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All 2018's CP news items, for all countries, in a single date sequence



January -- 2 items

February -- 2 items

March -- 8 items

April -- 7 items

May -- 4 items

June -- 4 items

July -- 4 items

August -- 6 items

September -- 6 items

October -- 5 items

November -- 5 items

December -- 4 items

January 2018

03 JAN....ZIMBABWE: Rapist teenager to get whipping
Four strokes of the rattan cane for a 17-year-old who raped girl of 10

28 JAN....UNITED STATES: District Bans Paddling After Teacher Dragged Student by Hair
Illogical non sequitur by a school board in Mississippi

February 2018

09 FEB....NIGERIA: Experts urge teachers not to flog school girls
And Nasarawa State abolishes school CP

15 FEB...ZIMBABWE: Boy (15) to be caned for rape
He is sentenced to four strokes in the central prison

March 2018

02 MAR....UNITED STATES: These Kentucky schools still spank kids who misbehave. Is it time for that to end?
Legislation to ban school CP is tabled in a state with only 334 paddlings in latest year

12 MAR....CANADA: Halifax taekwondo grandmaster suspended over caning (illustrated) (with video clip)
Yet neither the student nor his parents complained about it

12 MAR....SINGAPORE: Youth gets 10 years' jail, 12 strokes of the cane for rape and sexually violating teenage girls
Serious punishment for 18-year-old school dropout

13 MAR....UNITED STATES: Watson Chapel School Board votes to arm guard
An Arkansas district banned the paddle in 2015

14 MAR....CANADA: Parents say taekwondo master's caning of student caused harm to other kids (with video clip)
More fuss over punishment of 17-year-old martial arts student

16 MAR....UNITED STATES: Attorneys: Judge should drop Attalla administrator's felony child abuse charges
Paddling at an Alabama middle school is recounted in court

19 MAR....SINGAPORE: Life term and 18 strokes for man who snatched cop's revolver and fired three shots (illustrated)
Delivery man, 26, pictured, sentenced for having a firearm in scuffle with police

28 MAR....UNITED STATES: Teacher cleared in corporal punishment suit
Alabama 14-year-old loses case over two-lick paddling

April 2018

11 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddling is legal in Alabama, but some teachers arrested for excessive force
This despite 1995 law making teachers immune from legal action for spanking students

12 APR....INDONESIA: Indonesia's Aceh to take caning indoors after backlash
Provincial government changes policy after canings in front of a baying mob attract international criticism

14 APR....UNITED STATES: Supers: Paddling rarely used
More news from Alabama: CP statistics for certain school districts

19 APR....UNITED STATES: Gov. Haslam signs corporal punishment reporting bill into law
New Tennessee law allows State to collect school districts' paddling statistics

23 APR....SINGAPORE: Youth who sexually preyed on more than 10 young victims gets 16 years' jail and 15 strokes (illustrated)
Offender, 20, pictured twice, attacked young girls

26 APR....SINGAPORE: Ex-gang leader, 25, gets 28 years' jail and 24 strokes of the cane for underage rape (illustrated)
Rapist, pictured, repeatedly violated girl of 13

26 APR....UNITED STATES: The Power Of The Paddle (with video clip)
CP is at the choice of the students in a Mississippi high school

May 2018

03 MAY....MALAYSIA: Foreigner gets 15 years' jail, 3 strokes for hurting former employers (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, is sentenced to a caning

12 MAY....PHILIPPINES: Poll violators face paddles (illustrated)
Army promises election offenders a spanking with paddles, pictured

14 MAY....UNITED STATES: Nearly 100,000 K-12 Students Still Spanked or Paddled at School, Data Show
'Education Week' looks at the latest CP statistics

17 MAY....UNITED STATES: Texas has 2nd largest number of school spankings in U.S.
About 4,000 schools in the state still wield the paddle; most, but not all, are in rural areas

June 2018

02 JUN....UNITED STATES: Judge gave boys a choice, jail or a whipping (illustrated)
Two 17-year-olds accept offer of CP instead of jail in Kentucky, 1968; judge is pictured

08 JUN....MALAYSIA: Drug trafficking: Duo get life jail, whipping
30 strokes of the cane for a 30-year-old and 15 strokes for a 22-year-old

13 JUN....UNITED STATES: County schools update policy, student handbook
An Alabama district clarifies its rules on informing the parents of paddled students

28 JUN....UNITED STATES: Several new education laws to go into effect July 1
Tennessee permits CP of disabled students with written consent of parents

July 2018

06 JUL....NIGERIA: Two mechanics get 10 strokes of cane each for assaulting police officer
Corporal punishment for pair aged 19 and 20

11 JUL....BOTSWANA: Trespassing teenager whipped (illustrated)
"Three strokes of the cane on his bare buttocks" for 18-year-old, pictured

23 JUL....UNITED STATES: Holmes County School District bans corporal punishment
No more paddling in a Mississippi district

24 JUL....SINGAPORE: Jail, cane for repeat offender convicted of extortion (illustrated)
Four years and three strokes for 21-year-old, pictured

August 2018

10 AUG....SRI LANKA: Sri Lanka Deputy Minister wants school children caned
Restoring CP the only way to establish discipline, he says

14 AUG....MALAYSIA: Two women in Malaysia sentenced to caning for having sex
Ruling by sharia court in conservative state of Terengganu

14 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Whipped and sentenced to hard labour for stealing books, rabbits and celery (illustrated)
Real-life Artful Dodger gang of Victorian child criminals are seen in newly-unearthed police mugshots from the 1870s

15 AUG....UNITED STATES: Parents wanted these NC schools to keep spanking their kids. But it's stopping anyway
One district abandons the paddle, leaving only one CP district remaining in the state

16 AUG....UNITED STATES: Robertson County Schools bans spanking, corporal punishment
No more paddling in a Tennessee district

23 AUG....UNITED STATES: Newport School District Annual Report
50% of parents in an Arkansas district agree to the use of CP

September 2018

04 SEP....UNITED STATES: Tracy residents pay tribute to Marben (illustrated)
A Minnesota high-school principal is remembered with a huge paddle

05 SEP....MALAYSIA: Domestic laws not bound by UN treaties, PAS MPs say after Shariah caning backlash
Politicians defend caning of women

08 SEP....MALAYSIA: Syariah caning milder than corporal punishment in schools -- Terengganu MB
People should stop confusing religious "caning" with criminal flogging, says state governor

13 SEP....UNITED STATES: Yes, corporal punishment is still legal in most Alabama schools
Overview of the school spanking situation in AL

19 SEP....UNITED STATES: Parents express mixed views on new paddling policy at local school
A K-9 charter school in Georgia introduces CP

25 SEP....UNITED STATES: Laurens County School District sees decline in paddling cases
Fewer instances of CP in a Georgia district

October 2018

07 OCT....SOUTH AFRICA: Durban teacher in 'big trouble' after caning video goes viral (illustrated)
Grade 11 educator is seen punishing students on hands with a length of thin pipe

10 OCT....UNITED STATES: BOE votes to ban corporal punishment in schools
No more paddling in a Tennessee district

12 OCT....SINGAPORE: Yoga teacher gets caning, longer jail term for molesting student after prosecution appeals (illustrated)
26-year-old, pictured, is ordered to undergo three strokes of the cane

13 OCT....SOUTH AFRICA: Inanda pupils call for return of corporal punishment
Our schoolmates are out of control and have become violent, say students from 20 schools

18 OCT....UNITED STATES: Graham County Schools End Corporal Punishment (illustrated)
Decision brings paddling in North Carolina to an end; high-school principal's paddle is pictured

November 2018

01 NOV....MALAYSIA: Man jailed for sexual assault on two boys (illustrated)
And four strokes of the cane for 31-year-old, pictured

09 NOV....NIGERIA: I Got N1,000 From the N2220,000 Proceeds of Theft -- 13-Year-Old Convicted Burglar
Court sentences boy to four strokes of the cane

11 NOV....THAILAND: Schoolboy whipping investigated (illustrated)
Student, 12, shows bruises on his behind after 10 strokes of the cane

26 NOV....SINGAPORE: Waiter who took part in fatal attack outside St James Power Station gets jail and six strokes of cane (illustrated)
Offender, 28, is pictured

28 NOV....MALAYSIA: Corporal punishment to be maintained
There are no plans to abolish judicial caning, says government

December 2018

06 DEC....ZIMBABWE: Ministry raps Masvingo school for caning pupils
79 boys punished in late-night CP session, partly captured on video

09 DEC....UNITED STATES: Use of corporal punishment should be local choice
School paddling at issue in Kentucky

23 DEC....ZIMBABWE: Govt to introduce free education
Plus proposal to outlaw school CP

25 DEC....ZIMBABWE: Govt, teachers differ on corporal punishment
Teachers' union, and some parents, are against proposed ban on caning

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