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Illicit CP - October 2000

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Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1 October 2000

Principal at Davis bans 'hazing' boards

Officials unaware of tradition until 2 seniors arrested

Associated Press

KAYSVILLE - "This is one assignment that will not be done at our school again," said Principal Rulon Homer of the wooden bread boards made in the Davis High School shop classes.

Older students were allegedly altering the boards into paddles and using them during an initiation rite for underclassmen. School officials were unaware of the tradition until two seniors were arrested earlier this month.

The students were briefly suspended but are back attending class.

"It was just one of those things that got out of hand," said a victim's mother. "These boys aren't criminals, but the hazing needs to stop."

The two seniors allegedly showed up at a birthday party in Layton on Sept. 8 looking for the sophomore. They paddled the student so hard it left a bruise, according to a police report.

Since the boys were arrested, they have come to the victim's home, separately with their parents, and apologized, the victim's mother said.

"I told them I wouldn't accept their apology until I see that there have been no repercussions and if they see someone trying to retaliate they help my son out," she said. "'And they need to get the other kids to quit (hazing)."

She said the week after the boys were arrested her son heard rumors other seniors would be coming after him. The week after the seniors were back, other students ridiculed her son, when one of the seniors who had been arrested stepped in and defended the sophomore.

Homer said the incident has been a wake-up call for other seniors thinking about hazing.

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