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Corporal punishment: NEWS CHRONOLOGY 1999

All 1999's news items for all countries, in a single date sequence



01 JAN....SINGAPORE: Drug addict with Aids escapes cane
Ailing trafficker's 15-stroke sentence overturned

01 JAN....SINGAPORE: Lecturer found guilty of molest
18 months and six strokes for 45-year-old

02 JAN....UGANDA: Young men caned over fondling girl's 'boobs'
Indecent assault brings five strokes of cane each for two at village court

03 JAN....SOUTH KOREA: Teachers, Cheer Up!
Schoolteacher comes to defence of caning

04 JAN....IRAN: Transvestite boys to be flogged
Whipping for two 15-year-olds who dressed as girls to extort money

06 JAN....UNITED STATES: Put limits on all children
Retired teacher loves coach who paddled him, regrets present lack of discipline

07 JAN....KUWAIT: Islamist MPs Advocate Islamic Punishment
100 lashes proposed for adultery or rape

12 JAN....FIJI: Labasa rapists jailed for five years each
Two men also ordered to receive five strokes of the cane

14 JAN....IRAN: Iran to jail, flog militants for beating officials
Court orders lashings for political attack

14 JAN....KENYA: Man gets 12 years for raping sisters
20-year-old will also receive six strokes of the cane

15 JAN....SINGAPORE: She was so high, she could not fight back (illustrated)
26-year-old (pictured) rapes 14-year-old, gets 7 years, 8 strokes

15 JAN....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail, caning for rape and molest
24 strokes and 12 years for lorry driver, 47

15 JAN....ETHIOPIA: Ethiopian Speaker Urges Parents to Stop Spanking
CP is "rampant", laments House Speaker

15 JAN....MALAYSIA: Raping daughter: Timorese jailed
Labourer (40) given 18 years and 10 strokes of cane

16 JAN....SINGAPORE: Hardcore robber gets jail and cane
42-year-old gets 12 years, 24 strokes

16 JAN....UNITED STATES: Hazing Trial Ends With A Rebuke
Virginia Military Institute fraternity whippings described in court case

17 JAN....UNITED KINGDOM: Are cold showers and route marches the answer for our badly behaved boys?
Two opposing views on the need for firmer discipline

17 JAN....SINGAPORE: Inmates' drug scheme foiled
Four drug centre residents given jail and cane

19 JAN....UNITED STATES: A little pain keeps students in line
Montana senator calls for whackings in class

19 JAN....SINGAPORE: Robber's jail term cut to 12 years
But 24-stroke caning sentence on 37-year-old is upheld

21 JAN....HONG KONG: Boys beaten over homework
Tutors remanded for bruising pupils' buttocks with ruler

21 JAN....SOUTH AFRICA: Schools crisis theme in SABC1 drama
TV series highlights teachers' concern over banning of CP

21 JAN....UNITED STATES: Students' worst weapon? Their mouths
Georgia school district abandons paddle, discipline problems increase

21 JAN....SWAZILAND: Shiselweni National Court Briefs
Juvenile sentenced to three strokes for theft

22 JAN....UNITED STATES: Oakland council mulls spanking ban
California campaigner wants no-spank zone

22 JAN....UNITED STATES: Oakland Could Be Butt of More Jokes
Issue Mayor Brown could do without

22 JAN....SINGAPORE: He had parang in his pocket (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured, weeps at six-stroke sentence

22 JAN....UNITED KINGDOM: School that believes in beating to close
Primary school to shut up shop rather than be denied right to use CP

23 JAN....SWAZILAND: National Court Briefs
Judicial caning for boy who stole

24 JAN....SINGAPORE: Man molested colleague repeatedly
Technician, 44, to receive four strokes, two years

24 JAN....UNITED STATES: No Spanking Zone Sought in Oakland
California measure would be symbolic, but mayor and others oppose it

24 JAN....UNITED STATES: No-spanking zone is a dumb idea
Quick slap on butt is not abuse, editorialises local paper

25 JAN....ETHIOPIA: Rights and Wrongs
Most children receive CP daily, says charity

26 JAN....UNITED STATES: Oakland council to hear plea for ban on spanking
Parents and officials amused, dismissive, outraged by turns

27 JAN....UNITED STATES: Oakland Panel Rejects No-Spanking Proposal
Committee debates symbolic plan, votes it down

29 JAN....SOUTH KOREA: Corporal Punishment restored in struggle for class discipline
Education Ministry does U-turn on spanking as misbehaviour soars

01 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Schools demand right to corporal punishment
Christian schools appeal to Human Rights Court to overturn caning ban

02 FEB....MALAYSIA: Samurai murder over birds nests
Filipino given 8 years, 5 strokes for stabbing

02 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Come to school and beat your own children
Christian school tries to circumvent legal ban on CP

02 FEB....MALAYSIA: Man gets jail for raping wife's niece
22 years, 6 strokes for lorry driver, 28

05 FEB....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for 'weapons collector'
27-year-old to have 12 strokes for possessing arms

05 FEB....UNITED STATES: Oakland council to take swing at alternative to spanking ban
'Spank' wording removed from proposal

06 FEB....SINGAPORE: He flung brick at ATM
Vandal in a rage gets six months, 3 strokes

08 FEB....UNITED STATES: Admit it, mollycoddling parents, you've lost control
Legal professor pours scorn on parental wimps

09 FEB....MALAYSIA: 16 years, eight strokes for man who raped sister
Labourer, 24, raped 18-year-old twice

09 FEB....SOUTH AFRICA: Spare the rod and fail
Corporal punishment still exists in many township schools

09 FEB....CANADA: Board backs bid to kill spanking law
Ontario Catholics support campaign to repeal Section 43

10 FEB....MALAYSIA: Rapists get 7 years' jail, three strokes of rottan
Two had sex with 14-year-old girl

11 FEB....UNITED STATES: Milder no-spank law fails in Oakland
City Council votes down even watered-down version

11 FEB....UNITED STATES: No-spanking Zone Swatted in Oakland - City Council knocks amended resolution
Columnist celebrates demise of "another goofy plan"

11 FEB....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail for slashing teen
Labourer, 38, to have 6 years, 8 strokes for attack on boys

14 FEB....SOUTH AFRICA: Big-stick Shandu stuns teachers
Natal Education Minister calls for re-introduction of caning

16 FEB....SINGAPORE: Thai worker jailed for manslaughter
10 years and 12 cane strokes for 31-year-old after stabbing

16 FEB....UNITED STATES: Lawmaker advocates return of spanking in schools
Oregon politician calls for end to school paddling ban

17 FEB....UNITED STATES: Lee to toughen In School Suspension program
Paddle would be better deterrent, says Florida school board member

17 FEB....UNITED STATES: Teachers make or break the quality of schools. True or false?
Delaware writer visits alternative school, finds paddle in full swing

17 FEB....BAHAMAS: Corporal punishment at Seventh Day school
18 FEB....BAHAMAS: Therapy for student given paddle beating
Storm erupts over paddling of 12-year-old

19 FEB....UNITED STATES: No spanking at mid-valley private schools (illustrated)
School principal in OR keeps paddle (pictured) in office, but it isn't used

20 FEB....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail for raping stepdaughter
37-year-old given 16 years, 24 strokes for repeated rape of child

22 FEB....NEW ZEALAND: Corporal punishment mooted for criminals
Politician also favours return of caning in schools

22 FEB....BAHAMAS: Public asked not to 'rush' to a conclusion over corporal punishment of 12-year-old
22 FEB....BAHAMAS: Was Education Act violated?
Controversy continues over teacher's beating of student

23 FEB....MALAYSIA: Study shows it's a growing problem (illustrated)
Prison officers give whipping demonstration

25 FEB....BAHAMAS: Seventh Day administrator takes leave
Caned schoolboy, 12, 50 times for throwing pen in class

01 MAR....UNITED STATES: Not So Common Sense
Wide range of views on "sexual harassment by 10-year-old" case

01 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: MEC fuels debate about corporal punishment (illustrated)
Divergent views on regional minister's call for return of the cane

01 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: Cracking the whip
Profile of KwaZulu politician campaigning for reintroduction of school CP

01 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: Reality imitating television?
Minister recommends her own son gets his fair share of whacking

01 MAR....JAMAICA: Police, RM concerned about sex crimes in St Ann
Police superintendent calls for return of the tamarind switch

02 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: Law, order needed at home and on roads
Criminals will get the message if CP restored, opines reader

02 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: An academy of the heart
Christian school retains CP with parental consent

03 MAR....UNITED STATES: Teacher charged with child abuse
Florida teacher "beat first-graders with 21-inch paint stick"

03 MAR....UGANDA: LC boss caned
12 strokes in meeting for gambling

05 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Is an easier life good for Eton?
Former student of top elite school recalls cane and birch

05 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: The widening chasm between policy and reality
"Bend-over business as usual" in poorer schools despite legal ban on CP

07 MAR....KENYA: KNUT official opposes caning
Union official urges teachers to avoid use of CP as it gives parents an excuse to sue

08 MAR....UNITED STATES: TDCJ veteran: more progress difficult
Former Texas prison official suggests judicial CP

09 MAR....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: One-armed man jailed for chopping off hand (illustrated)
Seven years' hard labour and seven strokes of birch for attacker, pictured

10 MAR....BOTSWANA: Corporal punishment - a labor of love
Secondary school students riot: ringleaders publicly thrashed

11 MAR....UNITED STATES: Spankings banned in Bryan schools
No more paddling in Texas district

11 MAR....BRUNEI: Road bully gets jail and cane for parang attack
10 strokes, 6 years for 29-year-old who lost his temper

12 MAR....UGANDA: Woman steals hens, caned
Elderly woman gets 20 strokes and fine

13 MAR....UNITED STATES: Hitting close to home
Anti-spanking movement wants parents to try a hands-off approach

13 MAR....KENYA: Clergyman to serve seven years for rape
38-year-old pastor will also receive 15 strokes of the cane

14 MAR....UNITED STATES: ISS: Cruel and Unusual Punishment?
Missouri student author would prefer a paddling to In-School Suspension

16 MAR....UGANDA: Sergeant gets 20 strokes
Retired soldier caned for polluting river

16 MAR....UGANDA: Village boss 'steals' hen
Six strokes of cane plus fine for village chairman

16 MAR....TRINIDAD: Two in Cro Cro shooting get 38 years each
Both to receive seven strokes of the birch

17 MAR....MALAYSIA: Rotan for Muslim sexual offenders
Increased penalties for sodomy, extramarital sex in Johore

18 MAR....CARIBBEAN: Islanders say it's better at home
London insists Overseas Territories abolish judicial CP in exchange for UK citizenship

18 MAR....IRAN: Flogging sentences in Iran
Six get lashes for goading people to dance in the street

18 MAR....SINGAPORE: Volunteer molested teenage boys in home
5 strokes and 18 months for 36-year-old

18 MAR....SINGAPORE: Cheat and rapist gets jail, caning
46-year-old given 20 strokes, 18 years

20 MAR....MALAYSIA: Cane, jail for raping minor
Bugis, 20, to receive four strokes and 9 years in jail

24 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: Corporal punishment against the law for teachers
Government spokesman warns teachers using CP face legal action

26 MAR....UNITED STATES: Irving district investigating boy's paddling
Three-swat punishment of Texas 13-year-old did not break the law, say police

27 MAR....MALAYSIA: Entering gangster territory
Boy was embarrassed to be caned in front of school assembly

29 MAR....UGANDA: Kawempe: Small school that beats the giants
Top secondary school attributes success to well-used cane

31 MAR....BAHAMAS: BA administrator charged with causing harm to 12 year old
Court case follows schoolboy's thrashing

31 MAR....MALAYSIA: Appeal against death sentence upheld
Nigerian, 30, gets life instead, plus 12 strokes of cane

01 APR....UNITED STATES: Number of tardy students down second semester
Figures show Texas high school's paddling policy is working

03 APR....SINGAPORE: Ex-cop gets longer jail term
Two former officers in their 30s will receive 6 strokes each

06 APR....SINGAPORE: 30 years' jail, cane, for raping daughter
24 strokes for 37-year-old in "severest sentence ever"

07 APR....SINGAPORE: Man who raped daughter gets 12 years' jail
Father, 43, will also receive 12 strokes of the cane

07 APR....UGANDA: St Thereza pupils caned to run
Teachers and prefects cane 50 pupils at sports ground

09 APR....UGANDA: Matooke 'thief' gets 40 strokes
19-year-old caned after theft from banana plantation

09 APR....IRELAND: Department code on discipline urged
Teachers want protection following abolition of CP

09 APR....BERMUDA: Education: The teachers speak
Not enough discipline, they say: the strap is not a bad thing

10 APR....UNITED STATES: Enyart handed jail term in stepson's beating
Radio talk-show host used belt on buttocks of 7-year-old

10 APR....INDIA: Petition challenging corporal punishment admitted in HC
Court will consider legality of school CP in Delhi

11 APR....SINGAPORE: Spare your child the rod? No
Two out of three parents say they cane their kids

11 APR....SINGAPORE: The rotan still swings
Nine-year-old caned weekly by pastor father

11 APR....SINGAPORE: Kids say: What works for them
Canes are 50 cents at neighbourhood shops

12 APR....UGANDA: Adulterous man fined Shs 60,000
And 6 strokes of cane after duo committed adultery nine times

12 APR....LESOTHO: UN Human Rights Committee 65th session
Judicial CP still being practised; doctors are present

14 APR....SINGAPORE: Meet the boyfriend who lied, lied, lied ... (illustrated)
26-year-old, pictured, gets 24 strokes for abetting fatal robbery of his own parents

14 APR....UNITED STATES: Ventura's remark about 'paddling' draws rebuke
Minnesota Governor in trouble for advocating school CP

14 APR....SINGAPORE: Caning's just an easy way out
Columnist deprecates prevalence of parental CP

16 APR....UNITED STATES: Sorority fights suspension ruling
Florida university women allege spankings with wooden paddle

16 APR....AFGHANISTAN: Taliban beat a mother and her daughter publicly
100 lashes in public for 25-year-old over unmarried affair

16 APR....MALAYSIA: Jail, rotan for Aussie engineer
Four strokes, 18 months, for involvement in kidnapping

17 APR....SWAZILAND: Man, youths guilty of malicious damage to property
Court orders boys, 11 and 12, to have two strokes of cane each

18 APR....BAHAMAS: Academy probe thwarted, business manager to resume duties
But Board suspends use of CP pending review

19 APR....MALAYSIA: Former LP's kin jailed for drugs
20 strokes of rotan, 12 years in jail, for 44-year-old father of seven

20 APR....SINGAPORE: You robbed and killed my husband, you know (illustrated)
48-year-old and his son, 20 (both pictured), jailed 9 years, get 12 strokes of cane each

21 APR....UNITED STATES: There's no proof spanking is hurtful
Evidence doesn't stand up, asserts psychologist

21 APR....BERMUDA: Battle over corporal punishment
23 APR....BERMUDA: Education minister caned for decrying corporal punishment
Teachers up in arms over promise to abolish school caning

22 APR....SOUTH AFRICA: 76 pupils on assault charges in East Cape court
Outlawing of CP has led to lack of discipline, politician points out

23 APR....BERMUDA: Human Rights group wants death penalty scrapped
Urges government to scrap judicial CP also

24 APR....UNITED STATES: School punishment sparks wrath from parent
GA mother complains about middle schooler's bruised bottom after paddling

24 APR....SINGAPORE: Son of 'guru' gets jail for extortion bid
19-year-old Malaysian given six strokes of the cane

25 APR....AUSTRALIA: Anzac speech attacks governments, criminals
Military veterans' spokesman calls for corporal punishment for criminals

29 APR....UNITED STATES: Is spanking abuse? SJC to take up case
Massachusetts court will consider case of the pastor with the leather belt

30 APR....SINGAPORE: Man extorted $245,000 from woman
20 strokes and seven years for "wolf in sheep's clothing", 44

30 APR....UNITED STATES: SpankOut Day promotes other forms of discipline
Ohio principal uses paddle, says it works - sometimes

01 MAY....CANADA: How you'd make schools safer
Readers lament demise of CP in light of shootings

02 MAY....INDIA: Spare the rod, save the child
Dispute over canings in Delhi

04 MAY....SINGAPORE: Man gets 8 years for cop's death
Ex-bouncer, 32, also to receive 12 strokes of the cane

05 MAY....UNITED STATES: Barron: Discipline Begins At Home
More CP needed in schools, says Alabama Senate President

05 MAY....SINGAPORE: Molester gets jail and caning
40-year-old threatened two teens, will receive 12 strokes

07 MAY....SINGAPORE: Teen Terror tries to rape girl
Five years in jail, $60,000 fine, 5 strokes of cane for 19-year-old

09 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Filipinas sentenced for performing abortions
Two women in their 30s get 700 lashes each

11 MAY....SINGAPORE: From fearsome 'monster' to friendly 'tweety'
Boys caught smoking caned by school's new discipline teacher

11 MAY....UNITED STATES: Discipline has its impact
Fear of paddle kept him in line, recalls columnist

11 MAY....SINGAPORE: No-nonsense discipline master, but well-liked
16-year-old still likes man who gave him two canings for smoking

11 MAY....UNITED STATES: Spanking doesn't teach violence
Kids who are spanked are better behaved, writes Georgia father

11 MAY....MALAYSIA: Rapist dad's caning sentence enhanced
Appeal court ups 38-year-old's caning from 7 strokes to 10

13 MAY....SINGAPORE: Posed as cops to rob cleaners
Fake cop, 24, gets 3 year's jail, 24 strokes of cane

14 MAY....SWAZILAND: Boy (13) held for arson
Court orders three strokes of cane for setting hut alight

16 MAY....SOUTH KOREA: Three Quarters of Parents Support Teachers' Corporal Punishment
Beating must only be for educational purposes -- poll

18 MAY....UNITED STATES: Children still need old-fashioned spankings
And while we're at it, how about CP for university students, wonders columnist

18 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Heads to challenge smacking ban
40 independent schools plan court action to overturn new law against school CP

19 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: ANC fails to help schools in townships
Deputy principal laments ban on CP, still carries cane

19 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Law change plea after smacking trial
Father convicted of assault after spanking daughter

23 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: Vigilantes dispense rough justice
Captured criminals get "a good whipping"; we don't spare the rod, says leader

26 MAY....UNITED STATES: Senate Gets Behind Paddling Proposal
Oklahoma legislators remind parents they may spank

26 MAY....UGANDA: LC boss caned over corruption
Finance secretary gets five strokes before village council

27 MAY....KENYA: Man, 35, jailed for theft in court
"Habitual pick-pocket" is also ordered 3 strokes of cane

28 MAY....UNITED STATES: Senate approves spanking bill
Following Oklahoma's example, Nevada legislators OK parental CP

28 MAY....KENYA: Four men jailed for rape
Seven years, ten strokes of cane each, for four who raped schoolgirl

29 MAY....UNITED STATES: Penalty for smoking unclear, girl's supporters say
Texas 17-year-old paddled, kicked off cheerleading squad

30 MAY....UNITED STATES: Seniors at West Texas school never found three to be a crowd
Remote rural high school with only 115 students and a paddling principal

31 MAY....UNITED STATES: Spanking bill completes swift passage through Legislature
New Nevada law makes clear that parents may spank their kids

JUN....SAUDI ARABIA: [Warning of lashes for reckless driving]
Traffic Police Dept advertises: 20 lashes for careless motorists

01 JUN....CANADA: Absurd changes in law would turn parents into criminals
Removing Section 43 would harm efforts to target real child abuse, argues writer

04 JUN....NAMIBIA: Beating Claim Reveals Teachers' Frustrations
Teachers resent abolition of CP and boys even ask for it

04 JUN....KENYA: Rapist jailed for seven years
And ten strokes of the cane for 19-year-old first offender

04 JUN....MALAYSIA: Technician gets rotan, jail for drugs
Cannabis dealer, 30, gets six years, 10 strokes of cane

05 JUN....UNITED STATES: Survey: Spanking Favored
55% of adults polled favour a good hard spanking for kids

06 JUN....UNITED STATES: Children's Group Bashes Spanking Bill
But Oklahoma senator is unrepentant

06 JUN....UNITED STATES: Big dreams for the future
TN school-leavers say high-school paddlings did them good

07 JUN....UNITED STATES: Behave, or else
Bring back the paddle, urges D.C. columnist

09 JUN....CANADA: Spanking is for the best
Letter-writer calls for return to physical retribution

09 JUN....NAMIBIA: MPs ponder 'extreme measures' for rapists
Politicians call for public flogging

10 JUN....UNITED STATES: Oklahoma reminds parents it's OK to spank kids
Governor signs pro-spanking bill into law

12 JUN....TRINIDAD: 10 more years for rapist-robber
40-year-old also ordered to receive 10 strokes of the birch

12 JUN....UNITED STATES: Warren principal should be fired, official says
Ohio elementary principal spanked two pupils, against district rules

13 JUN....CANADA: Spanking speech gives goofy gripe
Columnist pours scorn on Children's Aid Society's anti-CP campaign

13 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Cane thy pupil, hug thy pupil
Christian school group defiant over legal ban on CP

14 JUN....UNITED STATES: Campbell trustees not ready to ban school spanking
Wyoming district votes down anti-CP proposal

15 JUN....UNITED STATES: Students have choice
Wyoming school district approves spanking

16 JUN....SUDAN: Public lashing for picnic girls
40 lashes each for 25 students after "immoral and riotous" picnic

16 JUN....UNITED STATES: 9-year-old boy endures hot car to avoid spanking
Safe and well after heat exhaustion ordeal

16 JUN....UNITED STATES: Law would require courtesy at school
Louisiana students may now be paddled for not saying "Ma'am" or "Sir"

17 JUN....SINGAPORE: Two who fled after 1995 robbery get jail, cane
12 strokes each for attack on musician after evading justice for four years

17 JUN....UNITED STATES: Discipline is lax
Never mind about guns, more spanking is what's required, avers letter-writer

18 JUN....UNITED STATES: Child abuser allowed to air views on discipline (illustrated)
After 60 days in jail for belting stepson, talk show host may appear on national TV, court holds

20 JUN....TRINIDAD: Lifetime jail for rapists
New bill also increases number of strokes of cat from 15 to 20

21 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Mapogo launches own patrol vehicles
Urges caning, not prison, for petty criminals

22 JUN....UNITED STATES: Arrest questioned
Letter-writer, horrified at 'abuse' charge, recalls effectiveness of school principal's paddle

26 JUN....KENYA: Dialogue a cure to student violence, teachers told
Education boss calls for all teachers to use CP to stop school crime wave

28 JUN....SINGAPORE: Teen caned before schoolmates
Complaint by parents after 16-year-old boy caned with five others in school assembly

29 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Will the reintroduction of corporal punishment restore a sense of pride and achievement among students?
Yes, asserts editorialist

29 JUN....MALAYSIA: Liberians jailed for 'black' money scam
Plus caning and fine for two cheats, 22 and 26

29 JUN....MALAYSIA: Soldier gets 13 years jail for rape
And six strokes of rotan for 32-year-old

30 JUN....UNITED STATES: House endorses 'character' bill for kids
But Oregon legislators reject return to use of paddle after 10-year hiatus

30 JUN....SINGAPORE: Escape for drug trafficker
26-year-old narrowly misses hanging but gets 20 years and 20 strokes

02 JUL....UNITED STATES: Hazing being investigated at Burnsville schools
High school initiation paddlings alleged in Minnesota

02 JUL....NAMIBIA: Teachers lashed over corporal punishment
Pupils demonstrate after parent-approved school spanking

02 JUL....MALAYSIA: Johor considering caning illegal gaming operators
Fines and jail not working as deterrent, says state leader

03 JUL....UNITED STATES: Zeal to Rein In Teens Grows, as Does Backlash
Politicians across USA clamour for more discipline for kids in wake of school shootings

04 JUL....SINGAPORE: Two jailed for bringing in illegals
Both get eight years, 24 strokes of cane after smuggling in 20 immigrants

10 JUL....SINGAPORE: Jailed for stealing bins
18 months in jail and six strokes of cane for vandal, 38

10 JUL....BRUNEI: Jail and cane for $1.00 robbers
Two youngsters given 12 strokes each after failed gang robbery

10 JUL....NIGERIA: [Corporal punishment reintroduced in Ebonyi schools]
Teachers authorised to flog students in primary and post-primary schools

11 JUL....UGANDA: Two get kiboko for lugambo
Women, 20 and 21, caned by local court for rumour-mongering

11 JUL....UNITED STATES: Spanking, Hugs and Conservative Christians
Protestants don't spare rod but also are warmer to their kids, survey finds

13 JUL....UNITED STATES: School safety group considers various actions
Wyoming committee on school violence contemplates return of spanking

14 JUL....SINGAPORE: Rape teens get jail and cane
Three 15-year-olds sentenced as High Court makes rare use of power to cane juveniles

15 JUL....SWAZILAND: Four strokes for 14-year-old theft accused
Employer refuses plea for forgiveness from boy who stole cement

15 JUL....SWAZILAND: Four strokes for bicycle theft
Court orders cane for 15-year-old boy

15 JUL....MALAYSIA: Court jails trio 14 years for robbery
Three in their twenties also given strokes of rotan

15 JUL....UNITED STATES: Strapping unruly son lands mother in court
Massachusetts 10-year-old had welts on legs

16 JUL....MALAYSIA: Rapist gets 15 years and six strokes of the rotan (illustrated)
Caning for 41-year-old, pictured, after rape of young girls

16 JUL....UNITED STATES: Lawmakers seek advice to boost safety in schools
Florida task force member will push to restore school paddling

18 JUL....MALAYSIA: Judge adds caning to killer's jail term
Remorseful 20-year-old asks court for whipping, gets 20 strokes

21 JUL....UNITED STATES: [School handbook will give information about corporal punishment]
Arkansas district discusses when and how students should be given licks

21 JUL....UNITED STATES: 'The Spanking Bill'
New law in Nevada protects spanking parents from abuse charges

24 JUL....SINGAPORE: 16 years' jail for rape of tourist
32-year-old stall assistant also gets 24 strokes of cane

25 JUL....SINGAPORE: Cane the brats
Never spare the rod, editorialist urges parents

27 JUL....MALAYSIA: Eight strokes and 14 years for forgery
Myanmar trader also entered the country illegally -- again

02 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Most parents in favour of smacking children
Survey finds 70% think it acceptable

04 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Tories 'will let parents discipline children'
Decent parents using reasonable force must be protected, says opposition party

06 AUG....SINGAPORE: Jail and caning for two ECP robbers
Both twentysomethings get 18 strokes of cane

06 AUG....SOUTH AFRICA: Mob-rule justice rises in S. Africa
Vigilante group wants JCP reintroduced for petty crime

07 AUG....UNITED STATES: A blow to the spirit
More on the paddling of cheerleader Amber Page

07 AUG....SINGAPORE: Mum duped into letting man rape her daughter
24 years and 24 strokes for 32-year-old

08 AUG....SOUTH AFRICA: Christians must spare the rod
Schools fail in their quest to have corporal punishment legalised

09 AUG....UNITED STATES: The State of Paddling
One Texas school board abolishes CP, others debate

09 AUG....YEMEN: Child rapists whipped and executed
Two men get 100 lashes in public before being shot

10 AUG....SINGAPORE: This man molests woman in front of her hubby (illustrated)
Welder, 34, pictured, gets jail and 3 strokes of cane

11 AUG....SINGAPORE: Young rapist's jail term increased
19-year-old also has 6-stroke caning added to sentence

11 AUG....MALAYSIA: Polio patient jailed 17 years for cheating (illustrated)
Plus six strokes for 40-year-old former college director, pictured

11 AUG....UNITED STATES: Saving the nation's youth
'Jewish World Review' columnist calls for a return to the whipping of children

12 AUG....UNITED STATES: Irving schools keep paddling permissible
Texas mother complains of boy's bruised buttocks

13 AUG....UNITED STATES: District spends 20G to settle spanking case
Philadelphia, where CP is banned, denies any spanking occurred

13 AUG....BRUNEI: Man who ran amok loses court appeal
Jail and 6-stroke caning for 25-year-old is upheld

16 AUG....MALAYSIA: Man who videotaped his sex acts on underage girls gets 33 years (illustrated)
Plus 23 strokes of rotan for restaurant operator, 35, pictured

17 AUG....THAILAND: Spanking angers parents
Pupils punished for bringing own lunch

18 AUG....UNITED STATES: Nearly 100 High Schoolers Face Suspension in Freshman Hazing Incident
Minnesota students were paddled and smeared in ketchup

18 AUG....MALAYSIA: Jail and rotan for Indon worker who raped underaged girl (illustrated)
31-year-old, pictured, gets 8 years and 5 strokes

19 AUG....SINGAPORE: Boy who broke into flat admits to lying in court
15-year-old had already been caned at school for the thefts

19 AUG....BRUNEI: Husband jailed for threesome
And three strokes of the rattan for 21-year-old

21 AUG....SINGAPORE: Toy gun robbers get jail, caning
Three get 12 strokes, the other 24, after hold-up of office

21 AUG....SINGAPORE: Gang member goes to jail for killing rival
Plus 18 strokes of cane for soldier, 23

21 AUG....UNITED STATES: Boys won't testify in belt beating trial
Mother faces jail for strapping twins aged 10

21 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Close eye to be kept on children of smack teacher
Man who smacked daughter is first in Britain to be convicted

21 AUG....SINGAPORE: Victim, 17, outwits this serial molester (illustrated)
24 strokes and 24 years for 24-year-old, pictured

25 AUG....SINGAPORE: 'Beer treat' turns bloody (illustrated)
Jail and cane for two brothers, pictured

26 AUG....UNITED STATES: Protesters decry conviction of mother who hit child with belt
Jury holds that parental strapping constituted assault

26 AUG....KENYA: Six sentenced to death for violent robbery
Three of them also to receive five strokes of the cane each

27 AUG....MALAYSIA: Father canes son in front of school for stealing wallet
16-year-old punished as 2,000 students watch

27 AUG....SINGAPORE: Youth stole and extorted from family
Five years' jail and six strokes of the cane for Malaysian, 20

28 AUG....KENYA: Policeman jailed for raping five-year-old
32-year-old will also receive three strokes of the cane

31 AUG....MALAYSIA: Bizarre to let dad cane son in school
Principal should have done the caning, says letter-writer

31 AUG....UNITED STATES: Lake Mary coach on suspension (illustrated)
Florida football coach, pictured, used paddle to discipline athletes

31 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Smacking ban faces challenge by schools
Christian schools claim new legislation infringes religious rights

31 AUG....UNITED STATES: Principal tied to spanking back at school
Head of Ohio non-paddling elementary school visited homes to administer CP

01 SEP....ZAMBIA: Corporal Punishment In Schools Stays - State
No intention of abolishing 'an important form of discipline' says govt

02 SEP....UNITED STATES: DA drops students' complaint after being paddled
Girls said swats too harsh at one-paddling-a-week Oklahoma school

02 SEP....MALAYSIA: Father's action shows responsibility
Row over schoolboy's public caning rumbles on

03 SEP....SINGAPORE: You won't lend me money? Then I'll stab you (illustrated)
12 strokes of the cane for armed robber, 20, pictured

03 SEP....BRUNEI: Two men lose appeal on bombs
Court upholds rattan whipping for two Filipinos

04 SEP....SINGAPORE: Duo jailed for helping robbers
Two youngsters get 12 strokes of the cane and four years in jail

07 SEP....SOUTH AFRICA: Govt takes action against four teachers
Cape Town school refused to stop using CP

08 SEP....UGANDA: Across the Regions: Kitgum
Woman gets 50 strokes of cane for death threat

08 SEP....UNITED STATES: A spanking can be the right thing to do
Officials have taken too much authority from parents, says Florida columnist

09 SEP....KENYA: Kenya teachers fail to spare rod in class -- report
School caning is prevalent, says Human Rights Watch (with cartoon of schoolboy being caned)

09 SEP....UNITED STATES: Chief's drum major barred for hazing
Leader of university band removed for paddling students

11 SEP....UNITED STATES: Mass. High court to hear spanking case
Dispute over minister's strapping of 12-year-old son comes to a head

11 SEP....UNITED STATES: Warren parents push for principal's removal
Row over Ohio's spanking principal is not yet over

12 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: Cricket captain is accused of spanking pupil (illustrated)
Sports star, pictured, gave "12 of the best" to 19-year-old, pictured

12 SEP....UGANDA: Bundibugyo district to revive kibooko
Parents want school teachers to restore corporal punishment

13 SEP....SRI LANKA: Teenaged thief pays heavy price
17-year-old gets 15 cuts in open court

13 SEP....UNITED STATES: Reassign Warren principal
Ohio's spanking principal should be removed from school, says editorialist

14 SEP....UNITED STATES: Minister's lawyer likens spankings to 'religious' event
Massachusetts supreme court hears testimony in key parental CP case

15 SEP....UNITED STATES: The Pastor vs. the Social Workers (illustrated)
More on Massachusetts case; boy is pictured with father who spanked him

15 SEP....UNITED STATES: Hands off parents
Federal appeals court rules against arbitrary harassment by social workers

15 SEP....UNITED STATES: The case of a father's refusal to spare the rod
More on the 'Massachusetts belting minister' case

15 SEP....MALAYSIA: Video of caning to be shown
Necessary move against indiscipline by students, says official

15 SEP....MALAYSIA: Rapist's jail term enhanced to 12 years
26-year-old former navy cadet had asked for more caning but less jail

15 SEP....SINGAPORE: Jail - so no more football dreams (illustrated)
22-year-old, pictured, received 3 strokes of cane for earlier offence

16 SEP....UNITED STATES: A refreshing cold smack of reality
Presumptuous to dictate to parents, argues Chicago columnist

16 SEP....UGANDA: Prisoner complains of torture (illustrated)
Convict, pictured, says he was wrongly given 20 strokes of cane

16 SEP....UGANDA: Across the Regions: Kumi
Court gives thief 30 strokes of cane

17 SEP....MALAYSIA: No video show of caning in prison
Showing JCP film to students may be counter-productive, says ministry

19 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: US 'child beaters' invited to speak by Christian group
'Self-styled childcare experts' recommend parents to spank

19 SEP....MALAYSIA: Sam Tet teacher speak up on caning
Teachers explain background to 'public caning by father' controversy

22 SEP....UNITED STATES: City schools blaze new trail in area with no-spanking policy
No more paddling in Madison, AL

24 SEP....SINGAPORE: Out of jail. Then on to more crimes
Previously caned 26-year-old now gets 24 strokes

24 SEP....BERMUDA: Spanking: The arguments for and against
Children are not getting the discipline they need, asserts PTA president

29 SEP....BANGLADESH: Minister Calls for End to Corporal Punishment of Children
Part of National Plan of Action for Children

29 SEP....SWAZILAND: Swazi youth want to ban school beatings
CP makes pupils scared of teachers, says Youth Congress

29 SEP....UNITED STATES: Parents can bar schools from paddling children
It's state law in PA but few parents take advantage of it

29 SEP....UNITED STATES: Some students still face discipline with a paddle
No plans to change rules in Pennsylvania

30 SEP....TRINIDAD: 'Soft heart' causes dad to forgive teacher (illustrated)
Father and son are pictured after 10-year-old belted at school

OCT....SOUTH AFRICA: Brutality in the name of God (illustrated)
Christian schools refuse to accept outlawing of CP; caned bottom pictured

01 OCT....AUSTRALIA: Upper House finally approves corporal punishment stand
No more school caning in Tasmania

01 OCT....TRINIDAD: The rule of persuasion
Teacher defends use of CP at school

01 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Father who hit solvent sniffer is admonished
Daughter was chastised with belt; court decides it was assault

01 OCT....UNITED STATES: Gridiron saga moves into court
Senior high school football players in trouble for initiation paddling of sophomores

02 OCT....SWAZILAND: 10 expelled for assaulting deputy headteacher
14-year-old refused to take whacking from deputy head

02 OCT....SINGAPORE: Boy, 14, gets 5 years' jail, cane
Ten strokes for teen who kicked and robbed elderly man

05 OCT....CANADA: Is it time to bring back corporal punishment?
Islamic college closes after allegations of beatings with switches

06 OCT....CANADA: Study sees problems in spanking
Parental CP leads to drug and alcohol problems, claims "research"

07 OCT....SINGAPORE: 5 robbers get jail and caning
Four of them are ordered 24 strokes of the cane

08 OCT....MALAYSIA: Sodomy and rape: Illegal is jailed
30 years and 10 strokes of cane for Filipino, 20

14 OCT....IRAN: New charges for German in Iran (illustrated)
Businessman, pictured, pays $23,000 to avoid flogging; woman co-accused gets 100 lashes

14 OCT....UNITED STATES: Former teacher sentenced to 6 years
Spanking of boys, 9 and 11, was "innocent roughhousing"

17 OCT....UNITED STATES: Picturing a Lost Boy, Drawing on Memory
Autobiographical film, 'Joe the King', shows bare-bottom classroom spanking

18 OCT....SINGAPORE: He was more loyal to friends than to mum (illustrated)
7 years, 24 strokes for 18-year-old armed robber, pictured

18 OCT....BRUNEI: Guard jailed for beating wife & kid (illustrated)
Rotan plus 3 years for security man, pictured

20 OCT....ZAMBIA: Watchdog groups speak out against caning in schools
Human Rights Commission wants it suspended pending a national debate

21 OCT....AUSTRALIA: Hefty fine for corporal punishment at school
Criminal charges for teachers in Tasmania who cane or smack

21 OCT....MALAYSIA: Court for children welcomed
New juvenile court will have power to order 10 strokes of cane

21 OCT....MALAYSIA: Whipping for sex offenders under new Act
Rotan becomes mandatory for sex with children

24 OCT....MALAYSIA: Standing in the way of discipline
Teachers fed up with complaining parents and bolshy students

24 OCT....SINGAPORE: Man who turned 50 spared the cane
Age at time of punishment, not time of offence, is what counts -- Chief Justice

27 OCT....BRUNEI: Tungku Beach rapist gets jail, rotan
13 years plus 6 strokes for fake detective

27 OCT....NIGERIA: Nigerian state adopts Islamic law
New legal code includes flogging for alcohol use

30 OCT....SINGAPORE: Jail, cane for overstayer who robbed
15 strokes for 19-year-old Chinese national

01 NOV....UGANDA: 4 St. Jude pupils to miss PLE
Students say they were caned without explanation

02 NOV....UGANDA: LC fined Shs 50,000
Court also orders six strokes of cane for assault

03 NOV....SINGAPORE: These Spice Boys have to sing a different tune (illustrated)
24 strokes of cane each for two armed robbers, pictured

04 NOV....SINGAPORE: Man jailed for fatal attack at food centre
Cane and jail for four young assailants

05 NOV....SINGAPORE: He hit the bottle & hit with the bottle (illustrated)
30 months and six strokes for boozing gangster, pictured

05 NOV....SINGAPORE: The girls waited for the creep to strike again (illustrated)
33-year-old molester, pictured, gets two years and four strokes

12 NOV....UGANDA: Rukungiri wife beater whipped
Violent husband, 32, gets ten strokes of the cane

13 NOV....BRUNEI: Local faces caning for drugs
28-year-old previous offender gets seven years, six strokes

14 NOV....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Will Prince Charles save my sister from 4 years of jail hell?
Brits in desert prison see men and women flogged

14 NOV....SOUTH AFRICA: Elite school dumps its prefects (illustrated)
Once they could cane freely, now they are abolished

14 NOV....UNITED STATES: Man of Old Virginia In Line to Lead House
New state House speaker favours paddling students

15 NOV....SWAZILAND: Prince Mfanasibili warns parents against victimising teachers
"Shocking" to see parents suing teachers for beating their kids

17 NOV....UNITED STATES: High court throws out abuse ruling in spanking case
Massachusetts saga ends: 'strapping minister' is innocent

20 NOV....SINGAPORE: Jailed teenage molester will now be caned as well
18-year-old's jail term halved at appeal, but 12-stroke caning added instead

20 NOV....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane for man who killed cabby with beam
25-year-old gets 10 years and 10 strokes for manslaughter

23 NOV....SINGAPORE: Man who raped tourist loses appeal
Court upholds 24-stroke caning for rapist, 32

23 NOV....MALAYSIA: Unrepentant thief jailed for 11th offence
Three strokes of rotan for 34-year-old who stole 22 toothbrushes

23 NOV....SOUTH AFRICA: Corporal punishment battle rages on
Teacher who caned girl will appeal against assault conviction

24 NOV....MALAYSIA: Need to consider what in hudud law is applicable in the present day
Islamic party promises strict application of Koran if elected

25 NOV....KENYA: Jailbird sentenced to 26 years
60-year-old will also receive 24 strokes of cane for defiling two minors

26 NOV....NEW ZEALAND: Candidate calls for smacking
Parents have gone soft, says Christian party politician

26 NOV....SINGAPORE: Whacked with golf club (illustrated)
19-year-old, pictured, gets 15 months and 6 strokes after fracas over girl

27 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Obituary: Ian Messiter
Radio man got game show idea after 1930s bare-bottom classroom caning

27 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Father in smacking case loses court plea
Court upholds supervision order against man who smacked daughter

28 NOV....SINGAPORE: Molester gets nine years, 24 strokes of cane
Heavy sentence for previous offender, 43, who attacked young girls in lifts

28 NOV....UNITED STATES: Without exception, kids shouldn't be hit
Columnist pontificates on Massachusetts case

29 NOV....UNITED STATES: Cartoon didn't show what Catholic schools are about
Readers disagree over nuns' use of CP

30 NOV....ZAMBIA: Landmark judgment!
High Court rules that judicial caning is unconstitutional

01 DEC....ZAMBIA: Corporal punishment ruling hailed
Human Rights Commission welcomes banning of judicial caning

01 DEC....SINGAPORE: This patient couldn't keep his hands to himself (illustrated)
Amputee, pictured, is given 12 months in jail and 6 strokes of cane for groping nurse

06 DEC....SINGAPORE: Her fear turns to anger ... and molester gets jail (illustrated)
Nine months, three strokes for "unrepentant" 23-year-old, pictured

07 DEC....CANADA: Keep those brats in line, parents
In the era of worst parenting ever it's ironic to challenge CP law, avers columnist

08 DEC....MALAYSIA: Dr M: Don't spare the rod
Prime Minister attributes his achievements to whackings at school

08 DEC....UNITED STATES: 2 trustees question proposal to end corporal punishment
Abolition of paddling in Dallas schools is mooted

10 DEC....SINGAPORE: Sayang girl's molest trauma (illustrated)
A year in jail and four strokes of cane for 32-year-old, pictured

11 DEC....INDONESIA: Whipping for Adulterer
Description of first public flogging under new Islamic laws in Aceh province

11 DEC....KENYA: [Rapist gets jail and cane]
Man's appeal against sentence is rejected

13 DEC....CANADA: Law change would make teachers 'criminals'
Court hears arguments over repeal of spanking law

14 DEC....TANZANIA: Corporal Punishment Should be Abolished in Schools
The President himself abhors it, notes editorialist

15 DEC....MALAYSIA: Jail and cane for 'fork-and-knife' robber
21-year-old gets 15 strokes and five years in prison

15 DEC....UNITED STATES: Chillicothe school board bans paddling on a 4-1 vote
40 of Ohio's 611 districts still permit corporal punishment

15 DEC....NEW ZEALAND: Smacking should be illegal: commissioner
Call on government to ban all forms of physical punishment

15 DEC....SINGAPORE: Youth jailed over bogus kidnapping
Three years' jail and six strokes of cane for extortionist, 20

16 DEC....NEW ZEALAND: Smacking a rights issue
Police chief warns that banning parental CP will mean teenagers running wild

16 DEC....MALI: Malian Girls Face Various Abuses At Schools
Survey shows 39% of girls have received corporal punishment at school

16 DEC....SINGAPORE: Youth molests sister of classmate
Nine strokes of the cane for trickster, 18

16 DEC....UNITED STATES: Sound Off: Parents should be involved
Letter-writers evoke school paddlings, blast irresponsible parents

18 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Thai students face caning in Saudi Arabia
Two students sentenced to 70 strokes each for theft

19 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Whipped
75 lashes for Filipino found with two liquor-flavoured chocolates

20 DEC....BERMUDA: MPs vote to abolish the death penalty
23 DEC....BERMUDA: Senate passes 'flawed' abolition bill
Judicial corporal punishment comes to an end in Bermuda

23 DEC....MALAYSIA: Jailed for severing wife's arm (illustrated)
Nine years plus six strokes of rotan for factory operator, 36, pictured

23 DEC....KENYA: [Teenage robber jailed and caned]
Four strokes for mugger, 19

25 DEC....IRAN: Iran flogs two for smoking in public
Ten lashes each for breaking Ramadan rules

26 DEC....UNITED STATES: Debate over spanking still rages
Reader response 2-1 in favour of corporal punishment

28 DEC....SINGAPORE: Poly student jailed for molest
Top engineering student, 17, also gets 3 strokes of cane

30 DEC....MALAYSIA: Vices that strangle
New Children's Court will have caning powers but only for boys

30 DEC....SINGAPORE: Outraged citizens want whipping for teen thugs
Readers advocate caning for assault following argument in cinema over mobile phones

31 DEC....BRUNEI: Cane and jail for vandalism
33-year-old who damaged door gets 6 months, 2 strokes

31 DEC....UGANDA: Man caned
12 strokes for 20-year-old after assault with beer bottle

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