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Corporal punishment: News Chronology 2004

All 2004's CP news items for all countries, in a single date sequence



02 JAN....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Nine get jail term for immoral activities
Plus lashings for adultery, running a brothel and drinking alcohol

03 JAN....PAKISTAN: CS against corporal punishment
Regional government wants to wipe out school caning in Punjab

06 JAN....MALAYSIA: Caning mulled for illegal bike racers
Police are studying proposal

08 JAN....BRUNEI: 7 years, 12 strokes for ex-army man
Heavy punishment for robber, 24

08 JAN....NIGERIA: 'Pregnant girl's rights need to be protected'
15-year-old rape victim sentenced to 100 lashes

08 JAN....UNITED STATES: Teacher receives sentence in corporal punishment case
He hit 12-year-old with dowel rod at OK Christian school

11 JAN....SINGAPORE: Wee: How the rotan changed my life
Former President describes classroom caning in 1927

12 JAN....CANADA: The Day I Was Whacked
Columnist recalls getting the strap in the 1960s

12 JAN....UNITED STATES: Spare the rod? Not at many public schools (illustrated)
Florida schools superintendent pictured with paddle; CP statistics given for different districts

14 JAN....PAKISTAN: Corporal punishment banned in NWFP
North West Frontier Province follows the trend against school caning

15 JAN....MALAYSIA: Former driver jailed for rape in bus (illustrated)
34-year-old, pictured, jailed for 12 years and ordered to receive 7 strokes of the cane

16 JAN....BOTSWANA: Another crack-down against illegal immigrants
100 immigrants from Zimbabwe given 3 strokes of cane each

16 JAN....MALAYSIA: Cane and deportation for 168 illegals (illustrated)
161 men, some of whom pictured, will all receive a stroke of the cane

16 JAN....UNITED STATES: School principal free on bond
9-year-old student allegedly slapped in WI Lutheran school

17 JAN....INDIA: Spare the rod, says draft law
Legislation being prepared to ban school CP throughout India

17 JAN....UNITED STATES: Discipline corporal and private
Columnist recalls third-grade paddling in TN

18 JAN....ZAMBIA: Spare the rod and spoil the child?
Corporal punishment outlawed in schools as well as judicial system

20 JAN....BOTSWANA: State Orders Probe in Flogging Incident
Zimbabwe authorities unhappy with mass caning

22 JAN....BOTSWANA: Reintroduction of corporal punishment welcome
MP says that school heads will be empowered to cane

22 JAN....MALAYSIA: Divided on public flogging
Different views on proposal to flog child rapists in public

23 JAN....BOTSWANA: Chief calls for longer jail terms for stockthieves
And there must be corporal punishment to discipline youth, he says

23 JAN....SINGAPORE: Floating box ruse doesn't help illegals (illustrated)
Five, of whom two pictured, in failed attempt to swim to Singapore

23 JAN....SUDAN: Chief Justice Suspends Flogging of Girl
16-year-old sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery

24 JAN....NIGERIA: Niger Delta Youths Dethrone King With 60 Strokes of Cane
Local ruler ambushed and caned

24 JAN....SINGAPORE: Five caught swimming here get jail, cane
Five twenty-something would-be illegal immigrants, of whom two pictured earlier, get four strokes of cane each

26 JAN....MALAYSIA: Security Guard Gets 20 Years' Jail, 24 Strokes For Rape Of Nurul Huda (illustrated)
47-year-old, pictured, sentenced in case which outraged the nation

26 JAN....MALAYSIA: 'Make rape-related laws more effective'
Former Court of Appeal President doesn't support public flogging

26 JAN....TAIWAN: Ring in the new year with a spanking for luck
Men spanked and women whipped in ceremony at Taoist temple

26 JAN....UNITED STATES: Spankings, a good way to discipline
FL letter-writer thrilled to find paddle still in use

26 JAN....UNITED STATES: Ex-football coach reflects on actions
Jury awards paddled boy $7,000

27 JAN....BRUNEI: Jail, Strokes For Thieving Malaysian Youth
Three years and 3 strokes of cane for 19-year-old housebreaker

27 JAN....MALAYSIA: Public flogging for sex offenders has its merits
It would have to be shown on TV, writes commentator

29 JAN....UNITED STATES: Parents document discipline of teens with local law enforcement
TX parents contact police after administering spankings

29 JAN....UNITED STATES: Punishment can help, not hurt
Letter-writer pays tribute to parental whackings

29 JAN....UNITED STATES: Assistant principal paddled 6-year-old
Boy's bottom bruised; mother annoyed that official hasn't been suspended

29 JAN....UNITED STATES: Ashland schools weighing cuts
No more paddling in an Ohio district -- because its insurance company will no longer cover liability

30 JAN....SINGAPORE: Wife-slasher gets 8½ years' jail and 18 strokes (illustrated)
46-year-old culprit is pictured

31 JAN....CANADA: Top court upholds spanking law (with cartoon)
31 JAN....CANADA: Spanking ruling correct compromise
31 JAN....CANADA: "Don't forget to keep it transitory and trifling!" (cartoon)
31 JAN....CANADA: Spanking new
31 JAN....CANADA: La Cour suprême permet la fessée, mais trouve déraisonable de frapper un enfant à la tête! (cartoon)
Supreme court judgment on spanking, and reactions to it

31 JAN....CANADA: Ban hits home with educators
Implications of new court ruling for school strapping

31 JAN....MALAYSIA: Amended law coming into effect soon to whip senior citizen rapists
No more immunity from caning for men over 50

01 FEB....CANADA: Supreme Court takes strap out of teachers' hands
Alberta school boards still using CP will have to change their policies

01 FEB....CANADA: Spanking poll backs ruling
01 FEB....CANADA: Applause for court decision on spanking
Supreme court's "carry on spanking, within reason" judgment seems to be popular

01 FEB....MALAYSIA: Mixed reaction to caning move
Proposal to cane rapists over 50 is controversial

02 FEB....BOTSWANA: Zim ambassador concerned about 'Xmas' remarks
Diplomatic row over mass caning of Zimbabwean illegals

02 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Looking back to the age when bad behaviour while at school meant a short sharp shock (illustrated)
Extracts from a school punishment book (cover pictured) of 100 years ago

02 FEB....UNITED STATES: Dallas parents approve paddling
3,274 parents have given written consent and 147 students have been paddled in 4 months since rule change

03 FEB....BOTSWANA: Migrants' Rights Grossly Violated
Zimbabwe press takes dim view of public floggings

03 FEB....UNITED STATES: Area students avoiding trouble
03 FEB....UNITED STATES: Permission to paddle
Paddling statistics for districts of Kentucky

04 FEB....UNITED STATES: Harvey police beat teen, family alleges in lawsuit
04 FEB....UNITED STATES: Three More People Claim Abuse By Harvey Police (illustrated)
14-year-old, pictured, was made to drop his pants and paddled at IL police station

06 FEB....UNITED STATES: Principals Say Accusations Against Charters Unfair
Two Florida schools in trouble over CP

07 FEB....INDIA: HC strikes gavel against school caning
CP banned in West Bengal state schools

08 FEB....INDIA: Order on child caning hailed
Prohibition "welcomed by students, teachers and parents"

08 FEB....UNITED STATES: More allegations of paddling surface
Now a 12-year-old and two young men say they too were paddled in police station near Chicago

09 FEB....INDIA: Bill banning caning in schools is ready
School CP ban for the whole of India is in the works

10 FEB....AUSTRALIA: Discipline isn't enough (illustrated)
Baumrind child-rearing research summarised; posed photo of paternal spanking

13 FEB....MALAYSIA: School Discipline: Sarawak School Shows The Better Way (illustrated)
Caning school, pictured, is role model

13 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Get physical
CP is an essential part of civilised society, opines reader

14 FEB....UNITED STATES: All charges dismissed in spanking case
Birthday spankings at PA arts school were legal, court holds

15 FEB....BRUNEI: Brunei Imposes Caning On Immigration Offenders
Follows Singapore and Malaysia in extending JCP to immigration offences

16 FEB....INDIA: Corporal punishment: Parents to move court
Headmistress to be sued for CP of whole class

16 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: When a scarf is more important than murder
Muslim columnist claims that CP is being used in Koran schools in UK

17 FEB....UNITED STATES: Striking back
TX football coach paddles players for bad grades

17 FEB....UNITED STATES: Let's leave no child's behind to paddling
Memphis TN schools should abolish CP, avers columnist

18 FEB....BRUNEI: Thai gets whipping under new act (illustrated)
44-year-old, pictured, is first to be caned under new immigration law

18 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Schools nurture a culture of anarchy
Scottish schools now battlegrounds of anarchy and mayhem in the absence of CP, argues leader-writer

20 FEB....MALAYSIA: Auxiliary constable jailed 40 years for incest (illustrated)
His brother, 39, pictured, gets 16 years plus six strokes of rotan

21 FEB....SINGAPORE: Fatal stabbing of groom-to-be: Jail, caning for four
Twenty-somethings all to be caned after disco brawl

21 FEB....UNITED STATES: U.S. Students Still Getting the Paddle (illustrated)
Mississippi assistant principal, pictured with paddle, resigns over CP

21 FEB....UNITED STATES: Teacher investigated for hitting student with belt
16-year-old punished in Houston TX in contravention of district rule against CP

23 FEB....PHILIPPINES: Corporal punishment banned
Education authorities ban school CP in one province

23 FEB....UNITED STATES: Schools may alter punishment policy
Is abolition on the way in Memphis TN?

25 FEB....UNITED STATES: Father spanks daughter at high school
Instant punishment in front of classmates at Wisconsin school

25 FEB....UNITED STATES: Jobe weak on mathematics of corporal punishment
Dispute over "racial bias" CP figures

25 FEB....BRUNEI: Huge crowds at Royal leadership exhibition (illustrated)
Yet another whipping demonstration is pictured - and this time visitors get the chance to try their hand!

26 FEB....UNITED STATES: School spanking?
Debate continues in Memphis TN

27 FEB....PAKISTAN: St. Patrick's -- Alma Mater to the Great and Good
Country's President got "sound caning" at elite Karachi school, but CP there stopped in 1998

27 FEB....SOUTH AFRICA: Discipline problem at schools
Reinstatement of caning is urged in Eastern Cape

27 FEB....UNITED STATES: Paddling may not really be last resort, data show
School CP figures under scrutiny in Memphis TN

27 FEB....UNITED STATES: Students lack respect for adults, peers
Readers applaud father who spanked his daughter in class

28 FEB....MALAYSIA: Africans in 'black money scam' jailed
And both to be whipped once

28 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Dogwalk spanker
TV dog show judge whacked woman's bottom

28 FEB....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment ban stays in Mexia ISD
Paddles stay in mothballs in a Texas district

29 FEB....UNITED STATES: Alabama ranks third in nation when it comes to corporal punishment
Long article in local paper: paddling "still alive and well"

01 MAR....UNITED STATES: Is paddling best way to discipline Tenn. students?
Local paper editorial calls for a fresh look at the issue

02 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Boys flogged
Eleven male students lashed in front of girls' school on order of the court

02 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Jail for Black Magic
Man also to be given 600 lashes for bewitching girl

03 MAR....CANADA: Smacking adults
Columnist welcomes court's OK for parental spanking

04 MAR....UNITED STATES: Spanking won't result in charges
WI man's punishment of his daughter in front of her class was not child abuse

05 MAR....MALAYSIA: 54 years and 24 strokes for rapist dad
49-year-old raped daughter 16 times

05 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: 5 Years Jail, 2,250 Lashes for Bank Robber
Bank manager stole from his own bank

05 MAR....UNITED STATES: Benton Harbor teachers accused of hitting students
High school boy paddled on bare buttocks, junior girls belted, according to allegations in Michigan

06 MAR....GUYANA: St Margaret's teacher 'sternly warned' for beating pupil
She beat six-year-old on numerous occasions

06 MAR....MALAYSIA: Ex-convict gets the maximum (illustrated)
20 years and 24 strokes of the cane for rapist, 26, pictured, already jailed and whipped previously

06 MAR....UGANDA: LC Court Whips Father Of 4 (with cartoon)
30-year-old given 20 strokes in front of his mother

07 MAR....UNITED STATES: Needed: A paddling policy with no butts about it
Columnist recalls 1960s school punishments

08 MAR....UGANDA: Caning helped Ikyimaana pass (illustrated)
Senior schoolgirl, pictured, attributes her exam success to school's policy of beating backsliders

08 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Smack your child and risk a criminal record
"Reasonable chastisement" legal defence may be removed

08 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: I taught at the worst sink school in Britain
Teacher's new book reveals use of CP in a London school after legal ban - with parents' encouragement

08 MAR....UNITED STATES: Spanking among many issues at charter school, district says
FL school's director defends policy under which roughly half the students have been paddled so far this year

08 MAR....UNITED STATES: Community lucky to have someone like Coach West
Spanking coach defended by former student of the TX school in question

08 MAR....UNITED STATES: District attorney right not to press charges
Reader defends man who spanked his daughter at school

09 MAR....AUSTRALIA: MP willing to be caned to get corporal punishment back
Politician campaigning for return of judicial cane or birch

09 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Lashes for Blasphemy
Expat to receive 600 lashes in 12 instalments

09 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: 37 kids beaten for failing test
Teacher arrested for mass trousers-down caning of senior boys

09 MAR....UNITED STATES: Discipline policy on hold after tie vote
A PA school district can't decide whether to use corporal punishment or not

10 MAR....UNITED STATES: Teacher, Boy Scout leader charged with domestic battery
She paddled her 9-year-old son

11 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: A school of hard knocks
1940s reformatory floggings recalled

11 MAR....UNITED STATES: Suit filed against coach for paddling
Alabama eighth-grader's punishment was contrary to the rules, parents say

12 MAR....GUYANA: Corporal punishment in schools
Ministry's handling of CP allegations "nothing short of disgraceful"

13 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Teacher Given Jail Term, Lashes for Blasphemy
Students claimed he taught them immoral doctrines

15 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: So what can we try next to tackle the problem of ned culture?
Scottish former rugby star, outraged by disorderly youth, thinks the birch would be an effective answer

16 MAR....GUYANA: Minister should clarify declaration she signed on corporal punishment
Reader puts questions about school canings

18 MAR....SINGAPORE: Jail, caning for bogus cop who robbed prostitutes
31-year-old gets the maximum of 24 strokes, plus 7 years in prison

18 MAR....UNITED STATES: Children no longer are disciplined
Retired teacher criticises parents who sue over paddlings

19 MAR....BRUNEI: Teen gets 6 months, 2 strokes of cane
17-year-old stole to get money for drugs

19 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Smacks of a dilemma
Columnist blames modern yobboism on decline in CP

19 MAR....UNITED STATES: Unraveling a secret tradition
High school hazing paddling described

19 MAR....UNITED STATES: 2 IPS teachers are suspended for paddling
Spanking of six 9-year-old IN boys for being in a gang is described

19 MAR....UNITED STATES: State panel seeks ban on student spankings
Pennsylvania still discussing abolition of CP

20 MAR....UGANDA: Student Calls Teacher Nickname, Suspended
Secondary schoolboy also given five strokes of the cane

20 MAR....UNITED STATES: IPS may reconsider paddling policy
School spankings under scrutiny in Indianapolis

21 MAR....MALAYSIA: Spare the rod?
80 per cent of teachers agree that persistent troublemakers in school should be caned

23 MAR....UNITED STATES: Charge dismissed against Guthrie teacher
OK spanking was appropriate, says judge

24 MAR....BRUNEI: Six immigration offenders await whipping (illustrated)
Illegal immigrants are pictured being rounded up in raid

24 MAR....GUYANA: Here is what they're saying
Members of the public speak up for school CP

24 MAR....NIGERIA: Sex offender won't be stoned: Boys convicted, caned
Six strokes each for three young boys who allowed themselves to be sodomised

24 MAR....UNITED STATES: Disagree with story about coach
24 MAR....UNITED STATES: Support for Coach Griffin
Readers come to defence of paddling football coach

25 MAR....UNITED STATES: IPS incident should show the harm of school paddling
Columnist pushes Indianapolis spanking fuss as reason to abolish

25 MAR....UNITED STATES: Carver's former assistant principal condemns paddling (illustrated)
Mississippi educator, pictured with paddle, resigned rather than have to keep whacking students

26 MAR....SINGAPORE: Man gets 4 years' jail and caning for molesting 10-year-old boy
Culprit, 43, dragged 10-year-old into toilet cubicle, gets four strokes of cane

27 MAR....UNITED STATES: Clay case awakens school spanking concerns of parents
Mother in NC had given permission for 10-year-old to be paddled

28 MAR....MALAYSIA: Rotan and jail for ex-cop guilty of sodomy (illustrated)
27-year-old, pictured, gets 23 years in jail and 10 strokes of the cane

28 MAR....UNITED STATES: Paddling remains divisive issue
Overview of school CP in Indiana and nationwide

30 MAR....BRUNEI: Foreigners whipped for illegal entry
Two twentysomethings get three strokes each

30 MAR....UNITED STATES: Use of corporal punishment stirs debate in state
CP policies quoted for various Indiana districts

31 MAR....BRUNEI: Indonesian jailed, caned for string of offences
15 strokes for burglar, 36

31 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Bishop: Black children fail for want of discipline
Ban on school CP has destroyed order in inner-city ethnic communities, says churchman

01 APR....UNITED STATES: Teacher charged with battery for paddling student (illustrated)
13-year-old's bottom shows reddening, pictured, after punishment by AR gym teacher

01 APR....UNITED STATES: Area schools differ in corporal punishment
Rundown of CP situation at some Indiana schools

02 APR....TAIWAN: Spanking goes on in schools despite law
Government forbids it but 70% of students receive CP

02 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddling students remains divisive issue for schools
More on Indiana schools' attitudes to CP

03 APR....SINGAPORE: Co-owner of Storm Pictures jailed for drug trafficking (illustrated)
Impresario, 30, pictured, is also given five strokes of the cane

03 APR....UNITED STATES: Lawsuit alleges Fowler police chief paddled teen in diversion program
Boy's mother had agreed to his being spanked

03 APR....UNITED STATES: Lawyer: Chief will be cleared
Ohio policeman videotaped his paddlings of teenagers

03 APR....UNITED STATES: Teen Reach founder fires back at state (illustrated)
Arizona Christian group boss, pictured, defends "supervised spanking" as form of rehabilitation

05 APR....UNITED STATES: Boy paddled, Coach cited for battery third degree
Student, 13, says he was sore for two weeks

09 APR....MALAYSIA: Can the law curb rape cases?
Differing views on introducing public caning

09 APR....UNITED STATES: New paddling suit filed
Another offender, 18, says he got police spanking in lieu of jail

09 APR....UNITED STATES: DA declines to file charges against Ninnekah Principal
OK high school principal gave female student three swats

09 APR....UNITED STATES: Charges against junior high school coach dismissed
Paddling of boys was reasonable and moderate, AR court holds

14 APR....UNITED STATES: ASU looking into possible fraternity hazing
Welts said visible on buttocks after alleged whippings in Arizona

16 APR....GUYANA: A manual of guidelines for the maintenance of discipline has been distributed to all schools
Government sets out rules for corporal punishment

18 APR....UNITED STATES: High Schools Turn Down Expulsions
13 lacrosse team newcomers paddled in hazing ritual in Illinois

24 APR....MALAYSIA: Court rejects plea for leniency, jail and whipping for 20-year-old (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured, gets a stroke of the cane

24 APR....MALAYSIA: Teenager gets 12 years and six strokes for rape (illustrated)
Boy, 19, pictured, had sex with 13-year-old girl

24 APR....UGANDA: Kayunga thug gets 70 strokes
Public whipping for 32-year-old at his own request instead of jail

26 APR....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment rarely, if ever, used
Paddling situation in various N. Carolina schools reviewed

27 APR....MALAYSIA: Man with drugs escapes death
38-year-old has served jail sentence but must return to prison to receive 10 strokes of rotan

28 APR....BRUNEI: Fifty Days Grace From Caning For Illegal Immigrants In Brunei
After 12 June they will get three strokes of the rattan

29 APR....SINGAPORE: More students, parents want the principal back (illustrated)
Popular headmaster, pictured, must resign after hitting girl with a book

29 APR....UNITED STATES: Grand jury hears chief
Ohio paddling policeman explains his juvenile diversion program

29 APR....UNITED STATES: Mom Angry Over Corporal Punishment
Texas boy paddled twice in four days

30 APR....MALAYSIA: Indonesian jailed 10 years for illegal firearm (illustrated)
26-year-old, pictured, also gets three strokes of rotan

30 APR....UNITED STATES: Former students, prosecutors question methods of some 'tough love' schools
Missouri teen reformatories under spotlight, spankings said prevalent

01 MAY....UGANDA: Mukono locals bury man with condoms
Local court gives 10-man gang 50 strokes of cane each

01 MAY....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: 18 jailed for adultery in separate cases
Men and women alike given 100 to 120 lashes

02 MAY....SINGAPORE: Go ahead, cane wayward students (illustrated)
Poll shows 70% favour school CP; teacher with cane is pictured

02 MAY....SINGAPORE: Terrors who test teachers' patience
Educators quizzed in wake of row over principal who hit girl

03 MAY....UNITED STATES: Cop who spanked boy gets punished himself
Story of the Seattle police officer and the 8-year-old runaway boy

04 MAY....UNITED STATES: Seattle police guild questions rules on off-duty behavior
Cop who spanked boy was not in uniform at the time

04 MAY....UNITED STATES: What readers are saying
Most letters support Seattle cop who spanked boy

05 MAY....AUSTRALIA: Teen beaten over letters
15-year-old girl strapped by father

05 MAY....MALAYSIA: 36 years' jail, 20 strokes rotan for sodomising two children
Heavy penalty for 21-year-old who attacked young boys

05 MAY....UNITED STATES: Fowler Police Chief suspended pending investigation into paddling accusations (illustrated)
OH cop said to have run paddling program for teens is pictured

05 MAY....UNITED STATES: Police Chief Pleads Innocent in Paddling
Three OH teenagers say they were paddled as part of juvenile diversion program

05 MAY....UNITED STATES: Arraignment date for Day set for today
Yet another row about paddling in a Missouri reformatory after 16-year-old boy's buttocks were bruised

06 MAY....BRUNEI: Anti-drug talk at Dato Basir Primary School (illustrated)
Schoolkids, pictured, made to watch caning of dummy, pictured

07 MAY....BOTSWANA: Sechele elders to cane criminals
Village meeting decides on corporal punishment for juvenile delinquents

07 MAY....MALAYSIA: Headmistress faces demotion
She attacked male teaching colleague with her cane

07 MAY....TRINIDAD: Appeal Court reaffirms jail, strokes for rapist
Five-stroke birching and ten-year prison sentence upheld

08 MAY....MALAYSIA: Caning in schools fully justified
Bring back the rod to classrooms, writes father, who will not complain if his children are caned

08 MAY....MALAYSIA: Cabby gets rotan, 20 years for rape (illustrated)
Eight strokes for 30-year-old, pictured, who attacked young woman in back seat of his taxi

08 MAY....NIGERIA: Nigerian state considers punishment for drinking
Muslims to be whipped and Christians jailed

08 MAY....UGANDA: Thief forced to eat raw chicken
Also given 10 strokes of the cane

08 MAY....UNITED STATES: Cult hoping expansion plans may flower with Plymouth cafe
Massachusetts sect spank their children with rods

09 MAY....SINGAPORE: Girls behaving badly
Bad boys get the cane so why not girls too; some disobedient girls are interviewed

10 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Jail and Lashes for Misuse of Camera
Two young men took pictures of girl, one gets 30 lashes, the other 40

11 MAY....UNITED STATES: Queens teacher pleads guilty to spanking kids
Teen boys were offered choice of hand or dog brush

12 MAY....BRUNEI: Anti-drug talk at Sekolah Rendah Pulaie (illustrated)
Yet another caning demonstration, pictured

13 MAY....KENYA: Ps Decries Abuse in Schools
Corporal punishment still being meted out despite government ban, claims official

13 MAY....UNITED STATES: Doctor calls paddling excessive
2001 punishment by football coach was "shockingly egregious", he says

14 MAY....BOTSWANA: Zims prefer the whip to prison court, president says (illustrated)
It's not only Zimbabweans who are caned, say authorities; round-up of illegal immigrants is pictured

14 MAY....MALAYSIA: 100 foreigners jailed for illegal entry (illustrated)
Of whom 86 men, some pictured, also sentenced to a stroke of the cane each

14 MAY....MALAYSIA: Man gets 36 years and whipping for raping 15-year-old girl (illustrated)
25-year-old, pictured, has three-stroke caning increased to nine strokes on appeal

15 MAY....MALAYSIA: Education Ministry has no objections to caning pledge, says Hishammuddin
School will make pupils sign pledge to accept caning if they offend

15 MAY....SINGAPORE: Schools here managing discipline fine: Tharman
Education minister seeks to cool down raging debate over kids' behaviour

16 MAY....MALAYSIA: Malay daily highlights two educational issues
'Caning pledge' idea supported by parent-teacher association, could become a model

16 MAY....SOUTH AFRICA: School head in caning probe
Girl, 14, alleges she was caned in principal's office

17 MAY....UNITED STATES: Parents blast dress code and paddling
Tennessee parents not happy about school's use of corporal punishment

18 MAY....MALAYSIA: 45 years' jail for attempted rape (illustrated)
Man, 47, pictured, also to receive nine strokes of the rotan

19 MAY....BOTSWANA: Parents order whipping of Masunga SSS students
Five lashes each for senior boys after parental consultation

19 MAY....MALAYSIA: Whipping Demo In Schools To Instil Awareness Among Students -- Noh
Prison department embarks on caning roadshow

19 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: 71% support parental smacking ban, survey finds
Majority think "reasonable chastisement" defence should go

19 MAY....UNITED STATES: Paddling Investigation - Pros And Cons Of Pops
A Texas view of school CP

20 MAY....SINGAPORE: Wield the cane? Our students are not that bad (illustrated)
Discipline problems are actually if anything declining; teacher's cane is pictured

20 MAY....UNITED STATES: 'Old school' principal steps down after 33 years
Paddle-wielding MO teacher says Dr Spock has a lot to answer for

20 MAY....UNITED STATES: Assistant principal not indicted in paddling
GA grand jury recommends parents be present at spankings

21 MAY....BOTSWANA: Administer corporal punishment with consideration
School caning administered too liberally and arbitrarily, says letter-writer

22 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Spanking teacher banned
He caned, spanked and whipped aspiring actresses, is now barred from teaching

22 MAY....UNITED STATES: Police chief discusses paddling, program
All the youths I paddled were fully clothed, he says

23 MAY....SINGAPORE: 'Discipline has not improved much'
Retired education officials sceptical of claims that all is well in schools

23 MAY....SINGAPORE: Student thieves strike during PE
Five boys given public caning; one is interviewed afterwards

25 MAY....SINGAPORE: Man who kidnapped journalist gets life term, 24 strokes (illustrated)
45-year-old, pictured, narrowly escapes gallows

25 MAY....UNITED STATES: IPS Board set to prohibit paddling
Abolitionist moves in Indianapolis

26 MAY....UNITED STATES: IPS Board votes to end paddling
Indianapolis decides to abolish school CP

26 MAY....UNITED STATES: Hamilton coach paddled players
Most members of Memphis high school basketball team have taken swats

27 MAY....MALAYSIA: Indon gets 54 years for rape (illustrated)
Lorry driver, 33, pictured, also to receive 15 strokes of the rotan

27 MAY....MALAYSIA: Striking fear into hearts of most hardened criminals
'Flogging Officer Number 1' talks about his job

27 MAY....MALAYSIA: Caning demonstrations: Loud and clear message (illustrated)
Students are shown whipping of dummy, pictured

27 MAY....UNITED STATES: A wise decision to ban the paddle
Indianapolis editorial welcomes school board decision

28 MAY....MALAYSIA: Students get a 'painful' lesson on crime (illustrated)
Another picture of caning demonstration in progress

28 MAY....MALAYSIA: Two padi farmers jailed for raping underage girl (illustrated)
24-year-olds, pictured, get six strokes of rotan each

28 MAY....MALAYSIA: Wrong to cane girls
Caning may be a necessary evil but please restrict it to boys, asks reader

28 MAY....MALAYSIA: The swoosh factor
School students discuss caning

28 MAY....UNITED STATES: Beleaguered teen reform school shuts down
End of the road for heavy-paddling Missouri private Baptist reformatory

29 MAY....MALAYSIA: KL stops whipping demos after complaints
Human rights body says caning demonstrations for schoolkids are counterproductive

29 MAY....SINGAPORE: When hands are tied by defiant girls
Teachers' union says girls know all too well they can't be caned

29 MAY....UGANDA: Kitintale avocado thief gets 20 strokes
Caning for woman caught up avocado tree

29 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Bum rap pinned on parents (with cartoon)
Spanking ban will only teach kids to do as they please, opines columnist

30 MAY....BRUNEI: Caning To Be Enforced In Two Weeks Time
Overstaying foreigners reminded to get out of the country or receive three strokes of the cane

30 MAY....UNITED STATES: The Boondocks (cartoon)
Strip by Aaron McGruder on parental discipline

31 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Rania's Husband Gets Six Months' Jail, 300 Lashes (illustrated)
Man, pictured, to be flogged for beating up his TV presenter wife, pictured

31 MAY....SINGAPORE: Punishment rules won't change for defiant girls
Government rejects suggestion of caning girls

31 MAY....UNITED STATES: The Boondocks (cartoon)
Another strip by Aaron McGruder

01 JUN....KENYA: Tension grips school after stand off
Headmistress is "noted for caning" at embattled girls' school

01 JUN....MALAYSIA: Girls are as bad as boys
They should be caned too, argues reader

01 JUN....UNITED STATES: Anti-Spanking Resolution Eyed
Man urges Massachusetts town officials to adopt no-spank policy

01 JUN....UNITED STATES: Where discipline stings
Paddlings still going strong in one corner of Ohio

01 JUN....UNITED STATES: Students, parents want more discipline at school (illustrated)
Fourth-grade boys, pictured, call for "good old-fashioned paddling" for their disruptive peers

01 JUN....UNITED STATES: Stay the rod
Indiana should follow other states' lead and abolish CP, says columnist

04 JUN....BRUNEI: Call to stop harsh penalty in schools
Education ministry says corporal punishment no longer tolerated

04 JUN....MALAYSIA: Nursery operator's husband gets 15 years and five strokes for rape of girl (illustrated)
34-year-old offender is pictured

04 JUN....UNITED STATES: Anti-Spank proposal bottoms out
Vote on resolution shelved indefinitely

05 JUN....SINGAPORE: 20 years, 21 strokes for robbing and attacking elderly vagrant (illustrated)
37-year-old thug, pictured, has already had jail and 24 strokes of cane in the past

06 JUN....JAMAICA: Chewing gum and other sticking points in the quest for law and order (with cartoon)
Writer ponders Singapore-style solution to crime wave; cartoon of public flogging

06 JUN....MALAYSIA: Is caning the answer to indiscipline?
Yes, say former school principals

07 JUN....MALAYSIA: Caning should not be the answer
The rules are being ignored, says a reader

07 JUN....UNITED STATES: Teacher's paddle gathers dust
Views of various Indiana school districts

08 JUN....UNITED STATES: Parents will soon get their say on corporal punishment in city schools
Paddling in the spotlight in Memphis TN

09 JUN....SINGAPORE: Try discipline with love (illustrated)
Education Minister is pictured with his three sons, whom he spanks, but has not yet had to use the canes he keeps in a cupboard

09 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Bisho gets tough on corporal punishment
KwaZulu-Natal regional government warns teachers still using the cane

09 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Big stick for headmaster
Principal caught caning pupils on hidden TV camera

09 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Umlazi principal says he was wrong to hit pupils (illustrated)
Caning principal is pictured

10 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Corporal punishment still meted out at schools
150 complaints a month in Western Cape

11 JUN....DOMINICA: Dominica Urged To Stop Child Corporal Punishment
Critical report from UN committee

11 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: 260 teachers probed for hitting children
Western Cape regional government restates "implacable opposition" to CP

11 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Nothing like a damn good hiding to save schools from anarchy
Columnist, recalling his own canings, wonders what all the fuss is about

13 JUN....BRUNEI: Midnight raid nets offenders illustrated
Illegal immigrants are pictured being rounded up; two sentenced immediately to caning

13 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: It costs millions to beat caning
Money being spent on training teachers in discipline without CP

14 JUN....BRUNEI: Cane Locals Abusing Immigration Laws As Well Say Lawyers
Three months' jail and three strokes each for two

14 JUN....BOTSWANA: Man Receives Strokes For Stealing From Score illustrated
Shoplifter, pictured with trousers off being escorted by court official, is let off with caning only, as he has no previous convictions

14 JUN....UGANDA: Reinstate caning, parents urge
Abolition has caused more harm than good, they say

15 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Caning: You might change your mind
Abolition provoked "disgusting" change in attitude towards teachers, writes recent student

16 JUN....MALAYSIA: 342 illegal immigrants jailed (illustrated)
Several of them get caning; some are pictured arriving at court

17 JUN....TRINIDAD: 'Bring back the whip'
Official report recommends reintroduction of school CP for a three-year trial period

17 JUN....UNITED STATES: Students Suspended After Long Island Hazing Ritual
Eighth-graders paddled in 'rite of passage'

18 JUN....BRUNEI: India and Pakistan protest as Brunei flogs migrant workers
Caning of illegal immigrants causes diplomatic flap

18 JUN....BRUNEI: PR gets 10 years, caning for theft
Thief aged 29, with 12 previous convictions, also gets 12 strokes of the cane

18 JUN....GHANA: Banning of corporal punishment has contributed to indiscipline
Bring it back, say parents

18 JUN....GUYANA: Keep corporal punishment in schools -- workshop
'National Workshop on Discipline without Beating' decides CP should be retained

19 JUN....GUYANA: Christian forum urges retention of corporal punishment in schools
But it must be lovingly and sparingly applied

19 JUN....MALAYSIA: Angry Malaysians want thieves caned
Public panic over street crime

22 JUN....MALAYSIA: Bomoh gets 13 years, rotan for miscalculated sexual adventure (illustrated)
Four strokes for 'medicine man', 38, pictured

23 JUN....FIJI: Retirees back corporal punishment
Retired teachers call for reinstatement of school CP

23 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Pupils cane each other
Teachers hoping to avoid suspension or dismissal said to be making other students administer the CP

23 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Your views: Should the Government ban smacking? (with cartoon)
No, say almost all respondents in Daily Telegraph readers' poll

23 JUN....UNITED STATES: Meeting airs debate over paddling in schools
Opinions sharply split in Memphis

24 JUN....MALAYSIA: Prison department leaves out exhibits on whipping
Rotans, dummy convicts and pictures of bleeding buttocks no longer allowed to be displayed

27 JUN....GUYANA: Thy rod and staff discomfort me
Teachers lament breakdown in discipline

28 JUN....MYANMAR: Getting the cane (illustrated)
Controversy over classroom punishments; posed picture of schoolgirl holding hands out for rulering

30 JUN....MALAYSIA: Indonesian jailed for illegal possession of firearms (illustrated)
Culprit, 40, pictured, also gets six strokes of the cane

05 JUL....SAUDI ARABIA: TV star pardons abusive husband
Not clear whether or not he received his lashes

05 JUL....SINGAPORE: Snakehead responsible for 80% of JB-S'pore people smuggling caught (illustrated)
45-year-old, pictured, gets five years' jail and 20 strokes of the cane

06 JUL....UNITED KINGDOM: Britain will spare the rod, well almost (with cartoon)
House of Lords stops short of voting to ban parental CP altogether

06 JUL....UNITED KINGDOM: Parents face dilemma after smacking vote (with cartoon)
Change to bill condemned as unworkable

07 JUL....KENYA: State Urged to Lift Ban On Caning
Politician says abolition has occasioned gross misconduct and indiscipline

09 JUL....SINGAPORE: 7 years' jail, caning for robbers who landed on Tekong (illustrated)
12 strokes of the cane each for three twentysomethings, pictured

09 JUL....SINGAPORE: Spare the 12 strokes, pleads robber
23-year-old with rare illness tries to get out of caning

11 JUL....MALAYSIA: Carrots and cane at mission schools
'Six of the best' in front of assembly recalled

11 JUL....UNITED STATES: To spank, or not to spank? (illustrated)
Debate continues in Ohio; posed picture of child holding bottom

12 JUL....MALAYSIA: Boy caned because of unfinished homework (illustrated)
Student, 15, shows welts on calf and back

13 JUL....PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Spare the rod -- and watch PNG implode
Prime Minister calls for reintroduction of tough punishment for errant students; editorial recalls "visits to the headmaster for a sound flogging"

15 JUL....SINGAPORE: Jail, caning for 4 in fatal Jurong Superbowl brawl
Youngsters guilty of rioting with weapons get six to nine strokes

15 JUL....ZAMBIA: Ndola police hold 14 riotous Chifubu pupils
Students "incensed" over caning of girl

21 JUL....SINGAPORE: Jail and cane them ... says one union leader
JCP urged for employers who don't pay their workers

22 JUL....UNITED STATES: City schools to ask parents about spanking
Telephone survey in Memphis TN

23 JUL....UNITED STATES: Students' input hard to find in code
No reference to paddling in new handbook for a Florida district

23 JUL....UNITED STATES: School paddlings are option
A school board in Louisiana agrees to parental opt-out from CP

24 JUL....UNITED STATES: Age-old controversy: Is paddling right, how much?
Dallas paddling dispute continues

25 JUL....UNITED STATES: Until proven (illustrated)
Mother expresses grave concern about authorities' persecution of film-school principal, pictured with paddled student in 1994

27 JUL....SINGAPORE: He stabbed man fatally over 'staring' incident (illustrated)
Assailant, 27, pictured, gets 10 years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane

28 JUL....UNITED KINGDOM: Task of imposing discipline 'now more difficult'
Teachers' leader says standards of behaviour have declined since the end of corporal punishment

29 JUL....MALAYSIA: Farmer gets 20 years, whipping for rape (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, ordered to receive 8 strokes

29 JUL....NEPAL: Kangaroo Courts Hold Sway in Nepal Hinterland
Parallel courts in rural areas dispense 'rough and ready justice' including public thrashings

29 JUL....UNITED STATES: School report reflects on low crime in schools
Paddling statistics given for schools in a New Mexico district

30 JUL....MALAYSIA: Mindef clerk gets 28 months, seven strokes for cheating
Civil servant, 31, defrauded his department of funds

30 JUL....UNITED KINGDOM: Spare the rod, spoil the child, and what then?
The liberals have a lot to answer for, avers editorialist

30 JUL....UNITED STATES: Spanking banned in schools
A Louisiana district abolishes CP

31 JUL....INDIA: Man flogged publicly for sexual assault on daughter
Unofficial village court decides on summary punishment

31 JUL....TRINIDAD: Cutlass bandits lose appeal ... 30 years for robbing, chopping school chum
Armed robbers, 26 and 28, get 15 strokes of the birch each

02 AUG....UNITED STATES: Passing on Paddling
Alabama high school boy admits he deserved 'whoopin'

02 AUG....UNITED STATES: Brownwood reinstates paddling
A Texas district returns to CP after eight years without it

03 AUG....BOTSWANA: Moatlhodi lands in trouble over figures
Bill in Parliament gives magistrates power to order caning

04 AUG....MALAYSIA: Rape case: A whopping 75 years' jail for stepdad
40-year-old is also sentenced to a whopping 50 strokes of the rotan

04 AUG....SINGAPORE: 2 Thais jailed for attack on countryman
Five years' jail and 24 strokes for robbery that left construction worker dead

04 AUG....UNITED STATES: Greenland board appoints principal, examines handbook
Handbook approved in a AR district includes paddling

07 AUG....UGANDA: Wesonga Was Caned for Cash
MP used to let other students cane him for money

07 AUG....UNITED STATES: Anniston board reverses paddling ban in city schools
CP, previously abolished in an Alabama district, is reinstated

10 AUG....BOTSWANA: Zim condemns 'primitive' flogging
Neighbouring Zimbabwe still whingeing about its nationals getting the cane

10 AUG....BOTSWANA: Botswana Proposes More Flogging, Less Jail
Wider powers sought to cane male offenders under 40

10 AUG....BOTSWANA: Botswana defends flogging thieves
Further exchange in diplomatic row with Zimbabwe

11 AUG....KENYA: Bring Back the Rod And Save the Child
Newspaper editorial joins in clamour for return of school CP

11 AUG....SINGAPORE: Drug peddler's appeal dismissed
Film distributor fails in attempt to overturn conviction that brought him jail and cane

11 AUG....UGANDA: Nebbi teacher canes pupil, dislocates elbow (illustrated)
Schoolgirl, 12, pictured, put her hand behind as she was receiving caning

11 AUG....UNITED STATES: Ex-Chief Accused Of Paddling Teens Seeks To Settle
Former police captain offers to pay off his accusers

11 AUG....UNITED STATES: Paddling Prohibited -- McAllen schools officially outlaw penalty
No more CP in this Texas district

12 AUG....BARBADOS: All for licks
Minister of Education agrees to recommendation to retain corporal punishment in schools

12 AUG....SOUTH AFRICA: Prosecutor: Caning can work
Judicial CP for under-21s would reduce prison overcrowding, say lawyers

12 AUG....UNITED STATES: Good old days weren't always so good, especially when you took your licks
Writer recalls 1970s paddlings

13 AUG....BOTSWANA: Swift justice: Is flogging in Africa out-dated?
Divided views in BBC poll

14 AUG....AUSTRALIA: Slap-happy doctor spanked teenage girl
Fined after punishing employee, 17

14 AUG....SINGAPORE: CJ throws out appeal of driver who ran over man (illustrated)
Businessman, 36, pictured, must take his 6-stroke caning

14 AUG....UNITED STATES: Police chief seeks dismissal of some charges in paddling case
He videotaped the paddling of several juveniles

15 AUG....SINGAPORE: Primary 1 student caned in front of nearly a thousand students
Seven-year-old gets one stroke, two older boys get two each in front of assembly

16 AUG....BOTSWANA: Corporal Punishment is Not the Answer
Human rights body is against CP, opposes new bill

16 AUG....JAMAICA: Always learning, still teaching
Education consultant, a highly respected intellectual, supports caning of difficult schoolboys

17 AUG....BARBADOS: 'Licking' for discipline
Columnist agrees that flogging is necessary but says it must be done in a controlled manner

17 AUG....MALAYSIA: Malaysia faces rising problem of illegal immigrants
18,000 of them have been caned in past two years

17 AUG....MALAYSIA: Whip illegals and send them home
Columnist wants to see them caned before deportation, otherwise they will just return

18 AUG....BRUNEI: Jail, cane for assaulting policeman
Three strokes plus jail and fine for 22-year-old

18 AUG....FIJI: Teacher beats 30 students
Parents complain of illegal punishment

18 AUG....KENYA: Return of the Cane is Ruled Out
Government is adamant and says teachers flouting caning ban will be prosecuted

18 AUG....MALAYSIA: Van driver gets 10 years for rape (illustrated)
And three strokes of rotan for 32-year-old, pictured

18 AUG....SINGAPORE: Public caning of boy, 7, stirs hot debate
Readers give sharply divided views

19 AUG....BRUNEI: Foreign fugitive caught napping at squatter house (illustrated)
40-year-old illegal immigrant, pictured, gets a year's jail and three strokes of the cane

19 AUG....FIJI: Teachers address rights
Teachers' union warns members against using CP

19 AUG....KENYA: Rethink the Ban on Caning
Newspaper editorialist calls for compromise of humane CP

19 AUG....SAUDI ARABIA: Youths Flogged for Rioting
42 youths kept in reformatory for 25 days before receiving lashes

19 AUG....SINGAPORE: Different strokes for different folks
Government has no intention of following UN advice to ban school cane

19 AUG....TANZANIA: Isles to abolish corporal punishment
Court-ordered caning on its way out in Zanzibar

20 AUG....MALAYSIA: Waiter Jailed 11 Months For Illegal Entry, Possession Of Fake IC (illustrated)
25-year-old, pictured, also ordered to be caned

21 AUG....SINGAPORE: Man raped teen after getting her drunk
Six years and six strokes for 20-year-old

22 AUG....UNITED STATES: We're shining light on corporal punishment
NC mother shocked to find CP listed in policy handbook

24 AUG....MALAYSIA: Director gets jail, rotan for cheating
Businessman, 36, given six years' jail and 8 strokes of the cane

25 AUG....SINGAPORE: He stares, then strikes
24 strokes each for two who robbed kids

28 AUG....UNITED STATES: 6 seniors charged in June hazings
Paddling of high school freshmen not so serious, some of them say

30 AUG....CANADA: Manitoba parents seek end to hazings
Ninth-grade boys paddled on buttocks; 'School Daze' film blamed

02 SEP....INDIA: No corporal punishment in schools
Caning is now a no-no in Orissa ...

02 SEP....INDIA: Sparing the rod in West Bengal
.... and in and around Calcutta

04 SEP....SINGAPORE: Shankar spared the cane by court
TV presenter gets off on medical grounds

05 SEP....UNITED STATES: Parent says coach paddled, injured son
Four 9th-grade footballers get licks at Texas high school

06 SEP....BRUNEI: 3 foreigners netted in raids
Three strokes of cane for illegal immigrant, 30

07 SEP....UNITED STATES: Parents fuming over City View paddling
Footballers' crossed the line into abuse, they say

08 SEP....AUSTRALIA: Review may ban strap in schools
Victoria, where CP in public schools is already illegal, may extend ban to private schools

08 SEP....BOTSWANA: Court president defends flogging
Most effective way of curbing crime for men under 40, he says

08 SEP....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment abandoned
Goodbye to the paddle in an Indiana district

08 SEP....UNITED STATES: State law protects teachers (illustrated)
Colorado state senator, pictured, stresses state law doesn't prohibit CP, recalls his own paddlings were beneficial

09 SEP....TANZANIA: Kahororo students go on the rampage
Protest against secondary school prefect who is allowed to administer up to five strokes of the cane

10 SEP....SINGAPORE: Life term, caning for young girl's kidnappers (illustrated)
'Bungling duo', 35 and 42, pictured, get three strokes each

12 SEP....MALAYSIA: Two teens sent to rehab school for rape
One of them, aged 18, also gets a caning

13 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: 20somethings say 'six of the best' would curb unruly pupils
Surprising support for school CP in poll of 18- to 30-year-olds

14 SEP....BOTSWANA: Court jails Makgophana man to three years for indecent assault
And four strokes of the cane for 33-year-old

14 SEP....UNITED STATES: City View principal makes changes following paddling incident
Paddle replaced with a regulation one, but he will still not notify parents before it is used

15 SEP....SINGAPORE: Robber who preyed on cabbies jailed
31-year-old also ordered to receive 24 strokes of the cane

16 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: The cane is not the issue
Columnist, recalling his own school canings, doubts whether it would solve any problems now

17 SEP....SINGAPORE: Most parents here don't cane kids, shows study (illustrated)
But 20% of them do; Model poses as father with cane

18 SEP....SINGAPORE: Uncle molested, raped girl for years
27 years in jail and 24 cane strokes for man, 36

19 SEP....UNITED STATES: 'Old school' ideas are new again here
Students welcome new strictness at Texas charter school; instant paddling for disobedience

20 SEP....UNITED STATES: Happy anniversary at Roosevelt (illustrated)
Holder of all-time record for most spankings in 1930s shows off miniature paddle he was awarded as trophy

21 SEP....TANZANIA: Ex-policeman gets 30 years for defiling minor
Plus twelve strokes of the cane after raping 13-year-old

21 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: Mayor may axe child spanking rite
Ludicrous fuss over innocuous ancient ceremony

22 SEP....UNITED STATES: Twin Rivers board told school off to good start
A Missouri district changes policy so that now only principals may paddle

23 SEP....MALAYSIA: 60 years and rotan for rapist father
24 strokes of the cane for 49-year-old

24 SEP....MALAYSIA: Man gets eight years for possessing heroin
24-year-old also ordered to have 20 strokes of the rotan

25 SEP....AUSTRALIA: Coalition in call to bring back cane
Politicians wonder if abolition was an over-reaction

25 SEP....MALAYSIA: Rape: Court dismisses man's appeal for revision of sentence (illustrated)
Confusing headline: text says rotan strokes reduced from nine to three for culprit, 47, pictured

27 SEP....TANZANIA: Jailed 30 years for rape
Two also fined and ordered to have 12 strokes each

28 SEP....MALAYSIA: Man from China gets RM50K fine for illegal fishing (illustrated)
Plus jail and cane stroke for 27-year-old, pictured

28 SEP....THAILAND: Head transferred for caning
Bruised buttocks for female student, 19, after illegal punishment

29 SEP....UNITED STATES: Teacher Asked to Resign for Paddling Student
What, in Alabama? Yes, because he did it in public, contrary to the rules

30 SEP....UNITED STATES: Panel reviews use of paddling
But NC district is not proposing to abolish it altogether

30 SEP....UNITED STATES: Mother Concerned About Son's Paddling Punishment
Fourth-grader got two swats, complained his butt was hurting

30 SEP....UNITED STATES: Principal covered up hazing: prober
Man repeatedly paddled 18-year-old's unclothed posterior

01 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: The Fifties had everything -- including the kitchen sink
70% of oldies think cane and slipper were a good deterrent

02 OCT....MALAYSIA: Militant gets 10 years' jail for possessing arms
Would-be Islamic terrorist, 'threat to national security', will also be given 18 strokes of the rotan

02 OCT....MALAYSIA: 'Wish we could publicly cane illegals' bosses'
Frustrated Minister wants courts to cane employers of illegal immigrants

03 OCT....UNITED STATES: Discipline strict but fair
Paddlings were effective in keeping us in line, say former students

04 OCT....UNITED STATES: School swats students with paddles
Ohio charter school gives two swats for lateness, has a paddle with holes in it

05 OCT....BOTSWANA: Robber's hopes of returning to class dashed
10 years' jail and 24 strokes of the light cane each for two, aged 18 and 20

05 OCT....MALAYSIA: Incest: 20 more years for driver
20 years and 12 strokes of rotan added to his existing sentence of 73 years and 46 strokes of rotan

05 OCT....UNITED STATES: Waynesville Reform School to Close
Second religious "academy" to close in Missouri following paddling-related mistreatment allegations

06 OCT....UNITED STATES: Midlothian players face charges
High school footballers in TX given choice of ISS or swats; at least one of them chooses the swats

07 OCT....UNITED STATES: Grandmother sues over boy's being paddled
TN 13-year-old had three bruises on his backside

08 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: The trouble with discipline
Conservative politicians have given up calling for return of the cane, says education correspondent

08 OCT....UNITED STATES: Charges filed in MISD student/teacher incident
More on two-lick paddle option for TX seniors, now named

08 OCT....UNITED STATES: End to school paddling sought
Debate continues in Memphis

08 OCT....UNITED STATES: Athletes disciplined in paddling
Two high-school football players paddled three freshmen in NJ

11 OCT....SINGAPORE: Can SDU and SDS become YES (illustrated)
Man, now 34, pictured with new wife who forgives his past, is former criminal who was jailed and caned

12 OCT....SINGAPORE: Strict head prefect .. but a caring friend (illustrated)
Secondary head boy, pictured, tried without success to persuade principal to cane three boys privately instead of publicly

13 OCT....UNITED STATES: School paddling debate gains national attention
National black leaders come out against CP in Memphis debate

14 OCT....UNITED STATES: Fox School District weighs corporal punishment policy
Possibility of parental consent - or maybe outright ban - in a Missouri district

14 OCT....UNITED STATES: Milton school officials investigating alleged hazing incident
Five tenth-graders paddled as initiation in PA

15 OCT....UNITED STATES: Discipline needed
Paddling teacher in Louisiana lambasts feckless parents, relates interesting anecdote

16 OCT....FIJI: Ten years for robbery
And six strokes of the cane for 25-year-old

18 OCT....FIJI: Prisoners receive stroke: Taoka
Caning is necessary to control crime, says Prison Commissioner

19 OCT....MALAYSIA: Snatch thieves belong in prison (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, loses his appeal against sentence including six strokes of the cane

20 OCT....MALAYSIA: Jailed eight years, five strokes of cane for raping his sister
21-year-old convicted of incest with sister, 15

20 OCT....UNITED STATES: Meeting roundups
A Pennsylvania district moves towards abolition

20 OCT....UNITED STATES: Couple asks TEA to investigate paddling incident
Nine-year-old's behind was red for four days after two-pop paddling, claim parents

20 OCT....UNITED STATES: Rutherford looks at paddling policy
Argument in TN over parental consent

22 OCT....MALAYSIA: Unanimous call for harsher penalties to curb crimes
Protesters call for mandatory whipping for robbers

22 OCT....UNITED STATES: Board sends paddling policy to committee
A Tennessee district tackles 'can of worms'

24 OCT....UNITED STATES: Six districts around Metro OK paddling (illustrated)
24 OCT....UNITED STATES: Three school systems weigh paddling policies
Keen debate in Tennessee; middle school principal is pictured with paddle

26 OCT....UNITED STATES: Father Angry Over School Paddling
Onus is on parents to make objections known, says TN district after boy chooses licks over suspension

28 OCT....SOUTH AFRICA: Room for spanking
Shock at proposal to prohibit parental CP

29 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Punishment fits
Reader compares his two schools, one with CP and one without

30 OCT....UNITED STATES: Attempt at discipline a work in progress
Behavior deteriorating in no-paddling IN district; I'd love to go back to it, says school trustee

31 OCT....SINGAPORE: No fear, some favour
23-year-old accepted back at university after a year in jail and three strokes of the cane

01 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Chief Justice Should Intervene
Columnist highlights disparities in flogging sentences

02 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Rebel MPs fail to ban smacking
Parliament votes out proposal to prevent parents from spanking

03 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: These people telling me how to chastise my child need a slap
'Childcare industry' lacks common sense, says columnist

04 NOV....UNITED STATES: Spanking can provide a valuable life lesson to child
Make clear distinction between abuse and appropriate punishment, urges Florida doctor

05 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Police 'lash' teacher who hit girl with shoe
She gets 10 lashes in front of her students

08 NOV....BOTSWANA: Mogae to officially hand Seepapitso to Bangwaketse
Paramount chief says he'll administer CP to wayward youth to keep them out of prison

09 NOV....MALAYSIA: Youth gets jail, rotan for incest
Three strokes for 18-year-old who assaulted young sister

09 NOV....UNITED STATES: Women Allege Boss Spanked Them for Errors
Be spanked or be fired, Tasty Flavors proprietor tells two 19-year-olds

09 NOV....UNITED STATES: To paddle or not to paddle?
Debate in a Tennessee school district

10 NOV....UNITED STATES: Committee to discuss Rutherford paddling policy today
Tennessee school district considers requiring parental consent

11 NOV....MALAYSIA: Pinoy migrants used by Malaysian politicians
Deported illegal immigrants confirm they've mostly been caned

11 NOV....UNITED STATES: Tougher paddling policy gets initial OK
Rutherford TN will not abolish CP but parental consent will now be needed

12 NOV....MALAYSIA: Security guard jailed, whipped for raping 10-year-old girl
24 years in jail and 12 'whippings' [sic] for culprit, 25

12 NOV....BOTSWANA: Research blames corporal punishment for school drop-outs
University researcher complains about stick-wielding teachers

12 NOV....UNITED STATES: Leland mom files paddling complaint
10-year-old's buttocks were bruised, she says

13 NOV....UNITED STATES: Principal is whipped to punish two teens
Christian school principal in AK is fired after taking senior students' punishment on himself

14 NOV....KENYA: Students Protest Caning in School
Their whip marks show CP still in use although legally banned

14 NOV....UNITED STATES: Spanking revisited
Many parents still believe in it; professor issues caution on interpretation of data

15 NOV....UNITED STATES: Schools practice discipline with paddle
A Texas district's CP policy is explained

15 NOV....UNITED STATES: School Districts That Allow Or Don't Allow Corporal Punishment
Fierce debate in North Carolina

16 NOV....UNITED STATES: St. John's hazing put pledge in hospital
Paddling ritual in New York is described

16 NOV....UNITED STATES: Brookline, time to spare the Ron
Columnist scathing about move to ban parental spanking in Massachusetts town

16 NOV....SINGAPORE: Family snakehead syndicate smashed (illustrated)
Two people-smugglers, pictured, get six strokes of cane each

18 NOV....UNITED STATES: Brookline rejects measure on spanking
Attempt to ban parental CP in Massachusetts town fails

19 NOV....CANADA: Peace Wapiti scraps strap
Last district in Alberta to abolish CP

20 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Smack those kids, but mind those marks
Parental spanking can continue as long as it doesn't leave a mark

20 NOV....UNITED STATES: Paddling against the current
Long piece about CP controversy in Memphis

21 NOV....NEW ZEALAND: Call for return of corporal punishment in schools
Political party delegates want caning back, but leadership rules it out

21 NOV....UNITED STATES: Mom says coach paddled boy, 12
It hurts so much he can't sit down, she says

22 NOV....UNITED STATES: Teachers shouldn't teach religion
Police officer reassures parents it's legal to spank their children

23 NOV....IRELAND: School fury over beatings 'slur' forces McFadden video recall (illustrated)
Pop hit refers to being beaten by Christian Brothers, but singer (pictured) was aged only 2 when CP was abolished

23 NOV....UNITED STATES: Gary school coach dismissed for paddling kids
Indiana district may revisit CP policy after 3 boys whacked for missing basketball shots

23 NOV....UNITED STATES: Schools ban the paddle
Narrow vote after marathon debate in Memphis

24 NOV....SINGAPORE: Serial rapist attacked pregnant woman (illustrated)
16 cane strokes for 29-year-old, pictured, already caned previously

24 NOV....UNITED STATES: In Memphis, a Battle Won, the Paddle Lost
24 NOV....UNITED STATES: Swing vote helped board banish paddling in schools
Analysis of CP abolition decision

25 NOV....BRUNEI: Indian Overstayer Jailed And Caned
25-year-old gets three strokes of the cane

26 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Christian school asks Lords for right to smack pupils
Last lap of long saga over school CP ban

26 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Get tough with bullies
Letterwriter describes 1976 public caning, which stopped all bullying at once

26 NOV....UNITED STATES: Going back home
Basketball star visits his old school in GA, where they still spank; paddling calmed him down a lot, got his attention, he says

27 NOV....SINGAPORE: Family's 14-year saga of rape and incest ends
24 strokes and 32 years' jail for stepfather, 44

28 NOV....BRUNEI: Sex offenders face tough new laws
Up to 24 rattan strokes for certain offences

28 NOV....UNITED STATES: Schools, children, principals, parents and discipline
Memphis teachers and parents express outrage at paddle ban decision

01 DEC....UGANDA: Cane Pupils to Boost Academics -- Parents
Debate over reintroduction of corporal punishment

02 DEC....UNITED STATES: No discipline in schools? Expect more basket brawls
Rapper lambasts "stupidity" of decision to bar CP in Jackson, MS

04 DEC....UNITED STATES: Policy to let parents decide on paddling
A TN school district decides to let parents opt their kids out of CP

05 DEC....UNITED STATES: Why ban what so many want?
Memphis paddling abolition decision is questioned

06 DEC....BOTSWANA: Penal Code (Amendment) Bill discriminatory - MPs
Parliament discusses extension of judicial caning

06 DEC....UGANDA: Should Caning Be Reintroduced?
One district chairman has already directed that canings resume

07 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Rights Body Hits Out at Prison Conditions
Female prisoners complain of whippings

08 DEC....BOTSWANA: 'Garden boy' remark attracts MP's attention
08 DEC....BOTSWANA: Inclusion of females might lead to tampering with the Constitution
Debate on extending JCP to include women recipients

08 DEC....MALAYSIA: Man gets life for armed robbery (illustrated)
49-year-old, pictured, also ordered to receive six strokes of rotan

08 DEC....MALAYSIA: More Than 18,000 Illegal Immigrants Whipped
6,000 canings a year for entering country without valid documents -- most got one stroke

09 DEC....MALAYSIA: 12 years' jail, rotan for sex with minor (illustrated)
Rapist, 26, pictured, gets four strokes

10 DEC....MALAYSIA: Suhakam unhappy illegals being whipped
Local human rights body doesn't think caning deters immigrants

10 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Teenagers flogged
Two boys caned for Osama bin Laden graffiti

10 DEC....UNITED STATES: Trustees quarrel about paddling policy
No consensus on school CP in Dallas

11 DEC....BOTSWANA: A Botswana chief of a different gender
Female tribal chief says she frequently orders caning of offenders

11 DEC....BOTSWANA: To flog or not to flog women?
Debate rages over possible inclusion of females in new JCP law

11 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: Harman's cruelty case setback
Appeal court overrules government, says prison not automatic for unreasonable chastisement

11 DEC....UNITED STATES: Pastor's paddling sentence tossed
Appeals court in FL rules that paddling of girl was not a felony

12 DEC....BRUNEI: Child Kidnapper Gets Seven Years And Three Strokes
Caning for 38-year-old who abducted small girl

15 DEC....SINGAPORE: 20 years' jail for 2 cannabis traffickers
30-somethings also get 15 strokes of the cane each

15 DEC....UNITED STATES: Paddling OK'd at Murray academy
Ninth-graders in a GA district may now receive CP

15 DEC....UNITED STATES: Administrators say discipline program working
20 students paddled since CP reinstated in an OK district

16 DEC....BRUNEI: Malaysian Man Jailed And Caned For Smuggling Meat
Three strokes for illegal immigrant, 20

16 DEC....SINGAPORE: Cabby stabbed wife over alleged affair (illustrated)
40-year-old, pictured, sentenced to 30 months and six strokes

17 DEC....UNITED STATES: Paddling on hold in DISD (illustrated)
Dallas suspends school CP for two-month period; a paddle is pictured

18 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: School for scandal
Actor Stephen Fry, playing part of caning headmaster, recalls his own CP-filled schooldays

18 DEC....UNITED STATES: Anniston school board keeps paddling policy
No dissent when a district in AL decides to let CP continue

18 DEC....UNITED STATES: Port Gibson elementary school achieves Level 5 status
"No discipline problems" at a MS school that uses corporal punishment

19 DEC....UNITED STATES: Schools give punishment options
Debate in TX after five boys paddled during athletic practice

20 DEC....UNITED STATES: Readers speak out on school discipline
Feedback to GA columnist is overwhelmingly in favor of CP

21 DEC....UNITED STATES: Board still needs board
Former teacher in Dallas invites anti-CP board members to spend two months teaching in middle school

24 DEC....MALAYSIA: Syabu man gets seven years
And ten strokes of the cane for 36-year-old

24 DEC....SINGAPORE: Jail, cane for man who chopped off NSF's fingers (illustrated)
Nine strokes for 20-year-old, pictured

25 DEC....MALAYSIA: The measure of their lives is a prison cell
60 people are serving "life means life" in jail, of whom 49 also sentenced to caning

27 DEC....SINGAPORE: Swimming for his life
Illegal immigrant says he will never forget his four-stroke caning

29 DEC....GHANA: Re-introduce corporal punishment in schools -- opinion leaders
Chiefs and citizens' representatives want caning brought back to instil discipline

29 DEC....UNITED STATES: HJHS tops list for discipline problems
41 paddlings at an AL school

30 DEC....MALAYSIA: Ex-con sent back to jail for snatch theft
Handbag snatcher, 31, previously whipped, gets 20 months in jail and five strokes of rotan

31 DEC....BRUNEI: Tough new laws for deterring human traffickers
Whipping now specified for numerous further offences

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