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Judicial CP - February 2005

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Swazi Observer, Mbabane, 11 February 2005

6 strokes for killing conductor

Student had refused to pay E1.20 bus fare

By Sabelo Mamba

A 16-year-old student of St. Paul's High School in Manzini, who killed a bus conductor after stabbing him on the neck, was lucky not to be sent to jail after High Court Judge Josiah Matsebula had ordered that he be given six strokes on the buttocks.

In fact, Justice Matsebula ordered that the student be whipped six times with a light cane after an examination by a medical doctor.

He said the medical doctor would be required to produce a certificate showing whether or not the student was fit to endure such punishment.


The student killed Mandla Nkambule a day before Christmas day in 2003 at Mpholi area in Manzini.

A summary of evidence states that on the said date the deceased was going about his duties when he requested passengers to pay their fares.

The scholar, who was in the company of his two friends, refused to pay. The deceased then informed the bus driver, Moses Matse, who stopped the kombi. The student and his friends subsequently paid. They dropped off at Mpholi and the deceased also alighted, giving way to the passengers. While outside, the student stabbed the deceased.


The student later rushed inside the kombi and requested Matse to take the conductor to hospital.

While Matse was driving to hospital, the deceased died and he then diverted the kombi to the police station.

The matter was investigated and it transpired that the student was heard by one Lucky Nkambule saying he had stabbed the deceased on the neck.

The student was defended by lawyer Ben Simelane while S'khumbuzo Fakudze prosecuted.

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