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Judicial CP - November 1996


The Straits Times, Singapore, 2 November 1996

Jail, cane for teen who molested women while half-naked

By Ginnie Teo

A YOUTH went around, half naked, molesting women in broad daylight in his neighbourhood, usually wearing only a T-shirt and a cap.

Sean Tan Kim Chuan, 17, unemployed, was caught when he was seen in Jurong East wearing a green singlet, camouflage cap and nothing else.

Yesterday, he was given a jail term of 27 months, and ordered to be given three strokes of the cane.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Beverly Wee told a district court about three incidents:

Jan 15: Stark naked, Tan grabbed a 33-year-old woman at her front door in Block 117, Jurong East Street 13, clapped one hand over her mouth and squeezed her breast with his other hand.

Feb 8: He sprang upon a 19-year-old woman jogger along the footpath between blocks 118 and 119 of Jurong East Street 13. He was naked from the waist down.

April 1: At the void deck of Block 117, Jurong East Street 13, he grabbed a 29-year-old woman from behind but let her go when she struggled violently. He was naked from the waist down.

He was arrested on April 10 when the police spotted him half naked.

He pleaded guilty to eight charges of outraging of modesty. The prosecution proceeded with three and the court took the rest into consideration.

In mitigation, lawyer Suresh Damodara told District Judge Tay Yong Kwang his client was emotionally immature.

He said: "He did not commit the acts out of criminal intent."

He said Tan had been in the care of nursemaids since infancy, as his parents worked.

His father is a warrant officer with the Singapore Armed Forces and his mother is an executive with Mobil Asia Pacific.

Tan, out on $40,000 bail, is appealing against the sentence.

The New Paper, Singapore, 6 November 1996

Molester just won't let go

Jail, cane
Kasem Mujafar was yesterday sentenced to four years' jail and six strokes of the cane.


FOR two weeks, a maid avoided a sweeper who threw her dirty looks whenever she passed by him in the void deck.

She felt brave enough to take the lift alone when she did not see him last Wednesday, on her way home after buying bread at 9.30 am.

But the sweeper, 28-year-old Kasem Mujafar, was lurking behind a pillar. Said the tearful 34-year-old maid last night: "He jumped in suddenly and blocked the lift door so I couldn't escape."

Mujafar dropped his broom and dustpan and grabbed her tightly from behind.

The 1.5 m tall maid, who only reached up to the burly molester's shoulders, could not wriggle free when he grabbed her breasts. She even tried to squat to shake him off.

"When the lift door opened on the sixth storey and I ran out, he didn't let go even though I was screaming. He got dragged out, too."

He released her when she threatened to call the police and she ran down to her employer's fourth-storey Bishan flat.

The foreign maid, who has a two-year-old son, said: "I didn't tell my boss and cried for a few minutes in the toilet. I was embarrassed."

But Mujafar struck again just one hour later, after the maid took her employer's daughter to kindergarten.

The maid was taking the same lift back with another child, a 10-month-old baby, in her arms when she saw him waiting on the sixth-storey landing.

Said the maid: "I was very shocked to see him again. He tried to grab me, but I dodged and he touched the baby's arm. I hugged the baby tightly because I was afraid he would take her away. Then I dashed home."

Then she waited 2 hours for lunchtime to call her employer's wife, a nurse, who made a police report.

Mujafar was later caught when he was clearing the rubbish chute in the next block.


The New Paper, Singapore, 8 November 1996

Thief who struck from behind

Lim Ah Ter (above) was sentenced to three years' jail and six strokes of the cane. Those convicted of assaulting or using criminal force on a person in order to steal something that the person is wearing or carrying, can be fined and jailed between one and seven years.

By Chan Seet Fun

LIM Ah Ter stole in broad daylight from elderly women who walked alone near his block in Circuit Road.

And he always struck from behind.

Lim, 43, would sneak up on them and yank the gold chains from their necks.

He was caught when a member of the public called the police after seeing one of his grab-and-run stunts.

On Oct 26, at about 3 pm, Lim snatched a gold chain and two gold pendants, valued at $400, from Madam Lee Siew Geok, 70.

Madam Lee, who had been walking behind Block 43, Circuit Road, on her way home, shouted for help.

Lim ran towards the local hawker centre, but police officers responding to the call spotted him. They arrested him after a short chase.

It was later found that Lim had snatched a gold chain and pendant worth about $1,800 on Oct 12 from Madam Sim Siew Geok, 60. She was walking along the void deck of Block 99, Aljunied Crescent.

On Aug 3, Lim pulled a similar stunt on Madam Yeo Ah Puay, 66, at a staircase landing of Block 121, Paya Lebar Way.

Madam Yeo was on her way home from the market when Lim snatched her gold chain and pendant, worth $1,200.

Lim admitted to three counts of using criminal force to commit theft, two counts of criminal intimidation as well as one count of possessing suspected stolen property at the Subordinate Courts on Wednesday.

He told the court he was an orphan, his wife was mentally ill and he had to support his 10-year-old son.

Judge Ibrahim Burhan told him he was not a four-year-old and sentenced him to three years' jail and six strokes of the cane.


The New Paper, Singapore, 29 November 1996

Nailed by a scrap of paper

TAY Boon Heng (above), 29, was sentenced to 10 years' jail and 24 strokes on Dec 14 last year. He had stolen about $27,000. Only about $5,553 was recovered.
Tay had five previous convictions for theft and had been sent for drug rehabilitation three times.

Investigators nail a serial lift robber with a scrap from a textbook - then re-enact their feat on TV. JILL LIM reports

A WELL-DRESSED man. In his thirties. Tall. Looking drugged-out.

That was about all that the police had at first.

Until the lift robber dropped a clue that ultimately revealed his identity like an open book. Literally.

The clue - the cover of a kindergarten textbook - helped the five investigators from Jurong Division's Robbery Specialist Squad nab their man.

The well-dressed lift-robber had committed almost 40 robberies in less than a month last August. Most were in Clementi. But interviews had turned up nothing but his description.

All the victims except one were women aged between 17 and 72, and he usually threatened them with a knife.

That knife was his undoing. Because, after a robbery on Aug 16 last year, he dropped the casing he had made for it.

Made from the cover of a kindergarten textbook, it was the clue police needed.


On Aug 20, they received a tip-off about a man who looked like their suspect.

On Aug 22, they went to his flat and found the textbook from which the cover had been torn.

The culprit, Tay Boon Heng, was hiding under a bed.

The head of the team, Staff Sergeant Abdul Rani Abdul Sani, 32, said: "It meant we had him. It was the hard evidence we needed"

They arrested Tay five hours later, just six days after they had found the torn cover.

Staff Sgt Abdul Rani could not help saying: "Bingo".

Four of the five investigators play themselves in this week's Crimewatch.


The penalty for armed robbery is a jail term of two to 14 years and a minimum of 12 strokes of the cane.

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