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Judicial CP - October 2002

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Arab News, Jeddah/Riyadh/Dhahran, 6 October 2002

Saudi jailed for beating father

By Badr Al-Nayyef
Arab News Staff

MADINAH, 6 October - A 28-year-old Saudi man was sentenced to nine years in jail and 3,000 lashes by a Shariah court here for beating his father and threatening to kill him.

The man attacked his father after the latter condemned his "immoral practices", and the authorities took action against the man after the father lodged a complaint. The man has previously been imprisoned 14 times for his involvement in various criminal activities, including other attacks on father. The youth had earlier given undertakings to the authorities, saying he would not beat his father and the police had warned him that he would face tough punishment if he repeated the offense. The father said that he had been living in a state of fear for several months.

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