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Judicial CP - October 2000

Corpun file 6182


The New Paper, Singapore, 9 October 2000



Voon Kim Seah was sentenced to three years in jail and six strokes of the cane for robbery, three months each on two counts of theft in dwelling, and six months for possession of an obscene film for the purpose of distribution.

For robbery, he could have been jailed up to 10 years and given up to six strokes of the cane.

For theft in dwelling, he could have been jailed up to seven years and fined.

On a first conviction of possessing an obscene film for the purpose of distribution, he could have been fined up to $2000 or jailed up to two years or both.

Off the peg - and on to his back
HE walked out of the shop wearing the clothes he had tried on.
He hadn't paid for them, though.
When an employee tried to stop him, he tore off some of what he was wearing, attacked her and tried to get away.
But didn't.
It wasn't the first time Voon Kim Seah was arrested. In fact, he was on bail at the time.
On May 16, Voon, 24, visited the Giordano outlet in NTUC Hougang Mall.
He went into the fitting room and put on:
A pair of blue jeans
A cap
A khaki T-shirt
A belt.
He left, carrying his own clothes in his hand.
He even took a plastic bag from store manager Ong Suat Lay.
As he walked out, Miss Ong stopped him and asked him to pay up.
Voon replied in Mandarin that he wouldn't pay, and ran off.
Miss Ong gave chase.
With the help of her staff, she managed to grab hold of Voon's stolen T-shirt and clung to it.
Voon struggled and took off the T-shirt.
Miss Ong and her staff then grabbed hold of the jeans he was wearing.
Voon threatened Miss Ong, saying he would punch her if she did not let go of him.
She didn't.
He then punched her left eye and tried to scratch her.
Miss Ong suffered minor injuries on her left eyelid and her right forearm.
Voon managed to escape using the escalator - but not for long.
He was arrested by the police at the mall exit.
Voon had been arrested twice in April for theft and was out on bail.
On April 16, he had tried something similar at Bossini in Ang Mo Kio Central.
Miss Hasinda Halil, 20, a sales assistant there had noticed Voon behaving suspiciously.
He was looking around the shop to see if he was being watched.
Then he took some clothes into the fitting room, carrying a plastic bag.
Minutes later, he walked out of the shop.
He was stopped by Miss Halil who sought help from a police officer on patrol.
The police checked him and found the unpaid items - a sleeveless vest, a white T-shirt and a pair of briefs in the plastic bag.
On the afternoon of April 29, while he was still under investigation by the police, Voon stole from the NTUC FairPrice supermarket in Thomson Plaza.
Security officer Talib Mohamed, was alerted by a part-time cashier that Voon had taken two plastic bags from her counter.
Mr Talib saw Voon put a few packs of batteries, frozen food such as ice-cream, and other grocery items into the NTUC plastic bag.
Mr Talib and his supervisor, Mr Simon Su Choon Seong, trailed Voon and saw him take an NTUC basket from the cashier's counter.
They saw him place the bags in the basket. He then headed for the car park.
Mr Talib and Mr Su stopped him and took him to the security office.
That's not all.
On Feb 22, he was arrested after police corporal Iswan Mohamed spotted him setting up a makeshift stall and displaying 58 pornographic VCDs at a void deck in Ang Mo Kio Central.

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