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Corporal punishment: News chronology 2003

All 2003's news items for all countries, in a single date sequence



05 JAN....IRAN: Court in Iran sentences prostitution ring members to over 4,000 lashes
Prison terms and 4,710 lashes shared between 90 gang members

09 JAN....MALAYSIA: Cabinet agrees to gallows, long sentences for child rapists
Those aged 50 and above will no longer be spared caning

10 JAN....TAIWAN: Shihpai students lashed for buying lunches off-campus
Junior high boys and girls chose paddling over demerits; Ministry disapproves

11 JAN....TANZANIA: Convict reaps 30 years in prison plus 12 strokes of cane
19-year-old found guilty of raping girl, 11

12 JAN....MALAYSIA: Laws should protect as well as punish
No longer any reason to exempt over-50s from caning, avers editorialist

12 JAN....MALAYSIA: Man Jailed Seven Years For Firearms Possession (illustrated)
44-year-old, pictured, also to receive seven strokes of rotan

14 JAN....UNITED STATES: Raytown South suspends Lathrop, Crudup
15 JAN....UNITED STATES: Lathrop says paddle goes back to 1960s (illustrated)
15 JAN....UNITED STATES: Veteran coaches say game changing
Missouri basketball coach, pictured, in trouble for paddling his boys

16 JAN....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Nine get jail sentences
Plus lashings for running a brothel and attempted killing

17 JAN....UNITED STATES: Judge rules spanking of girl, 14, by man OK
He pulled down her pants and put her over his knee

17 JAN....UNITED STATES: Lawyer: Juvenile court should handle teen paddling case
High-school hazing paddling in Pennsylvania

17 JAN....UNITED STATES: Legendary K.C. area coach takes hit in changed world (illustrated)
17 JAN....UNITED STATES: Paddle casts shadow over Cardinals' season
Row over paddling of basketball boys in Missouri continues, opposing team uses 'paddle' chant as taunt; another picture

18 JAN....MALAYSIA: Prison executes whipping order on 19 convicts
Rare press report of actual infliction

20 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: Indian flogged for sacrilege
70 lashes for urinating on mosque

21 JAN....BRUNEI: Local gets 20 years, 15 strokes for syabu
Stiff punishment for drug trafficking

21 JAN....UNITED STATES: Committee recommends corporal punishment repeal
Wyoming House Education Committee endorses bill to end school paddling

22 JAN....UNITED STATES: Police investigate paddling of Vidor student
Texas high school senior, 17, punished in principal's office, claims his back injured

23 JAN....NIGERIA: 20-Year-Old Prince Caned for Drunkenness
Large crowd gathers to watch his second caning in six weeks

24 JAN....UGANDA: Flog the Corrupt, Mbale Voters Say
24 JAN....UGANDA: Public Flogging the Answer?
Residents want public flogging for corrupt public officials

24 JAN....UNITED STATES: Bill would ban spanking in schools
Wyoming House approves prohibition of school spanking

25 JAN....IRAN: Iranian youth flogged for drinking alcohol
Eleven youths receive 100 lashes each

31 JAN....BRUNEI: A peek inside prison (illustrated)
Local dignitaries given caning demonstration, pictured

02 FEB....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment tackled by Delaware students
Senator introduces legislation to outlaw school CP

05 FEB....SINGAPORE: 23 years' jail, 24 strokes for Internet sex fiend
26-year-old preyed on teen girls in virtual chatroom

08 FEB....UNITED STATES: New complaints rise against removed priest
New York State priest, "strict disciplinarian", gave boys whacks on bare behind

09 FEB....UNITED STATES: Administrators defend corporal punishment in schools
Another parental complaint about excessive paddling in Alabama

09 FEB....UNITED STATES: Paddling becoming rarity in schools
Spanking of students, used sparingly, seems to work, says AL education official

13 FEB....UNITED STATES: Suit alleges paddling at WMHS too harsh
High school football player was paddled "with excessive force" in Louisiana

13 FEB....UNITED STATES: Senate narrowly defeats corporal punishment repeal
Carry on school paddling in Wyoming, for now

14 FEB....UNITED STATES: Beat 'em Up, Teach 'em Virtue
Texas politician wants legislation to encourage parents to spank

16 FEB....BARBADOS: Straight to the point: Corporal punishment
Columnist says school caning must be kept

16 FEB....UNITED STATES: Cape Coral teacher gets probation for spanking disabled student
He pulled down 12-year-old's pants and put him over his knee

17 FEB....UNITED STATES: Spare The Child
Time for Missouri to ban the school paddle, suggests leader-writer

18 FEB....INDIA: Student gets caned, files FIR against teachers
What can teachers possibly do, asks principal after senior boy's whacking

18 FEB....UNITED STATES: Suspended principal expects to lose job over discipline allegations
Missouri elementary school head allegedly spanked three students, contrary to local rules

19 FEB....SINGAPORE: Nabbed for using fake passport at Changi
Bahamas national is jailed and caned

19 FEB....UNITED STATES: Student suing school board over paddling
Louisiana cheerleader, 13, spanked in front of class

20 FEB....SINGAPORE: Brothers jailed for bid to extort $10m from drug giant (illustrated)
Canings for brothers, 29 and 34, pictured, after blackmail plot

21 FEB....UNITED STATES: Plea reached in student paddling case (illustrated)
Two 17-year-olds, pictured, put on probation after paddling high school freshmen in PA

22 FEB....KENYA: Rustler Jailed for 10 Years
Cattle bandit also ordered to receive six strokes of the cane

22 FEB....UNITED STATES: State law allows paddling, and AEA backs Jackson teacher
Teacher physically attacked after AL assistant police chief's daughter, 12, swatted in hallway

23 FEB....UNITED STATES: When is paddling appropriate?
Perhaps it should be kept in reserve for the most serious offences, wonders Louisiana editorialist

25 FEB....UNITED STATES: Charges dropped against Christian academy's founder, wife
Missouri reformatory has no case to answer

26 FEB....AUSTRALIA: Secrets an open book as Broncos go home
Rugby player finds his 1982 entry in punishment book at old school

01 MAR....SINGAPORE: Runaway jailed, caned for taking part in killing (illustrated)
36-year-old, pictured, gets 12 strokes of cane

03 MAR....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Spanking for girls who beat up school counsellor
Sisters receive punishment in front of whole school

04 MAR....INDONESIA: Aceh's Sharia court opens
Public canings are in prospect for Muslims

04 MAR....MALAYSIA: Man gets 29 years, rotan for Tabung Haji scam (illustrated)
19 strokes for 45-year-old fraudster, pictured

05 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Australian flogged for 'thief wife'
06 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Aussie prisoner vows not to scream
56-year-old is flogged in instalments

07 MAR....BRUNEI: Justice meted out to car thieves
Canings for gang of teens 'n' twenties

07 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Another Aussie faces flogging
38-year-old faces alcohol charges

08 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Australian Media Whipped Into a Mad Frenzy
Arab News links fuss over caned Aussie to anti-Islamic sentiment

09 MAR....UNITED STATES: City stops paddling; county's still swinging
Girl, 14, spanked in AL assistant principal's office despite aunt's note

11 MAR....SINGAPORE: Hand severed in fight: 3 teens get jail and caning
Six strokes each for three boys, 16 and 17

11 MAR....UNITED STATES: County board exonerated; teacher's case will resume
Yet another disputed paddling case in Alabama

11 MAR....UNITED STATES: Fewer students feeling the sting
Two thirds of Florida districts still spank students

12 MAR....MALAYSIA: School dropout gets five years and whipping for rape
17-year-old changes his plea to guilty, gets only one stroke of rotan

13 MAR....MALAYSIA: Religious School Student Caned 25 Times Lodges Police Report (illustrated)
Boy and girl unofficially whipped for conversing; new clearer picture of boy showing weals on back

13 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Lash man for early release (illustrated)
Australian flogging recipient is pictured

14 MAR....MALAYSIA: Schoolboy talks to girl - both whipped 25 times (illustrated)
Boy caned for talking to girl is pictured

15 MAR....MALAYSIA: 'Stop all forms of vigilante action'
Over-zealous action in the name of religion must stop immediately, say Moslem women

17 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Wife Burning
Saudi man sentenced to 6,300 lashes over many instalments, some of them in public

18 MAR....MALAYSIA: Two Claim Trial To Causing Hurt To Students
Public caning of students leads to assault charge

20 MAR....SOUTH AFRICA: Corporal punishment lives on
Even students want caning brought back

21 MAR....BRUNEI: Multiple drug offender gets a break
15 strokes for 30-year-old trafficker

22 MAR....MALAYSIA: 45 years' jail for dad who raped child from age of 10 (illustrated)
Fisherman, 42, pictured, also ordered to receive 21 strokes of the cane

22 MAR....PAKISTAN: Experts' panel divided on punishment for drinking
Committee of legal and religious experts debate whether Islamic rules call for 80 lashes for alcohol

22 MAR....UNITED STATES: Paddled student's family files claim
AL girl had red marks across buttocks following school paddling

24 MAR....BARBADOS: Nothing wrong with flogging boys only
No case for gender equality in the case of school CP, says letter-writer

25 MAR....KENYA: Bleeding Hearts Ruining Our Kids
Miscreants must be chastised, says columnist who ridicules ban on school caning

27 MAR....AUSTRALIA: NSW: Man awarded $1.2 million for strapping as schoolboy
Court halves damages payout from Catholic school

27 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: First Muslim school may face closure
Scottish private school in trouble amid claims of corporal punishment

27 MAR....UNITED STATES: Delaware House forbids corporal punishment
Bill passes by 22 votes to 16, now goes to Governor

28 MAR....MOZAMBIQUE: School Students Protest in Inhambane
Teacher arrested for caning boy

30 MAR....UNITED STATES: The spanking judge of Galveston County
Texas judge has paddle and uses it

31 MAR....SAUDI ARABIA: Aust man in Saudi prison flogged after govt leniency plea
Total sentence of 300 strokes continues to be inflicted in instalments

02 APR....SINGAPORE: What remorse? Jail term upped to 14 years for serial robber, 17 (illustrated)
School dropout, pictured, is to have 24 strokes of the cane

04 APR....NAMIBIA: Witchdoctors Wanted Above Lawyers in Traditional Courts
Communities call for local courts to be able to inflict CP

05 APR....IRELAND: Poll backs floggings
Majority wants public floggings for serious crime

10 APR....SINGAPORE: Teen terror on streets, mouse in court
13-year-old robber caned in boys' home

12 APR....MALAYSIA: Cabby jailed 15 years raping daughter (illustrated)
Plus 7 strokes of rotan for 46-year-old, pictured

12 APR....SINGAPORE: Jail, cane for man who stabbed ex-wife 14 times (illustrated)
40-year-old, pictured, given five years and four strokes

13 APR....UNITED STATES: Mount Vernon-Enola parents want legal action in alleged racial threat
Two seniors at AR school chose paddling over suspension

15 APR....MALAYSIA: More foreigners jailed, caned for immigration violations
17 men given a stroke of the cane each

15 APR....SINGAPORE: 15 years' jail for man who robbed goldsmith's shop
And 24 strokes for 34-year-old with long list of previous convictions

15 APR....UNITED STATES: Spanking bill signed
Governor signs CP ban into law in Delaware

17 APR....SAUDI ARABIA: Students Hit Teacher
75 lashes each for three school students who attacked their teacher

18 APR....MALAYSIA: Trio get jail, whipping for firearms possession
Six strokes each for having guns and ammunition

18 APR....UNITED STATES: Court spanks social workers
They were wrong to harass WI baptist school over swats, rules appeal court

18 APR....UNITED STATES: Court: Paddling Case Not Child Abuse
Mother and stepfather exonerated; boy, 13, had trouble sitting down for several days

19 APR....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Arabia flogs 11 men for minor offenses
Public floggings of up to 80 lashes for pickpocketing, sex, booze and drugs

19 APR....UNITED STATES: There's no 'pop' culture anymore
Texas teacher bemoans the decline of the paddle

21 APR....UNITED STATES: District will let contracts of embattled principals, teachers lapse
One principal accused of spanking in Kansas City, MO

23 APR....IRAN: Iranian actress faced flogging after public kiss
Sentence of 74 lashes was suspended after she apologised

23 APR....MALAYSIA: More illegal immigrants jailed and whipped
Token canings for another four

23 APR....UNITED STATES: School closed amid abuse allegations will reopen
Court's go-ahead for paddle-wielding Christian boarding academy in KY

27 APR....BRUNEI: Long jail sentence for drug trafficking duo
Male half of couple also ordered to receive six strokes of the cane

28 APR....ANTIGUA & BARBUDA: A need for discipline
Editorialist berates parents who refuse to allow schools to use CP

28 APR....UNITED STATES: Soldier, airman sought to serve (illustrated)
Army private, 19, pictured, killed in action in Afghanistan, held record for paddlings at his OK school

29 APR....KENYA: So now we can beat pupils senseless?
Court acquits teacher for assaulting student; school canings continue in spite of ban

30 APR....MALAYSIA: Jail for duo who caned two students in Kelantan (illustrated)
Religious fanatics, pictured, sent to prison for caning school students

01 MAY....IRAN: Jail term on Iranian scribe flayed
International row as journalist gets four years, 253 lashes

03 MAY....SINGAPORE: Good Samaritan's death: Jail for robbery mastermind (illustrated)
24 strokes of cane each for two 30-year-olds, pictured

03 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Bring back birch, demands Mayor
Anger over vandalism in Northern Ireland town

03 MAY....UNITED STATES: Priest's N.Y. accusers shocked to hear of his move to Boys Town
Pants-down spankings admitted at 1970s New York high school

Evangelical preacher cleared of assault after belting boys

05 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: Childminders are to be banned from smacking
No CP even with parents' approval

07 MAY....MALAYSIA: Vietnamese to still get the whip after court rejects appeal
Five illegals jailed and caned despite intervention of their embassy

07 MAY....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Seven jailed for various offences
Four get 95 lashes each for adultery, another gets 80 for drinking alcohol

08 MAY....MALAYSIA: Nine Filipinos jailed for illegal entry
And one stroke of the rotan each

09 MAY....MALAYSIA: Out of court proceedings for 170 illegals
108 of them are ordered to be jailed and caned

09 MAY....MALAYSIA: Rapist gets 50 years in jail (illustrated)
And 20 strokes of the rotan for 34-year-old, pictured

09 MAY....SINGAPORE: Vicious parang attack: Three jailed, caned
Two youths given nine strokes, another gets six

10 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Briton Freed After Getting Royal Amnesty
Businessman is let off his 800 lashes

10 MAY....UNITED STATES: Southland Taping Incident
TX parent complains school taped her son's mouth shut, instead of "busting his tail" as she had instructed

11 MAY....ECUADOR: Stripped, whipped for cheating
Villagers beat two women with nettles for swindling

13 MAY....ZIMBABWE: Letters & opinions
Reader alleges senior students inflict CP on younger boys at Bulawayo private school

14 MAY....CHINA: Pupil kills himself after school spanking
Boy, 10, got trousers-down spanking in front of classmates; teacher fired

14 MAY....SOUTH KOREA: Students cite slip in respect for teachers
70% of students questioned said CP by teachers was fair

14 MAY....UNITED KINGDOM: For whom the belt told
A look back at the Scottish tawse; some wish its return

15 MAY....SAUDI ARABIA: Booze brothers face 500 lashes in Saudi
Middle-aged Irishmen awaiting sentence

15 MAY....SINGAPORE: Robber caught, thanks to cabby who followed him (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, gets 24 strokes of cane

15 MAY....UNITED STATES: High court upholds judge's ruling that spanking was child abuse
Stepfather used belt on boy, 12

22 MAY....UNITED STATES: School dumps policies
No more paddling in Angleton, Texas

23 MAY....SINGAPORE: For sex with child prostitute, man gets 12 years, 12 strokes (illustrated)
Indian, 36, pictured, claimed he did not know she was only 12

23 MAY....UNITED STATES: Witness: Teacher broke policies
Case of paddled 12-year-old girl in Alabama continues

24 MAY....UNITED STATES: Paddling principal won't face charges
10-swat punishment of boy, 13, was within the rules, says TN court

28 MAY....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment in schools
28 MAY....UNITED STATES: Board set to revisit corporal punishment
Moves toward possible abolition in Mobile, AL

29 MAY....BRUNEI: Ex-military man's "excessive" sentence reduced
Caning for sex offender cut from four strokes to two

29 MAY....BRUNEI: Pep talk seven delinquents will not forget; CID commended
Five teenagers caned after thieving spree

29 MAY....UNITED STATES: Boy Reports Father for Paddling
13-year-old bruised after punishment for poor school grades

30 MAY....SINGAPORE: Six Sec 3 boys tape themselves beating classmate
Three teens caned in front of morning assembly for bullying at top school

31 MAY....SINGAPORE: Jailed for chopper attack that occurred 8 years ago (illustrated)
Absconder from court, then a teen, now 25, pictured, also gets four strokes of the cane

31 MAY....SINGAPORE: It is time to set information free from Singapore's prisons
Such as for example how many canings are there? Columnist calls for more transparency from government

01 JUN....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment still has a place in today's society
01 JUN....UNITED STATES: School system should stop paddling right now
Pro and anti arguments side by side in Jackson, TN

02 JUN....NIGERIA: Lagos Schools: Discipline Still a Long Journey
Canings are part of the beefed-up battle for order in schools

02 JUN....UNITED STATES: Abuse Charges Hit Reservation
Lawsuit over church-run boarding institutions in SD cites decades-ago CP amongst much else

03 JUN....BRUNEI: Thai Offenders Lose Gang Robbery Appeal
Judge upholds 12-stroke caning sentence on two

03 JUN....GHANA: KOSS students on the rampage
Riots after forty-two senior secondary students caned for missing classes

03 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Coach denies sex assaults on boys
He smacked their bottoms to motivate them

04 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Coach cleared of sex assaults
Jury clears the spanking basketball coach

04 JUN....UNITED STATES: Best schools avoid corporal punishment
Article suggests statistical correlation [which, even if true, would not prove a causal relationship -- C.F.] between quality of school and absence of CP

05 JUN....UNITED STATES: Spanker Tried To Bribe Kids: DA
Dean of students accused of spanking boys in New York City

06 JUN....CANADA: Group asks Supreme Court to outlaw spanking (with video clip)
Yet another court battle begins over Section 43

06 JUN....SINGAPORE: Man jailed for glass attack on girlfriend (illustrated)
23-year-old, pictured, also receives 12 strokes of the cane

06 JUN....UNITED STATES: Bethel Operators Defend Themselves
Cadets at MS military bootcamp claim abuse; rules allow use of CP

07 JUN....MALAYSIA: 78 months, two strokes for housebreaking spree (illustrated)
Caning for burglar, pictured

08 JUN....UGANDA: Including the class teacher's name on the noise-makers list
Writer recalls classroom mass canings

10 JUN....SINGAPORE: Man jailed for stabbing friend over a loan (illustrated)
And three strokes of cane for culprit, 47, pictured

10 JUN....UNITED STATES: Tecumseh School Board tables tobacco, keeps drug tests random
Teachers in an OK district want paddling reinstated

11 JUN....UNITED STATES: School board votes to end corporal punishment
Mobile, AL, moves closer to abolition; fear of lawsuits cited

14 JUN....AUSTRALIA: Offenders should be humiliated: Barnett
Politician calls for courts to be allowed to order CP

14 JUN....MALAYSIA: Bugis gets two strokes in addition to 18 months' jail (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, jailed and caned for armed robbery

15 JUN....MALAYSIA: Dealing with indiscipline (illustrated)
Secondary schoolboy pictured receiving the cane as another waits his turn

15 JUN....MALAYSIA: Behold the bully
15-year-old says whacking from Dad is ten times worse than the canings he gets at school

16 JUN....INDIA: Slapped for skipping school on birthday, Indian boy commits suicide
16-year-old hanged himself in Tamil Nadu state where CP is still legal

16 JUN....UNITED STATES: Paddling isn't a hit in most districts
Ohio statistics analysed: CP more common in rural areas

18 JUN....INDIA: Pondy: Probe ordered into beating of student
Boy allegedly severely caned at private school

18 JUN....UNITED STATES: Dallas Independent School District may end paddling
But some black trustees say CP is part of their culture

19 JUN....INDIA: Discriminatory clauses remain
Writer welcomes proposal to abolish CP in Tamil Nadu

19 JUN....THAILAND: Corporal punishment in schools
Parent complains about teacher's use of cane in class; official spells out rules on CP

19 JUN....UNITED STATES: Interview with Ron Price
Fox News chat show talks to pro-paddling Dallas ISD trustee

19 JUN....INDIA: Abhinav parents urge ban on corporal punishment
20 JUN....INDIA: School blames it on family
Unseemly dispute between school and parents in case of suicide boy

20 JUN....SINGAPORE: Youth fined $1,000 for bashing teacher
17-year-old had already been caned at school for the assault

21 JUN....INDIA: Velammal Group threatens to sue Abhinav's parents
Suicide boy's parents are damaging school's image, says trust

21 JUN....INDIA: Terrorising students is part of a flawed education system
Teachers have enduring faith in the cane, says columnist (with cartoon)

21 JUN....MALAYSIA: Five foreigners charged with committing immigration offences
Two strokes each for two young Indonesians

22 JUN....MALAYSIA: We're given three strokes of the cane for beating up the teacher
1949 caning in headmaster's study is recalled

23 JUN....UNITED STATES: A & M's elite cavalry unit is under fire in hazing case
77 military cadets disciplined after paddling "27 sophomore backsides"

24 JUN....CANADA: Sydney-area teens spanked
High-school hazing paddling rituals in Nova Scotia

24 JUN....INDIA: Now, an engineering college where corporal punishment is daily business!
Students complain of canings and much else besides

24 JUN....NIGERIA: Sharia Court Jails Man For Trespassing Into Girls Hostel
45-year-old also gets 20 strokes of the cane

24 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: MPs call for ban on parents smacking children
But opposition spokesman says it's an outrageous and preposterous idea

24 JUN....UNITED STATES: Paddled girl's bruises looked like abuse, say Clarke school officials
More on case of Alabama special education student

25 JUN....BOTSWANA: Childline against child lashing
Government decides to retain school caning; rules spelt out

25 JUN....MALAYSIA: Habitual offender gets 10 years for robbing ex-minister
41-year-old with nine previous convictions gets six strokes of rotan

25 JUN....UNITED STATES: Belt beating may have been part of good-bye hazing ritual at center
Alleged whipping of 17-year-old girl under investigation at CT institution

26 JUN....IRELAND: 13 claims of corporal punishment investigated in primary schools
Teachers want more effective sanctions for "extreme behaviour"

26 JUN....MALAYSIA: Son Jailed For Mother Assault (illustrated)
Filipino, 27, pictured, is also ordered one stroke of cane

24 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Law smacks of nanny nonsense
Columnist finds it very worrying that people equate light spanking with child abuse

27 JUN....UNITED KINGDOM: Ulster schools defying slap ban
Seven Presbyterian schools in Northern Ireland are still using CP

27 JUN....UNITED STATES: School system to pay $30,000 for 12-year-old's paddling bruises
AL family settles for much smaller amount than claimed; officials must review CP policy

27 JUN....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment criticized at meeting
Further discussion in Mobile, AL, but hardly anyone turns up

28 JUN....MALAYSIA: 30-year jail terms for sex offenders under new law
Law Minister confirms that rapists will be caned even if over 50

28 JUN....UNITED STATES: Principal cleared of cruelty, but criminal past made public
Four-swat spanking of FL girl, 6, was not cruel, grand jury holds

28 JUN....TRINIDAD & TOBAGO: Judge: Flog child offenders
Regrets no power to order flogging for adults who rape children

30 JUN....SAUDI ARABIA: Yes to Corporal Punishment
60% of public want CP brought back in schools, says poll

30 JUN....UNITED STATES: Bus Driver Allegedly Spanks Teens For Sex
High-school girl and boy in PA got pants-down whackings after security video caught them having sex on bus

01 JUL....GHANA: Irresponsible parents deserve to be flogged - Magistrate
Their neglect of children has caused a spate of armed robbery, he says

02 JUL....FIJI: Fiji Women's Crisis Centre concerned about corporal punishment
But teachers' trade union and the Great Council of Chiefs want it brought back

02 JUL....INDIA: People's Union demands action against Velammal School
Civil liberties group says boy's suicide was entirely school's fault

02 JUL....SAUDI ARABIA: Thomas angry at wife
Australian, now back home, describes his public floggings

02 JUL....UGANDA: Teachers Warned On Corporal Punishment
Govt says it will close school if caning doesn't stop

03 JUL....INDIA: Spare the rod
Government should also review the entire system, says editorial

06 JUL....BRUNEI: Cable thieves to get two lashes
Rattan for two men and a 16-year-old boy

07 JUL....UGANDA: I Was Caned 58 Times In School (illustrated)
Woman's personal account is accompanied by cartoon of girl being caned at front of class

08 JUL....AUSTRALIA: Endeavour holiday sailor tied and flogged in public
21-year-old volunteer claims mock whipping, pictured, turned out to be a real one

09 JUL....BRUNEI: Local Man Jailed For Car Theft And Syabu
45 months in jail and 9 strokes of the cane for 35-year-old

09 JUL....UNITED STATES: Spank gets store owner in trouble
9-year-old spanked after contretemps with parrot outside shop

09 JUL....UNITED STATES: Man accused of spanking, kissing boys
10 JUL....UNITED STATES: Cinekyd exec may face 200 years
Huge fuss over birthday spankings at media arts school in PA

10 JUL....SWITZERLAND: Swiss court lets parents smack child
But not repeatedly or regularly

11 JUL....AUSTRALIA: Don't let this happen to anyone else!
More on the young volunteer seaman, pictured, who was flogged on board Endeavour

12 JUL....UNITED STATES: Police search school founder's house for spanking evidence
More on PA media arts school case

14 JUL....UGANDA: Why caning is an issue (illustrated)
CP is banned but teachers say they lack alternatives; picture shows senior girl being caned

15 JUL....MALAYSIA: Man jailed 55 years for raping daughter, neighbour's daughters
And 24 strokes of cane for 36-year-old

15 JUL....UNITED STATES: Northampton County Schools Add Corporal Punishment As Discipline Option
Paddle is back in a district of NC, but only for grades 1 to 3

16 JUL....UGANDA: Mbale clan condemns incest
Offenders will henceforth be fined and get strokes of the cane

16 JUL....UNITED STATES: Exit Exam scores in District 4 show mixed results
A district in SC tightens its CP rules

17 JUL....UNITED STATES: BOE talks yield minor results
Board member in a GA district suggests paddling instead of expensive alternative school for troublemakers

17 JUL....UNITED STATES: Probation likely for school bus driver who spanked teenagers
He admits his role in PA spanking incident

18 JUL....UNITED STATES: Paddling no longer an option in GISD
CP abolished in Galveston, Texas

19 JUL....MALAYSIA: Rafidah: Stop copycat perverts
Whipping rapists' buttocks not enough, says woman politician

21 JUL....KENYA: Bring Back the Cane, Says MP
Ban on CP has led to high level of indiscipline, he says

22 JUL....THAILAND: Softer treatment weighed for teens
Ban proposed on caning for juvenile inmates

23 JUL....SAUDI ARABIA: 'Riyadh 3' Home After 5 Weeks
Filipinos will get 70 lashes once a week for five weeks

23 JUL....UNITED STATES: Ain't nothin' wrong with spanking
We have created a generation of mean-spirited monsters, avers columnist

24 JUL....UNITED STATES: Tecumseh teachers seek new punishment policy
Paddling reintroduced in a district of OK

24 JUL....UNITED STATES: Principal faces abuse charges after paddling
Boy at Florida Christian school "developed large bruises on his buttocks"

24 JUL....TRINIDAD: Support For Corporal Punishment Grows
Banned 3 years ago but now parents, teachers and students want it back

26 JUL....UGANDA: Busia Woman Punished For Late Coming
Village council canes tardy woman, 29

26 JUL....UNITED KINGDOM: Can today's pupils cope with old-school values?
TV show tries to recreate 1950s school but without the CP

27 JUL....UNITED KINGDOM: It won't be the old school without the agony
Caning was at the heart of the old system and it can't be recreated, says columnist

27 JUL....UNITED STATES: School spankings still common
At any rate they are in Wichita Falls, Texas

28 JUL....KENYA: Teachers ignorant of Children Act provisions
But they are mostly aware that caning has been outlawed

29 JUL....SAUDI ARABIA: Maid Tortured to Death
Wife's mother is ordered 80 lashes for concealing the crime

30 JUL....SINGAPORE: Man who bolted from custody gets 1 more year (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured, gets 12 strokes of the cane for assault

30 JUL....UNITED STATES: Boca man devises stinging stick to discipline children
New invention delivers a stinging but not injurious blow

30 JUL....UNITED STATES: Campobello pastor and wife start Christian school
New SC school will use corporal punishment with parental consent

01 AUG....BOTSWANA: 'Corporal punishment the only answer'
Local chief berates "child rights" campaign

02 AUG....BRUNEI: Teenage thieves lose appeal against caning
Whipping to go ahead for four teen boys

02 AUG....MALAYSIA: Indon gets 10 years, three strokes for rape (illustrated)
Offender, 26, is pictured

05 AUG....UGANDA: Teachers Interdicted Over Caning
Five primary school teachers in trouble for breaching CP ban

05 AUG....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Two get prison terms, lashes for committing adultery
Arab man and Chinese woman are ordered 80 lashes each

07 AUG....UNITED STATES: Jury acquits man charged in spanking
He punished daughter, 14, with belt

08 AUG....MALAYSIA: Policeman gets 15 years and 17 strokes for rape of Indon, Filipina (illustrated)
Two pictures of 27-year-old who was cleared the first time round but convicted on prosecution's appeal

09 AUG....SINGAPORE: Newton rape: trio each get 16 years, 24 strokes (illustrated)
Maximum canings for three twentysomethings, pictured

10 AUG....UNITED STATES: McCann: A firm hand has its place
Don't ask me how spanking works, I just know it does, claims columnist

11 AUG....BOTSWANA: Controversy Hits Country's New Style of Punishment
More details of new rules for school caning

13 AUG....UNITED STATES: Paddling policy revised by DISD
CP not to be abolished after all in Dallas, TX

13 AUG....UNITED STATES: Support for a smack on the bottom
14 AUG....UNITED STATES: Board member wants to see more students paddled (illustrated)
Push for more paddling in a FL district; paddle is pictured

15 AUG....UNITED STATES: Schools spare the rod
Only 331 paddlings in a GA district and none at the high school

15 AUG....SINGAPORE: Air force officer gets jail and caning for attack at Zouk
Three strokes for lieutenant, 24

15 AUG....UNITED STATES: Heartland founder testifies in lawsuit (illustrated)
Removal of students was illegal, argues paddling institution in Missouri; some of its students are pictured

17 AUG....SINGAPORE: 18 strokes for man who robbed and molested woman (illustrated)
22-year-old culprit, pictured, also given 5½ years in prison

17 AUG....UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Teenage girl to get 90 lashes, to be deported
15-year-old expatriate convicted of adultery

17 AUG....UNITED STATES: Waynesburg administrator says paddling an acceptable discipline option
Report from last PA school still paddling; state ban becomes law early next year

18 AUG....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment returns to Tecumseh
But parents may choose to withhold permission

19 AUG....UNITED STATES: Private spankings spark controversy at art school
Overview of PA media arts school case

20 AUG....MALAYSIA: 20 years, five strokes for raping step-daughter (illustrated)
44-year-old, pictured, committed the rape four years ago

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: Media arts school teacher to stand trial for spankings
More coverage of PA case in which traditional birthday spankings are now described as "child abuse"

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: Athletic director indicted in sex case
Teen boy spanked at NJ school

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: Student paddling sanctioned
A Florida school board supports CP as a last resort

20 AUG....UNITED STATES: Paddling has no place in school today
FL columnist sees both sides of the argument but comes down against it

21 AUG....SINGAPORE: Convicted trafficker to testify against 'boss'
20 years' jail and 24 strokes for 33-year-old

22 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Belting verdict angers children's groups
Scottish court clears man of assault after he strapped boy

23 AUG....MALAYSIA: Youth jailed for stabbing elder brother
Three years plus two strokes of rotan for 18-year-old

23 AUG....UNITED STATES: Savran: He pointed the way and had real impact
Columnist recalls deterrent effect of football coach's whacks

24 AUG....UNITED STATES: Touchy-feely discipline
24 AUG....UNITED STATES: Paddle them and move on
FL letter-writers support CP

25 AUG....UNITED STATES: School board considers a ban on corporal punishment
Abolition proposed in Mobile, AL

26 AUG....MALAYSIA: Check violence among pupils, teachers
26 AUG....MALAYSIA: Let schools deal with delinquents the old way
Letter-writers support caning in schools

27 AUG....UNITED STATES: School board removes paddling
No more CP in Mobile, Alabama

05 SEP....INDIA: Corporal punishment is out: Schools
But it continues in many schools despite ban

07 SEP....MALAYSIA: Tackling indiscipline woes in school
Insufficient caning in school and parental neglect blamed equally for today's disorderly kids

10 SEP....CANADA: Police probe hazing attacks (illustrated)
Alberta high school students paddled with boards, pictured

11 SEP....INDIA: Teachers warned against corporal punishment
In Tamil Nadu state it may only be used for "moral delinquency"

11 SEP....MALAYSIA: Rapist gets 41 years in prison
And 24 strokes of the rotan for 21-year-old

11 SEP....UNITED STATES: Spanking policy draws criticism, praise (illustrated)
Report with pictures from TX school where students get paddled for untucked shirt tails

13 SEP....SINGAPORE: Teenage monster gets 20 years and 24 strokes (illustrated)
17-year-old, pictured, raped and molested girls aged eight to 12

14 SEP....SOUTH KOREA: 7 in 10 Schools Allow Corporal Punishment
Ministry of Education gives statistics

16 SEP....KENYA: Changes in criminal law significant
Abolition of judicial CP finally took effect in July

16 SEP....MALAYSIA: Convicted rapist jailed 32 years (illustrated)
Offender, 36, pictured, also gets five strokes of the rottan

19 SEP....INDIA: Minor spanking is OK, say Vashi schools
Corporal punishment "not an issue" in Mumbai

21 SEP....MALAYSIA: Woes of a discipline master
Too many restrictions on punishment

23 SEP....UNITED STATES: Brevard County School Board fires veteran teacher
Teacher accused of spanking in a FL district where it is not allowed

25 SEP....UNITED STATES: Suits, arrest renew reform school debate
Paddling tales at yet another Missouri reformatory

26 SEP....SOUTH KOREA: The ills of corporal punishment
Parents' spokesperson doesn't approve of it

30 SEP....MALAYSIA: Doctors have right to refuse to...
They may refuse to certify fitness for CP, says doctors' leader

30 SEP....SAUDI ARABIA: 3 Years in Prison for Attacking Religious Police in Yanbu
Two also to receive 3,000 lashes each

02 OCT....NIGERIA: Sharia Court Orders Woman to Receive 30 Lashes for Arson
Housewife, 45, must also pay a fine

03 OCT....BOTSWANA: Councillors urged to lobby for correctional measures
Christian spokeswoman wants juvenile offenders caned instead of locking them up

04 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Youth Faces Death for Rape and Murder
His cousin, 16, gets five years' jail and 400 lashes of the cane

04 OCT....UNITED STATES: Parental corporal punishment questioned
Tennessee Supreme Court wonders if spanking is still a parental right

06 OCT....MALAYSIA: Abdullah supports using cane in school
Education Ministry plans to expand caning powers to control unruly students

07 OCT....MALAYSIA: Good to revive caning in schools, says Rais
Govt minister wants class teachers to cane, not just heads and discipline teachers

08 OCT....MALAYSIA: 'Allow it only for certain categories'
Cane only for gangsterism, smoking and vandalism, says teachers' spokesman

08 OCT....UNITED STATES: Coroner candidate's cousins called 911 after 'swats' (illustrated)
Official, pictured, regularly paddles his two twenty-something cousins on their buttocks

09 OCT....BRUNEI: Abductors get massive jail terms and whipping (illustrated)
Heavy canings ordered for four gang robbers, pictured

09 OCT....CHINA: Citizen Cane (illustrated)
Article gives history of judicial flogging, abolished in 1909; drawing shows trousers-down caning at imperial court

09 OCT....MALAYSIA: Musa: Teachers can cane students
It's official: all teachers are now empowered to wield the rod

09 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Back to basics in Blackpool
Bring back birching for young tearaways, urges young speaker at party conference

09 OCT....UNITED STATES: Today's children need old-school discipline
Writer, 21, thinks kids need more 'whuppins'

09 OCT....UNITED STATES: Coroner candidate defends swattings as 'tough love' (illustrated)
Deputy coroner, pictured again, defends his habit of paddling his cousins

09 OCT....UNITED STATES: Cherokee schools consider banning spankings
Paddling policy to be reconsidered in a GA district

09 OCT....UNITED STATES: Court: Schools liable for punishment
Principal not immune from lawsuits if spanking is excessive, US circuit court rules in Alabama case

10 OCT....CANADA: Spank away
Editorial attacks proposal to ban parents from spanking their children

10 OCT....NEW ZEALAND: Corporal punishment 'not missed' by most
We don't want caning back, says high school principal

10 OCT....NEW ZEALAND: Culture of abuse
Editorial comes down in favour of restricting parents' right to spank

10 OCT....NIGERIA: Carpenter Bags 30 Days for Theft
Plus six strokes of the cane after breaking into cars

10 OCT....UNITED STATES: Sanders abandons race
Candidate for coroner withdraws from election after scandal over paddlings

10 OCT....UNITED STATES: School boards should revisit corporal punishment policies
Editorial warns schools after ruling in Alabama paddling case

11 OCT....NEW ZEALAND: Spare the rod
Letter-writers fiercely dispute proposal to limit parents' right to spank

12 OCT....UNITED STATES: Price of the paddle: Will Rapides schools stop paddling to save legal fees?
A Louisiana school board is told they can't afford lawsuits over CP even when they win them

13 OCT....SINGAPORE: Mostly 'thoughtless pranks': St Andrew's
But serious bullies get the cane at this boys' secondary school

13 OCT....UNITED STATES: State ranks fifth nationally in corporal punishment
Debate continues in Oklahoma

14 OCT....MALAYSIA: Only headmaster should cane pupils
Letter-writer doesn't think all teachers are fit to use the cane

15 OCT....MALAYSIA: Gang ringleader pleads guilty to three rape charges (illustrated)
Offender, 35, pictured, has already had 22 strokes of rattan

17 OCT....BOTSWANA: Head teachers prescribe the stick
More caning would help, but the real problem is alcohol, they say

17 OCT....MALAYSIA: Benefits of caning outweigh its flaws
Carry on caning in schools, urges US reader

17 OCT....MALAYSIA: Spare the rod and you spoil the child
Reader recalls public canings at school in 1980s and says it worked

17 OCT....MALAYSIA: Serial rapist gets 49 more years in jail (illustrated)
34-year-old, pictured, ordered to be whipped a further 10 times

17 OCT....MALAYSIA: Caning for 127 illegals
They all get a stroke of the cane and two months in jail

17 OCT....UNITED STATES: Schools ban corporal punishment
Paddling comes to an end in Cherokee, Georgia

18 OCT....BRUNEI: Bangladeshi's Bollywood antics fail to prevent jail term
27-year-old gets 6 strokes of the cane on top of 10 strokes already ordered the previous year

19 OCT....MALAYSIA: Wisdom and folly in wielding the rod (illustrated)
Vox pop reveals diversity of views; student pictured receiving cane in principal's office

20 OCT....MALAYSIA: Teachers exercise care when caning
Tips on how to do it, from a reader

22 OCT....NEW ZEALAND: Councillor calls for taggers to be flogged
Public whipping urged for graffitists

23 OCT....CANADA: Giving students the strap archaic method of discipline
Letter-writers are parents in an Alberta district where it is still used

23 OCT....GUAM: Board-approved schedules to start Nov. 3
"Last resort" corporal punishment policy under review

23 OCT....MALAYSIA: Caning already a norm in Chinese-medium schools
Girls get it too, unlike at the national schools, says columnist

23 OCT....UNITED STATES: District 4 closer to retiring 'board of education'
A district in South Carolina considers throwing away its paddles

24 OCT....CANADA: Mom upset child was threatened with strap
Boy of 8 was shown strap after fight, but school hasn't used it for two years

25 OCT....BRUNEI: Local gets 3 years in jail, 7 strokes
23-year-old attacked Indians with knife

27 OCT....SAUDI ARABIA: Girls' Kidnappers Get 4 Months in Jail
Plus 300 lashes each for three culprits

28 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: I held the record for being caned (illustrated)
Rock star Sting (pictured as a boy) describes his 1960s swishings at Catholic school

30 OCT....SINGAPORE: Condo guard turns rapist terror (illustrated)
17 years and 24 strokes for 24-year-old, pictured

30 OCT....ZIMBABWE: Juvenile rapist to be caned
Magistrate orders 15-year-old to receive five strokes of the cane

01 NOV....MALAYSIA: Eight errant students can sit for SPM exam
1,881 canings in Johor state schools so far this year

02 NOV....GUAM: There is no need for corporal punishment in the public schools
Abolish it, urges local editorialist

03 NOV....PHILIPPINES: 'Bloody, dying' teener stages prank, jailed
Police spanking for boy at end of his night in the cells

03 NOV....UNITED STATES: Minister To Go On Trial For Spanking Two Child Parishioners (illustrated)
Pastor, pictured, used a belt on boys' bare buttocks

04 NOV....MALAYSIA: Convicted rapist gets another 12 years (illustrated)
And four more cane strokes in addition to ten already ordered for 40-year-old, pictured

04 NOV....MALAYSIA: Severe Punishment Awaits Along [= loan sharks - C.F.] Under New Act
Illegal moneylenders will be jailed, fined and whipped

04 NOV....UNITED STATES: Cohen girls basketball coach suspended
She paddled several team members, in contravention of local policy in a Louisiana district

05 NOV....NORWAY: Men acquitted after spanking youth
They took the law into their own hands and punished 19-year-old alleged thief, pants down

08 NOV....UNITED STATES: Brothers describe pain of spankings
Now 14 and 15, they relate pants-down beltings by preacher at ages 11 and 12

09 NOV....MALAYSIA: Unfair to cane boys only
It's discriminatory, says letter-writer

09 NOV....MALAYSIA: Caning necessary sometimes
Mother who is also a teacher says the cane is better than verbal abuse

11 NOV....UNITED STATES: Pastor is off the hook
His spanking of two young boys was not a crime, court holds

12 NOV....UNITED STATES: Spanking minister says he'd do it again
'Holy spanking' is a deterrent, he says

13 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: MSPs told to get tough with thugs
Restore corporal punishment, public tells Scottish politicians

13 NOV....ZAMBIA: Parliament supports repeal of corporal punishment
No more judicial caning, even in local courts

17 NOV....UNITED STATES: School bans on violence fuel debate on spanking
Differing paddling policies noted in various parts of Colorado

18 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Woman Sentenced to 500 Lashes for Immoral Conduct
Young man she married also gets 500 lashes

19 NOV....MALAYSIA: 38 years jail, 18 strokes of the cane for serial rapist (illustrated)
32-year-old, pictured, told court he would rather have more strokes of the cane than a longer prison sentence

20 NOV....UNITED STATES: School paddling issue focus of parents' lawsuit
Louisiana principal paddled boy but parents had forbidden it

20 NOV....UNITED STATES: Teacher's supporters go to board
Elementary teacher in Ohio placed on leave after slapping incidents

21 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Teachers in sorry mess
Former teacher says discipline declined overnight when the cane was withdrawn

22 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Seven Jailed for Taking Part in Demonstrations
One of them gets 60 lashes in addition

23 NOV....SAUDI ARABIA: Temper Justice With Mercy
500 lashes is excessive punishment, says columnist

26 NOV....UNITED STATES: Mexia ISD puts up the paddles for now
CP ends in a Texas district

29 NOV....SINGAPORE: Hotel rapist gets 26 years, 24 strokes (illustrated)
28-year-old, pictured, raped air hostess twice

29 NOV....UNITED KINGDOM: Case going to House of Lords
Christian schools appeal against court ruling that upheld caning ban

29 NOV....UNITED STATES: Danny helps Mo make an impact on Desire Street
Reporter overhears a paddling at a New Orleans private school

02 DEC....SINGAPORE: Robber gave up after a year on the run (illustrated)
12 strokes of the cane for 23-year-old, pictured

02 DEC....TANZANIA: Village officials cane recalcitrant villagers
Part of campaign to enforce cultivation of cassava

03 DEC....CANADA: Northern Gateway drops the strap
CP on the way out in another Alberta school district

03 DEC....PAKISTAN: No corporal punishment in schools: Zubaida
Spanking of students to be outlawed shortly

04 DEC....MALAYSIA: Whip traffic offenders, urge NGOs
Caning errant drivers would reduce accidents, they say

04 DEC....UNITED STATES: Judge rules schools can't paddle students if parents disagree with policy
Court in Louisiana rules that school may not need parental consent to use paddle, but mustn't use it if parents explicitly forbid it

09 DEC....NIGERIA: Sharia court convicts prostitutes
Eight women get 10 strokes of the cane each

11 DEC....MALAYSIA: Task force to root causes of social ills proposed
Local state legislator suggests whipping for street crimes

11 DEC....PAKISTAN: Pakistan to take away rod to save the child
More on proposed abolition of school CP

12 DEC....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment not the norm at parochial schools
Religious schools worried after TX severe beating case

13 DEC....SINGAPORE: Jail, cane for man who drove car into stranger
Six strokes for driver, 35, in unusual case where the dangerous weapon was the car

13 DEC....UNITED KINGDOM: For Fash - the clash (illustrated)
Former footballer John Fashanu, pictured, goes back to old school and meets man who caned him in 1977

17 DEC....UNITED STATES: Court: Spanking intended no harm
Birthday spankings now banned at MN maintenance plant

18 DEC....UNITED STATES: Panel proposes ban on paddling
Pennsylvania CP prohibition still mired in dispute

19 DEC....UNITED STATES: Consolidated 4 tightens policy against gangs
A South Carolina district confirms paddling ban

20 DEC....MALAYSIA: 17 years' jail and cane for Thai man (illustrated)
Three strokes for 30-year-old, pictured

21 DEC....UNITED STATES: Discipline on the front line (illustrated)
Article on daily life of assistant principals, pictured, at a Memphis high school; paddle is in use

23 DEC....SINGAPORE: Thai gets 6 years, 12 strokes for plank attack
20-year-old injured another Thai in violence over prostitutes

24 DEC....SINGAPORE: 11 illegals caught swimming into S'pore
Ten Myanmar nationals get four strokes of the cane each

24 DEC....UNITED STATES: Christmas came early for adopted child
9-year-old boy wished for and got a spanking

29 DEC....UNITED STATES: Little Haiti shop owner says he's justified in spanking teenage girl
13-year-old called FL shopkeeper names and threw things at him

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