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All 2008's CP news items, for all countries, in a single date sequence



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April -- 30 items

May -- 18 items

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January 2008

03 JAN....UNITED KINGDOM: Bouncers could teach schools discipline
Columnist pleads for restoration in schools of the masculine values and physical punishment that are gladly accepted at nightclubs and discos

04 JAN....SINGAPORE: Brothers in trouble (illustrated)
Siblings aged 22 and 23, pictured, each get 24 strokes of the cane

09 JAN....UNITED STATES: Paddling prompts charges
PA man used paddle with holes on young boys

10 JAN....IRAN: Two youths to be flogged and cast off a cliff
100 lashes each for rape

10 JAN....UNITED STATES: City schools report higher number of disciplinary actions
An Alabama district records 45 paddlings

10 JAN....UNITED STATES: Love calls for restoration of corporal punishment
Bring back paddle in West Virginia, says Senator

11 JAN....SINGAPORE: Jail and caning for robber who hurt two prostitutes (illustrated)
12 strokes and five years the sentence for 36-year-old, pictured

14 JAN....UNITED STATES: The paddle
Newspaper editorial supports school CP

17 JAN....UNITED STATES: Woman loses a spanking case (with video clip)
Appeal court throws out compensation award as there was no sexual discrimination

17 JAN....UNITED STATES: Lawmakers push law that would ban paddling at school
More on the bid to abolish CP in Ohio

18 JAN....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail, cane for raping stepdaughter, 14
44-year-old receives maximum of 14 years and 24 strokes

21 JAN....UNITED STATES: Basketball coach with hopes of returning to beloved Hamilton High (illustrated)
Coach, pictured, removed from post for using CP, is eager to see paddling restored in Memphis TN

22 JAN....MALAYSIA: 5 years' jail for burying own baby alive (illustrated)
38-year-old, pictured, also ordered to receive four strokes of the cane

23 JAN....UNITED STATES: Mother, activist protest student's paddling
Spanked boy had bruised bottom, they claim

24 JAN....SINGAPORE: Caning, jail for bid to flee from court (illustrated)
Robber, 26, pictured, ordered to receive 15 strokes

24 JAN....SINGAPORE: Ex-inmate to seek court redress for 3 extra strokes (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured, was ordered 5 strokes but given 8 by mistake

25 JAN....THE BAHAMAS: Court of Appeal issues stay of flogging sentence for rapist
Infliction of cat-o'-nine-tails postponed

26 JAN....FIJI: Court orders cane and jail
Four strokes ordered for 23-year-old for violent robbery

26 JAN....MALAYSIA: Ex-athlete gets jail, rotan for cannabis (illustrated)
7 years' jail plus 10 strokes of the cane for drug possessor, 37, pictured

26 JAN....SINGAPORE: Child rapist caught on clip molesting fiancee's daughter
Man, 29, is given 26 years in prison and ordered to undergo 24 strokes of the cane

28 JAN....FIJI: Stroke of cane still valid: Director
JCP is still on the statute book

28 JAN....UNITED STATES: Mom Says School Spanking "Crossed The Line" (with video clip)
Case of 12-year-old student paddled in North Carolina

29 JAN....MALAYSIA: Incest: Farmer gets 12 years, 3 strokes
37-year-old raped his underage stepdaughter

29 JAN....SINGAPORE: Sea chase: Smuggler jailed
28-year-old illegal Indonesian also gets four strokes of the cane

29 JAN....SINGAPORE: 2 students caught taking 'upskirt' pics of teacher
14-year-old boys receive caning in front of whole school

29 JAN....UNITED STATES: Bill would ban corporal punishment in Ohio schools
29 JAN....UNITED STATES: To Paddle or Not? State Lawmakers to Decide (with video clip)
Only a few districts in the state still use it

31 JAN....MALAYSIA: Whipping And Jail For RM50 Robbery
Offenders aged 22 and 34 get four strokes each

31 JAN....TANZANIA: Magistrate jails seven to 400 years
All 7 youths also awarded 12-stroke caning for armed robbery and firearm offences

February 2008

02 FEB....AUSTRALIA: 'Bring back cane' to curb violence
School CP is needed to restore respect and responsibility, say local politicians in Queensland

02 FEB....SINGAPORE: Over 100 Penal Code changes take effect
Five new offences merit caning

04 FEB....UGANDA: Dokolo Leader Calls for Caning in Schools
Head teachers agree to implement official's call for CP for undisciplined students

05 FEB....MALAYSIA: 12 years for raping friend's wife
26-year-old is also ordered to receive a 3-stroke caning

05 FEB....UNITED STATES: Sparing the rod doesn't seem to work
Columnist challenges belief that CP is tantamount to child abuse

09 FEB....SINGAPORE: Jail, cane for repeat offender since 15
38-year-old gets six strokes of rotan for "a host of crimes"

10 FEB....UNITED STATES: A good swat can be a good life lesson for kids
Proposal for Ohio paddling ban provokes editor to point out that, in his view, CP actually works

15 FEB....SINGAPORE: Satay man gets jail, caning for molesting girl, 9 (illustrated)
Offender, 47, pictured, must undergo six strokes of the cane

16 FEB....AUSTRALIA: Sad lesson: A slap for authority
Teacher who slapped a student is cleared of assault; newspaper, noting decline in number of male teachers, doubts whether abolition of CP was a good idea

16 FEB....CANADA: School staff facing assault charges
Mennonite private school in trouble for using CP

16 FEB....FIJI: Caning order thrown out
JCP sentences are unconstitutional, says High Court

16 FEB....SINGAPORE: No absolute cap on cane strokes: Jaya
16 FEB....SINGAPORE: Parang gang's vicious spree
Law Minister says courts could order more than 24 strokes; 1987 armed robbery case which resulting in 48-stroke caning is recalled

17 FEB....MALAYSIA: Jail and rotan for rape
Six strokes and 8 years for 23-year-old

19 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Parents who smack children without meaning to hurt them should not be punished, say sentencing chiefs
New guidance for English courts

20 FEB....BOTSWANA: Kgosi, President Admonish Wayward Students
Out-of-control schoolboys need caning, say politicians

20 FEB....UNITED STATES: Board revises paddling policy: Call home first
Parental consultation now required in a N. Carolina district

21 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Why smacking is a hit again
Parents "no longer dismissing corporal punishment out of hand"

22 FEB....NIGERIA: Youths receive 24 strokes for assault
Three young men ordered by court to receive eight strokes of the cane each

23 FEB....MALAYSIA: Jail and whipping for bouncer who cheated businessman
Fake policeman, 39, sentenced to five years, five strokes

26 FEB....TANZANIA: Dar man jailed 30 years for defilement
Plus 12 strokes of the cane for 18-year-old

27 FEB....SINGAPORE: That's my son, the pimp (illustrated)
22-year-old, pictured, is awarded a six-stroke caning

28 FEB....UNITED STATES: Hancock Co. principal to plead guilty to assaulting student (illustrated)
TN elementary principal, pictured, paddled boy

29 FEB....THE BAHAMAS: No Flogging For Child Rapist
Court of appeal throws out cat-o'-nine-tails sentence

29 FEB....UNITED STATES: Hancock Co. student says paddling left him black and blue (illustrated)
Tennessee CP recipient is pictured

March 2008

01 MAR....JAMAICA: Caning: Six of the best
Columnist recalls punishment on his last day at school

01 MAR....MALAYSIA: Gardeners jailed 11 years
Two also get 10 strokes of the rotan each for possessing drugs

01 MAR....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Bring back licks, says ex-principal
"The best channel to the brain is through the derriere", says former school boss

05 MAR....MALAYSIA: He finally admits raping daughter
43-year-old sentenced to 15 years and 15 strokes

12 MAR....SINGAPORE: Robber who hurt 2 prostitutes gets jail, cane (illustrated)
36-year-old, pictured, sentenced to 5 years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane

12 MAR....UNITED STATES: Cookson, SCC look for state title No. 13 (illustrated)
MO basketball coach, pictured with players, comes out of retirement, paddles them when necessary

13 MAR....UNITED STATES: Collier deputy spanked, threatened to tase 11-year-old boy, report says
Florida police spanking was with mother's permission

13 MAR....UNITED STATES: Ville Platte High Student Paddled for Wearing Baggy Pants
Louisiana 12-year-old already had broken hip

14 MAR....SINGAPORE: Freed from Thai prison, jailed for 1980s crimes
20 years after the event, six-stroke caning for robber, 46

18 MAR....MALAYSIA: Rape: Local youth gets 9 years, cane
Three strokes for 22-year-old

19 MAR....MALAYSIA: Contractor on drug charge escapes gallows
40-year-old gets 12 years' jail and 10 strokes of the rotan

20 MAR....MALAYSIA: Jail, caning for oral sex
Man, 21, had sex with girl, 7

20 MAR....SINGAPORE: Cleaner jailed, caned for molest
23-year-old who "rubbed carrot cake on his private parts" receives six strokes plus 1 year 9 months

21 MAR....SINGAPORE: Dad's sudden death made me repent (illustrated)
Former gangster, once caned 10 strokes, now a model employee, is pictured then (in his early 20s) and now, aged 32

21 MAR....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail, caning after 10 years on the run
Six strokes for 34-year-old robber

21 MAR....UNITED STATES: A court officer takes up the paddle
Probation officer in Arkansas has been spanking juveniles for 20 years

25 MAR....BRUNEI: Jail, whipping for immigration offender
20-year-old gets the standard three strokes of the cane

25 MAR....BRUNEI: Four get jail terms and lashes for Tutong burglaries
Including a 9-stroke caning for a 19-year-old

25 MAR....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment "made" the greatest generation
The greatest abuse is to let a child grow up without consequences for rulebreaking, asserts Florida columnist

26 MAR....JAMAICA: Corporal punishment not a form of violence -- students
Results of a survey in schools

27 MAR....CANADA: Teachers admit strapping pupils
Seven boys punished with belt

28 MAR....MALAYSIA: Man sentenced to 12 years' jail
22-year-old also gets a six-stroke caning for possessing gun and bullets

28 MAR....SINGAPORE: He climbs academic ladder then falls
Engineer, 31, turns drug trafficker, gets 25 years in prison and 24 strokes of the cane

April 2008

01 APR....UNITED STATES: Grand jury does not indict Hancock principal
Existence of bruises does not make school CP illegal, court holds

02 APR....MALAYSIA: Fish breeder pleads guilty to possessing cannabis
10 strokes of the rotan for 25-year-old

02 APR....UNITED STATES: School paddling on decline
CP stats falling in Ohio

03 APR....KENYA : To cane students or not? Teachers and parents differ
03 APR....KENYA : Forget about bringing back the rod, says lobby group
Controversy still raging about school CP

04 APR....UNITED STATES: Superintendents oppose school discipline proposals
Louisiana school bosses differ over paddling but agree state should not intervene

05 APR....MALAYSIA: Jail and rotan for two found guilty of rape
Rapists given long jail terms and heavy canings

05 APR....SINGAPORE: Hammer attack: 2 brothers jailed
Robbers aged 18 and 20 are also awarded 12 strokes of the cane each

07 APR....UNITED STATES: ACLU reviews allegation of spanking by juvenile officer
CP by probation officer in AR will now cease, says judge

07 APR....UNITED STATES: Marion County Sheriff's Office Investigates Case of Excessive Discipline
TN boy, 11, had bruised behind after school paddling

08 APR....MALAYSIA: Three steps before teachers use the cane
New disciplinary procedure will make caning a last resort

09 APR....BRUNEI: 9 Foreigners Jailed For Gang Robbery
Eight of them also sentenced to 12 strokes of the cane each

11 APR....SINGAPORE: Fatal assault in void deck: 3 get jail, cane
Three years and 6 strokes each after brutal attack

13 APR....NIGERIA: Day of reckoning for Kaduna lesbians
Court gives twentysomething women 20 strokes of the cane each

14 APR....UNITED STATES: Some area schools still spank
District-by-district paddling statistics for Ohio

15 APR....UNITED STATES: School Board Unanimously Approves Corporal Punishment Policy Revision
Florida district will now paddle only if parents have signed consent form

16 APR....UNITED STATES: Judge finds Brand not guilty in paddling case
Mississippi school principal who punished girl, 18, is cleared of assault

18 APR....MALAYSIA: Whipping for illegal road racers
Motorbike racers will get 3 strokes of the cane under proposed new law

18 APR....UNITED KINGDOM: 'Smacking loophole' to be closed
Part-time school will no longer be able to use CP on the grounds that it is not legally a school

21 APR....TURKEY: Officials sanction 'harsh discipline' on students
Istanbul school principal was seen spanking pupils

21 APR....UNITED STATES: State, sheriff's department probe school paddling that left welts (illustrated)
Female student, 15, pictured, was willing to take swats but unprepared for the result

23 APR....IRAN: Flogging or jail for bad driving
Dangerous behaviour on roads will now attract sentence of 74 lashes

25 APR....ST HELENA: St Helena Exco Report
School caning abolished under new Bill

25 APR....MALAYSIA: 30 years for rape, assault (illustrated)
Duo aged 20 and 29, pictured, also get 20 and 25 strokes of the cane respectively

25 APR....TAIWAN: MOE: Physical punishment down in Taiwan schools
Reduction in CP following 2006 legal ban

27 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddle policy stuck in committee
No abolition of CP in Ohio any time soon

28 APR....UNITED STATES: Mom Says School Took Corporal Punishment Too Far (illustrated) (with video clip)
Texas 17-year-old had marks on buttock, pictured, after high school paddling

29 APR....UNITED STATES: Spare the rod, group urges
Advocacy group says North Carolina school paddlings should be more closely monitored

30 APR....MALAYSIA: 57 years jail and 12 strokes for raping relative
56-year-old to be caned under new rule allowing JCP for older rapists

30 APR....UNITED STATES: Spanking is behind the times
End school CP, urges NC columnist

May 2008

01 MAY....MALAYSIA: 9 years' jail and caning for sodomy
29-year-old is awarded three strokes after attack on teenage boys

02 MAY....SINGAPORE: Conned by job agents: caned for overstaying (illustrated)
Story of Chinese, 41, pictured, lured to S'pore for work, given four strokes of the cane

06 MAY....BRUNEI: 20 years' jail and 15 lashes for Syabu trio
Three young men were trafficking drugs

07 MAY....UNITED STATES: Mayor Herenton Wants Paddling Back in Schools (with video clip)
Calls for return of school CP in Memphis, banned since 2004

09 MAY....SUDAN: Court whips Ladu (illustrated)
20-year-old is pictured receiving 20 lashes ordered by judge

10 MAY....MALAYSIA: Man gets 10 years' jail for drug possession
Plus 10 strokes of the rotan for man, 25

10 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: Ten lashes for rape accused
Private school student, 20, caned by principal instead of being referred to police

13 MAY....MALAYSIA: Jail and rotan for duo who raped teacher (illustrated)
Rapists, 26 and 34, pictured, each ordered to receive six strokes of the rotan in addition to long jail terms

13 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Bahraini on Death Row 'was framed'
46-year-old gets 15 years in jail and 1,500 lashes instead of death sentence

14 MAY....SINGAPORE: Ex-physiotherapist gets 15-month term, caning for molesting patient (illustrated)
Six strokes for 29-year-old, pictured

14 MAY....SINGAPORE: Repeat offender who targeted children gets 2 years' jail, 8 strokes (illustrated)
Serial molester, 38, is pictured

16 MAY....MALAYSIA: 15 years' jail, 16 strokes for rapist stepfather
Man, 34, started forced sex with stepdaughter when she was only six

20 MAY....BOTSWANA: DJ in Court With Stolen Trousers
"Four strokes on the bare buttocks" for shoplifter, 27

22 MAY....SINGAPORE: IT specialist jailed 25 years for sexually abusing stepdaughter
37-year-old also ordered to receive 24 strokes of the cane

25 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Government Must Codify Taaziri Punishment Rules
Article criticises inconsistent and excessive JCP sentences

29 MAY....THE WORLD: Spare the rod, say some (with cartoon)
The Economist offers global overview of spanking, notes trend towards banning it in richer countries, describes UN campaign as "dotty"

29 MAY....UNITED STATES: Bill to ban paddling in Ohio schools is hanging by a thin thread
Proposal to outlaw CP lacks support among lawmakers

30 MAY....UNITED STATES: Court gets behind spanking, to a degree
Minnesota Supreme Court holds that paddling your son is not necessarily abuse

June 2008

01 JUN....MALDIVES: Lashings Punishment Resumes
A year's backlog of JCP now being administered, starting with two women and three men punished in front a "crowd that packed the street"

04 JUN....MALAYSIA: Despatch rider gets lower jail term (illustrated)
Drug offender, 23, pictured, also has his rotan sentence reduced from four strokes to three

05 JUN....UNITED STATES: South Texas judge offers paddling in courtroom (with video clip)
98% of parents choose CP option instead of fine, he says

05 JUN....UNITED STATES: Teacher tells 'Dr. Phil' corporal punishment works
Explains on TV that she was assigned to a Mississippi school and found paddling was effective

06 JUN....UNITED STATES: Judge defends 'spanking' policy
He explains paddling procedure, says 500 people have opted to paddle their youngsters in his court

07 JUN....BOTSWANA: Bully Relative Lashed (illustrated)
"Jealous" man, pictured, gets four strokes plus suspended jail term for stabbing

07 JUN....UNITED STATES: History favors plaintiffs in corporal punishment cases
Three previous courtroom spanking episodes discussed

10 JUN....MALAYSIA: Ex-religious teacher fails to get jail term reduced
39-year-old will shortly walk free but must first receive 10 strokes of the rotan

11 JUN....MALAYSIA: Indon contract worker, self-employed escape gallows
Trafficking charges reduced to drug possession; jail plus 10 strokes each for two in their 20s

11 JUN....UNITED STATES: Without a paddle (with video clip)
Judge loses right to offer CP option in court

12 JUN....UNITED STATES: Dear Hearts and Gentle People
Columnist is outraged by behaviour on TV of 8-year-old brat

13 JUN....NIGERIA: Student gets 10 lashes for car theft
Caning for 17-year-old; also ordered to clean up court premises

13 JUN....SINGAPORE: Preventive detention for molester who sniffed armpits
Recidivist, 36, locked up for 14 years and also gets 18 strokes of the cane

13 JUN....UNITED STATES: Court sides with mother in whipping case
Indiana Supreme Court says punishment of son was reasonable, as bruises were "neither serious nor permanent"

17 JUN....SINGAPORE: Grassroots leader gets jail, cane for molest (illustrated)
Ten months and 3 strokes for 46-year-old, pictured

17 JUN....UNITED STATES: Trustees consider going electronic with handbook
Plus changes to CP rules in a Texas district

17 JUN....UNITED STATES: The Supreme Court and Corporal Punishment
Preview of lawsuit about paddling of 18-year-old

19 JUN....CANADA: Why the Senate wants to hit spanking parents with law change
Yet another parliamentary argument about parental CP

20 JUN....SINGAPORE: Offences aplenty earn man jail, cane, fines, driving ban (illustrated)
Three strokes for loan shark's runner, 26, pictured

21 JUN....CANADA: Kill this 'Nanny State' bill
New attempt to ban parental spanking

22 JUN....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail, cane for raping drunk colleague
Seven years and six strokes for date-rapist, 30

23 JUN....UNITED STATES: Supreme Court Declines Appeals on Corporal Punishment, Teacher Test, and Special Education
Claim against paddling of 18-year-old fails to get a hearing: Legal analysis

24 JUN....UNITED STATES: School board backs action
TX district upholds principal over paddling of girl

25 JUN....UNITED STATES: Paddles would solve the problem
Ohio letterwriter clarifies difference between discipline and abuse

26 JUN....CANADA: Anti-spanking lunatics are BaaaaaCk!
Columnist points out that 80% of Canadians support domestic CP

26 JUN....IRAN: Flogging an effective deterrent, says senior official
Head of Judicial Authority says imprisonment is useless, urges judges to impose more public floggings

27 JUN....BAHAMAS: Turnquest supports corporal punishment
Government minister welcomes news that some school principals still cane

27 JUN....NIGERIA: Man bags 10 years jail term over rape
Plus 41 strokes of the cane for 43-year-old

28 JUN....SINGAPORE: Man punched bus driver after missing his stop (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, gets 9 months' jail and three strokes of the cane

July 2008

01 JUL....BOTSWANA: Case Of Mistaken Identity Lands Guards In Hot Soup
Four security guards get four lashes each for assault

01 JUL....BOTSWANA: Violent Son Gets 4 Lashes
28-year-old assaulted his own mother

01 JUL....UNITED STATES: Dad charged with assault after bruising spankings
He punished adopted daughters, 9 and 11, with a leather belt

03 JUL....SINGAPORE: Stabbing spree: Poly student jailed for 16 yrs (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, also gets 16 strokes of the cane

06 JUL....BARBADOS: No, No, Mr Minister, don't banish the belt!
Secondary school principals reject suggestion of abolishing CP

06 JUL....BARBADOS: Corporal punishment: A global view
UN committee's dictates are not binding, says school head

07 JUL....SINGAPORE: I want to kill ex-girlfriend, and 5 people I hate: Jilted soldier (illustrated) (with video clips)
NS man, 20, pictured, gets 9 years' jail and 18 strokes of the cane for going AWOL with rifle and bullets

08 JUL....SINGAPORE: He told 3 tales to 3 people
More on national serviceman who stole gun and ammunition

08 JUL....SINGAPORE: 'My heart hurts for you' (illustrated)
Judge, pictured, is moved by tale of errant soldier, 20, pictured

08 JUL....SINGAPORE: Culpable, just being in his company
Lawyer questions jail and caning sentence for "accomplice" of AWOL soldier

08 JUL....UNITED STATES: No more paddling in Lamar Co. schools
Paddling abolished in a Mississippi district

09 JUL....MALAYSIA: Reluctant trip home for illegals (illustrated)
Filipino workers, pictured, are caned and deported for overstaying

09 JUL....MALAYSIA: Man gets jail and whipping for firearm possession
Six strokes of the rotan for 23-year-old

09 JUL....SINGAPORE: NSF who went AWOL with rifle sentenced to nine years and two months' jail, 18 strokes (illustrated)
A different paper's take on the soldier case, with more pictures

10 JUL....SIERRA LEONE: 19-Year-Old Subject to Public Flogging
Petty thief receives 12 lashes in public view in the courtroom

11 JUL....BARBADOS: Don't hang up the strap
Ministry is considering banning CP, but educators disagree

11 JUL....TANZANIA: Student to be caned for rape
Court orders six strokes for youth, 20

11 JUL....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment may return to district
Reintroduction of paddling is contemplated in Jackson, Mississippi

12 JUL....TANZANIA: Man sentenced 35 years for defiling 7-year-old boy
Plus five strokes of the cane for peasant, 25

12 JUL....UNITED STATES: Sentence by ex-judge challenged
Drug offender says his refusal to be paddled resulted in unfair sentence

13 JUL....BOTSWANA: Man Gets Four Strokes For Touching Woman's Private Parts
Man, 35, was drunk at the time

13 JUL....BOTSWANA: Three Lashes For Assaulting And Wounding Girlfriend (illustrated)
26-year-old, pictured, left court with "stinging lashes on his backside"

16 JUL....CANADA: Bum rap ends in absolute discharge for Mennonites
Educators in "culture clash" had strapped seven boys

19 JUL....MALAYSIA: Youth spared the gallows
Drug offender, 22, is given seven years in jail and 10 strokes of the cane

19 JUL....TANZANIA: Court Orders Girl to Be Canned [sic] Six Strokes
14-year-old schoolgirl gets six strokes of the cane for stealing from her mother

21 JUL....MALAYSIA: Caning fails to deter illegal immigrants from returning
4,326 migrant workers, previously caned and deported, returned to Sabah over four years

21 JUL....UNITED STATES: Central Georgia schools bring back paddling
CP returns in Twiggs County

23 JUL....MALAYSIA: 20 years for sex assault on 5-year-old girl (illustrated)
Rapist, 47, pictured, also ordered to receive 20 strokes of the rotan

23 JUL....UNITED STATES: Georgia: Corporal punishment is a thing of the past in most school districts
It is allowed but rarely practised, officials claim

24 JUL....UNITED STATES: Spanking Has Hit Bottom In Polk Schools
No more CP in one Florida district

27 JUL....UNITED STATES: Stinging thoughts of school spanking
Georgia columnist on the return of the paddle in one district

29 JUL....UNITED STATES: The state oversteps its bounds in how parents discipline children
Columnist deplores case against man who spanked daughter

30 JUL....PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Magistrate caned for whipping
Court ordered offender to be whipped by his wife

31 JUL....NIGERIA: Man, 25, gets 12 strokes for stealing
Punishment carried out immediately in magistrates' court premises

August 2008

07 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Whacks got a caning
Columnist remembers Eric A. Wildman

12 AUG....UNITED STATES: LISD tweaks code of conduct
Paddling abolished in a Texas district

13 AUG....MALAYSIA: Serial rapist gets 12 more years (illustrated)
34-year-old, pictured, is also ordered six strokes of the rotan

13 AUG....SINGAPORE: Man slashed woman for resisting robbery
6 years' jail plus 18 strokes of the cane for 33-year-old

14 AUG....FRANCE: Teacher Fined, Praised for Slap (illustrated)
Middle-school teacher, pictured, prosecuted for slapping insolent student, gets support of public opinion

15 AUG....UNITED STATES: Just in case, MGSD removes corporal punishment from the books
Paddling abolished in a North Carolina district

16 AUG....SINGAPORE: Trio spared the gallows
Three drug-traffickers get heavy jail and caning sentences instead

19 AUG....UNITED STATES: Spanking out in Johnston (with video clip)
Paddling abolished in another North Carolina district

20 AUG....SINGAPORE: Caning error: Ex-inmate accepts mediated settlement (illustrated)
Government pays compensation to 21-year-old, pictured, who was given too many strokes by mistake

20 AUG....THAILAND: Student protesters caned by teacher
Eight students allegedly receive caning, which is now illegal

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: Corporal Punishment Still An Option For TISD (with video clip)
A Texas district decides to keep the paddle, after parents voice concern at its possible removal

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: Corporal Punishment Still Option in Owasso (with video clip)
Paddle continues to swing in an Oklahoma district; spanked students are interviewed

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: Arkansas Ranks High in Corporal Punishment (with video clip)
ACLU report is critical of CP but a school superintendent says it is effective

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: More than 200,000 kids spanked at school (with video clip)
CNN coverage of ACLU/Human Rights Watch report on US school paddling; a boy who was paddled at age 13 is interviewed

21 AUG....MALAYSIA: Filipino gets 5 years for possessing syabu (illustrated)
And 10 strokes of the cane for drug possessor, 33, pictured

21 AUG....THAILAND: Students caned for absence, not protest
21 AUG....THAILAND: Teacher steps down after caning row but respected by students
Girl claims caned 18 times

21 AUG....UNITED STATES: Groups oppose school spanking
More on the ACLU/HRW publication, as it applies to Texas

21 AUG....UNITED STATES: Corporal Punishment Still On The Books In Alabama
But one district banned it ten years ago

22 AUG....MALAYSIA: 30 months, 3 strokes each for gang robbery
Light sentence for duo, 19 and 20, who threatened friend with parang

22 AUG....UNITED STATES: Let teachers keep their tools, including paddling
A columnist in N. Carolina objects to agitators coming from California to tell local educators how to do their job

22 AUG....UNITED STATES: Report: Minority students physically punished more than whites
Another Texas school district rejects ACLU/HRW claims

22 AUG....UNITED STATES: Corporal Punishment In The Classroom (with video clip)
Still legal in Kentucky, but it's on the decline

22 AUG....UNITED STATES: School districts speak out on paddling study
ACLU/HRW portrayal unfair, say Mississippi educators

23 AUG....BOTSWANA: Whipped and Deported
Three strokes of the cane each for two illegal immigrants, one of whom had been whipped for a different offence only the previous day

23 AUG....UNITED STATES: Classroom chaos
Syndicated columnist scorns "left-wing" groups opposing CP, calls for schools to assert authority

25 AUG....UNITED STATES: Licks With a Paddle Make a Comeback in Fort Stockton (with video clip)
Superintendent in a Texas school district explains why parents will no longer be allowed to exempt their offspring from paddling

26 AUG....MALAYSIA: Grandpa gets 40 years' jail for rape
57-year-old who raped his granddaughter is also sentenced to 24 strokes of the cane

27 AUG....UNITED STATES: Southeast Texas educators say paddling rare discipline tool (illustrated)
Educators defend CP as last resort; six paddled high-school girls are pictured

30 AUG....MALAYSIA: Youth to spend 27 years behind bars for rape of minor
Plus 20 strokes of the rotan for 21-year-old

September 2008

02 SEP....UNITED STATES: Vigilante justice assault suspect appears in Ardmore courtroom
"Brutal lashes across the backside" as youths punished alleged forger with studded belt

03 SEP....UNITED STATES: AC/OV spankings on the decline
Only 11 students received CP in an Ohio district

04 SEP....SINGAPORE: Pimp gets jail and cane for robbing duo in hotel (illustrated)
Six strokes of the cane for 33-year-old, pictured

06 SEP....MALAYSIA: Indonesian jailed 10½ years for having drugs
And 10 strokes of the rotan for 28-year-old

08 SEP....UNITED STATES: Who says licks aren't effective?
Columnist rejects HRW/ACLU report claims

09 SEP....UNITED STATES: Harnett Schools Ban Spanking
No more CP in a N. Carolina district

10 SEP....UNITED STATES: Granddad acquitted in paddling
Boy, 13, had red buttocks after punishment, which did not constitute assault, court holds

15 SEP....SINGAPORE: New check on punishing prisoners
Canings for internal prison discipline will now have to be approved by committee

17 SEP....SINGAPORE: Man jailed for sex with 12-year-old girl
Offender, 32, also ordered to receive 18 strokes

17 SEP....UNITED STATES: Spankers belted with months of jail time (illustrated)
Two of vigilante gang, pictured, get six months in jail for kidnapping and assault

18 SEP....UNITED STATES: Is corporal punishment still practiced? (with video clip)
Woman moves to Missouri, is shocked at CP; report lists paddling districts in N.E. of state

20 SEP....MALAYSIA: Red apple trick on girl lands him in jail (illustrated)
Molester, 21, pictured, also gets one stroke of the rotan

26 SEP....ANTIGUA & BARBUDA: Parole violator to be flogged
Eight strokes ordered for drug possessor, 16

27 SEP....SINGAPORE: Court escape: 2nd man pleads guilty (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, had already received 24 cane strokes for earlier offences

28 SEP....UNITED STATES: Principal not charged in paddling incident (with video clip)
Missouri case ends with vindication of administrator who gave girl swats at mother's request

October 2008

01 OCT....GUYANA: Corporal punishment to be reintroduced in Guyana's schools
Education Minister responds to concerns about rising violence

01 OCT....SWAZILAND: Top school reveals secret weapon for 2008 exams
"Best high school in the country" still believes in corporal punishment

03 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: A 'fifth of teachers back caning' (with video clips)
03 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Sticking it out
Survey of teachers finds surprising support for return of CP: reports and analysis

05 OCT....AUSTRALIA: Govt moves to ban corporal punishment
Still technically legal in South Australia

06 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Caning can
It was not students who wanted to abolish CP, letter-writer points out

06 OCT....UNITED STATES: CPS Takes Action On Corporal Punishment (illustrated)
Chicago 17-year-old, pictured, complains he was paddled by coach

08 OCT....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for lock-up escapee (illustrated)
Court orders 12 years plus 24 strokes for 29-year-old, pictured

08 OCT....UNITED STATES: Local H.S. Investigated For Paddling Athletes (with video clip)
08 OCT....UNITED STATES: CPS probes corporal punishment claims (illustrated)
More Chicago schools accused of illegal CP; paddled volleyball players pictured

10 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Survey whips up debate on caning
Overview of response to poll support for school CP

17 OCT....NIGERIA: Nigerian man jailed for idleness
20-year-old, brought to court by own father, also receives 30 strokes of the cane

17 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Sparing the rod has spoilt pupils and the profession
A senior teacher explains why corporal punishment would be beneficial again

17 OCT....UNITED STATES: Pastor's alleged paddling of son center of debate in court (illustrated)
Wisconsin man, pictured, accused of child abuse; his daughter, now 21, pictured, was spanked as a child and is thankful for it

17 OCT....UNITED STATES: Board of Education supports Ohio paddling ban
Spanking and paddling may end in Ohio schools

21 OCT....UNITED STATES: Board looks to ban corporal punishment
Moves to end paddling in Irving, TX

22 OCT....UNITED STATES: In trouble at school
No CP in some Indiana districts

23 OCT....MALAYSIA: Travel agent gets 17 years' jail for rape, robbery (illustrated)
24-year-old, pictured, also gets three strokes of the rotan

25 OCT....THAILAND: Caning, expulsions could be revived
Education Minister looks to reintroduce CP at college and university

29 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: 'Egypt doctor's Saudi lashing worse than death'
1,500 lashes plus 15 years in jail for giving woman morphine

30 OCT....UNITED STATES: School spanking draws complaint
Father of 12-year-old says he was paddled too hard

November 2008

01 NOV....UNITED STATES: Policy limits corporal punishment to last resort
But it stays on the books in a Missouri school district

06 NOV....SINGAPORE: Dog killer jailed (illustrated)
33-year-old, pictured, also sentenced to six strokes of the cane for drug abuse

12 NOV....UGANDA: Teachers Face Axe Over Caning
If they carry on using CP they will be sacked, says education minister

15 NOV....SINGAPORE: Serial robber to spend next 20 years behind bars (illustrated)
Career criminal, now 56, pictured, was caned in 1975, 1981, 1985, 1986 and 1992

15 NOV....SINGAPORE: Youth jailed for robbery
Recidivist, 21, also ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane

22 NOV....UNITED STATES: Boy Allegedly Beaten With Paddle By Assistant Principal
Boy says he only "felt a little sting" but TX mother complains about punishment

24 NOV....UNITED STATES: Incident count lowers as JHS staff gets proactive on disciplining students
At a Texas high school, discipline is under control, with paddling part of the mix

28 NOV....UNITED STATES: Pontotoc County Mother Says Her Son Was Paddled Too Hard
13-year-old's bottom was bruised after Oklahoma spanking

29 NOV....UNITED STATES: School records show paddling cases
CP statistics almost zero in a Georgia district

29 NOV....UNITED STATES: Paddling probe widens
Further investigations into illegal CP in Chicago

December 2008

01 DEC....UNITED STATES: Whatever happened to paddling in schools: 'Board of Education' pretty much retired
School CP overview in north-west Arkansas

03 DEC....THE BAHAMAS: Corporal punishment law to be repealed
Govt intends to abolish JCP, but meanwhile a tamarind rod (birching) sentence has just been carried out

04 DEC....SINGAPORE: Teen rape case: Jail and cane for 2
Both aged 22, they molested girl at party; one gets 3 strokes, the other six

05 DEC....SINGAPORE: Youth gets jail, cane for molesting two girls (illustrated)
Six strokes of the cane for 19-year-old, pictured

06 DEC....UNITED STATES: 2 coaches fired in paddling scandal
They had used CP illegally in Chicago

07 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: I was thrashed at school with the dreaded Lochgelly Tawse, says Brown
Prime Minister recalls a headmaster's belting

10 DEC....UNITED STATES: Schools discard policy on spanking
No more CP in one Georgia district

11 DEC....UNITED STATES: Paddling reported in error
CP statistics for Georgia were wrong

12 DEC....SINGAPORE: 24-stroke caning cap to be formalised
Changes in law and procedure for JCP sentences

18 DEC....BOTSWANA: Lashed (illustrated)
27-year-old, pictured, receives whipping sentence immediately

18 DEC....UNITED STATES: Supporters of basketball coaches accused of paddling make plea to Chicago school board
Further ructions at meeting over illegal CP

20 DEC....UNITED STATES: Area schools retain policies for corporal punishment
Details for various districts in Georgia

22 DEC....RUSSIA: Corporal Punishment Museum Arouses Interest
New museum in Moscow (though "CP" here evidently interpreted very loosely)

23 DEC....BOTSWANA: Saved By Age
Judge tells woman batterer, 43, that were he under 40 "I would have bended [sic] you over the bench, walloped your buttocks hard"

29 DEC....INDIA: Wild and violent school boys given bitter medicine by KYKL-UNLF
15 youths receive 10 lashes each from Manipur rebel forces for beating up bus driver

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