokes to 12

19 APR....SINGAPORE: Molested in the lift (illustrated)
Jail and cane for cleaner, pictured, who attacked maid

21 APR....MALAYSIA: PAS wants to cut off limbs of criminals
Islamic opposition party also wants flogging for Moslems who drink

21 APR....SINGAPORE: Lounge manager was stabbed to death by gang (illustrated)
10 years in jail and 10 strokes of cane for 28-year-old, pictured

21 APR....SINGAPORE: Schizophrenic killer jailed for life (illustrated)
Plus six strokes of cane for mentally ill man, pictured

21 APR....SINGAPORE: This man talks - with his knife (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, is ordered nine strokes for causing hurt

22 APR....SAUDI ARABIA: Violence in schools needs urgent attention
Writer calls for more floggings

23 APR....NIGERIA: Women's Group Tackles Zamfara Governor
Caned "17-year-old" mother was actually only 13, they claim

26 APR....NIGERIA: Stiffer Punishment for Sharia Breakers
Two musicians given 10 strokes each for singing

27 APR....SINGAPORE: Man who raped 58-year-old woman jailed (illustrated)
Indian national, 26, pictured, also to receive 14 strokes of cane

27 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddling lawsuits stacking up on principal
Louisiana boy allegedly paddled 17 times in eight weeks

27 APR....BRUNEI: Husband jailed for hitting wife
35-year-old also gets two strokes of the rattan

27 APR....UNITED KINGDOM: Man is jailed for spanking stepsons
Admits cruelty after pants-down smacking of boys aged 6 and 7

30 APR....UNITED KINGDOM: Osteopath 'spanked sportswoman to cure whiplash injuries'
Prosecution claims it was abuse for his own gratification

01 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Youths flogged
15 public lashes each for three who teased girls in market

02 MAY....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Defendant gets jail, lashes in rape case
Two years in prison and 80 lashes for repeat offender

03 MAY....UNITED STATES: Lawsuits Touch Off Debate Over Paddling in Schools (illustrated)
"New York Times" catches up with southern school CP; two paddled students pictured

06 MAY....TRINIDAD: Kamla to probe beating charges
Male teacher accused of beating girl students with an umbrella

06 MAY....UNITED STATES: Faint-hearted public's major confusion outranks corporal punishment
Some boys just need spanking, asserts SC columnist

07 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: 4 youths held for harassment
They get 15 lashes each for harassing girl students

07 MAY....UNITED STATES: Parents speak against school paddling
Summary of current situation in S. Carolina schools

07 MAY....UNITED STATES: Breaking the Hickory Stick
Editorialist slams proposal for Teacher Protection Act

08 MAY....UNITED STATES: Six of the Best: Corporal punishment and its critics
Right-wing commentator doesn't like teachers hitting kids, but approves centralised control even less

08 MAY....UNITED STATES: Father is ordered to swat foster son
Judge criticised after 11-year-old's courtroom paddling

10 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Youths lashed for attacking teacher
70 lashes and two months in jail for three

10 MAY....UNITED STATES: School Leaders say Hazing Becoming out of Control
Paddlings as high school initiation in Idaho

11 MAY....BRUNEI: Man jailed for running amok and threatening wife
And five strokes of rattan for crazed husband, 35

11 MAY....UNITED STATES: Paddling Foes Get Change in Amendment on Liability
Opponents make some headway in Senate battle over 'teacher protection' legislation

12 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Youth punished with ten lashes
Punished for harassing women in markets

14 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: Pupils Sjambokked At Mpumalanga School
17 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: Private School Investigated After Sjambokking Allegations
Students demonstrating against CP bare their buttocks to show welts

14 MAY....SUDAN: Sudan shows signs of easing its enforcement of Sharia
Public floggings down by 75%, claims official

14 MAY....UNITED STATES: Paddling principal upset at state act (illustrated)
Wisconsin private Baptist school principal, pictured, is designated 'child abuser' for paddling girl

15 MAY....MALAYSIA: Strict school attracts top students
High-performing secondary school asks parents to witness canings

17 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Seven teens given 15 lashes each for harassing women
"Educational punishment" for school and university students

18 MAY....SINGAPORE: Plight of teachers, parenting get an airing
Some support in local press debate for abandoning school caning

19 MAY....BRUNEI: Stiff penalty for traffickers
Drug importers appeal, but 20-year, 15-stroke sentences stand

21 MAY....UNITED STATES: Washington shouldn't encourage corporal punishment
22 MAY....UNITED STATES: Bush wrong on corporal punishment
Two more newspapers (in PA and TN) welcome exemption of CP from teacher protection bill

22 MAY....UNITED STATES: Removal of children is defended
State welfare official defends action in Georgia's "House of Prayer" saga

24 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: Mpumalanga Orders Police Probe Into School Floggings
25 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: Tempers cool down at Cefups Academy
25 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: Angry Mphumalanga MPs demand report of student beatings in 60 days
Student lays assault charges against headmaster after 30 strokes on buttocks; politicians call for action against school

25 MAY....SINGAPORE: 2 youths stabbed and robbed cabby
One aged 20 is given seven years' jail and 12 strokes of the cane

25 MAY....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Woman sentenced to jail, lashes for selling baby
Three months and 50 lashes, and will then be deported, after adultery with two men

26 MAY....KENYA: Remove such brutes from school system
Teachers still caning despite new law, claims editorial

26 MAY....SINGAPORE: Serial car-jack gangster gets jail and caning
24-year-old is ordered 24 strokes of cane and 26 years in jail

01 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Dungeons and Sjamboks in school's reign of terror (illustrated)
More on exclusive Mpumalanga school's public floggings; boy's wealed buttocks pictured

02 JUN....SAUDI ARABIA: Flogging is a barbaric punishment, it shouldn't be inflicted
02 JUN....SAUDI ARABIA: Cook acts to save Britons from lash
Up to 500 lashes ordered for four accused of illegal trading in alcohol

03 JUN....JAMAICA: Beatings, violence contribute to aggression in kids -- Study (illustrated)
Picture shows girl being strapped on hand

03 JUN....UNITED STATES: Spare the rod? Not here, most agree (illustrated)
TN elementary teacher paddles seven or eight kids a day; one cafeteria paddling is pictured

04 JUN....SAUDI ARABIA: Riyadh won't allow others to meddle in its judiciary
Official unmoved by pleas on behalf of Brits sentenced to flogging

04 JUN....SAUDI ARABIA: Students caned for cheating
They passed information to classmates in exams

04 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Investigation into abuses at Cefups launched
Human rights workers look into reports of public floggings at private school

04 JUN....SOUTH KOREA: Private Teaching Institutes
Corporal punishment thriving at high-pressure exam crammers

05 JUN....UNITED STATES: Judge dismisses lawsuit against teacher
Student was paddled after refusing to say pledge of allegiance

06 JUN....UNITED STATES: House of Prayer parents leave court in protest
Did kids complain about corporal punishment in church?

08 JUN....MALAYSIA: Operators of get-rich-quick schemes face stiffer penalties
Possible caning for those who perpetrate pyramid selling schemes

08 JUN....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for attackers in gang fight
Nine secret society members, aged between 16 and 38, all to be caned

12 JUN....UNITED STATES: Athens school district sued for hazing of teen
Story of spankings in TX baseball team

15 JUN....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Freed prisoners pledge to lead respectful lives
Reporter speaks to 15-year-old girls who received lashes for having sex

17 JUN....RUSSIA: Russians thrash their drug takers to stop addiction (illustrated)
Account of bare-buttock lashings with leather belts at drug rehabilitation centre; one culprit pictured

18 JUN....NIGERIA: 107 Prostitutes, 20 Gamblers Caned in Kebbi
All given 20 lashes each under Sharia law

18 JUN....UNITED STATES: The unsparing rod (illustrated)
'US News & World Report' sizes up the paddling debate; paddled boy is pictured

19 JUN....SINGAPORE: Road bully gets jail and cane (illustrated)
Three strokes for 41-year-old, pictured

19 JUN....SWAZILAND: Students block road to school with large rocks
High school closed indefinitely after students demonstrate against corporal punishment

20 JUN....KENYA: Schools assured over ban on caning
Ban was not aimed at condoning indiscipline, says minister

21 JUN....BRUNEI: Two get 20 years jail for trafficking drugs
Plus twenty strokes of the rattan each

21 JUN....SWAZILAND: Swazi police catch up with 'talking baboons'
Three teens dressed up as baboons and terrorised women

23 JUN....MALAYSIA: Filipinos who gang-raped student get maximum (illustrated)
Two immigrant workers, pictured, jailed for 20 years and will receive 10 strokes each

23 JUN....SINGAPORE: A drink, a fight and a bloody end (illustrated)
Killer, 23, pictured, gets 9 years' jail and 8 strokes of cane

24 JUN....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Preacher lashed, deported for cohabitation
Indian Imam sentenced to 90 lashes; cohabiting housemaid gets 150

25 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Black vigilantes dispense rough justice at a price
If a young man has been naughty his buttocks must be exposed so that he can be sjambokked, says leader

25 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Controversial School Reinstates Teachers, Pupils
Private academy apparently flogged teachers as well as students

26 JUN....PHILIPPINES: 159 inmates stage riot over gambling debts
Prisoners paddled on buttocks under own rules

26 JUN....UNITED STATES: Probe ends, case dropped against pastor
Abuse charges dropped, but 15 children in "House of Prayer" case still in custody over spanking

27 JUN....UNITED STATES: Discipline in schools debated
No consensus over CP in Louisiana school district

28 JUN....SWAZILAND: Swazi boys found guilty of 'baboon rampage'
Youngest ordered caned, with more court hearings to come

28 JUN....UNITED STATES: Supreme court further clarifies acceptable parental discipline
Maine ruling in case where parents went too far with spankings

29 JUN....SINGAPORE: They attacked victim and his elderly parents and got away with $4 (illustrated)
18 months and 3 strokes for 23-year-old, pictured

01 JUL....SAUDI ARABIA: Floggings bring shopping to standstill at Saudi mall
15 lashes each for three young men who harassed girls

01 JUL....UNITED KINGDOM: Private schools fight cane ban in the courts
Ending of CP has brought "widespread moral decline"; parents claim their human rights infringed by ban

02 JUL....UNITED STATES: Bombshell: Five charged, more implicated in scandal at Oceana ordnance unit
Navy court martial hears testimony about fraternity-style paddlings

04 JUL....KENYA: Caning Ban Debate Rages On
Discipline standards can only get worse, says Boys' Centre Director

04 JUL....SWAZILAND: Court convicts 'English-speaking baboons'
Three teen boys may be caned after baboon stunt

05 JUL....IRAN: Briton lashed for going to 'depraved' party
50 young men and women flogged for dancing

07 JUL....CANADA: Aylmer church fights back
Seven children removed from home by authorities over Christian spanking

08 JUL....SAUDI ARABIA: Doctor caned for molesting colleague
95 lashes after offence at hospital

09 JUL....UGANDA: Robber Gets 13 Years
And six strokes of the cane after armed carjacking

11 JUL....IRAN: Iran flogs 20 in public for selling 'obscene' CDs
Photographers barred from taking pictures of Tehran flogging

11 JUL....KUWAIT: Kuwait draft bill calls for switch to Sharia penal code
Politicians urge flogging for adultery

11 JUL....SWAZILAND: Swaziland's 'talking baboons' are muffled
Court orders canings for two teen boys who donned baboon suits and terrorised women

11 JUL....UNITED STATES: Role models deserve recognition
Reporter recalls AL school paddlings

12 JUL....UNITED KINGDOM: Ex-cricketer to face judge
Coach charged with caning three young players

14 JUL....SOUTH AFRICA: Teacher hit hard for beating pupil with ruler
Teacher convicted after girl caned in defiance of law

16 JUL....IRAN: Iranians flogged for drinking, sex offences
Twelve men get public lashings for a range of offences

16 JUL....MALAYSIA: Epileptic Boy Caned By Guard
17 JUL....MALAYSIA: Caning Of Student By Security Guard: Police Step In
18 JUL....MALAYSIA: Suspend the guard!
Fuss over caning of schoolboy by unauthorised staff

16 JUL....SINGAPORE: Want to complain about your child's teacher? Check facts first
If parents disagree with caning they should not have put their child in this school, says principal

18 JUL....KENYA: Talks On School Discipline Launched
Wave of indiscipline not directly related to caning ban, minister claims

18 JUL....UNITED STATES: Mom fights school spankings
AL woman challenges paddle policy after first-grader comes home with bruised bottom

19 JUL....MALAYSIA: School guards cannot cane pupils!
Only disciplinary teachers are allowed to use CP, government confirms

19 JUL....UNITED STATES: Boys, blacks paddled the most
Statistics released for schools in Mobile County, AL; school board votes to leave policy in place

20 JUL....KENYA: Crisis Teams Set Up to End School Riots
30 schools closed amid student strikes and riots

20 JUL....MALAYSIA: Happy ending for Surish and mom
'Caning guard' was overzealous and apologises to boy and parents

20 JUL....NIGERIA: Sharia Court Jails Man for Selling Dead Animal's Meat
25-year-old receives 24 strokes of cane before large crowd at court

21 JUL....KENYA: Old Grievances Take On New Proportions
Students now think they cannot be punished at all, teachers claim

21 JUL....UNITED STATES: National group seizes on racial disparity in punishment at Mobile schools
50% of students receive 70% of spankings in one Alabama county

23 JUL....IRAN: Iranian minister condemns floggings
Government disapproves of recent spate of public whippings

24 JUL....SINGAPORE: Carjacker's jail term cut
But 24-year-old will still receive 24 strokes of cane

24 JUL....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Seven jailed in two cases of kidnapping and rape
Three of them also ordered to receive 80 lashes each

26 JUL....IRAN: Iranian men flogged for drinking, harassing women
22 more young men receive public floggings in Tehran

26 JUL....MALAYSIA: Drug offender escapes gallows on lesser charge
10 strokes of rotan and 12 years in jail for 34-year-old

27 JUL....CANADA: Spanked Kids Home
Children given back to spanking parents

27 JUL....UNITED STATES: My red badge of courage
Columnist recalls 9th-grade classroom paddling in 1960s VA

28 JUL....SINGAPORE: Stepdad raped girl for 5 years from age seven
19 years in jail and 24 strokes of the cane for 40-year-old

28 JUL....UNITED STATES: Law challenges preacher's principles
16-year-old describes spankings at Christian community in MO

29 JUL....MALAYSIA: Raise age limit for caning, says Bar
"Men over 50 who commit incest should not escape rotan"

29 JUL....IRAN: New floggings in Iran
Five receive 70 lashes each for public order offences

29 JUL....KENYA: The Cane And Shoddy Management In Schools
Cane ban was badly handled, argues columnist

31 JUL....MALAYSIA: Maximum 20 years' jail, whipping for incest
Government proposing increased penalties for sexual offenders

31 JUL....SINGAPORE: Man gets six years' jail for robbery, assault
And 12 strokes of cane for 22-year-old

02 AUG....CANADA: Spanking useful, callers suggest
02 AUG....CANADA: Canadians Flee in Spanking Dispute
Christians move to USA in hope of greater tolerance of spanking

03 AUG....UNITED STATES: Spare the rod and keep the cash donor
FL children's home abandons paddling under pressure from United Way

05 AUG....CANADA: Our Family Values Risk Official Erosion
Spanking parents should sue bureaucrats who persecute them, argues columnist

05 AUG....KENYA: Caning Ban to Blame for Unrest, Says VC
University Vice-Chancellor urges govt to rescind abolition of school CP

08 AUG....SINGAPORE: 'Career' criminal's jail term upped to 20 years on appeal
Already caned on two occasions before, 36-year-old gets another 12 strokes

08 AUG....SOUTH AFRICA: Mpumalanga Probes Illegal Corporal Punishment At Schools
Commission of inquiry set up into floggings at Cefups Academy

11 AUG....KENYA: Rescind Ban On Caning, Says Minister
School children "have become uncontrollable through lack of caning"

12 AUG....MALAYSIA: Govt: Enough laws to cover young offenders
New Child Act already provides for caning of youngsters

12 AUG....SINGAPORE: Teenager stole phones, had sex with minor
31 months in jail and six strokes of the cane for "bully", 17

15 AUG....NIGERIA: Nigeria civil servants flogged under Sharia
Two government employees given 40 lashes each in public

16 AUG....IRAN: Public Floggings Used as Tool Against Reform
16 AUG....IRAN: Public floggings fuel Iran row
Description and analysis of mass public whippings in Tehran

17 AUG....FIJI: Sex offender gets 5 years in jail
28-year-old also ordered six strokes of the cane

18 AUG....UNITED STATES: Banning The Board: New HISD policy puts paddling in past
19 AUG....UNITED STATES: Forget the paddle: Houston ISD bans corporal punishment
No more school CP in Houston, Texas

18 AUG....UNITED STATES: Principal who admitted to paddling student says his career is over
Was only following school policy after boy threw tantrum

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: Razor strop helped develop nation's children
TX writer endorses father's attitude adjuster

21 AUG....KENYA: Kenyan schools spare the rod
Caning debate rages on in parliament and school staff rooms

21 AUG....UNITED STATES: Sparing the rod: A survey
In light of new Houston ban, paper lists CP policies of other Texas districts

22 AUG....CANADA: Book Excerpts
Quotes from Church of God's instructions to parents on using corporal punishment

22 AUG....IRAN: Floggings may hurt Islam image - Kharrazi
Iran's reputation abroad is suffering, Foreign Minister warns judiciary

22 AUG....MALAYSIA: Malaysia's illegal immigrants face cane
Government proposing stronger penalties to deter growing wave of foreigners seeking work

23 AUG....MALAYSIA: Jail and rotan for former administrative assistant
Ex-bureaucrat, 37, gets three years and three strokes for embezzling

24 AUG....AUSTRALIA: Hanson advocates justice, Singapore style
Populist politician calls for judicial flogging

24 AUG....KENYA: Man Gets 14 Years for Stealing Ten Mandazi
27-year-old also sentenced to three strokes of the cane

25 AUG....SINGAPORE: Youth jailed for stabbing over computer game
And six strokes of the cane for "enraged" 21-year-old

26 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Smacking doesn't work, parents told
"Nanny state" controversy erupts after official institute urges public education campaign against domestic spanking

26 AUG....UNITED STATES: Study: Mild spanking not harmful to kids
Research shows no evidence for making parental CP illegal

26 AUG....UNITED STATES: McLennan County schools use spankings sparingly
Only three or four paddlings a year in Waco, TX

27 AUG....IRAN: Judiciary defends Iran floggings
Only public offenders are publicly flogged, says judge

27 AUG....NIGERIA: Man to Get 100 Lashes for Attempted Rape
Sharia court orders flogging for 45-year-old

27 AUG....SINGAPORE: Housebreaker back in jail for 20 years (illustrated)
47-year-old, pictured, already caned before, now to have another 18 strokes as well as preventive detention

27 AUG....UNITED STATES: Judge: Paddling Students OK; Parents Disagree
Two or three licks for AR boy, 12, was not unreasonable, court holds

28 AUG....KENYA: Cash Fiddlers Blamed for Schools Chaos
Task force investigating unrest hears calls for return of cane

28 AUG....SINGAPORE: Three beaten up by robbers
Three young robbers each given 10 years' jail and 24 strokes of cane

28 AUG....UNITED STATES: Paddling in schools declines, but debate goes on
54 students received CP last year in Morgan, OH

29 AUG....UNITED STATES: Teens may face charges in hazing ritual
High school freshmen paddled in Wisconsin

29 AUG....SINGAPORE: Man who commits crime after crime (illustrated)
Sentence for 30-year-old, pictured, upped on appeal from 8 years to 12 plus 12 strokes of the cane

29 AUG....UNITED STATES: Sheriff won't act on complaint by parents of paddled student
13-year-old Louisiana boy's mother objects to red welts on his butt

31 AUG....MALAYSIA: Call for vandals to be whipped
Official urges caning for vandalism, currently punishable only with fine plus one year's jail

03 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: Stella's meteoric rise to the top
1970s Fettes College recalled; even sixth-formers whacked; boys said they preferred caning to other punishments

05 SEP....IRAN: Mr Bean attackers face flogging
Court orders lashes for two members of revolutionary group

05 SEP....MALAYSIA: Mechanic escapes death sentence
35-year-old will wait for his caning, then walk free

07 SEP....IRAN: Boy, 14, flogged in Iran for drinking alcohol
80 public lashes each for five youths

10 SEP....CANADA: Spare The Rod, Spoil The School
Columnist bemoans state of schools, favours use of strap

10 SEP....UNITED STATES: Parents May Be Ones Needing Spanking
New study shows "experts" were wrong, argues columnist

11 SEP....BRUNEI: Indon tourists turn thieves (illustrated)
Jail and cane for visiting duo, pictured

11 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: An Act of cruelty
Law restricting spanking would be state interference, avers editorialist

12 SEP....CANADA: Feds Defend Spank Law
Law is a balanced approach to a complex social issue, says government

13 SEP....CANADA: Spanking Move Painfully Unfair
Proposal will break up families, writes editor

13 SEP....MALAYSIA: Convicted drug dealer pleads for lesser jail time
Offers to take more cane strokes instead, but court turns him down

19 SEP....SINGAPORE: Rioters who appeal will get 5 years' jail
25-year-old's sentence of 4½ years and 12 strokes is upheld on appeal

20 SEP....BRUNEI: Jailed for unlawful sex with half-sister
23-year-old also ordered to receive three strokes of cane

20 SEP....SINGAPORE: Worker at boys' hostel molested minor
Four years and 12 strokes of cane for supervisor, 42

24 SEP....SINGAPORE: Caned: Principal punishes 41 boys for skipping tests
24 SEP....SINGAPORE: Counselled: School turns 166 students around
24 SEP....SINGAPORE: Up to schools, says ministry
Parents divided after 41 boys get two strokes each on buttocks; but same school also proud of its counselling programme

25 SEP....SINGAPORE: Find out why child was punished first
26 SEP....SINGAPORE: Caning students for skipping test too harsh
Parents too ready to blame school without ascertaining facts, says one letter-writer; caning should be kept for more serious offences, retorts another

27 SEP....CANADA: 'Spanking Law' Challenge Could Have Wide Impact
Attack on parents' rights is misguided, says writer

27 SEP....SINGAPORE: Don't rap teachers when students are ones at fault
Parents complaining about caning are acting ridiculously, writes former teacher

01 OCT....KENYA: Dons Oppose Ban On Caning
Schools need reintroduction of CP, say two professors

02 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: Youths flogged for harassing girls
14 young men get 15 lashes each in public

03 OCT....BRUNEI: High Court Dismisses Appeal Of Violent Motorist
Sentence of 2 years and 5 strokes on 29-year-old is upheld

07 OCT....UNITED STATES: Board of education (illustrated)
Even in Texas, punishment with paddle, pictured, is on downward trend

07 OCT....UNITED STATES: Area districts use other measures before swatting
Rundown of CP policy at various Texas school districts

08 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: Man flogged for slandering official
Sharia court orders jail and flogging after "scandalous accusations"

08 OCT....SINGAPORE: Did Mr Gopal do the right thing? (illustrated)
Debate over action of headmaster, pictured, who caned 41 boys

09 OCT....MALAYSIA: Jobless man loses appeal to quash drug possession conviction
Court upholds jail and cane sentence

10 OCT....BRUNEI: Tree-cutter gets 10 months in jail (illustrated)
And a caning for Indonesian, 33, pictured

10 OCT....SINGAPORE: Ah Long San's 'double' locked away for 7 years
And 24 strokes of the cane for fraudster, 45

11 OCT....SINGAPORE: Caning: An effective way to discipline students?
Readers' comments on school CP controversy (NB partly in Singlish -- for Singlish-English dictionary see LINK: opens in new window)

11 OCT....UNITED STATES: Christian teacher accused of injuring boy with dowel rod
12-year-old boy's buttocks were bruised after punishment, claims his mother

13 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: Youths flogged for harassing girls
15 lashes each for 29 more young men

15 OCT....FIJI: Minister says corporal punishment is last resort
And only school principals may use it

15 OCT....SINGAPORE: Serial robber gets corrective training and caning
12 years and 24 strokes for 29-year-old who targeted women

16 OCT....SINGAPORE: Warden molested boys under his care (illustrated)
35-year-old, pictured, is given five years in jail and 15 strokes of cane

17 OCT....FIJI: To be caned or not be caned
Three twenty-something robbers may choose caning instead of jail terms

18 OCT....SINGAPORE: How did Mr Monster become human? (illustrated)
School discipline master is pictured; even the boys he canes realise he's human after all

19 OCT....TRINIDAD: Angry parents demand apology from principal
Student spanked on bare buttocks by police for making jokes

19 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Cricketer sentenced for caning trainees (illustrated)
Coach, 45, pictured, caned three 19-year-olds on buttocks

20 OCT....SINGAPORE: Mechanic's targets were as young as 10 years old
"Sex fiend" aged only 16 gets 10 years' jail and nine strokes of the cane

25 OCT....UNITED STATES: Spanking costs principal his job
Row over punishment of 7-year-old in Ohio

26 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: 63 flogged in Riyadh for harassing girls
Yet more public floggings, including 10 of foreigners

29 OCT....NEW ZEALAND: Corporal punishment on occasions a good backstop
Arguments against it just don't stack up, says letter-writer

30 OCT....BRUNEI: Local jailed for drug possession
Plus 5 strokes of cane for 29-year-old

30 OCT....KENYA: Businessman to Be Caned for Assault
Appeal court increases sentence, adds four strokes

30 OCT....KENYA: Whip in Public Men Who Marry Schoolgirls, Says Minister
"Archaic and pathetic" to marry underage girls, he says

31 OCT....CANADA: Spanker slapped with jail time (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, put teen boys over his knee

31 OCT....MALAYSIA: Court upholds Japanese engineer's jail sentence
But reduces his caning from 10 strokes to three

31 OCT....SINGAPORE: Molesters to get at least 9 months' jail
Chief Justice triples jail term on appeal and adds six strokes of cane for 33-year-old

02 NOV....AUSTRALIA: No more glass, nor brown belt
Columnist recalls parental strappings

02 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Schools ask for legal right to bring back cane (illustrated)
Headmaster, pictured, battles for the return of CP

03 NOV....BRUNEI: "Half" Rapist Gets His Sentence Doubled
And rattan caning quadrupled from three strokes to twelve

03 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Christian schools ask for right to hit pupils
Corporal punishment part of our religious doctrine, they tell court

04 NOV....BRUNEI: Brother In Law Gets Jail And Strokes For Criminal Force On Sister-In-Law
Eight strokes for 28-year-old

04 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: The tawser's tawdry lesson
Columnist recalls punishments at Edinburgh Academy

05 NOV....KENYA: After the Caning Ban, What?
Heated debate continues, but what is govt doing about school discipline, wonders editorial

05 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Corporal punishment: Is it a necessary part of schooling?
High Court case provokes online debate

07 NOV....AUSTRALIA: Latham defends call for return to caning
It worked 15 years ago, says Labor politician

08 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabia flogs 55 youths for harassing women
15 lashes each in Riyadh

09 NOV....LIBERIA: Liberia's president brandishes the rod (illustrated)
Is pictured caning his own daughter in front of class

09 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Spanking your child OK -- sometimes
England & Wales will not follow Scotland in introducing new legislation on parental punishment

11 NOV....AUSTRALIA: Court strips ex-student of $3m award
Court of Appeal says strapping compensation award too high, orders new trial

13 NOV....SINGAPORE: Man raped daughter 43 times in two years
24 years in jail and 24 strokes of the cane for 40-year-old

14 NOV....BRUNEI: Government Servant Gets 10 Years In Jail And 15 Strokes Of Rattan For Drug Trafficking
Whipping of 38-year-old stayed pending appeal

14 NOV....LIBERIA: First Daughter Becomes Victim of Public Relations Ploy
President's "caning photo call" publicity stunt backfires

15 NOV....ZAMBIA: Justice Chitambo Seeks Public Caning of Wayward Husbands
Court reconciles couple but judge thinks neglectful men should be caned

16 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Christian schools' smacking plea fails
Judge says CP cannot be considered integral part of religion

16 NOV....UNITED STATES: Officer Tells Of Violent Incidents At School
Court hears testimony of paddlings at MO boarding institution

18 NOV....UNITED STATES: School's Supporters Remain Loyal Despite Abuse Charges
Youngsters removed from spanking Christian Academy

20 NOV....NIGERIA: Man, 40, to Be Caned For Marrying 5 Wives
Sharia court orders 40 strokes of the cane and two months in jail

21 NOV....SINGAPORE: Cell-phone robber targeted students
20-year-old with previous record gets seven years, 24 strokes

22 NOV....SINGAPORE: Good Samaritan tried to stop abuse (illustrated)
15 years and 12 strokes of the cane for labourer, 44, pictured

23 NOV....NIGERIA: Man gets five-year jail term from Sharia court
And 30 strokes of the cane for trespassing on another's matrimonial residence

23 NOV....SINGAPORE: Two get jail, cane for part in gang riot
Six strokes each for youths

25 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Drunkards flogged
Three men get 60 lashes each

26 NOV....NEW ZEALAND: Attitudes, youth discipline biggest changes for teacher
"Good whack across the bum" would still work today, he says

28 NOV....UNITED STATES: Line drawn between abuse, punishment
Ohio guidelines on "reasonable and proper" spanking

01 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Woman sentenced to jail, 200 lashes for torturing maid
In 10 weekly sessions of 20 lashes each

02 DEC....BRUNEI: Wife seeks leniency against husband for his sordid act
12 strokes of the cane for 34-year-old who raped stepdaughter

05 DEC....SINGAPORE: 2 jailed for gang attack on teen
Teens get six strokes of the cane each

05 DEC....SOUTH AFRICA: Teachers Accuse Private School Owner of Victimising Them
They spoke out against corporal punishment at Cefups Academy

07 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Parents called in to witness punishment
242 youths flogged in Jeddah in one week

09 DEC....MALAYSIA: Rotan even for first timers
Illegal immigrants now to be whipped even on first offence

09 DEC....SINGAPORE: Ex-pastor gets cane for molestation (illustrated)
Nine months and three strokes for 48-year-old, pictured

11 DEC....MALAYSIA: Castrate sex offenders, says Malaysian judge
Also allow caning of over-50s, he says

11 DEC....SINGAPORE: Briton faces Singapore cane, jail for molesting
Six strokes and two years for tutor, 36

11 DEC....SOUTH KOREA: Corporal punishment still contentious issue in Korea
Some students and parents think schools still need the cane

11 DEC....TAIWAN: Physical punishment still widely popular in schools
Government attempts to eradicate it are not succeeding

11 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: Ex-home chief denies abuse claims
Alleged to have caned boys' bare bottoms in 1970s

12 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Four Britons return after year in Saudi jail
Alcohol dealers pardoned, not flogged

13 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Youths jailed for kidnapping girl
Three also publicly caned

14 DEC....UNITED STATES: Arkansas schools don't spare the rod
But paddlings are 10% down even there

15 DEC....KENYA: Teenagers jailed for nine years for rape
Two 19-year-olds also ordered to be caned

15 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: Teacher gives up job battle
Barred from returning to classroom frontline after prosecution for smacking his daughter

17 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Moonshiners deported
Three Eritreans previously jailed and caned for brewing liquor

17 DEC....UGANDA: Man Banished Over Incest
Local court gives 20 strokes of cane to 26-year-old

18 DEC....UGANDA: Arua RDC to Cane Lazy Men
Local official fed up with drunks and idlers

20 DEC....SINGAPORE: Jailed gunman gets 12 strokes for previous robbery
26-year-old gangster, previously caned 8 strokes, is already in jail for life

22 DEC....EGYPT: Egypt bans flogging in jails
People's Assembly rescinds prison disciplinary measure which government had already suspended

23 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Quack gets jail term, flogging
140 lashes and deportation for Pakistani

23 DEC....SOUTH AFRICA: Two Teachers Arrested in Soweto
Primary school principal alleged to have slapped and caned boy

25 DEC....SINGAPORE: Two youths in gang assault sentenced
Five years and 10 strokes for 19-year-old

28 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: 142 men flogged for harassing women
More mass floggings in Riyadh

31 DEC....IRAN: Nine men flogged for 'theft and illicit sex'
74 to 100 lashes each in first reported public flogging for over a month

31 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: 3-year jail for practicing witchcraft
75 lashes in 10 instalments for local woman

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