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Judicial CP - March 2005

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BBC News Online, London, 16 March 2005

Iran's 'desert vampire' executed


Map of Iran
An Iranian serial killer who murdered at least 20 children has been executed in front a large crowd of spectators.

Mohammad Bijeh, 24, dubbed "the Tehran desert vampire" by Iran's press, was flogged 100 times before being hanged.

A brother of one of his young victims stabbed him as he was being punished. The mother of another victim was asked to put the noose around his neck.

The execution took place in Pakdasht south of Tehran, near where Bijeh's year-long killing spree took place.


Calm and silent

The killer collapsed twice during the punishment, although he remained calm and silent throughout.

Spectators, held back by barbed wire and about 100 police officers, chanted "harder, harder" as judicial officials took turns to flog Bijeh's bare back before his hanging.

Mohammad Bijeh collapses as he is flogged before his execution The condemned collapsed twice during the pre-execution flogging
Bijeh was stabbed by the 17-year-old brother of victim Rahim Younessi, AFP reported, as he was being readied to be hanged.

Officials then invited the mother Milad Kahani to put the blue nylon rope around his neck.

The crimes of Mohammed Bijeh and his accomplice Ali Baghi had drawn massive attention in the Iranian media.

They reportedly tricked children to go with them into the desert south of Tehran by saying they were going to hunt animals. They then poisoned or knocked their victims out, sexually abused them and buried them in shallow graves.

They were found guilty of the murders of between 19 and 22 people, but local people believe the toll to be higher.

Baghi has been given a 15 year prison term.

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Middle East News, 16 March 2005

Iranian serial killer flogged, stabbed and hanged in public


PAKDASHT, Iran (AFP)  -- An Iranian serial killer convicted of kidnapping and murdering 21 people, most of them little boys, was publicly flogged and hanged south of Tehran before thousands of spectators.

Mohammad Bijeh, branded "the vampire of the desert" in the Iranian press, was lashed 100 times, stabbed in the back by a furious brother of one victim before a blue nylon rope was placed around his neck by the mother of another murdered child.

The 22-year-old killer, who remained calm and kept silent throughout the punishment, was then hauled into the air by a crane to cries from the crowd of "make him twist".

An Iranian judiciary official flogs serial killer Mohammad Bijeh
An Iranian judiciary official flogs serial killer Mohammad Bijeh


Before being hanged, Bijeh was stripped of his shirt and stood against a post. His hands were tied around the post and he was lashed by several different plain-clothes officials.

The huge crowd, kept back by barbed wire and around 100 members of the security forces, chanted "harder, harder!".

After around 20 lashes, Bijeh started to buckle from the pain of his bloodied back but was able to redress himself.


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Corpun file 15382

New Criminologist, London, 18 March 2005

Iranian serial murderer, Mohammed Bijeh, flogged and hanged in town square


An Iranian serial killer who savagely raped and murdered at least 16 boys has been executed. Mohammed Bijeh, 23, dubbed the "Tehran desert vampire" was handcuffed to an iron pole and lashed 100 times. He was then taken and hanged before a large, baying crowd, who furiously hurled obscenities and pelted him with stones. There were also several scuffles involving police as people surged forward in an attempt to get at the killer.

Serial killer, Mohammed Bijeh is publicly flogged.
Serial killer, Mohammed Bijeh is publicly flogged. (2005 Dayoo photo)


The killer received a death sentence for each murder he confessed to. 100 complimentary lashes from a whip were ordered for the rapes committed.

Bijeh had an accomplice, Ali Gholampour, who in court, was ultimately acquitted of any involvement in the murders. He was however, convicted for the role he played in a number of the boys' abductions. Gholampour had already confessed to this and was sentenced to 100 lashes followed by 15 years imprisonment.


After being upheld by the Supreme court, the verdict at the trial of Bijeh was enacted in the small, impoverished town of Pakdasht, 30km (19 miles) southeast of the capital Tehran. It is the same town where Bijeh kidnapped his victims.

There were around 5,000 spectators – including many women and children – who gathered to watch the flogging and hanging of Bijeh. Riot police circled the area, anticipating attempts at violence toward the condemned man.

Amidst cries from tearful parents of "Shame on you, Bijeh," rocks and stones were tossed at the convicted murderer as he was flogged, shirtless and bound by his wrists to an iron pole. The man collapsed to his knees several times under the onslaught of the whip.


Copyright 2005 New Criminologist. All rights reserved.

Corpun file 15381


The Age, Melbourne, Australia, 18 March 2005

Iran's 'vampire' killer pays for his crimes

By Robert Tait
Age correspondent
Pakdasht, Iran


A judicial officer whips Mohammad  Bijeh just before the murderer was hanged using a crane.

A judicial officer whips Mohammad Bijeh just before the murderer was hanged using a crane. Photo: AP

Mohammad Bijeh killed 20 people. Officials ensured a large crowd would see his death.


With relatives of his victims looking on, court officials took turns to administer 100 lashes to Bijeh's bare back before hanging him from a rope attached to a crane.


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