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Corporal punishment: News chronology 2005

All 2005's CP news items for all countries, in a single date sequence



January -- 73 items

February -- 59 items

March -- 44 items

April -- 53 items

May -- 46 items

June -- 56 items

July -- 34 items

August -- 25 items

September -- 48 items

October -- 44 items

November -- 39 items

December -- 34 items

January 2005

01 JAN....MALAYSIA: Man jailed 12 years for sodomising boy
Plus two strokes of the cane for 40-year-old

01 JAN....UNITED STATES: Spring ISD prohibits corporal punishment
TX district claims it was rarely used for several years

02 JAN....NIGERIA: Alcohol: Sharia Court Orders Man Caned 80 Strokes
28-year-old punished for drinking

03 JAN....UGANDA: Violent Strikes Mar Education Sector
One district has reintroduced the cane in defiance of national ban

04 JAN....BRUNEI: First offender to get lashes this year
Three strokes of the cane for 22-year-old Indonesian

05 JAN....MALAYSIA: Cane sex offenders, panel told
View put to committee is that over-50s should also be caned

06 JAN....UNITED KINGDOM: Staying Afloat (illustrated)
Lady columnist, pictured, tells daughter about her school canings

07 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: Jail and Lashes for 3 in Camera Phone Sex Assault
Twentysomethings who filmed gang rape are flogged

09 JAN....UGANDA: Canes almost killed us
Recollection of school punishments ten years ago

10 JAN....CHINA: 8-Year-Old Girl Caned on the Bare Buttocks In Front of the Class for Not Finishing Her Homework (illustrated)
"It was so embarrassing", says schoolgirl, pictured
(News item in Chinese with English summary translation)

10 JAN....UNITED STATES: Sale of spanking tool points up larger issue (illustrated)
Christian woman objects to whipping stick, pictured, being promoted for parental spanking purposes

11 JAN....MALAYSIA: Punishment must not be excessive or unnecessary
Parent writes to complain about public caning of schoolboys

11 JAN....SINGAPORE: Man jailed for bid to rape tipsy woman
14 years in prison plus 10 strokes of the cane for 30-year-old

11 JAN....UNITED STATES: Option of corporal punishment is common in area schools
A school board in Missouri backs paddling

11 JAN....UNITED STATES: School board OKs policies for students
Go-ahead for CP in the classroom in an Arkansas district

12 JAN....MALAYSIA: Youth gets give years' jail and five strokes of rotan for robbing and hurting aunt
Caning sentence for 26-year-old

12 JAN....MALAYSIA: Rapist dad gets 54 years' jail and 24 strokes of rotan
"Most severe penalty" for man, 47

12 JAN....MALAYSIA: Thief jailed 10 years (illustrated)
Unsuccessful robber, 30, pictured, also given nine strokes of the cane

12 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: 15 Jailed for Anti-Govt Demonstration
Prison plus lashes for political dissidents

12 JAN....UNITED STATES: Y-S Board renews superintendent's contract
Move to abolish paddling in an AR district fails

12 JAN....UNITED STATES: Former student sues charter school over paddling
Girl, 18, was at the receiving end of a 4-foot wooden paddle in the principal's office

13 JAN....BRUNEI: Chicken Thief Who Failed To Flee Fined And Caned
Rare case of JCP not combined with prison

13 JAN....SINGAPORE: Chatline fiend got 13-year-old girl pregnant
Internet predator, 22, given jail plus three strokes of the cane

13 JAN....UNITED KINGDOM: The vanishing hanky
Boy caned in 1920s for lack of handkerchief

14 JAN....BARBADOS: Student Code Of Discipline Now In Effect
Corporal punishment is permitted in schools at all levels

16 JAN....AUSTRALIA: Thugs need a good flogging, says elder
Aboriginal leaders want lawless young people to be taught a lesson

16 JAN....UNITED STATES: A singing cowboy at heart
Appreciation for OR school's former disciplinarian who used a paddle the size of a boat oar

17 JAN....IRAN: Ailing Iran drinker gets cat of 80 tails
Man lashed once with 80 twigs

17 JAN....UNITED STATES: Paddling debate shifts to the home
Texas state representative wants law to clarify that parents may spank

18 JAN....MALAYSIA: Mother outraged by teacher's punishment
Boy, 14, gets 18 strokes of cane for not doing his homework

20 JAN....BOTSWANA: Kgosi to continue caning women
Village elders told to carry on caning regardless of gender

20 JAN....KENYA: Stuffed bottom
Writer recalls stuffing leaves down the back of his shorts for headmaster's caning

20 JAN....UNITED STATES: Times have changed
Texas columnist recalls swats from 'board of education'

21 JAN....MALAYSIA: Hashammuddin Views Caning Of Student Seriously
Education minister to investigate excessive caning allegation

21 JAN....NIGERIA: Olupitan's Bizarre Bill
Senator proposes public caning for indecent dressing

21 JAN....UNITED KINGDOM: Anarchy in the classroom
Scottish teaching staff abused by pupils in the absence of the strap

22 JAN....UNITED STATES: Coach accused of paddling boys
Fuss in Indiana over basketball coach who spanked players for losing game

22 JAN....UNITED STATES: Schools report more student infractions (including statistical table)
22 JAN....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment debated (including statistical table)
Two long articles provide overview of CP situation in Montgomery, AL. Paddling numbers are slightly up; figures given for some individual schools

23 JAN....UNITED STATES: Spanking strikes a nerve in Ozarks
Rundown of paddling situation in various Missouri districts

23 JAN....FIJI: Teachers want the lash back
Reintroduce corporal punishment, says teachers' union

24 JAN....BOTSWANA: Venson thanks voters
MP explains corporal punishment bill to constituents

24 JAN....KENYA: The Limits of Corporal Punishment
Brutal teacher's appeal against 'lenient' sentence is rejected

24 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Court in Makkah Lashes 12-Year-Old Boy 80 Times (illustrated)
Apparent whipping in street (though possibly not this one) is pictured

25 JAN....BOTSWANA: Residents welcome amendment
Citizens' meeting is told that CP for women might be damaging

25 JAN....BOTSWANA: 'Foreigners convicted here must be lashed'
Amendment of law will mean more caning, less prison, says MP

25 JAN....SWITZERLAND: Small children target of parental beatings
Domestic CP in decline, but still widespread, study finds

25 JAN....UNITED STATES: Spanking case jury is chosen
Trial of Ohio's "paddling policeman" gets under way

25 JAN....UNITED STATES: Students need refresher on expectations, consequences
Aftermath of high school brawl in Iowa: columnist calls for whacking of unruly students

25 JAN....UNITED STATES: LeMoyne expels man over paper
Freedom of speech called into question as college student is booted for writing that he supports school paddling

26 JAN....UNITED STATES: Lamantia intervened in 1993
Police chief's paddling program dates back a long way

26 JAN....MALAYSIA: Aids threat via prison caning
Letterwriter says cane could spread HIV infection

26 JAN....MALAYSIA: Court quashes death sentence
20 years in jail and 10 rotan strokes substituted on appeal against death sentence for trafficker

26 JAN....UNITED STATES: Reform school founder pleads guilty for assault on student
Student claims bruising during paddling at Baptist "academy"

27 JAN....BRUNEI: Malaysian Petrol Thief Jailed And Caned
Three months and three strokes for illegal immigrant, 31

27 JAN....SINGAPORE: Masseur gets jail, cane for molesting his customer (illustrated)
45-year-old, pictured, ordered to receive three strokes

27 JAN....UNITED STATES: Teens testify against chief
27 JAN....UNITED STATES: Paddling program was too severe, 11th-grader testifies
27 JAN....UNITED STATES: Martin Case
Boys describe their police station spankings in detail

27 JAN....UNITED STATES: Spanking in Missouri Public Schools
Paddle especially favoured in rural areas

27 JAN....UNITED STATES: Parents of ex-Groveton students taking school paddling complaints to state
Even in Texas, some parents whine about school swats

28 JAN....BRUNEI: Jail, cane for stealing signboards
30-year-old gets two strokes for mischief after road signs vanish

28 JAN....UNITED STATES: Paddling was punishment in youth program
28 JAN....UNITED STATES: Teens say program worked as a deterrent
28 JAN....UNITED STATES: Teens describe paddling to court
28 JAN....UNITED STATES: Video Evidence Is Shown at Martin Trial
More testimony in "paddling policeman" case

26 JAN....UNITED STATES: Excessive paddling leads to probation for St. James pastor
Plea-bargaining outcome for the paddling boss of Missouri reformatory

30 JAN....UNITED STATES: Don't spare the rod
Texas reader recalls benefits of school paddling

30 JAN....UNITED STATES: Pupil's age poses paddling problem
More on the "adult" schoolgirl who received CP

31 JAN....SOLOMON ISLANDS: Corporal punishment
Letterwriter rejects case for judicial CP

31 JAN....UNITED STATES: Martin Trial Continues
Boys chose their own punishments, says the paddling cop

31 JAN....UNITED STATES: Family matters
Star footballer goes back to visit AL school where he got paddlings

February 2005

01 FEB....BRUNEI: Jail, whipping for Indonesian duo in robbery case
12 strokes each after handbag snatch

01 FEB....SINGAPORE: Done in by DNA (illustrated)
37-year-old killer, pictured, gets 8 years and 6 strokes

01 FEB....UNITED STATES: Former chief says no one protested paddling
01 FEB....UNITED STATES: Ex-chief defends program
'Spanking cop' trial continues

02 FEB....BOTSWANA: Zimbabwean gets five strokes of the cane
Court orders punishment for 26-year-old

02 FEB....BOTSWANA: AG explains advantage of corporal punishment
It's one of the best ways of reducing prison overcrowding, says Attorney-General

02 FEB....BOTSWANA: Chief declares war on lawlessness
Orders five strokes of cane on buttocks for drunken public nuisance

02 FEB....MALAYSIA: School sets up special disciplinary court
Canings to be done by parents; choice of five sizes of cane

02 FEB....UNITED STATES: Jury starts deliberating in James Martin trial
Swats were recorded on video, testimony reveals

02 FEB....UNITED STATES: Paddling not for adults, even students
Comment on punishment of 18-year-old girl

02 FEB....UNITED STATES: LeMoyne student did not mean any harm by writing paper in favor of corporal punishment
Comment on freedom-of-speech issue raised by spanking essay

02 FEB....UNITED STATES: Paddle's days may be ending
More abolitionist moves in Montgomery AL

03 FEB....NORWAY: Spanking stepfather acquitted
Court rules that OTK spanking for two boys, 7 and 9, was not assault

03 FEB....UNITED STATES: BOE rep says she opposes paddling
Dispute over CP in another Alabama district

03 FEB....UNITED STATES: Student spanking sparks dispute
Fuss in a Texas kindergarten

03 FEB....UNITED STATES: Union schools suspend paddling
Possible prelude to permanent ban in Union County, N. Carolina

04 FEB....UNITED STATES: Union school board split on spanking
Controversy comes to a head in North Carolina

04 FEB....UNITED STATES: Ex-chief acquitted of assault charges
04 FEB....UNITED STATES: Jury splits verdicts
Paddling cop cleared of any serious charges, guilty on administrative technicalities

05 FEB....MALAYSIA: Jailed - addict who allegedly shot cop (illustrated)
24-year-old, pictured, also gets one stroke of the cane

05 FEB....MALAYSIA: Please whip me, says addict
42-year-old asks court for more strokes in exchange for shorter jail term

05 FEB....SINGAPORE: Dad pleads guilty, gets 8 years and cane
Six strokes for 27-year-old who killed his own daughter

05 FEB....UNITED STATES: Civil suit dismissed against former chief cleared in paddlings
He did not violate boys' constitutional rights, court holds

05 FEB....UNITED STATES: Florida Supreme Court may hear child paddling case
Repercussions of girl's punishment at Christian school

06 FEB....BRUNEI: Jail And Cane For Filipino Overstayers
Two illegal immigrants get three strokes each

06 FEB....BRUNEI: Malaysian Teenager Jailed And Whipped For Theft
Three strokes of the cane for 17-year-old

06 FEB....TANZANIA: Lindi peasant jailed 71 years
40-year-old also gets 24 strokes of the cane for rape

06 FEB....UNITED STATES: Schools continue to back paddling
CP statistics for certain districts of NC

07 FEB....BOTSWANA: Kgosi Seeletso calls for 'proper' caning
It should be given on the back, he says

07 FEB....MALAYSIA: School justified in disciplining students
Boys deserved their public caning, says reader

09 FEB....MALAYSIA: Impostor gets total of 71 years
14 strokes for man, 42, who pretended to be an immigration officer

09 FEB....UGANDA: Child neglect cost Luwero women strokes of the cane
28-year-old mother gets five strokes from social welfare officer

09 FEB....UNITED STATES: Area schools rarely haul out the paddle
More data from North Carolina

10 FEB....UNITED STATES: Mr. Wright had the right stuff
Fond memories of paddling coach

11 FEB....SINGAPORE: Cane those engaged in vice activities
Letter-writer thinks prostitutes should be caned

11 FEB....SWAZILAND: 6 strokes for killing conductor
Student, 16, 'lucky not to be sent to jail', is ordered six strokes with a light cane on the buttocks

11 FEB....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment in state schools declines
Figures for Arkansas show 16% drop

12 FEB....UNITED STATES: Schools suspend fewer
No paddlings in two Kentucky districts

13 FEB....AUSTRALIA: Schools likely to accept corporal punishment ban
Private schools in Victoria may be stopped from caning

13 FEB....MALAYSIA: Convicts ready for a fresh start
31-year-old describes his caning in prison

13 FEB....MALAYSIA: Special court a good idea
Letterwriter commends new scheme whereby parents will be asked to cane their errant offspring at school

13 FEB....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment views let to expulsion
Author of controversial essay was himself paddled at school

13 FEB....UNITED STATES: One school paddles half of all disciplined students
Yet more data from Union County NC

14 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Churchill for the 21st century
New museum shows Harrow punishment book from 1891

14 FEB....UNITED STATES: 3 more young men file suits against ex-Fowler police chief
More recipients of 'corporal punishment in lieu of prosecution' program come forward

14 FEB....UNITED STATES: Eagles, Hurricanes, Tarpons and punishment
Florida paddling nostalgia

15 FEB....SINGAPORE: Caning ineffective in ending prostitution
Disagreement over idea of JCP for foreign women

16 FEB....UNITED STATES: Union paddlings mostly in 2 schools
One middle school used paddle 235 times in year

17 FEB....UNITED STATES: Crime watch group endorses use of paddle
Florida citizens blame its absence for behavior problems

19 FEB....UNITED STATES: Spanking lopsided at Union schools
But figures in decline where long-serving principals retire

20 FEB....MALAYSIA: The hand that wields the cane
Description of prison and judicial caning procedure

23 FEB....CANADA: Spanking still legal in Canada
News item implies, wrongly I think, that schools can still use CP too

23 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Obituary: Michael McCrum
Eton headmaster who abolished caning of boys by boys

24 FEB....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment, so-called 'experts' and my bill
Texas politicians explains why he is legislating to clarify that parents may spank

25 FEB....GREECE: European Council warns Greece over corporal punishment in schools
Law forbids CP in primary schools but not in secondary schools

25 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Law lords reject return of corporal punishment
25 FEB....UNITED KINGDOM: Christian schools' smacking plea fails
Absolutely final end of the road for school CP as the highest court in the land turns down claim by religious schools for special treatment

25 FEB....UNITED STATES: Canadian school settles student paddling lawsuit
Allegation of excessive force at a school in OK

27 FEB....UNITED STATES: Paddlings in school frequent, but not an issue
1,363 instances of CP in an Arkansas district

March 2005

01 MAR....BRUNEI: Jobless Local Jailed, Caned For Attempted Robbery
12 strokes for 32-year-old

02 MAR....UNITED STATES: Parental reality check: A whack can work
Child-rearing "experts" talk absolute nonsense, says columnist

02 MAR....UNITED STATES: Martin gets no jail time
Probation, fine and community service for the 'paddling cop'

03 MAR....GREECE: School discipline
Law amended to ban CP in secondary as well as primary schools

03 MAR....MALAYSIA: Judges puzzled by illegal's case
34-year-old drug abuser who should no longer be in the country at all gets 18 years and 10 strokes of the cane

03 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Cane Them
Bring back the cane in schools, says columnist

04 MAR....MALAYSIA: Habitual thief gets 17 years and whipping
Eight strokes of the cane for recidivist, 28

06 MAR....MALAYSIA: Returning to a changed world
Newly released prisoner recalls his six strokes of the rotan

06 MAR....UNITED STATES: School orders mom to spank son - or else (illustrated)
Boy, 6, pictured, taken out of Christian school

06 MAR....UNITED STATES: Paddles might work better in classrooms than Commandments
Columnist recalls effectiveness of paddling

09 MAR....BRUNEI: 11 Malaysian Jailed And Caned For Collecting 'Kayu Gaharu'
All get three strokes for pinching sandalwood

09 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: Reformers got it all wrong
Former Assistant Rector of top Scottish school says anti-CP policy has been an abysmal failure

09 MAR....UNITED STATES: State ban on paddling unruly students not yet approved
Abolition going extremely slowly in Pennsylvania

10 MAR....UNITED STATES: Union schools: Paddling unlikely
A North Carolina district decides to keep CP

10 MAR....UNITED STATES: College Expels Student Who Advocated Corporal Punishment (illustrated)
More on the student, pictured, who wrote pro-spanking essay; old cartoon of schoolroom paddling

12 MAR....CANADA: A Korean father's lesson on raising cane
He flew to Canada to cane his son

12 MAR....UNITED STATES: Board votes to end corporal punishment
Paddling banned in a Missouri district

13 MAR....BRUNEI: Man Gets 16 Years And 12 Strokes For Raping Teenage Daughter
Father of seven raped girl of 12

14 MAR....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: UAE court orders 150 lashes for pregnant maid
Asian housemaid ordered flogged for adultery

15 MAR....MALAYSIA: Magistrates not swayed by sob stories from illegals (illustrated)
Canings ordered in three different courts for 45 immigrants, some of whom are pictured

15 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: School where staff work free
Christian school describes the punishment it is no longer allowed to use

16 MAR....AUSTRALIA: School of hard knocks (illustrated)
Profile of the only school in Victoria that admits to using CP; boys are pictured

16 MAR....AUSTRALIA: How the cane was canned
History of abolition in Victoria

16 MAR....IRAN: Iran's 'desert vampire' executed (illustrated)
16 MAR....IRAN: Iranian serial killer flogged, stabbed and hanged in public (illustrated)
16 MAR....IRAN: Iranian serial murderer, Mohammed Bijeh, flogged and hanged in town square (illustrated)
16 MAR....IRAN: Iran's 'vampire' killer pays for his crimes (illustrated)
Several different pictures of flogging under way

16 MAR....MALAYSIA: Rapist's wish granted - jail and rotan (illustrated)
26-year-old, pictured, asks court for 8 years' jail and six strokes of the rotan, and his wishes are granted

16 MAR....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Rapist sues over licks with 'cat'
Appeal Court had replaced 15-stroke cat sentence with birch, but prison gave him the cat anyway, he says

17 MAR....UNITED STATES: Too many 'swats' at Intermediate?
TX parents complain of paddlings without parental approval

17 MAR....UNITED STATES: To paddle or not to paddle? It's still not clear in US schools
Overview of national situation and recent controversies

18 MAR....EGYPT: UNICEF film wins prize at Cairo film festival
Kids make animated film satirising corporal punishment

18 MAR....UNITED STATES: State school board suggests ban on corporal punishment
Abolition moves a step nearer in Pennsylvania

20 MAR....QATAR: Parents complain of corporal punishment at govt schools
Misbehaviour said to be on the rise; CP is banned by law but persists in practice

22 MAR....SINGAPORE: Jailed for trying to smuggle illegals out
20-year-old would-be people-trafficker gets six strokes

23 MAR....MALAYSIA: Malaysia's floggers get pay rise
23 MAR....MALAYSIA: RM10 for each stroke, RM500 for each hanging
Some 50 prison officials are qualified to inflict cane; flogging jobs hotly contested

25 MAR....SINGAPORE: 37 illegals living in monsoon drains nabbed (illustrated)
Canings for 36 immigrants from Myanmar, some of whom are pictured

25 MAR....UNITED STATES: EPC School Board discusses alternative school, hires principal
An Arkansas district agrees paddling for first offense of fighting

25 MAR....UNITED STATES: To Spank Or Not To Spank In School
Practice and statistics in some Missouri school districts

27 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: Ghosts of sporting greats adorn Bloem's Grey College (illustrated)
Elite school's headmaster, pictured, keeps bottle of sweets on his desk, used to offer one to boys after caning them

30 MAR....BOTSWANA: House approves bill on corporal punishment
New law broadens range of offences for which cane may be imposed, but women remain exempt

30 MAR....TANZANIA: Six get 60 years for burglary, theft
And 12 strokes of the cane each

31 MAR....RUSSIA: A good caning takes some beating (with cartoon)
Beating on buttocks with a strong cane can cure depression and alcoholism, say scientists

April 2005

01 APR....ST KITTS & NEVIS: Corporal punishment to be retained in schools
Government decides not to abolish the cane

01 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddling stopped by DISD
After months of dithering, CP finally comes to an end in Dallas

01 APR....UNITED STATES: Two local districts punish by paddling
Statistics given for some schools in Ohio; it's a deterrent, says superintendent

04 APR....CANADA: Physical discipline depends on the culture
Need for cultural sensitivity in assessing bad parenting by immigrants

05 APR....ST KITTS & NEVIS: Keeping corporal punishment good move
But it should be administered by principal only, says letterwriter

05 APR....UNITED STATES: School birthday spankings no longer tolerated
Elementary pupil in S. Carolina got birthday spanking against her wishes

06 APR....ST KITTS & NEVIS: Examine all sides of the punishment
Mixed feelings about retention of school CP

07 APR....ST KITTS & NEVIS: Corporal punishment will not kill
We were caned and we have not become violent criminals, notes reader

07 APR....SINGAPORE: Six years, caning for high-society trafficker (illustrated)
Five strokes for 32-year-old, pictured

08 APR....BOTSWANA: Corporal punishment extended to women
Customary courts may now order canings for offenders up to age 50 of either sex

08 APR....BRUNEI: Anti-Drug Abuse Forum & Exhibition at CHMS (illustrated)
Yet another dummy caning demonstration

08 APR....MALAYSIA: Jail for sodomist and rapists
Two also ordered to be caned

10 APR....SINGAPORE: He can't recall how often he stole (illustrated)
'King of Snatch Theft', 38, pictured, previously jailed and caned, now gets another 10 years and six strokes

11 APR....UNITED STATES: A Matter of thinking - Wrestling with an alligator
Ohio columnist, former teacher, lays down his suggested rules for proper implementation of school CP

11 APR....UNITED STATES: Discipline at local schools
More paddling statistics for certain OH schools

12 APR....UGANDA: Former housegirl goes back to S1 at 21 years (illustrated)
Back to school for 21-year-old girl, pictured, who must take canings like her mostly 13-year-old classmates

13 APR....BRUNEI: 7 yrs, 12 strokes for breaking into bank's ATM room
Bungling Bangladeshi bank robber slashed security guards

13 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddling Remains Punishment In Local Schools (illustrated)
Ohio schools discuss techniques for applying paddle, pictured

15 APR....CAYMAN ISLANDS: New education law more comprehensive
Corporal punishment in schools is abolished

15 APR....MALAYSIA: 75 years for forging cheques
And six strokes of the rotan for assistant financial manager, 31

15 APR....UNITED STATES: Woman will seek action against school district
She gave permission for her six-year-old boy to receive two swats, now complains his bottom is bruised

16 APR....SAUDI ARABIA: Stiff Punishments Await Camphone Misusers
Draft law proposes 12 years' jail and 1,000 lashes for circulating porn pictures by phone

18 APR....IRAN: Patients 'raped and taped'
99 lashes for dentist who raped 60 patients

18 APR....UNITED STATES: Pro-paddling bill sails through House
New Texas legislation protects spanking parents

19 APR....PAKISTAN: Durrani decides to ban corporal punishment in NWFP schools
No more caning in North West Frontier Province, in theory

19 APR....UNITED STATES: Eastern divided over corporal punishment ban
Debate in a school district in PA

19 APR....UNITED STATES: Teacher given own day (illustrated)
Lady teacher, pictured in 1923 and now at 99, tells anecdote about paddling two big teenage boys in the 1940s

20 APR....SINGAPORE: Rapist gets 21 years, 24 strokes
28-year-old given severe sentence for "audacious, wanton, outrageous, abhorrent, heinous, vile, abominable" crime

20 APR....UNITED STATES: School Board Eliminates Corporal Punishment
No more paddling in an Arkansas district

21 APR....AUSTRALIA: Bullies draw calls to bring back cuts
Queensland politicians say school discipline policy is not working

21 APR....SOUTH AFRICA: Outrage over pupil's caning (illustrated)
Schoolgirl, 18, is pictured showing bruises on her arm

21 APR....UNITED STATES: EPC school board hires principal, discusses discipline
Paddling is alternative to suspension in an AR district

22 APR....SINGAPORE: Serial offender in jail again for axe threat (illustrated)
Seven years plus 12 strokes of the cane for previous offender, 48, pictured

23 APR....SOUTH AFRICA: Letters to the Editor: Corporal punishment
Readers give diametrically opposing views

23 APR....UNITED STATES: Should schools spank? (illustrated)
Practice and opinions differ in various areas; paddle is pictured

24 APR....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: PM prepared to lock-down T&T
Prime Minister vows to introduce judicial CP

25 APR....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Doubtful proposal from desperate Govt
Newspaper editorial points out that JCP hasn't been abolished, so how can government reintroduce it

25 APR....UNITED STATES: County School District Reinstates Corporal Punishment, Sees Positive Results
Paddling is back in an Ohio district

26 APR....UNITED STATES: Parent Group Objects to Corporal Punishment
Transcript of Bill O'Reilly interview with Jordan Riak of PTAVE

27 APR....BOTSWANA: Player whipped for assaulting referee
Footballer given four strokes by customary court

27 APR....IRAN: Iranian student to be flogged and jailed
18 moths and 76 lashes after he "disturbed public order" and took part in "illegal gathering"

27 APR....SOUTH AFRICA: Corporal punishment should be reinstated
It worked in the majority of cases, avers letterwriter

27 APR....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: $40,000 for licks from principal
Schoolboy, 15, got ten strokes across backside, now compensated for alleged resulting injuries

27 APR....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: 13 months jail and 90 lashes for adultery
Two men and two women caught in "immoral position"

27 APR....UNITED STATES: Lack of discipline requires drastic measures
Editorialist applauds decision to reinstate paddling

27 APR....UNITED STATES: Elkhart Schools: No devices used when in session
A school district in Indiana deletes CP from its rulebook, saying it hasn't been used for years

28 APR....UNITED KINGDOM: Chaos in the classroom
Letter-writers lament unruly state of schools, call for return of CP

29 APR....MALAYSIA: Bomoh jailed 10 years for second rape (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, also gets four strokes of the rotan

29 APR....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabia to flog 'gay wedding' attendees
At least 35 men sentenced to lashes

29 APR....UNITED STATES: Bill asks state to study corporal punishment
Moves to find alternatives to paddling in N. Carolina

30 APR....MALAYSIA: Nigerians get jail, rotan over molest
Two get five strokes each

30 APR....SINGAPORE: Snapped indecent photos of girl, 16 (illustrated)
Fake detective, 31, pictured, sent to prison for a year and will receive six strokes of the cane

30 APR....UNITED STATES: Plymouth father is arrested for using belt on son, 12
Massachusetts man whacked his boy's bottom for forgetting homework, now faces assault charge

May 2005

01 MAY....CANADA: Sask. schools smack down corporal discipline
Saskatchewan formally abolishes the strap, leaving Alberta as only province with CP

01 MAY....UNITED STATES: Battle over the paddle
23 out of 611 school districts in Ohio still use CP

01 MAY....UNITED STATES: Dropped battery charge is "a nightmare", educator says (illustrated)
MO man, pictured, was arrested for spanking his sons with a Wiffle bat

01 MAY....UNITED STATES: 'I did it out of love': Felony charge for father who spanked son with belt (illustrated)
MA man, pictured, says he was wrongly charged

03 MAY....UNITED STATES: S. Shore parents split on spanking children; Practice is less common but still accepted, national poll says
Parental CP debated in Massachusetts and nationwide

03 MAY....UNITED STATES: Is Spanking a Religious Duty? (illustrated)
Ohio Christian father is pictured with son whom he spanks with a belt

04 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Schools for scandal
Letter-writers to The Times discuss school discipline; some, including a present-day student, want caning restored

05 MAY....UNITED STATES: Palmetto parents attack policy
Paddling of 13-year-old girl is feature of racial dispute in a Louisiana district

10 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Spare the rod ... and breed unruly generations
Readers attack STOPP's role in damaging the fabric of society

12 MAY....UNITED STATES: Lanier County BOE adopts corporal punishment policy
Paddling brought back in a Georgia district after an absence of 19 years

12 MAY....UNITED STATES: DSS clears father of abuse
Withdrawal of allegations against Massachusetts man who used belt on 12-year-old son

13 MAY....MALAYSIA: Govt considering more strokes of rotan for shorter jail term
Proposal to reduce prison overcrowding and expense

13 MAY....UNITED STATES: 'The Rod' has been spared, but don't abandon spanking
Spanking device for sale to parents is withdrawn from the market

14 MAY....MALAYSIA: Convicted rapist kicks out at press pixmen (illustrated)
29-year-old, pictured, gets 7 years and three strokes of the rotan

14 MAY....UNITED STATES: Paddling Student Leads To Possible Charges Filed
AR principal gave boy three licks without getting parents' permission

15 MAY....MALAYSIA: Tengku Azuan: The can-do principal (illustrated)
Headmistress, pictured, takes the caning of boys in her stride

15 MAY....UNITED STATES: Principal: allegation unfounded
AL boy claims he was made to drop his pants before a paddling; nonsense, says school

16 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: Benson-Pope stands down
Allegations about long-ago canings by former schoolteacher, now politician

16 MAY....UNITED STATES: Student Allegedly Abused By Afternoon Program Instructor
Hawaii teen boy could barely sit down after spanking, his mother says

17 MAY....MALAYSIA: Jail and Cane for Legal Nepali Worker Raises Serious Questions
Immigrant, 30, who received one stroke of the cane, was innocent and should never have been prosecuted

17 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: Bit late to cane minister - teachers (illustrated)
Education minister, accused of brutality as teacher in 1980s, is pictured

18 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: Caning 'normal' in '80s
18 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: Public asked to hold fire over Benson-Pope claims
Cannot judge events in a different era by the standards of today, say teachers

19 MAY....BRUNEI: Anti-drugs campaign held in Tutong (illustrated)
Another whipping demonstration is pictured

20 MAY....BRUNEI: First Thai National To Be Whipped Four Times
35-year-old overstayer gets 4 strokes instead of the usual three

20 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: Perhaps we should bring back corporal punishment
Columnist questions whether current no-CP policy is in best interests of students or teachers

20 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: Robbing teachers of enthusiasm, vitality
Writer suggests today's teachers are too rule-bound and sanitised

20 MAY....UNITED STATES: Proposed policies could impact Athens students
An AL school district's new code of conduct includes CP for having a cell phone, among other things

22 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: Corporal punishment: stern discipline or abuse?
More comment arising out of Benson-Pope affair

23 MAY....FIJI: Cane him, court orders (illustrated)
20 years' jail and five strokes of the cane for rapist, 27, pictured

23 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: It'll be our turn next to be found wanting
The past is another country, present environment and culture is so different, columnist points out

24 MAY....BRUNEI: 20 Years, 15 Strokes For Raping Daughter
Heavy punishment for father, 39

24 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Right on caning
Massive upsurge in hooliganism blamed on abolition of CP

24 MAY....UNITED STATES: Maryville schools approve $39.8M budget
Tennessee district removes CP from its policy manual after 17 years of desuetude

25 MAY....FIJI: Retailers want rapist caned
Local businesses applaud caning sentence

25 MAY....MALAYSIA: Cane Indisciplined Students, Says Tokoh Guru Recipient
It will teach them not to break the rules, she says

25 MAY....SINGAPORE: Jailed, caned for hurting ex-girlfriend with flower pot (illustrated)
Ten strokes of the cane for 30-year-old, pictured

25 MAY....UNITED STATES: Duval schools ends corporal punishment
No more paddling in Jacksonville, Florida

26 MAY....SINGAPORE: Robbed by adopted daughter, bashed by her boyfriend (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured, gets five years and 12 strokes for robbery with hurt

27 MAY....NEW ZEALAND: Jury clears mother over 'six of the best'
She caned son for his behaviour in school, which then improved

27 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Bring back the birch
Local politician in Northern Ireland says teen tearaways should be thrashed

28 MAY....MALAYSIA: Longer prison stay for teen guilty of incest
Teenage boy gets three strokes and 24 years for having sex with his sister

28 MAY....UNITED STATES: Brookline man strikes gold in crusade vs. spanking
Childless Massachusetts man gets town meeting to discourage parental CP

29 MAY....BRUNEI: Illegal Tree-Cutters Get Cane, Jail Terms
Five strokes each for two Indonesian immigrants

31 MAY....SINGAPORE: Carjacker nabbed, thanks to alert cabby (illustrated)
Old offender, 49, pictured, put away for 18 years and ordered to receive 15 strokes of the cane for armed robbery

31 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Merits of cane
Reader urges return to simple common sense

June 2005

01 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Drawing the line over who is in control
Scottish readers agonise over solutions to classroom anarchy

01 JUN....UNITED STATES: Nepotism, personnel issues come up at Quitman meeting
Carry on paddling in an Arkansas district

03 JUN....BOLIVIA: Drivers whip a colleague (illustrated)
Unofficial whipping of strikebreaker is pictured

04 JUN....JAMAICA: Chastising with the sting of the scorpion
Columnist describes judicial whipping procedures

04 JUN....MALAYSIA: Nik Aziz wants lazy men caned
Premier of Kelantan State thinks it will encourage them to seek work

04 JUN....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Jail, strokes for 'dirty old man' (illustrated)
39-year-old, pictured, is ordered to receive 15 strokes of the birch after sexual assaults on child

05 JUN....BRUNEI: Thieving Dad Gets 12 Years' Jail, Whipping
Eight strokes for housebreaking; his 19-year-old accomplice gets three strokes

05 JUN....UGANDA: Should Prefects Punish?
Students discuss rights of wrongs of big boys punishing smaller boys

06 JUN....TANZANIA: Robbery earns five 150 years in jail
Plus double canings for four of them

07 JUN....UNITED STATES: Paddling students in Duval: Good discipline or a relic?
Controversy continues in Jacksonville, FL

08 JUN....BOLIVIA: Striking bus drivers spank a colleague (illustrated)
Another strikebreaker gets a whacking, pictured

08 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Europe steps up pressure to outlaw smacking
British government faces international opprobrium for failure to legislate against parental spanking

08 JUN....UNITED STATES: Spanking your kid may soon be illegal
Parental CP in the firing line in Massachusetts

12 JUN....INDONESIA: 'Gamblers' to get seven lashes with a cane in Indonesia
Authorities ready to begin Islamic flogging after years of debate

12 JUN....IRELAND: Ireland gets a slap
International pressure grows to outlaw parental spanking

12 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Paras' sick babooning torture
Initiation canings "leave squaddies' backsides red raw"

13 JUN....UNITED STATES: New discipline policy adopted for city schools
Paddling abolished in Starkville MS

14 JUN....MALAYSIA: Seven Indonesians convicted of three offences (illustrated)
Six of them, pictured, also get at least seven strokes of the cane each for piracy

14 JUN....SOUTH AFRICA: Court rejects caning teacher's biblical defence
He broke the law by caning an 11-year-old girl

14 JUN....UNITED STATES: Board approves specifications for spanking
A Louisiana district lays down paddle size and allows parental opts-out

14 JUN....UNITED STATES: New Wine opens school for behavior problem kids
A new Christian school opens in Louisiana with CP available

15 JUN....BRUNEI: 16 years, 15 strokes for raping 3 daughters
Repeated incest over years by ex-army corporal, 46

15 JUN....MALAYSIA: Scare tactic: Whipping on video
Exhibition shows video of prisoners being caned

15 JUN....MALAYSIA: Rape-robbery: Syabu dad jailed 19 years
25-year-old addict also ordered to receive nine strokes of the cane

16 JUN....MALAYSIA: Muslim duo to be caned for drinking alcohol (illustrated)
Six strokes each under Syariah law for two thirtysomething brothers, pictured

16 JUN....SINGAPORE: NSF pins down parents' attacker
21-year-old gets three years and 12 strokes for robbery

16 JUN....UNITED STATES: Paddle ban cost could hit city hard
Recent CP abolition in Memphis proves expensive

17 JUN....MALAYSIA: Pahang Syriah courts' dilemma
Legal tangle over how to cane Syariah offenders when they haven't also been sentenced to prison

17 JUN....TAIWAN: Corporal punishment in schools rampant despite ban: study
60% of pupils say they receive CP

17 JUN....UNITED STATES: Spare the rod and spoil the moral zealot
Massachusetts columnist derides anti-spank moves

17 JUN....UNITED STATES: Sallisaw School Hires Five New Teachers
An Oklahoma district does away with paddling

19 JUN....JAMAICA: 'They beat us here' (illustrated)
Unauthorised caning of boy is caught on camera at children's home

19 JUN....MALAYSIA: New hearing suggested for brothers who drank alcohol
Only way out may be to quash caning sentence

20 JUN....JAMAICA: Action taken against children's home worker
Staff member who caned boy is suspended

21 JUN....PAPUA NEW GUINEA: PNG judge wants rapists whipped
Caning used to be our custom and that had an immediate effect, he says

21 JUN....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Three-year prison term each for kidnapping and molesting child
Plus 90 lashes each for two illegal residents

21 JUN....UNITED STATES: Pairs with BEST Center renovations
A district in OK sends corporal punishment option forms to parents

23 JUN....BELIZE: Corporal punishment of children: still an issue
School CP is legal, and entrenched in the culture

23 JUN....INDONESIA: Public canings to start in Aceh for gamblers
First public flogging is imminent

23 JUN....MALAYSIA: MB: Brothers who drank alcohol wrongly charged
Courts said to have confused Penal Code caning with Syariah caning

23 JUN....NAMIBIA: Child Witness Problems Halt School Beating Trial
Boy, 15, claims damages for alleged school CP, says he could not sit down for 8 days

23 JUN....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Judge calls for return of cat-o-nine
He sentences rapist, 29, to 15-stroke birching but says flogging with cat would be more effective

24 JUN....INDONESIA: Aceh gamblers caned in public (illustrated)
First official canings take place, pictured

24 JUN....NORWAY: Appeals court rules against spanking
Father's acquittal reversed on appeal

24 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Ridiculing of children cruel
Caning was much preferable, argues letter-writer

25 JUN....INDONESIA: Aceh gamblers on caning deterrent
Pioneering Islamic floggings are described

25 JUN....SINGAPORE: Driver in MRT track crash jailed for drug sale (illustrated)
Five years and five strokes of the cane for trafficker, 24, pictured

27 JUN....BOTSWANA: Zimbabwean holidaymaker flogged in Botswana
Customary court gives him eight strokes of the cane for loitering

27 JUN....MALAYSIA: The pain is in the shame (illustrated)
Differences between Penal Code and Syariah canings are explained and pictured

28 JUN....SINGAPORE: Back-door 'Spider Man' snared (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, climbed into flats to burgle, gets eight years in prison and 12 strokes of the cane

28 JUN....UNITED STATES: Rapides school paddling policy is streamlined
Louisiana district makes paddling procedure less cumbersome

29 JUN....UNITED STATES: New group focuses on school district
Corporal punishment for tardy students in an area of Arkansas

30 JUN....INDONESIA: Flogging for Islamic law
Background to introduction of JCP in Aceh

30 JUN....MALAYSIA: Cook sentenced to life for robbery
29-year-old will also undergo six strokes of the rotan

30 JUN....UNITED STATES: Ex-boys' ranch staffers urged end to beatings
Fuss over past paddlings at WA home

30 JUN`....UNITED STATES: Student conduct under review
A Georgia school district abandons the paddle

July 2005

01 JUL....BRUNEI: Jail, cane for worker who stole $10,000
Three years in jail and four strokes of the cane for robber, 35

01 JUL....MALAYSIA: 60 Years Jail And 24 Lashes For Serial Rapist (illustrated)
38-year-old, pictured, raped foreign women and sodomised a schoolboy

01 JUL....SINGAPORE: Police NSF molested 9 girls in Chai Chee
Three years and 24 strokes for 21-year-old

04 JUL....BOTSWANA: Public flogging causes outrage (illustrated)
Petty thief, 27, is pictured receiving five lashes with pants down on the order of a traditional court

05 JUL....UNITED STATES: When paddle was used in school it served purpose -- and could today
The greater the impression imposed by a paddle on the posterior, the longer lasting will be the impression on the brain, says columnist

06 JUL....MALAYSIA: Dadah accused gets stiffer punishment
He's had three strokes already but must now receive another 7 strokes after prosecution appeal

07 JUL....UNITED STATES: Coach Spanky busted - S.I. hoops abuse rap
07 JUL....UNITED STATES: Community stunned as HS coach charged with spanking players (illustrated)
Basketball coach, 49, pictured, allegedly paddled 15-year-old boys when they missed shots

08 JUL....UNITED STATES: Trial set for man accused of spanking teen workers
Slow progress in the Tasty Flavors Sno Biz saga

08 JUL....UNITED STATES: Boys' ranch head to take leave
Revered WA reformatory boss succumbs to paddling allegations

10 JUL....UNITED STATES: Strippers Arrested In Alleged Spanking
Sleazy goings-on in an Arkansas nightclub: Man's friends paid $25 to have him paddled

10 JUL....UNITED STATES: When licks meant beating, time out was recovery
Columnist recalls paddle licks from coach

12 JUL....UNITED STATES: More teens slap 'Coach Spanky'
More boys come forward with claims against coach

13 JUL....BERMUDA: UBP: Bring back the birch
Opposition politician says violence in jail far more prevalent now

13 JUL....MALAYSIA: Step up Immigration Act enforcement: MP
1,049 illegals caned in Sabah state

13 JUL....UNITED STATES: Palacios ISD employees to get pay raises
A Texas school district that already uses CP also adopts it as a discipline option in its athletics handbook

14 JUL....UNITED STATES: Judge denies gag order in paddling case
Mother faces injury charge after paddling boy, 11

14 JUL....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment: Parents can say no
1,700 students were paddled last year in Montgomery, Alabama

15 JUL....UNITED STATES: Father Acquitted for Spanking Son
Boy, 13, got four swats on bottom with a paddle

15 JUL....UNITED STATES: BOE hears of dropout problem
Paddling statistics given for a district in Alabama

17 JUL....UNITED STATES: Player, teacher led Head Start
Former Florida principal dies; his "board of education" kept a lot of kids out of jail, says former student

18 JUL....GHANA: Fees and Other Matters: The Woes of School Heads
Final-year secondary students caned for not paying up

20 JUL....UNITED STATES: Sure, swift school discipline works best
Most kids would rather get whacked than have parent ordered to come to school with them, says Mississippi columnist

21 JUL....NIGERIA: Governor's son to be caned for attending party in Nigeria
13-year-old ordered to receive 13 strokes of the cane for associating with girls

24 JUL....TANZANIA: What are health officers up to?
Teenager gets three strokes of the cane for washing cars in a prohibited site

25 JUL....SINGAPORE: Second chance for ex-inmate
Former drug trafficker, 24, now a college student after receiving five strokes of the cane

27 JUL....UNITED STATES: Paddling still practiced in schools
Views vary in Mississippi, top paddling state

28 JUL....MALAYSIA: Hawker gets 15 years for another rape
37-year-old already sentenced to nine strokes of rotan now gets another six for different offence

29 JUL....MALAYSIA: Acehnese get 8 years, 10 strokes for drugs offences
Canings for two twentysomethings

29 JUL....SINGAPORE: 10 years' jail for man who robbed 5 cabbies (illustrated)
31-year-old, pictured, is also ordered to receive 24 strokes of the cane

30 JUL....SINGAPORE: Man molested 2 daughters
3 years in jail and 24 strokes of the cane for errant father, 45

31 JUL....BARBADOS: Don't flog!
Teachers' union advises members not to use CP after boy wins compensation for injured buttocks

31 JUL....UNITED STATES: Punishment turned into abuse, boys say
But parents approved of paddle licks at NC religious boarding school

31 JUL....UNITED STATES: Berryville: School employee sues over listing as child abuser
Asst. principal listed after fifth-grader's buttocks bruised; boy's paddling is described

August 2005

01 AUG....JAMAICA: 'Flog people who steal from farmers'
Farmers' leader calls for the return of judicial whipping

01 AUG....MALAYSIA: Re-arrested man gets jail, cane
Two strokes for man, 45, cleared of drug smuggling but convicted of entering country illegally

02 AUG....JAMAICA: PM says no to flogging of praedial thieves (with cartoon)
Prime Minister turns farmers' leader down

02 AUG....MALAYSIA: Ex-national athlete pleads for whipping in place of jail term
But 30-year-old fraudster ends up getting both

03 AUG....BRUNEI: PR Youth Jailed For Robbery With A Deadly Weapon
21-year-old also ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane

04 AUG....UNITED STATES: In Marble Falls school district, discipline is a matter of record
A Texas district allows parents to request alternatives to CP

09 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Bring back the cane to tackle yobs (illustrated)
Two-thirds of parents favour return to school CP; picture shows posed caning scene from an old movie

10 AUG....BAHAMAS: Bring back the cat?
Proposal for reintroduction of flogging

10 AUG....UNITED STATES: Mesquite schools open to new rules
In a Texas district, CP is banished

11 AUG....SINGAPORE: Runaway brothers (illustrated)
Two boys, pictured, caned by father for fleeing family home

12 AUG....MALAYSIA: 18 years for rape (illustrated)
43-year-old, pictured, also ordered to receive 10 strokes of the cane

14 AUG....UNITED STATES: Harvey Police Department faces lawsuit over alleged beating
Teen boy was whacked with wooden paddle at police station

17 AUG....AUSTRALIA: Spare the rod
Some NSW teachers still mourn the cane's passing

19 AUG....INDONESIA: Female gamblers caned in Indonesia
First canings of women in Aceh

19 AUG....UNITED STATES: Kids pick lickings (illustrated)
Mass paddling of 28 boys for haircut violations at an Alabama high school; principal and assistant are pictured

19 AUG....UNITED STATES: School off to smooth start in Kennett
Missouri high school principal tells students they will be paddled for tardies and dress code violations

19 AUG....UNITED STATES: Educator did not abuse boy by paddling him, judge says
AR assistant principal who gave boy three whacks is exonerated

19 AUG....UNITED STATES: Board releases incident report
Parents' written permission required for CP in an Alabama district

20 AUG....INDONESIA: Court flogs four women for gambling
1,000 gather to watch

22 AUG....UNITED STATES: Confusion in law causing schools to put away paddles
Does new Texas law ban school paddling?

25 AUG....NEW ZEALAND: School shows how to smack
Fuss over pamphlet giving CP advice for parents

25 AUG....UNITED STATES: Spanking suit settled for $94,000
Two boys get compensation for police paddlings

28 AUG....SWAZILAND: Report: Swazi princess whipped for loud music
King's daughter, 17, was among several girls punished by palace official

29 AUG....BOTSWANA: BarMan Flogged For Threatening Fiancee
Customary Court orders four strokes of cane on bare buttocks

29 AUG....INDONESIA: Rights group condemns caning of two women in Aceh for violating Islamic law
Two unmarried couples flogged for drinking alcohol and being alone together

September 2005

01 SEP....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment is legal in 22 states. Would you support its use in your school?
Opposing views from two teachers

02 SEP....SWAZILAND: Maverick Swazi princess gets licking for party
More on whipping of "maidens" ahead of traditional bare-breasted annual ceremony

03 SEP....CANADA: Heading back to school in the 1880s
Edmonton schools used a willow switch for CP before the strap was adopted

04 SEP....MALAYSIA: Rising HIV+ rate in prisons worrying
Infected prisoners are flogged with a separate cane

04 SEP....UNITED STATES: Most South Dakotans say spanking OK
But only 20% support it in school

06 SEP....IRAN: Iran to speed up flogging of women for "bad" veil
Women who violate dress code will henceforth be flogged immediately

06 SEP....IRAN: Iran sentences woman to flogging and jail
15 years' prison and 100 lashes for woman accused of murder

06 SEP....SINGAPORE: Sex fiend molested 8 women in one block (illustrated)
Three years and 8 strokes for 26-year-old, pictured

07 SEP....GHANA: Agambilla calls for corporal punishment
Government minister calls for caning for those who litter the streets

08 SEP....UNITED STATES: Parents of student who was paddled file suit against Groveton ISD
Continuing row over punishment of TX fifth-grader

11 SEP....AUSTRALIA: Schools fail the 3Rs test
55% of Queensland public want corporal punishment brought back

11 SEP....SWAZILAND: Looking to the future (illustrated)
17-year-old princess who was whipped on thighs is pictured in traditional ceremonial outfit

12 SEP....UNITED KINGDOM: Scot flogs hard line on crime
One-man campaign to bring back judicial CP

12 SEP....MALAYSIA: 79 illegal aliens get jail, rotan
One stroke each in mass caning of foreigners

12 SEP....SOUTH AFRICA: 'Caning' teacher must go!
Girl, 20, allegedly caned at school

12 SEP....SWAZILAND: Sikhanyiso beating now with king
Monarch is investigating saga of his daughter's whipping

12 SEP....UNITED STATES: TISD workshop looks at corporal punishment
Paddling debated in a TX school district

13 SEP....UNITED STATES: Student's Family Files Assault Charges Against Assistant Principal
Mother accuses him of injuring eighth-grader in spanking

14 SEP....UNITED STATES: Man pleads guilty to spanking teens
Pet shop owner paddled two 'rude' girls

15 SEP....MALAYSIA: Jail and whipping for two rapist dads
Heavy sentences for men who raped their daughters

15 SEP....SWAZILAND: State guilty!
Several male youths under 18 are "moderately whipped" every day for petty crimes

15 SEP....SWAZILAND: Mixed feelings over corporal punishment
Students interviewed about caning

15 SEP....UNITED STATES: Trustees split on policy
Debate rages in Tyler, Texas

16 SEP....AUSTRALIA: Strap to be banned in all Victorian schools
16 SEP....AUSTRALIA: State hails class act
School CP, already outlawed in government schools, will be prohibited in private ones too under new proposals

16 SEP....SWAZILAND: Corporal punishment legal
Law of 1982 lays down caning regulations

16 SEP....UNITED STATES: Ex-basketball coach pleads guilty to spanking players
16-year-old says he was spanked over coach's knee in NY

17 SEP....MALAYSIA: Public get inside view of JB prison (illustrated)
Old prison goes on public display; picture shows range of canes used

17 SEP....SWAZILAND: Is it because Princess SikHanyiso was assaulted? (illustrated)
Letter-writer supports corporal punishment of princess, pictured here in Western dress

17 SEP....ZIMBABWE: Reintroduce the cane in classrooms
When only school heads can cane, students do as they wish in class, avers editorialist

18 SEP....PAKISTAN: CS orders schools to cease corporal punishment
Caning abolished in Punjab

19 SEP....SINGAPORE: Heroin in check, but new threats loom
2,774 drug abusers caned

20 SEP....MALAYSIA: Brother and sister jailed for having sex
25-year-old gets six years and two strokes

20 SEP....SINGAPORE: Man in love triangle jailed for threat to kill rival (illustrated)
Killer and blackmailer, 43, pictured, gets two years and two strokes of the cane

20 SEP....UNITED STATES: School Spanking Incident Investigated
Mother 'alarmed' by bruises on 11-year-old's rear, though she had given permission for CP

22 SEP....SINGAPORE: Man jailed for molesting 3 girls (illustrated)
And 12 strokes of the cane for 22-year-old, pictured

23 SEP....MALAYSIA: Jail, rotan for robbers (illustrated)
Two twentysomethings, sentenced to 5 years and 8 strokes of rotan each, are seen leaving court in two different pictures

24 SEP....MALAYSIA: 14 years, 10 strokes for raping daughter
Rapist father, 41, gets heavy sentence

28 SEP....SINGAPORE: Prisoner left paralysed after attack by inmate
36-year-old gets an extra four years in jail plus 12 strokes of the cane

28 SEP....SINGAPORE: She was 5, in his care, and he exploited that
Close family friend, 46, jailed for 21 years and ordered to receive eight strokes for oral sex with girl

28 SEP....SINGAPORE: Whack, Whack Back
Student at top boys' school gets public caning for defaming teacher on online forum

28 SEP....PAKISTAN: CS removes school head for beating student
Caning headmaster is retired and fined

28 SEP....UNITED STATES: More than one side to Conroy
Columnist pays tribute to CA politician who led unsuccessful drive to restore school CP and introduce judicial paddling for graffiti

29 SEP....NIGERIA: RSG abolishes corporal punishment in schools
No more caning in Rivers State

29 SEP....UNITED STATES: Mac High addresses hazing issue
Football team paddlings 'left welts on people's rears'

30 SEP....BRUNEI: Five Men Jailed For Stealing Cars And Electrical Cables
One also gets eight strokes of the cane

30 SEP....IRAN: 'Next Time, You'll Be Executed' (illustrated)
22-year-old shows scars on back after flogging for homosexuality

30 SEP....MALAYSIA: Father enraged by teacher-son's crime
25-year-old given jail plus 10 strokes of rotan for drugs offences

October 2005

01 OCT....SINGAPORE: Couple jailed for extortion bid
21-year-old also given three strokes of the cane

01 OCT....SINGAPORE: Boy's caning sends right signals
Reaction to caning before whole school of student who defamed teacher online

01 OCT....SOUTH AFRICA: A career with a calling
Veteran educator says banning CP has disempowered teachers

03 OCT....SINGAPORE: Yew Tee cigarette touts return (illustrated)
Schoolboys, pictured buying illegal cigarettes, get caned at school

04 OCT....MALAYSIA: 16 years' jail and rotan for having cannabis
10 strokes of cane for drug offender, 28

05 OCT....UNITED STATES: Odom recognized for service on Board
An Arkansas school district reports only five students paddled in 6 weeks

05 OCT....UNITED STATES: School board takes action
A school district in MS decides to abolish the forms on which parents state they do not wish their students paddled

06 OCT....JAMAICA: KC parents create stink over caning
Half a dozen secondary lads whacked for refusing to snitch

07 OCT....JAMAICA: An ill wind at KC
Newspaper accuses top secondary school of lack of good sense in row over mass caning

07 OCT....MALAYSIA: 12 years, six strokes for raping girl, 12
27-year-old Filipino offender is married man

07 OCT....MALAYSIA: Nine years' jail for drug offence, two plead guilty to possession
Two twentysomethings also get 10 strokes of rotan each

07 OCT....MALAYSIA: Lemang seller gets 15 years for raping minor
And two strokes of rotan for 22-year-old

07 OCT....NEPAL: Training teachers to teach without the stick
Corporal punishment 'still rampant', especially in private schools, though Supreme Court has ruled against it

07 OCT....TAIWAN: Corporal punishment in schools a divisive issue
Civic groups speak out against caning

07 OCT....UNITED STATES: Paddling incident brings police investigation to Medina school
Mother complains that TN middle school principal used excessive force in paddling boy, 10

07 OCT....UNITED STATES: Board approves ban on spanking
CP finally abolished in Pennsylvania

09 OCT....SUDAN: Sudan's new deal for Christians eases the pressure, but troubles persist
50-year-old given 45 lashes for being drunk

10 OCT....UGANDA: Mbarara Mayor Backs Caning
It imparts sense into a child's brain, he says

10 OCT....UNITED STATES: Paddled Student's Mother Wants Corporal Punishment In Schools Banned (illustrated)
Seventh-grader in NC had purple backside, she claims; paddle is pictured

11 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: Pakistanis get prison, lashes over drugs
Thousands of public lashes ordered for two offenders

11 OCT....SINGAPORE: Serial robber gets 13 years' jail, caning (illustrated)
24 strokes of the cane for repeat offender, 29, pictured

11 OCT....SWAZILAND: Mhlatane students made to dig trees (illustrated)
Senior schoolboys, two of whom pictured, were also beaten on hands for drinking alcohol

12 OCT....BRUNEI: Civil Servant Jailed For Raping Daughter
12 strokes of cane and 11 years in jail for man, 34

12 OCT....UNITED STATES: Board scolded on spanking
Pros and cons of paddle debated in an NC district

13 OCT....UNITED STATES: School system studies discipline
Superintendent of a FL school board recommends banning paddling

14 OCT....NIGERIA: Lashings for teen lesbians
Six girls given 90 strokes each for 'abominable act'

14 OCT....UNITED STATES: Robeson schools punishment policy put on hold
Moratorium on CP in an NC district

19 OCT....SINGAPORE: The day he gave police the slip (illustrated)
10 years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane for 36-year-old murderer, pictured

20 OCT....UNITED STATES: Simmons advises on punishment revisions
Board members divided in Tyler, TX

21 OCT....TAIWAN: Corporal punishment should be banned by law, group advocates
Campaign against caning hots up

22 OCT....SINGAPORE: Stabbing victim asks judge to be lenient to attacker
Man, 46, gets 16 months' prison and six strokes of cane after sudden brawl between friends

24 OCT....UNITED STATES: Sparing the rod
Ongoing arguments in North Carolina

24 OCT....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment used infrequently in state
Not much paddling in Oklahoma, but at least eight schools around Tulsa still use it

25 OCT....BRUNEI: Eight Years, 12 Strokes For Gang Robbery
31-year-old ambushed Chinese money changer in speedboat

25 OCT....MALAYSIA: 60 convicts are caned every week
Average figure is for Sabah state alone; most canings are for immigration offences

26 OCT....MALAYSIA: Jail and rotan for firearms possession
Six strokes and 11 years for 28-year-old with pistol, already sentenced to jail and cane for previous offence

26 OCT....TAIWAN: Taiwan caning sparks heated debate (illustrated)
Boy's classroom whacking on hands and backside is captured on video phone

26 OCT....UNITED STATES: First school in Lonoke has 197 students in 1868
A school district superintendent in AR notes that some things remain unchanged, including CP

27 OCT....UNITED STATES: New Orleans players receive warm welcome (illustrated)
Football star, 17, pictured, relocated to Ohio after Hurricane Katrina, notes different way of life in new home, including not getting paddled so much at school

28 OCT....MALAYSIA: Jail and rotan for having drugs
32-year-old gets 10 strokes for possessing heroin

28 OCT....UNITED STATES: Child's paddling upsets family (illustrated)
TN student, 14, pictured with parents, describes punishment, claims it injured his spine

28 OCT....UNITED STATES: Spanking ban lifted
An NC district resumes paddling

30 OCT....UNITED STATES: Sparing the rod
There is no training in how to administer CP, says a TN schools director

November 2005

01 NOV....BERMUDA: Why did they beat my five-year-old?
Boy with "short attention span" was strapped by principal

01 NOV....INDONESIA: Six convicted gamblers in Aceh receive public caning
Presence of audience is an unnecessary humiliation, say human rights activists

04 NOV....UNITED STATES: Mayor: Sever thumbs of graffiti artists
He also suggests whippings or canings for criminal kids

04 NOV....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment rare, but still applied occasionally
Overview of paddling situation in various OK districts

04 NOV....UNITED STATES: To paddle or not to paddle?
Two TN principals discuss use of CP

05 NOV....UNITED STATES: A & M band coeds tell of paddling
Eight members of marching band allegedly hazed at an Alabama university

05 NOV....UNITED STATES: What's in store for state's education system?
KY columnist calls for return of school CP, more parental responsibility, abolition of due process

06 NOV....UNITED STATES: Spare the rod and spoil the day
Columnist recalls paddling teacher

08 NOV....UNITED STATES: Local districts keep right to use paddle
Texas Attorney-General says new law has not removed CP from schools

09 NOV....UNITED STATES: Fayetteville principal severely beaten in his office
Paddle found in TN school following mystery attack

10 NOV....UNITED STATES: Paddling investigation by DHS continues
Sheriff finds no evidence of child abuse in continuing TN paddling dispute

11 NOV....UNITED STATES: School officials probe paddling incident
Yet another fuss about a paddling in TN

14 NOV....NAMIBIA: School Beatings Draw New Scrutiny in Africa
Teachers grumble at prohibition on CP

14 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Teacher Charged With Mocking Religion Sentenced to Jail
He is ordered 50 public lashes per week for 15 weeks, plus three years' prison

14 NOV....UNITED STATES: Schools' discipline program posts gains
Controversy follows abolition of CP in Memphis

15 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Joy Riders Sentenced to Jail, Flogging
50 lashes each for two young men

15 NOV....UNITED STATES: Judge orders spank-case paddle destroyed
AR night club abandons birthday spankings after trucker with bruised backside protests

16 NOV....UNITED STATES: Stopping the swats
No more school paddling in Plato, MO

17 NOV....AUSTRALIA: Courts warn parents
Parents "hit their kids too hard"

17 NOV....UNITED STATES: Hazing hell at Seton Hall: 2 in frat charged in teen's beating
19-year-old pledge at NY fraternity complains his bottom turned red after paddling

17 NOV....UNITED STATES: Paddle policy splits TISD board vote
CP to continue in Tyler, TX

18 NOV....SINGAPORE: Man who hired teens to kill ex-lover jailed (illustrated)
42-year-old, pictured, also gets six strokes of the cane

19 NOV....UNITED STATES: Scott City paddling within guidelines, school board says
Allegations of child abuse rejected by MO school board

19 NOV....UNITED STATES: Mother wants answers after paddling (illustrated)
Texas middle-school student, pictured, complains that the punishment hurt

21 NOV....IRAN: Iran sentences three youth to flogging, jail
74 lashes each for drinking and creating trouble

22 NOV....BRUNEI: Jail, Cane For Ex-Army Man
Six years and five strokes for possessing rifle

22 NOV....JAMAICA: Corporal Punishment in schools
Lawyer discusses CP in secondary schools

22 NOV....QATAR: School students complain of beatings for arriving late
Tardy seniors beaten in front of classmates

22 NOV....ST KITTS & NEVIS: Punishment or abuse
Primary boy got three lashes on his buttocks, mother complains

22 NOV....SINGAPORE: Loan sharks to face stiffer punishments
New law makes caning mandatory for moneylenders who cause hurt

22 NOV....UNITED STATES: Parent upset with CISD's discipline tactics
TX boy paddled, mother claims she signed form denying permission

23 NOV....SINGAPORE: Cab hijacker who went on a rampage with sword jailed (illustrated)
And 12 strokes of the cane for would-be armed robber, 33, pictured

24 NOV....GHANA: Caning in the Classroom
CP common in public school classrooms, students say

25 NOV....BRUNEI: Jail, cane for foreigners who overstayed
Three strokes each for three thirtysomethings

27 NOV....BRUNEI: Foreigner Pays Price For Inflicting Hurt
18 months' jail, two strokes and a fine for offender who also possessed illegal drugs

29 NOV....UNITED STATES: Wrist slap in 'spank'
Basketball coach who paddled teens' bare bottoms gets probation and is put on sex offender register

30 NOV....UNITED STATES: Firefighter hazing inquiry ends
Four at GA fire station are disciplined for paddling each others' buttocks

30 NOV....UNITED STATES: AC/OVSD holds annual corporal punishment meeting
Paddling discussed in an Ohio district

30 NOV....UNITED STATES: School paddlings fewer, not gone
CP alive and well in some parts of Missouri

December 2005

02 DEC....SINGAPORE: Dad from hell jailed
And six strokes of the cane for man, 43, who molested his own daughter

03 DEC....INDONESIA: Gamblers publicly caned in Aceh
Another mass Islamic flogging outside a mosque

04 DEC....UNITED STATES: New regulations bar use of spanking in schools
Final act in abolition of paddling in Pennsylvania

04 DEC....UNITED STATES: Discipline or abuse? (illustrated)
Move to ban corporal punishment in a Tennessee district; a paddle is pictured

06 DEC....PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Spare the rod
Editorial weighs consequences of abolishing school CP

06 DEC....UNITED STATES: Spanking is a lesson kids will remember
Parents need to take back control of their children, say letter-writers

06 DEC....UNITED STATES: Discipline at school
Professor of psychology says suspension doesn't work, lambasts "social science researchers", calls for rethink of attitudes to corporal punishment

07 DEC....UNITED STATES: Spankings in home, school were seen as signs of love
They taught me respect and responsibility, says reader

09 DEC....MALAYSIA: Death row trio, another granted extension of time to appeal
Firearms accused appeals against 1997 conviction and sentence of 8 cane strokes plus life imprisonment

09 DEC....SINGAPORE: Judge orders boy, 15, to be caned, then spares him
Only the High Court may order caning for young offenders

09 DEC....UNITED STATES: Board extends Hickman's contract (illustrated)
Anti-CP campaigner is pictured holding up paddle as he berates a Tennessee school board

11 DEC....BRUNEI: Four Plead Guilty To Firearms Possession
Two of them are ordered to receive three strokes of the cane

12 DEC....SAUDI ARABIA: Royal pardon for teachers who upset Muslim scholars
Jail and flogging sentences are set aside following international fuss

12 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: Horror of boys' birching
1932 judicial whipping is recalled

13 DEC....SINGAPORE: Underage sex and assault: youth jailed
20-year-old also gets six strokes of cane

13 DEC....UNITED STATES: Plato school district might add new elementary in Roby
School paddling abolished in a Missouri district

14 DEC....BRUNEI: 15 Years And 10 Strokes For Syabu
Drug offences bring caning for 34-year-old

15 DEC....UNITED STATES: Deputy Charged With Injury To A Child
He spanked his 8-year-old step-daughter

15 DEC....UNITED STATES: Minister faces jail in beating of his son
Boy, 17, was whipped with leather belt

15 DEC....UNITED STATES: Henry: School discipline is behind the times (illustrated)
Columnist yearns for time when spanking, not police and handcuffs, greeted student misbehaviour; a perforated paddle is pictured

16 DEC....AUSTRALIA: Corporal punishment well and truly going
Victoria govt says determined to abolish CP in independent schools

16 DEC....UNITED STATES: A reason for respect
Letter-writer, parent, warns of trouble ahead following school CP abolition in PA

16 DEC....UNITED STATES: Clark schools face common safety worries
Only six paddlings in 12 months at a Kentucky school district

17 DEC....MALAYSIA: Repeat sex offender lands in jail again
Already caned 27 strokes in the past, 48-year-old is now given another six strokes of the rotan

18 DEC....UNITED STATES: Speaking Spanish no longer against the rules -- in most states
Columnist recounts 1960s paddlings

20 DEC....CANADA: Police backpedal on gang-crime issue
Black leader says authorities too quick to remove children from homes where CP is used

20 DEC....MALAYSIA: NS trainer jailed for rape (illustrated)
Army corporal, 30, pictured, sentenced to 12 years in jail and three strokes of rotan

20 DEC....MALAYSIA: Shop assistant gets five years for armed robbery
And two strokes of the rotan for 21-year-old

21 DEC....MALAYSIA: Labourer jailed 30 years for rape
25-year-old is also ordered to receive nine strokes of the cane

22 DEC....MALAYSIA: Wife freed, but husband gets jail (illustrated)
Man, 41, pictured, sent to jail for 14 years and ordered to receive 10 strokes for possessing drugs

23 DEC....BRUNEI: 22 years behind bars for cannabis
Trafficker is also given 15 strokes of the cane

28 DEC....UNITED STATES: Hartselle High logs 63 disciplinary incidents this year
Only 21 paddlings at an Alabama high school

29 DEC....NIGERIA: Salute to Sylvester Onoja
Charismatic, cane-wielding head teacher is recalled

30 DEC....BRUNEI: Jail, Whipping For Overstaying Foreigners
Three strokes each for two thirtysomethings

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