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The Voice, Francistown, 28 September 2007

Six strokes sends man on the run

By Chenjelani Baraedi

A 26-year-old Matshelagabedi man shocked police last Monday, when he took to his heels and disappeared after receiving six strokes on his bare buttocks.

Gaomodimo Maoloka, who had confessed to charges of assaulting his girlfriend and had escaped from lawful custody, allegedly fled after police threatened to throw him in custody for other offences committed in Ditladi village.

Shocked eye witnesses told The Voice that the convicted man casually walked away and later jumped over the customary court fence and then fled at high speed. Police officers and villagers who tried to pursue Maoloka later gave up as he was too fast for them.

A court clerk who watched the young man breaking loose from the cops revealed that Maoloka fled when he was told that he was going to be remanded in custody awaiting transportation to Ditladi village.

Constable Golebanye Gogole said that the convict had been nabbed two weeks earlier, after assaulting the mother of his two children. He said upon arrival at the police station, the accused, who was hand-cuffed, had snuck away for two days before he reported himself to the police. "When he appeared in court, the young man confessed to all the crimes and was sentenced to six strokes on his bare buttocks. After receiving the punishment, the young man broke loose and fled," said Gogole.

Concerning the previous arrest, the police officer said: "We later found the handcuffs at his residence, and informed his parents to tell him to report to the police station."

He said that the following day, the accused went to the police claiming that he was under the influence of alcohol when he assaulted his girlfriend as well as when he escaped from custody.

Gogole called upon the public to help trace the elusive man. He advised the villagers to report to the police when they see Maoloka, who he said has a number of outstanding cases with the police.  

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