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Prison CP - August 2000

masthead    Amandala Online, Belize, 27 August 2000

Herman Lanza gets "pam-pam" for chopping Carlton Lord

By Kimberly King

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Aug. 24 -- Bad boy Herman Lanza, 23, was a sore loser this afternoon after 12 tambran lashes were administered to him by prison authorities following hearings held two weeks ago by members of the Board of Visiting Justices.

screenshotLanza, an inmate, was convicted of committing a gross violent act against Carlton Lord, 20, a prison inmate spending a fifteen-year term for burglary, possession of controlled drugs and harm.

Lord, who is spending a three-year term for drug trafficking, robbery, theft, and escape, had told Amandala from his hospital cot that he and Lanza were gambling during their daily breaks on Saturday, July 22. He said he defeated Lanza fairly in a dice game, but Lanza insisted that he cheated, and instigated a quarrel.

A chase ensued around the compound, during which Lanza pulled out a small machete from the waist of his pants and inflicted numerous chop wounds upon Lord, who was not armed.

Lord sustained multiple chop wounds, three to his left shoulder, the right side of his rib cage, and in his face. He also suffered a broken right arm, which he alleged happened when he fell to the ground during the chase.
Executive Governor of the prison, Bernard Adolphus, told Amandala tonight that Lord is still recovering and is scheduled to receive therapy sometime within the course of this year.

The order to administer corporal punishment to Lanza was passed about two weeks ago, but was just this afternoon carried out around 1:45 p.m. by prison officials.

Responding to tips that a number of weapons were in the hands of some inmates, prison authorities launched a weapons raid in the maximum-security section of the prison yesterday. The search was fruitful, as prison officials unearthed 2 homemade .38 pistols, along with two rounds of ammunition.

Adolphus said that this matter would be taken to court.

The weapons were found in the cell of Kelvin Francis, spending 35 years for murder, Juan Ramirez, a now permanent resident of the Ramada, and Harry Trapp, spending 50 years for a double murder.

David Jones, serving a 5-year sentence for burglary, is in police custody at this time, pending charges of drug possession. During the search, officials discovered a half-pound of marijuana in his cell. He is to appear in court tomorrow, Friday, August 25.

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