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Domestic CP - April 2001

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The Times, London, 27 April 2001

Man is jailed for spanking stepsons

By Simon De Bruxelles

A MAN who smacked his stepsons on their bare backsides for not tidying their bedroom has been jailed.

The 28-year-old stepfather ordered the boys, aged six and seven, to pull down their trousers and underpants and gave them a "severe beating which did not amount to lawful chastisement or punishment," magistrates in Barnstaple heard.

Prosecuting, Ann Hampshire said that the incident happened in January at the family's home in the North Devon town.

She said: "The two boys were told to tidy their bedroom. The man later went upstairs and got the impression the boys had not done what they had been told and were mucking around. He challenged them and believed they were lying. In his own words he then lost it."

The man, who cannot be named to avoid identifying the children, laid them face down over the edge of the bed and ordered them to take down their trousers and pants.

Ms Hampshire said: "He then smacked them with the flat of his hands. Both boys pulled up their pants and trousers but the defendant continued. They were lifted around the neck and slapped on the face."

After admitting two cruelty charges, the man was jailed for three months on each charge, to run concurrently.

Copyright 2001 Times Newspapers Ltd.

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