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School CP - September 2009

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Salaison/HTS Channel 4, Castries, 29 September 2009

Mother with boy

Parents to sue

Chief Education Officer Augusta Ifell has conducted an investigation and submitted her findings to the Teaching Service Commission. That body will determine what will happen in the case of a senior member of the RC Boys Teaching Staff accused of giving a student 11 strokes and bruising his bottom in the process. But that is not where the matter ends: the issue has gone to the courts. The parents of that student have served the Ministry, the principal and the teacher in the matter. Here the Education Minister talks about the merits of the case and his stance on corporal punishment.


News report (2 minutes 56 seconds) by HTS Channel 4, 29 September 2009, of which the above is a brief text summary. The Education Minister is interviewed. There are still pictures of what are alleged to be bruises on the boy's backside from the caning.


This video clip is not currently available.

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