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Judicial CP - September 2008

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Straits Times, Singapore, 4 September 2008

Pimp gets jail and cane for robbing duo in hotel

By Elena Chong
Courts correspondent

Jailed and caned: Neo Say Wee
Neo Say Wee, 33, pleaded guilty to robbing Mr Dinesh Asela Fernando Hettiarachchige, 23, of $500 at Hotel 81-Star on Feb 17. -- PHOTO: SINGAPORE POLICE FORCE [Picture from web version only]

TWO men who hired a Thai prostitute were robbed in a hotel room after the woman walked out on them, a district court heard yesterday.

One of the four robbers, Neo Say Wee, a 33-year-old pimp, was given three years' jail and six strokes of the cane. He pleaded guilty to robbing health-care attendant Dinesh Asela Fernando Hettiarachchige, 23, of $500 at Hotel 81-Star in Geylang on Feb 17.

Mr Hettiarachchige, a Sri Lankan, was then with his Filipino friend, Mr Raul Villapa Sunico Jr, 27.

Assistant Public Prosecutor Evelyn Jasmine Lee said the two men paid $120 for the services of a Thai prostitute. While in the room, the woman made a call on her cellphone and then scooted.

Mr Hettiarachchige went after her, but Neo and an accomplice turned up and pushed him back into the room. During an argument that followed over two men hiring one prostitute between them, Neo's other accomplices showed up.

APP Lee said Neo hit Mr Hettiarachchige with a beer bottle when the latter tried to leave the room with Mr Sunico. When Mr Hettiarachchige tried calling the police, Neo struck him again and threw his cellphone on the floor.

The phone rang, but Neo dunked it in water inside the bathroom.

One of Neo's accomplices then asked the duo to put all their belongings on the bed. Mr Hettiarachchige refused and was hit yet again. His wallet was emptied by Neo's accomplices.

A second charge of robbing Mr Sunico was taken into consideration.

Neo's three accomplices included Salman Abu Samah, 28, who made news in June for allegedly escaping from police custody in the Subordinate Courts with another man.

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Corpun file 20656


Straits Times, Singapore, 17 September 2008

Man jailed for sex with 12-year-old girl

Press cutting A 32-YEAR-OLD man who had sex with a 12-year-old girl has been jailed seven years and ordered to be given 18 strokes of the cane.

Mohamad Rasidi Abdul Rahim, a freelance painter, pleaded guilty to raping her in a Geylang hotel in April last year and in a friend’s flat between May and June 1 last year.

He got to know the girl after getting her number from an acquaintance.

Four other similar charges were taken into consideration.

He could have been jailed up to 20 years for each count of statutory rape.

Corpun file 20613


Straits Times, Singapore, 27 September 2008

Fleeing from lawful custody

Court escape: 2nd man pleads guilty

By Elena Chong
Court Correspondent

Jamaluddin Salam, one of two men who bolted from the court lock-up in June
Jamaluddin Salam, one of two men who bolted from the court lock-up in June, also admitted to robbery with hurt, injuring a public servant, drug consumption and vandalism. -- ST FILE PHOTO

ONE of the pair of men who bolted from the Subordinate Courts' lock-up in June pleaded guilty to escaping from lawful custody yesterday.

Jamaluddin Salam, 32, also admitted to robbery with hurt, injuring a public servant, drug consumption and vandalism.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Benjamin Yim, pointing to his previous convictions for robbery and drug possession - for which he got 12 years and 24 lashes of the cane - called for him to be locked away for a substantial period in the interest of public safety.

DPP Yim then asked the court to call for a pre-sentencing report assessing his suitability for preventive detention.

District Judge Sarjit Singh postponed sentencing to Oct 17, pending the findings of the report.

On June 11, the day Jamaluddin made his attempted dash for freedom, he was in court for a pre-trial hearing for his alleged offences.

So was Salman Abu Samah, 29, who pleaded guilty last week to charges of escape, robbery and assaulting public servants. He will be sentenced on Oct7.

While in the same cell in the basement of the Havelock Square court complex, Jamaluddin suggested to Salman that they make a run for it.

The court heard that Jamaluddin asked for a drink of water from Corporal Donnie Lim, who opened the cell gate only to be punched repeatedly as the pair slipped out of the cell.

Jamaluddin then hit a buzzer at the lock-up's exit gate. Staff Sergeant Low Kim Hui opened the gate, but soon realised that the two men were unescorted. He shouted at them to stop, but was punched by Jamaluddin.

The escapees shut the exit gate, entered a lift and made their way through the courts' public area. Salman was arrested at the main entrance after a struggle; Jamaluddin was caught 50m away, near the Family Court.

DPP Yim, who sought at least 14 years' preventive detention for Jamaluddin, told the court that he had preyed on eight women aged 62 to 83 in HDB lifts over six months, using criminal force on two of them and injuring the other six.

Preventive detention, meant for repeat offenders, can last between seven and 20 years, with no prospects for early release.

The duo's escape bid followed on-going tightening of security in the lock-up and a security audit.

Law Minister and Second Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam put the incident down to human error and failure to follow established procedures.

A Criminal Investigation Department probe of the incident is ongoing.

Copyright 2008 Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.

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