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Northeast News Net (NEN), China, 10 January 2005

8岁女生没完成作业 课堂光屁股挨打

Caned girl sits on ber bed at home

















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8-Year-Old Girl Caned on the Bare Buttocks In Front of the Class for Not Finishing Her Homework

"The teacher told me to come up to the podium, then [she] called three boys, one to hold me by my waist, the other two to pull my pants down, each grasping a leg.... For each exercise I had failed to finish I was to be given 10 strokes, so my butt got whacked 40 times." -- a statement from the caned girl.

"It takes a spanking on the bare bottom to make one a truly obedient and diligent student." -- a statement from one of her classmates, who had been spanked on another occasion.

The girl, Honghong (name changed) comes from Dongzikou in Xiangquanshui village in northeast China (province not indicated). Due to recent illness, she came to school on 27 December 2004 with her homework unfinished. The incident took place in front of 58 other pupils, some of whom had also been spanked less severely by the same teacher, Ms Wang. When asked, several students said they still support the use of spanking in the schools, although it is illegal in government schools in China. Reporters who went to her home viewed dark welts still remaining on the girl's posterior over ten days after the caning with a wooden pointer. Because of the pain, according to her parents, she had to sleep on her stomach with her bare bottom uncovered, causing her to catch cold and develop a fever.

Mr. Zhou, the principal of the school, explained to members of the media that corporal punishment is forbidden. The teacher, who claimed to be under psychological stress at the time, has since apologized to the girl's parents, and was placed under observation by school authorities for a month. She said Honghong had been lax about assignments for two months. The girl, a second grader, requested to be transferred to another section, although she indicated that Ms Wang had been an effective lecturer. The principal said he would bring the teacher to the student's home in an effort to coax her back to school. When asked by reporters how she felt during the ordeal, Honghong responded: "It was so embarrassing! I just wished the teacher would get it over with quickly."

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