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Corporal punishment: News chronology 2002

All 2002's news items for all countries, in a single date sequence



01 JAN....SINGAPORE: Molester gets preventive detention
20 strokes of cane for 36-year-old "menace to society", previously caned

02 JAN....NIGERIA: Trader 'flogged for a bottle of gin'
80 strokes of cane for 50-year-old

06 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: Prisoner given 5 more months, 200 lashes for inciting jail riot
To be given in five weekly instalments of 40 lashes each

06 JAN....UNITED STATES: Religious School Was Unregulated By The State
Trouble over paddlings at MO boarding institution

06 JAN....UNITED STATES: Metro may abolish school spanking
Nashville "moving in sync with national trends"

08 JAN....UNITED STATES: Abolish school spankings
Editorial comment on Nashville proposals

09 JAN....SINGAPORE: Jail, caning for robber who hurt victim
19-year-old sentenced to seven years plus 18 strokes, accomplice gets 12 strokes

09 JAN....YUGOSLAVIA: Serbian government proposes ban on corporal punishment in schools
But new law could yet be stalled by the opposition

10 JAN....MALAYSIA: Six years, rotan for raping a grandmother
23-year-old said he was drunk, gets six strokes of the cane

10 JAN....UNITED STATES: Paddling is out in Nashville schools
School board in unanimous vote, but some parents unhappy

11 JAN....SINGAPORE: Robber couple ran off with cabby's cell phone (illustrated)
9 years' jail, 12 strokes of cane for 29-year-old, pictured

11 JAN....UNITED STATES: Blount schools ahead of state on paddling stance
No schools in TN county still use CP, say officials

12 JAN....UNITED STATES: Charges Are Dropped Against One Worker At Christian School
Reliance on corporal punishment led to abuse allegations

12 JAN....UNITED STATES: Leave paddling up to individual teachers
Nashville decision is a big mistake, says outraged letter-writer

13 JAN....UNITED STATES: Spanking ban will be beneficial to kids
Reader applauds Nashville abolition decision

14 JAN....THAILAND: Suvit wants caning back in schools
Education Minister reintroduces corporal punishment

14 JAN....UNITED STATES: Use of term will include all abuse
Reader challenges abolitionists' terminology, urges common sense

15 JAN....THAILAND: Support for return to caning students
Students more aggressive since CP banned, says Education Minister

16 JAN....CANADA: Appeal court upholds spanking law
Challenge to Section 43 fails, teachers applaud

17 JAN....THAILAND: Education reform not complete answer
Plan to reintroduce caning unlikely to work, suggests writer

17 JAN....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Amended penal code endorsed by FNC
New law limits number of lashes to 200

18 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: Youths flogged for harassing girls
39 youths flogged in police stations over two-week period

18 JAN....THAILAND: Suvit Khunkitti: Thailand's Citizen Cane
Columnist pokes fun at reintroduction of school caning

18 JAN....NEW ZEALAND: Caning? -- school won't say
19 JAN....NEW ZEALAND: School's silence smacks of suspicion -- groups
Christian school says it is accountable to parents, not government

18JAN...UNITED STATES: Tuck those shirts in
New dress code at FL school involves paddling for transgressions

19 JAN....UNITED STATES: Atlanta child-beating church warned
House of Prayer will lose its children unless whippings stop

20 JAN....CANADA: Parental Authority Transferred To The State
Ruling was no victory, argues conservative columnist

20 JAN....THAILAND: It's time to spare the rod
Canings reflect teachers' shortcomings, says columnist

20JAN...UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment suggested at Lanier BOE board meeting
GA district considers reinstating paddling

21 JAN....MALAYSIA: HIV+ man gets seven years for heroin possession
And 10 strokes of the rotan for sick addict, 34

21 JAN....NIGERIA: Sharia judge flogged
Public 80-stroke sentence for drunkenness shows law applies to all, officials say

23 JAN....CANADA: Appeal Court Grasped Fine Line Of Spanking
Lawyer discusses effect of ruling

23 JAN....MALAYSIA: Harsh punishment necessary for aliens
Whip illegal immigrants quickly and then deport them, urges letter-writer

23 JAN....THAILAND: Children 'forced' to wai
Parents protest unorthodox punishments, students call for caning instead

23 JAN....UGANDA: Corporal Punishment Illegal
Judicial caning unconstitutional, court rules by three votes to two

24 JAN....BRUNEI: Forum on drug abuse held in school (illustrated)
Students see demonstration of caning on dummy, pictured

24 JAN....NEW ZEALAND: U Hutt school under review
That private Christian school - is it caning or not?

24 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: Female jailer jailed for immoral activities
And 300 lashes for managing a brothel

25 JAN....SINGAPORE: Gang leader gets 18 years' jail for two killings (illustrated)
24 strokes of the cane for 20-year-old, pictured

26 JAN....KENYA: Doctor Jailed for Raping His Patient
43-year-old also ordered to receive five strokes of the cane

26 JAN....UNITED STATES: Police probe charge of abuse at school
Parent complains student "spanked too hard" at GA private school

26 JAN....UNITED STATES: Raymond man alleges he was molested as a teen
Pastor spanked and paddled him at age 14, he says

27 JAN....UNITED STATES: We ask teachers to maintain order, but give them too few tools
Columnist recalls school swats

29 JAN....SINGAPORE: 20 years' jail, caning for masked rapist
27-year-old who attacked schoolgirls gets 20 strokes of the cane

31 JAN....MALAYSIA: Officer gets jail, rotan for cheating bank of RM1.45 mln (illustrated)
41-year-old, pictured, gets three years, seven strokes of rotan

31 JAN....UNITED STATES: Parents: Principal In Trouble Because She Didn't Favor Paddling
School board in row over CP at IN elementary school

02 FEB....BRUNEI: High court reduces strokes and prison term for molester
29-year-old's caning reduced from eight strokes to three on appeal

02 FEB....SINGAPORE: Illegals tried to sneak in via water pipelines
Immigrant from Myanmar, 34, given 11 strokes of cane for aiding other illegal immigrants

05 FEB....CANADA: Spanking Case An Attack On Family
Acerbic columnist attacks "ludicrous" lawsuit

05 FEB....MALAYSIA: Liberian jailed for black money scam
Two strokes of the rotan for 23-year-old fraudster

06 FEB....MALAYSIA: It's caning for illegals, bosses
More whipping in prospect as govt cracks down on immigrants

06 FEB....MALAYSIA: Two men escape the gallows
One acquitted altogether, the other gets 12 years and 10 strokes as drug charge is reduced

06 FEB....NEW ZEALAND: School uses parents to whack bad students
Another Christian school calls in parents to cane their offspring

07 FEB....KENYA: Court Thief Lands 12 Years
And 12 strokes of the cane for middle-aged man who broke into lawcourts

09 FEB....NEW ZEALAND: For a country strapped only in cash, this is a worry
Beltings, thrashings and canings recalled

11 FEB....CANADA: Right to spank backed in poll
12 FEB....CANADA: Smacking children
70% of Canadians oppose law to ban parents from spanking

11 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: The man who would whip the bare bottoms of black boys
Writer lambasts black Labour politician for suggesting return to CP

12 FEB....SAUDI ARABIA: Businessman ordered caned for disrupting chamber polls
Plaintiff has the right to witness 40-lash caning

12 FEB....UNITED STATES: Moorhead board broadens corporal punishment policy
District in MN bans classroom spanking [but MN bans it already!]

12 FEB....UNITED STATES: Metro school board to abolish spanking officially
Nashville TN formally confirms new no-CP policy

15 FEB....BRUNEI: Drug convict on the loose (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, sentenced to 7 years' jail and four strokes, goes missing

15 FEB....UNITED STATES: No Dough For Spanked Pizza Kid
Spanking as workplace disciplinary tool at a NY Pizza Hut

16 FEB....UNITED STATES: Legislative bills at a glance
Failure of move to abolish school paddling in Wyoming

17 FEB....SAUDI ARABIA: S. Arabia Man to Get 4,750 lashes
In 50 instalments of 95, for having sex with wife's sister

17 FEB....UNITED STATES: Faith Under Fire, Part 1
Indianapolis juvenile center changes its policy on spanking

20 FEB....BRUNEI: 10 years jail for teen gang rapist
Boy of 17 is ordered 10 strokes of cane; his two accomplices also jailed and caned

21 FEB....SINGAPORE: Jail, cane for lensman who molested bride (illustrated)
10 strokes of cane for wedding photographer, 28, pictured

23 FEB....SAUDI ARABIA: 60 flogged for harassing women
15 lashes each in 8 police stations in Riyadh

26 FEB....UNITED STATES: Lawrence fires bus driver
Alabama boys spanked on school bus, contrary to policy

28 FEB....NIGERIA: Man Gets 100 Strokes, One-Year Jail for Sodomy
Sharia court orders the cane for homosexual act

01 MAR....BRUNEI: Noose tightens on drug runners
Details of new stiffer penalties for drug offences

01 MAR....BRUNEI: Loaded Local Gets Eight Years, Caning For Drugs
Five strokes for 27-year-old caught with syabu

01 MAR....FRANCE: Short, sharp shock part of life in France
Why French children are so well-behaved in restaurants

01 MAR....NEW ZEALAND: Cannot stop caning by parents
Govt powerless to prevent Christian school bringing parents in to cane and strap pupils

01 MAR....NIGERIA: Man Receives 80 Lashes for Drunkenness
Punishment inflicted immediately in front of "a scanty crowd"

01 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: Human rights take a beating (illustrated)
Article complaining about illegal use of school CP includes pictures, possibly posed, of spanking with plastic ruler

01 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Drama teacher who spanked would-be actresses jailed
Women in their early twenties caned, spanked and whipped in bogus film auditions

01 MAR....UNITED STATES: Families defend, assail academy
Mixed views about "caring but stern" Kentucky institution where youngsters were evacuated amid accusations over paddling

05 MAR....MALAYSIA: Minibus conductor gets seven years, rotan for dope conviction
10 strokes for 26-year-old found with 66 packets of heroin

05 MAR....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Man jailed for assaulting woman
One month and 30 lashes for man's "uncontrollable impulse"

06 MAR....KENYA: Human Rights Body Calls for Caning Ban
Committee complains that official ban is being ignored

06 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Jury told of beatings at children's home
Former inmate claims he was made to change into silk shorts for caning

07 MAR....SINGAPORE: Vicious trio get jail, cane for revenge attack (illustrated)
3 gangsters, pictured, will each receive 12 strokes

07 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Bully boss spanked girl
Man fined for assault after spanking employee to make her work harder

07 MAR....UNITED STATES: Football player paddled by teammates (illustrated)
TX coaches reassigned after student, pictured, gets about 30 swats

08 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Children 'beaten with plimsoll'
Care home officer used black pump 'Boris' to whack boys' bare backsides

08 MAR....UNITED STATES: Rutherford may conclude paddling investigation today
Boy, 13, advised to apply ice to his bruised buttocks after AL school punishment

12 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Care worker denies cruelty
Former officer of children's home disputes plimsoll evidence

13 MAR....BERMUDA: Quitting school -- after 41 years
Private school is only one in the country still using CP

14 MAR....SINGAPORE: Robber said sorry to victim, and went on a spree
26-year-old is ordered 14 years' corrective training and 24 strokes of the cane

17 MAR....UNITED STATES: Justice of peace chided for ordering paddling
TX judge ordered man to swat 11-year-old stepson in court

18 MAR....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Prison, lashes for 15 involved in Awafi fight
One gets 80 lashes, the others 39 each

19 MAR....SOUTH KOREA: New Education Measures Released
Education Ministry endorses return to caning

19 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Man Who Thought He Was Above The Law Of The Land
Newspaper berates care worker for 1980s whackings

20 MAR....SINGAPORE: Phony psychiatrist molests victim in car
Six strokes for 32-year-old, previously jailed and caned for similar offence

20 MAR....SINGAPORE: Serial condo burglar gets 14 years' detention
Plus 24 strokes of the cane for 37-year-old who broke into 72 apartments

20 MAR....SOUTH KOREA: Make-up Classes and Corporal Punishment
Newspaper editorial supports move back to school caning

20 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Victims Urged To Talk To Abuse Detectives
Former deputy head gets suspended sentence for whacking boys in 1980s

21 MAR....BRUNEI: Drug Trafficker Gets Go Signal For 20-year Jail Term
And 15 strokes of the rattan for culprit, 30

22 MAR....FIJI: Fiji High Court outlaws corporal punishment
Six-stroke birching sentence is overturned

22 MAR....MALAYSIA: Dope dealer avoids gallows only because of amended charge
23-year-old to have 7 years' jail and 10 strokes of rotan instead of death sentence

23 MAR....KENYA: Ten to Hang for Killing Councillor
Four of them will first serve 15 years in jail with six strokes of the cane for rape

23 MAR....UNITED STATES: Citrus: Group rebuffs School Board suggestions
Disagreement in FL district over whether to retain paddling

27 MAR....MALAYSIA: Man gets 15 years jail for raping daughter
And six strokes of rottan for father, 35

27 MAR....UNITED STATES: Two charged with abuse of students at academy
Accusations of paddling at Kentucky reformatory

28 MAR....MALAYSIA: Store assistant abandoned by his mother, court told
Possessor of drugs, 20, is given 15 years' jail and 10 strokes of the rotan

28 MAR....TRINIDAD: New school system needed
Editorialist urges educational reform but is not certain that more corporal punishment is the answer

29 MAR....MALAYSIA: Ex-Tenaga tech gets three years, rotan for taking RM2,000 bribe
Six strokes for 29-year-old electrical engineer

30 MAR....TRINIDAD: Separate boys and girls at school (illustrated)
Retiring boys' secondary school principal, pictured, says spanking can be useful disciplinary tool

02 APR....BRUNEI: 3 years for death over noodles
And three strokes of the rattan for "intellectually impaired" man

03 APR....FIJI: Fiji teachers upset at corporal punishment ban
High Court finds both judicial and school CP unconstitutional

03 APR....GHANA: Chief Blames Past Government for High Unemployment Among Youth
Also calls on government and private schools to reintroduce caning

03 APR....MALAYSIA: Stiffer jail terms for hardcore drug addicts
Increased penalties will also include mandatory six-stroke caning

03 APR....MALAYSIA: Concern over punishments
9-year-old said to have been caned 30 times

03 APR....NIGERIA: Sharia Court Orders Housewife to Pay Mate N50,000
Woman also gets 20 strokes of cane for assault

04 APR....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for undergrad who molested 13-year-old
21-year-old given 15 months and three strokes

04 APR....UNITED STATES: DCS will investigate paddling in Lebanon
TN 14-year-old has red bottom after visit to middle school principal's office

05 APR....SINGAPORE: Maid's boyfriend threatened to blow up employer's car (illustrated)
Bangladeshi, 27, pictured, gets 2 years and 3 strokes for demanding money with menaces

05 APR....SINGAPORE: Gang member jailed for his part in attack (illustrated)
22-year-old jailbird, pictured, given 8 strokes of the cane

06 APR....MALAYSIA: Stiffer sentences, whipping, called against child, incest rapists
Deputy PM, upset by sexual violence against children, wants more deterrent sentences including mandatory caning

06 APR....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for extorting from teen (illustrated)
Nine strokes and six years for 21-year-old, pictured

09 APR....UGANDA: Residents to Censure Chief Over Caning
Village head has whipped 11 people since coming to office

10 APR....SAUDI ARABIA: Pressure on Saudis as Briton faces 800 lashes
56-year-old businessman accused of running illegal drinking den

11 APR....MALAYSIA: 26 years for killing mum and daughter (illustrated)
39-year-old, pictured, had been caned for previous convictions

11 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddling incident at SISD forces change
A Texas school district abandons CP because one parent makes a fuss

15 APR....UNITED STATES: Spare the Rod (illustrated)
"People" Magazine rehashes Dec. 2000 paddling of Louisiana schoolgirl, pictured

16 APR....BRUNEI: Wheelchair Malaysian Gets 15 Months Jail And Strokes For Stealing Trees
Mandatory caning for committing mischief

20 APR....MALAYSIA: Maximum jail sentence and public whipping for sex offenders proposed
Law minister suggests caning in public, hitherto unknown in Malaysia

22 APR....MALAYSIA: Not by law alone
Newspaper joins clamour for harsher punishments for crimes against children

22 APR....MALAYSIA: KL mulls public flogging for incest crimes
But it might not necessarily be in a public place, Law Minister clarifies

22 APR....MALAYSIA: Whipping in public is Taliban's way: DAP
"Feudalistic concept" not found in any other Commonwealth country, says opposition party

22 APR....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Three drug dealers jailed
One of them also given 35 lashes for drinking alcohol

23 APR....MALAYSIA: Public whipping 'if people want it'
Prime Minister says govt willing to consider "this drastic measure"

23 APR....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for brutal attack on youth on bus
Two teens get three years in jail and six strokes of cane

25 APR....MALAYSIA: Caning for first-time illegals
New law may take effect in June, says immigration boss

26 APR....MALAYSIA: Bar Council to meet Rais on Monday
Lawyers not in favour of public whipping, but support removal of age limit

26 APR....SINGAPORE: Agency boss touched maid (illustrated)
12 months and three strokes of cane for molester, 29, pictured

26 APR....UNITED STATES: Temescal Canyon High teacher arrested
Accused of spanking 14-year-old in California

27 APR....SINGAPORE: Man posed as cop and sexually assaulted 31 girls (illustrated)
"Sex fiend", 40, pictured, to receive 16 years, six strokes of cane

29 APR....MALAYSIA: An 'ustaz' most extraordinary
Writer lauds strict Islamic classes with punishment by caning

30 APR....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Death penalty for rapist commuted
30-year-old gets 15 years and 99 lashes instead

30 APR....UNITED STATES: Local School Still Paddles Students
Teachers still defend use of CP in rural Ohio

03 MAY....MALAYSIA: Whipping will not stop incest
Civilised society will pay dearly, argues letter-writer

03 MAY....MALAYSIA: 11 years, six strokes for raping girl, 14
20-year-old threatened victim with parang, court hears

04 MAY....MALAYSIA: Incest issue continues to make headlines
Worldwide criticism if public whipping introduced, says columnist

04 MAY....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for molester who told tall tale (illustrated)
"Portly" 44-year-old, pictured, sentenced to 15 months and six strokes

04 MAY....SINGAPORE: Lift Molester Gets 4½ Years' Jail
And 12 strokes of the cane for 22-year-old with similar previous conviction

06 MAY....NIGERIA: Sharia: Woman Gets 100 Strokes Over Pregnancy
19-year-old reported herself for committing fornication

07 MAY....MALAYSIA: Public whipping not answer to curbing incest
Would be step back to the dark ages, reader writes

07 MAY....MALAYSIA: Angry father hits teacher
Disciplinary teacher canes schoolboy; father canes disciplinary teacher

08 MAY....BRUNEI: Thai Men Jailed 8 Years And Ordered Strokes For Attempted Robbery
12 strokes of cane each for two gang robbers

08 MAY....KENYA: Caning Still Rampant In Schools
Supposedly banned, CP still most common form of punishment, survey finds

08 MAY....MALAYSIA: 16 years' jail, rotan for raping girl, 9
23-year-old ordered to receive 10 strokes for "heinous act"

10 MAY....NIGERIA: Sharia: Man to Die for Raping 9-Year Girl
50-year-old to be given 100 strokes of cane before being stoned to death

10 MAY....SINGAPORE: Hammer attack teen gets jail, cane
30 months and six strokes for student, 16

10 MAY....SINGAPORE: Gangster gets life for part in soccer player's murder (illustrated)
Secret society member, 22, pictured, also ordered to receive 16 strokes of cane

11 MAY....MALAYSIA: Habitual thief ordered jailed and whipped
18 months, six strokes, for 45-year-old jailed and whipped several times previously

13 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Landmark ruling on slipper's return to the classroom
It's an effective deterrent, says headteacher

14 MAY....KENYA: Rapist Jailed for Seven Years
Seven strokes of the cane for one rapist, eight for another

14 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Expat jailed for stealing medicines
Pakistani mechanic also ordered to be given 750 lashes

15 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Christianity approves of smacking, says head
Private schools in yet another appeal against school caning ban

16 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi 'torture' condemned by UN
Authorities reject UN criticism of flogging penalties

17 MAY....UNITED STATES: Girl Left With Bruises After Principal Administers Punishment
Swats with a strap in TN elementary school where CP was reintroduced

18 MAY....UGANDA: Ageing Seducer Punished
64-year-old had sex with under-age girl, gets 20 strokes of cane

20 MAY....UNITED STATES: Schools rethink policies on corporal punishment
Move to ban paddling in Pennsylvania, but it's on the increase in southern Ohio

21 MAY....BRUNEI: Army Soldier Given Four Years Jail And Four Strokes For Drug Pushing
1998 offence catches up with 24-year-old

21 MAY....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Beating pupils is unacceptable
Any kind of CP is banned, says education official

22 MAY....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Four sentenced to jail terms
One also gets 80 lashes for drunk driving

23 MAY....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Two jailed for impersonation
And 30 lashes each after pretending to be police officers

24 MAY....SINGAPORE: Man joined teens to rob students
33-year-old gets 10 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane

25 MAY....MALAYSIA: Five students who assaulted classmate suspended from school, caned
Secondary boys get three strokes each

25 MAY....SINGAPORE: Mum helped lover rape her little girl
36 years and 24 strokes for 48-year-old perpetrator of "incomprehensible atrocity"

26 MAY....SINGAPORE: Tough camp helps boys to get back on track (illustrated)
Errant teens, pictured, given caning demo to deter them from life of crime

27 MAY....CANADA: Aylmer spanking case heads to court
"Church of God" case comes to a head

28MAY...UNITED STATES: Parents sue over paddling
Excessive force alleged in AL school punishment

29 MAY....SINGAPORE: Pair terrorise teens to steal mobile phones
Two youngsters to get 24 strokes of cane each

31 MAY....SINGAPORE: Police release photo of jailed rapist (illustrated)
48-year-old, pictured, ordered to be given 24 strokes of the cane

00 JUN....ZAMBIA: Solwezi Police Practise Corporal Punishment
Six strokes of the cane following accusation of theft

05 JUN....KENYA: Spurned Lover Gets 14 Years For Assault
And 10 strokes of the cane for man who set girlfriend ablaze

06 JUN....KENYA: Man Jailed For Stealing A Cow To Please Wife
26-year-old gets two years' jail and four strokes of the cane

07 JUN....UNITED STATES: Couple found not guilty of abuse for using belt to discipline child
Jury in CA acquits after hearing story of 10-year-old boy "whooped" on seat of pants

07 JUN....ZIMBABWE: Four strokes for sex with a minor
Court orders caning for actor, 16, who went to bed with his girlfriend

08 JUN....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Jail terms, lashes for immoral duo
Court orders 60 lashes each for man and woman in illicit relationship

09 JUN....BRUNEI: Runaway Drug Convict Caught In Kuala Baram Pub
42-year-old now faces four strokes of the rattan

10 JUN....MALAYSIA: BBSS old boys meet first HM (illustrated)
Happy reunion, pictured, for 1950s and 1960s students with headmaster who caned them

10 JUN....UNITED STATES: Spearfish schools fight hazing tradition
Eighth-grade high school freshmen allegedly paddled by seniors in S. Dakota

17 JUN....UGANDA: Ten Strokes for Insulting Woman
Young man's public caning in market place makes him scream at the top of his voice

17 JUN....UNITED STATES: Mom suing county over son's removal
"Right to spank" case aims to bar social workers from taking kids away

18 JUN....MALAYSIA: Amnesty for illegals ends at midnight on July 31
Illegal immigrants who don't leave in time will be caned, says government

18 JUN....UNITED STATES: Discipline changes proposed
Louisiana district considers abolishing paddling

21 JUN....MALAYSIA: Stiff penalties soon for addicts and illegals
New legislation to provide for whipping of hardcore drug addicts

21 JUN....MALAYSIA: Estate worker wants to be caned instead
36-year-old who received stolen property asks for caning instead of fine

22 JUN....KENYA: Why Do Teachers Cane Learners?
Corporal punishment still occurring in schools despite government ban

22 JUN....UNITED STATES: City schools mull paddling
CP may be on its way out in Georgia district

25 JUN....UNITED STATES: Jay Schools consider banning corporal punishment
End of paddling in view in Indiana district

28 JUN....SOUTH KOREA: New rules on corporal punishment stoke controversy
Dimensions of cane specified; must be applied to boys' buttocks, girls' thighs

28 JUN....UNITED STATES: Teacher applicants told to pay fee
Board bans paddling in Louisiana district

29 JUN....CANADA: Religious family believes in strap (illustrated)
Some evidence in Aylmer court case now made public; families are pictured

29 JUN....UNITED STATES: Court weighs paddling over Pledge
Boy, then 18, was given three paddle swats in AL for raising his fist rather than recite Pledge of Allegiance

30 JUN....UNITED STATES: Spare the rod, say some school officials
Another Louisiana school board grapples with abolition

02 JUL....UNITED STATES: Officials speak out on corporal punishment
Ongoing argument in a Louisiana school district

04 JUL....KENYA: Child Rapist Now Gets 12 Years in Jail
Plus six strokes of the cane after prosecution appeals original lenient sentence

05 JUL....CHINA: Teacher dismissed over corporal punishment
Primary school teacher kicked 8-year-old in buttocks for sleeping in class

07 JUL....CANADA: Loving Families Feel Wrath
Editor describes social workers in Aylmer case as moronic

07 JUL....SINGAPORE: Chatroom rapist gets 27 years
And 24 strokes of the cane for 34-year-old who pretended to be four different people online

08 JUL....SINGAPORE: Public caning of three students at Montfort
Editorial supports secondary principal who caned three senior boys in quadrangle before assembled school

09 JUL....MALAYSIA: Amendments made to Bill
New hudud law providing for flogging in northern Muslim state is toned down after protests

09 JUL....SINGAPORE: Gangsters cleared of murder, jailed for rioting (illustrated)
Secret society members, 20 and 21, pictured, are ordered 12 strokes of the cane each

10 JUL....UNITED STATES: Texas pastor, brother charged with severely beating boy for cheating in Bible study
Yet another Christian reformatory under fire

10 JUL....UNITED STATES: What a long, strange trip it has been
Outgoing California vice-principal wasn't afraid to wield paddle, says it was effective

10 JUL....UNITED STATES: School Board to let teachers dispense corporal punishment
A Louisiana school board rejects recommendation to abolish paddling

11 JUL....MALAYSIA: Police deal blow to PAS hudud laws
New flogging laws in dissident northern state will be a dead letter, say police

12 JUL....AUSTRALIA: Change smack law: group
New campaign to stop parents spanking their kids

13 JUL....MALAYSIA: At the heart of a ruler (illustrated)
Former King, pictured, recalls 1930s canings at boarding school

14 JUL....SINGAPORE: Daughter raped as revenge on wife
24 years and 24 strokes for 38-year-old

14 JUL....UNITED STATES: Former church member speaks in support of Capitol City Baptist
Mixed views on Texas pastors charged with beating boy

14 JUL....UNITED STATES: Sparing the rod
An Arkansas school district abandons corporal punishment

15 JUL....IRAN: Iranian court sentences 45 to flogging, fines after dancing at birthday party
Youths aged 17 to 26 caught in crackdown on "social immorality"

15 JUL....IRAN: Soccer Players Flogged for Moral Corruption
Two members of national football team found in illegal brothel

16 JUL....SINGAPORE: Jail, cane for robber who hit on foreigners
17 JUL....SINGAPORE: Au Backe! Deutscher zu 24 Stockhieben auf nackten Po verurteilt (illustrated)
German/Singaporean 25-year-old, pictured in wildly inaccurate article in German press, gets 7 years and 24 strokes of cane for armed attack

16 JUL....UNITED STATES: Bottom line: Lawyer's insurance won't cover spanking
22-year-old woman 'spanked by lawyer'

17 JUL....UNITED STATES: Bill bans spanking in school
19 JUL....UNITED STATES: Board of education puts paddles out to pasture
CP comes to an end in Pennsylvania

18 JUL....SINGAPORE: Japanese gets 8 years, 5 lashes for drug trafficking in Singapore
27-year-old computer graphics designer arrived with cannabis

19 JUL....UNITED STATES: HISD votes to ban corporal punishment
A Texas school board unanimously abolishes the paddle

20 JUL....SINGAPORE: 18½ years, caning for man who abused maid (illustrated)
Family man, 47, pictured, gets 12 strokes of the cane after beating maid to death

25 JUL....KENYA: Ten Students to Be Charged With Arson
They set dormitory on fire in protest against reintroduction of caning

25 JUL....SINGAPORE: People-smuggler escaped once, but not second time
23-year-old to have 24 strokes of the cane for trafficking in illegal immigrants

29 JUL....NIGERIA: 3 Students Flogged Unconscious
Several get six strokes of the cane each for mounting protest about exam results

29 JUL....UNITED STATES: South Eastern spares the rod
A Pennsylvania school board prohibits spanking

01 AUG....UNITED STATES: Teacher quits amid abuse charge
Said to have spanked a 12-year-old 50 times

03 AUG....SAUDI ARABIA: 2,280 lashes and jail for two car thieves
Whipping to be given in 42 weekly instalments

03 AUG....SINGAPORE: Molest terror blows chance to reform
04 AUG....SINGAPORE: Lock him up for good - Enraged mother of 11-year-old victim (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured 3 years ago in previous case, now goes to jail for 18 years and gets 12 strokes of the cane

04 AUG....SAUDI ARABIA: Brothel keeper gets 15-year jail, 5,000 lashes
Foreign woman's flogging will be spread over several years

04 AUG....UNITED STATES: Hazing reveals dark side of school
Illicit paddling in New Jersey

05 AUG....SAUDI ARABIA: Jail and lashes for bestial teenager
240 lashes for boy, 17, who had sex with a camel

07 AUG....UNITED STATES: 13 accused of assault in hazing incident
Teen boys paddled on bare buttocks in New Jersey

09 AUG....UNITED STATES: Brownwood ISD ponders discipline change
A Texas school district considers reintroducing corporal punishment

10 AUG....MALAYSIA: Seven foreigners to be jailed and caned under amended law (illustrated)
Canings for various illegal immigrants, two of whom are pictured

11 AUG....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi teens flogged for harassing women
12 boys given 15 lashes each

11 AUG....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment reflection of community values
Survey of school CP in Indiana

12 AUG....MALAYSIA: Low pay, long hours, canings, jail: Better life eludes illegals
Overview of Malaysia's immigration crisis

13 AUG....MALAYSIA: Six get jail and whipping for illegal entry
Indonesians in their 20s and 30s get six strokes each

14 AUG....SINGAPORE: Friend killed in tiff over loan (illustrated)
Eight years' jail and 12 strokes of the cane for 22-year-old, pictured

15 AUG....KENYA: Two Jailed Over Forced Marriage
Four years in jail and six strokes of cane each for father and prospective husband

16 AUG....MALAYSIA: Perak sentences first illegal to caning (illustrated)
36-year-old, pictured, gets 12 months plus one stroke of cane

16 AUG....SINGAPORE: Bukit Batok shoots up school rankings (illustrated)
Principal, pictured, turned secondary school round with more vigorous use of canings

20 AUG....MALAYSIA: Jailing illegals will strain prison system
Why not just send them home with a whipping, wonders columnist

21 AUG....ZIMBABWE: High Court Describes Minor's Sentence As Judicial Barbarism
Judge takes dim view of three-stroke caning for boy, 16

22 AUG....MALAYSIA: 149 aliens, employer charged (illustrated)
Eight illegals get two strokes of the cane each

22 AUG....MALAYSIA: Workers who built prison end up in prison (illustrated)
Four illegal immigrants, pictured, sentenced to jail and cane

22 AUG....UNITED STATES: States too slow to spare the child, part with the rod
22 AUG....UNITED STATES: School kids need discipline
USA Today does another of its for-and-against features on school spanking

23 AUG....PAKISTAN: Private schools' registration rules framed
Corporal punishment banned in private schools in Sindh

24 AUG....MALAYSIA: Accused escapes gallows -- again (illustrated)
Drug user, 26, pictured, was whipped in 1997

24 AUG....MALAYSIA: Cane illegals and deport them, suggests minister
Row with Indonesia over "inhumane" caning

26 AUG....SINGAPORE: What if sex fiends are sick? (illustrated)
Four perpetrators of "heinous sex crimes" are pictured, two of whom sentenced to caning

27 AUG....SINGAPORE: Revenge hunt fails, so 14 gang members punch, kick, step on boy, 15
Canings for thugs, 16 and 21, after attack on train

28 AUG....UNITED STATES: High school disciplines 10 students in hazing
Follow-up to illicit paddling of teens in New Jersey

30 AUG....MALAYSIA: Nik Aziz proposes whipping for men who desert wives
Irresponsible husbands deserve four or five strokes of the rotan, says politician

02 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: Thrash the thugs and save Joan for London
Give police power to cane young hoodlums on the spot, urges columnist

03 SEP....UNITED STATES: Officials: Hazing different these days
Five high school freshmen allegedly paddled in Kansas

06 SEP....MALAYSIA: Man gets jail, rotan for drug charges
11½ years plus 10 strokes of the rotan for addict, 37

07 SEP....SINGAPORE: Tuition teacher who molested 3 pupils jailed
Married man of 35 ordered to have 24 strokes of the cane and sent to jail for five years

09 SEP....UNITED STATES: Corporal Punishment Debate Looms Over Florida
Row over pro-CP article by Governor's appointee

12 SEP....SOUTH AFRICA: KZN teachers in trouble over beatings
Twelve teachers face disciplinary proceedings for defying CP ban

12 SEP....UNITED STATES: Seven students suspended in high school hazings
30 boys spanked with paddle in Washington State

17 SEP....SINGAPORE: Jail, Cane For Anal Sex, Robbery
30-year-old who sodomised his friend as a punishment gets 16 strokes of the cane

18 SEP....MALAYSIA: Terengganu hudud laws expected to be gazetted by Dec 31
State ruler assents to new flogging legislation

18 SEP....SOUTH AFRICA: Our Classrooms of Shame
53 complaints about teachers using CP in Western Cape

21 SEP....UNITED STATES: 8 youths deny hazing charges
Court case over New Jersey paddling of three boys

23 SEP....UGANDA: Negligent Herdsman Gets 20 Strokes
27-year-old caned by village court after letting his cows wander

25 SEP....NIGERIA: Village Head, Tutor, Girlfriend Caned 240 Lashes
80 strokes of the cane each for being drunk

29 SEP....INDONESIA: Aceh plans caning for errant Muslims
Syariah law in newly semi-autonomous province

03 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: I just put my head down and keep going
Bishop of Liverpool was caned at Sherborne and later gave canings

03 OCT....UNITED STATES: Paddling draws criticism from parent, report filed
Mass punishment of senior students in Texas

04 OCT....SINGAPORE: Does boy deserve a second chance?
17-year-old who punched his teacher is given two strokes of cane in front of 150 fellow-students

05 OCT....KENYA: Ex-Army Man Jailed for Defilement
Six years in jail and 4 strokes of the cane for former senior sergeant

06 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi jailed for beating father
28-year-old also ordered to receive 3,000 lashes

09 OCT....UNITED STATES: Child takes stand for prosecution
09 OCT....UNITED STATES: Officer: Boys said they were whipped for misbehaving
09 OCT....UNITED STATES: Child discipline at root of church trial
'House of Prayer' on trial in Georgia

11 OCT....MALAYSIA: Rape and attempted rape: Five jailed
Three youths in early 20s ordered to receive five strokes of the cane each

15 OCT....SINGAPORE: NSman jailed for sex with girl, 13
Soldier, 23, gets six years and six strokes of the cane

15 OCT....UNITED STATES: House of Prayer jury to resume deliberations Tuesday (illustrated)
Rev. Arthur Allen Jnr, pictured, accused of beating kids in church

15 OCT....UNITED STATES: Corporal Punishment Flyer Upsets Some Folks
Tennessee school teachers object to being compared to porn stars and prostitutes

16 OCT....SINGAPORE: Teens used fake notes for purchases
18-year-old sentenced to 9½ years' jail and five strokes of the cane

17 OCT....UNITED STATES: Mom battles school paddle
Complains Alabama laws protect school employees at the expense of students

18 OCT....UNITED STATES: Church members sent to jail for whipping kids
Jury convicts on cruelty to children charge

18 OCT....UNITED STATES: A house of hope
Florida children's home rules limit paddling to three swats

19 OCT....UNITED STATES: Two Officials At Private McCreary County School Are Acquitted
19 OCT....UNITED STATES: 2 school officials acquitted of abuse
Paddlings at Kentucky facility do not constitute abuse, court rules

20 OCT....UNITED STATES: Former residents of boys ranch gather to thank Father Joe (illustrated)
Reformatory JUN....boss, pictured, "was legendary in his use of the discipline paddle"

22 OCT....UNITED STATES: Pastor convicted of child cruelty stages mock whipping (illustrated)
Picture shows demonstration whipping of 14-year-old in House of Prayer

22 OCT....UNITED STATES: No indictment for spanking girl, 14
Psychologist accused of pulling girl's pants down for spanking

23 OCT....MALAYSIA: Kajang rapist jailed 19 years (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, also to be whipped twelve times

24 OCT....SINGAPORE: In prison for helping lover (illustrated)
Overstayer, 32, pictured, ordered to receive 4 strokes for hiring illegal immigrants

26 OCT....MALAYSIA: 166 illegals caned and jailed under tougher Act
Total so far since 1 August

26 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Your shout
Hack finds widespread support in a London pub for the return of school whacking

28 OCT....MALAYSIA: Islamist wants sex-husbands whipped (illustrated)
Opposition leader, pictured, says men who dump their wives should be "whipped until they become impotent"

28 OCT....INDONESIA: Caning comes into effect in Aceh on 1st day of Ramadhan
28 OCT....INDONESIA: Aceh to enforce partial Islamic law by 2005
Province is moving towards JCP but media disagree as to how quickly

29 OCT....UNITED STATES: Eight teens admit frat hazing
Boys aged 15 to 17 face probation after New Jersey paddling incident

30 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Getting The Belt Could Now Be Worth A Fortune
Scottish teachers' retired tawses fetching tidy sums at auction

01 NOV....IRELAND: Senator backs corporal punishment
Abolition of CP has led to lawlessness, asserts politician

01 NOV....MALAYSIA: Jail, rotan for bomoh who raped teenager (illustrated)
32 years' jail and 16 strokes of cane for rapist, 35, pictured

01 NOV....UNITED STATES: Officer disputes suspension for slapping inmate
Prison guard accused of bare-buttock spanking

02 NOV....SINGAPORE: Sari killer escapes death sentence once again (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, previously caned, now jailed for life and given 18 more strokes of the cane for manslaughter

02 NOV....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: The case against caning
Dubai interviewees are glad CP is not allowed in UAE schools

05 NOV....BAHAMAS: The rights of the victims
05 NOV....BAHAMAS: Rape: A brutal and despicable assault on Bahamian womanhood
Calls for the return of the cat-o'-nine-tails

08 NOV....CANADA: Ex-nun given jail sentence for child abuse
Convicted of assault after paddlings of kids at rural commune

08 NOV....UNITED STATES: Black and Blue
08 NOV....UNITED STATES: Most Americans Think Corporal Punishment Is OK
ABC News does brief nationwide overview; Survey suggests parents not now happy about school paddling, even in the South

09 NOV....SINGAPORE: Instructor jailed for molesting 10 girls
Four years' jail and 24 cane strokes for 28-year-old

12 NOV....MALAYSIA: Ex-con jailed 43 years for rape, robbery, sodomy
20-year-old also sentenced to 10 strokes of the rotan

14 NOV....MALAYSIA: Local mothers abandoned by alien fathers
403 illegals sentenced to whipping in Johor state

15 NOV....NIGERIA: Shariah Gains More Ground in Yorubaland
Fornicator asks for Islamic punishment, gets 100 strokes of cane

15 NOV....UGANDA: Ankole Bishop Wants Whip for Errant Kids
Corporal punishment instils discipline and should be brought back, he says

15 NOV....UNITED STATES: Board sides with administration in paddling incident
More on "mass senior paddling" row in Texas

16 NOV....MALAYSIA: Malaysia canes 387 Indonesians
Caned illegals now back in Indonesia

17 NOV....UNITED STATES: Spanking hasn't gone out of style
At least, not in Atlanta, according to local poll

17 NOV....UNITED STATES: King convicted of child abuse
Court verdict on paddling of girl at Florida Christian school

17 NOV....UNITED STATES: Reform Schools Find A Haven Here
18 NOV....UNITED STATES: Acting On Faith - Reform Schools In Retrospect
19 NOV....UNITED STATES: A Father's Choice: He Sent His Son To A Religious Boarding School, But He Now Regrets That Decision
Long three-part article about unregistered religious reformatories in Missouri, all of which feature a lot of paddling

19 NOV....UNITED STATES: Heartland Academy Is Winning Its Battle In The Courts
Christian institution in Missouri defends paddling policy

20 NOV....NIGERIA: Man Gets 100 Strokes of Cane for Raping Minor
Public punishment for middle-aged man

20 NOV....SINGAPORE: Extra strokes for damaging son's brain
Caning doubled from six strokes to 12 on appeal

21 NOV....KENYA: Man Gets 8 Years For Sexual Assault
And four strokes of the cane for 42-year-old

21 NOV....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Nine jailed for running brothel, adultery
Four men and three women also sentenced to lashes

22 NOV....PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Somare suggests penalties
Prime Minister says if other countries can have caning, why can't we

24 NOV....NIGERIA: Crime and Holy Punishment (illustrated)
Two public floggings are pictured in long Washington Post feature article

25 NOV....CANADA: It's A Wonder Any Boomer Made It
Columnist recalls successful upbringing including school strap and no nanny state

25 NOV....UNITED STATES: Paddling protest sways Pender school
A North Carolina middle school decides CP will now be administered by parents only

26 NOV....SUDAN: Violence Against Women Concern in the Sudan
17 young women given 100 lashes each for adultery

29 NOV....MALAYSIA: Rapist gets another 11 years' jail term
And 3 more cane strokes on top of the 12 already ordered

01 DEC....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment not against Missouri law
But welts or bruises cross the line, say local officials

04 DEC....PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Further debate needed
Editorial urges Parliament to discuss details of proposed caning

04 DEC....UNITED STATES: Newport News pastor charged in child assault
He spanked boy, 11, at mother's request

04 DEC....UNITED STATES: Spanking In Schools
Arkansas TV station finds schoolboy who prefers paddling to detention

05 DEC....SINGAPORE: Youth molested women in lifts
12 years and 12 strokes for 19-year-old

05 DEC....UNITED STATES: Appeal panel upholds sentence for spanking
Inmate, 29, was naked and "in the prescribed posture to receive a body cavity search"

09 DEC....CANADA: Hand Of Discipline
Mother's remorse after spanking boy

09 DEC....UNITED STATES: Beat on the Brat (illustrated)
The economics of spanking, with cartoon

10 DEC....SINGAPORE: Ex-con tells about life of jail and caning (illustrated)
Former gangster, now 62-year-old pastor, pictured, describes prison canings in 1950s and 1960s

11 DEC....SINGAPORE: Man jailed for robbing five cabbies in four days (illustrated)
Two teens, pictured, sent to jail and ordered to receive 24 strokes of cane each

11 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: Let teachers use the belt in schools
Scottish vox pop: most want to see CP restored

12 DEC....MALAYSIA: Terengganu delays enforcing Islamic law
No canings for drinking any time soon

12 DEC....SINGAPORE: Cabby robber gets jail, caning
Another teenage member of taxi gang sentenced to 24 strokes

12 DEC....SINGAPORE: Youth took part in 5 robberies in a month
18-year-old given 11½ years' jail and 24 strokes

12 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: Schools lose legal fight over smacking (with video clip)
Christian schools must abide by the ban on CP, court rules

13 DEC....UNITED STATES: Classroom Naps Under Attack!
Columnist is caustic about current attitudes to discipline

14 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: Well beaten Britain finally bends to the inevitable
Court ruling not a moment too soon, writes columnist

14 DEC....UNITED STATES: Power of Mr. Dixon's Paddle
Writer is eternally grateful for his paddling at age 13

16 DEC....MALAYSIA: Hardly any takers for symbol of discipline
Canes on sale at street fair, but parents aren't buying them

16 DEC....UNITED STATES: Paddle-maker sees himself on mission (illustrated)
Father, 39, pictured with son, 15 (recently paddled), offers free paddles to good homes

18 DEC....BRUNEI: Man jailed four years for raping girl, 13
22-year-old also ordered to receive three strokes of the cane

19 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: Abolition of corporal punishment in schools
Short legal summary of Court of Appeal judgment upholding CP ban

20 DEC....MALAYSIA: Alien jailed for identity fraud (illustrated)
Seven months' jail and three strokes of the cane for 33-year-old, pictured

23 DEC....UNITED STATES: ACS to consider eliminating corporal punishment
An Indiana school district wonders whether to ban paddling

30 DEC....UNITED STATES: Change in law made King's conviction possible
More on Florida girl's paddling at Christian school

30 DEC....UNITED STATES: Factor Flashback: Interview With Phil Barker, Salome Thomas-El
Transcript of Fox News discussion on school paddling

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