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All 2017's CP news items, for all countries, in a single date sequence



January -- 1 item

February -- 5 items

March -- 4 items

April -- 4 items

May -- 6 items

June -- 4 items

July -- 11 items

August -- 6 items

September -- 5 items

October -- 6 items

November -- 10 items

December -- 5 items

January 2017

04 JAN....UNITED STATES: Laurens County Schools lead state in paddling
Long interview with a Georgia district superintendent and principal

February 2017

07 FEB....NIGERIA: Man to receive seven strokes for trespass, possession of stolen items
Court orders the cane for an 18-year-old

09 FEB....UNITED STATES: School Board bans paddling
No more corporal punishment in a Tennessee district

18 FEB....MALAYSIA: Young robber jailed 15 years, caned (illustrated)
A two-stroke caning for a 21-year-old, pictured

21 FEB....UNITED STATES: Bill would end paddling in last of Kentucky schools
Legislative move to abolish CP in KY

23 FEB....UNITED STATES: At Opposite Ends Of The State, Two NC Schools Keep Paddling Alive (illustrated)
Remote North Carolina districts still using school CP; high-school principal's paddle is pictured

March 2017

03 MAR....BOTSWANA: Captured prison escapee flogged (illustrated)
Seven strokes of the cane for 28-year-old, pictured

24 MAR....BOTSWANA: Man caned for disrupting police duty (illustrated)
Court orders offender, 21, pictured, to receive three strokes of the cane

29 MAR....UNITED KINGDOM: 42% of Leave voters back return of caning post-Brexit
Significant minority favour reintroduction of school CP, poll finds

30 MAR....NIGERIA: Teenager flogged for stealing phone
Ten strokes of the cane for thief, 18

April 2017

12 APR....UNITED STATES: New private school in Addis slated for 2017-18
Louisiana Christian school will require students to accept corporal discipline

14 APR....MALAYSIA: Unemployed man jailed 22 years for robbery (illustrated)
And six strokes of the cane for youth, 21, pictured

21 APR....BOTSWANA: Petty thief whipped (illustrated)
Youth, 21, pictured, undergoes five strokes of the cane at court

28 APR....MALAYSIA: Govt has no plans to abolish corporal punishment in schools
Minister responding to pressure from UNICEF to ban caning

May 2017

05 MAY....BOTSWANA: Man beats lover for having his baby (illustrated)
22-year-old, pictured, is given a four-stroke caning

05 MAY....UNITED STATES: Report: 485 Colorado students spanked at school
CP abolition bill is defeated in Colorado State Senate

08 MAY....BARBADOS: To Flog or Not To Flog: Expert Says Corporal Punishment Has Its Place
A criminologist says schools should retain caning

08 MAY....UNITED STATES: School paddling ban fails in Louisiana House
Another proposal to prohibit spanking is overwhelmingly rejected

20 MAY....SINGAPORE: 17 years' jail, 24 strokes of cane for MacRitchie rapist (illustrated)
24-year-old Bangladeshi culprit is pictured after first rape case based on new sentencing framework

23 MAY....INDONESIA: Indonesian men caned for gay sex in Aceh (illustrated)
Two aged 20 and 23 get 85 strokes each in public in first case of JCP for homosexuality

June 2017

06 JUN....UNITED STATES: New law forbids corporal punishment for some kids
Louisiana bans school paddling for certain special-needs students

07 JUN....MALAYSIA: Labourer gets 17 years, 26 strokes for rape, robbery (illustrated)
Severe punishment for 22-year-old, pictured

16 JUN....UNITED STATES: Jeff Davis Parish bans corporal punishment
No more paddling in a Louisiana school district

28 JUN....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail, cane for helping uncle rob man of phone (illustrated)
12 strokes of the cane for robber, 29, pictured

July 2017

13 JUL....MALAYSIA: 40 lashes for drinking, 100 for sex offences: Kelantan's amended Syariah Bill goes tough on errant Muslims
New law gives stronger powers to religious courts in Kelantan, including public caning

18 JUL....UNITED STATES: Board approves corporal punishment as option for discipline
Reaffirmation of paddling policy in a Missouri district

19 JUL....UNITED STATES: Paddling to be allowed at Three Rivers ISD
Corporal punishment returns to a Texas district

20 JUL....CAMEROON: Secondary Students Made to Strip Naked As Corporal Punishment (illustrated)
Boys and girls stripped to their underwear, pictured, and allegedly flogged

20 JUL....MALAYSIA: 'Caning in Islam not an act of torture'
Religious CP in Kelantan: modus operandi explained

20 JUL....UNITED STATES: MSD Revises Handbooks; Prepares For '17-18 Year
Paddling reinstated in an Arkansas school district that had dropped it

21 JUL....ZIMBABWE: Minister backs corporal punishment
School caning is necessary, he says

27 JUL....UNITED STATES: South Texas school district brings back corporal punishment (with video clip)
More about Three Rivers; high-school students on video accept the move

28 JUL....UNITED STATES: Bellevue ISD still using corporal punishment to discipline their students (with video clip)
School paddling "never went away" in this Texas district

29 JUL....SAMOA: Govt. considers corporal punishment
Education minister wants the return of caning to punish fighting by school students

29 JUL....UNITED STATES: Nacogdoches ISD votes against the use of corporal punishment
A TX district decides to abolish the paddle

August 2017

02 AUG....SWAZILAND: We're stripped, caned with a plank -- Salesian pupils
Allegations of bare-buttock canings at boys' high school

05 AUG....MALAYSIA: Foreign teen gets jail, caning for statutory rape of girlfriend (illustrated)
Three strokes of the rotan for 18-year-old, pictured

11 AUG....NIGERIA: Two teenagers get 14 strokes of the cane for assaulting, injuring man
Seven strokes each for named boys aged 15 and 16

12 AUG....UNITED KINGDOM: Spare the rod, pay the price (with cartoon)
1950s/1960s school caning and slippering recalled; "a useful and effective deterrent", says columnist

15 AUG....SINGAPORE: British trio sentenced to 5-6 years with caning for aggravated molestation (illustrated)
Three twentysomethings, two of whom are pictured, get five and eight strokes

26 AUG....UNITED STATES: Coaching styles change as society, times change
But a Texas coach says the pendulum is swinging back towards corporal punishment in high-school football

September 2017

05 SEP....MALAYSIA: Public whipping may go national, warns think tank
After adoption in Kelantan state, nationwide spread of public Islamic caning is contemplated

05 SEP....SINGAPORE: Trio sentenced to jail, caning for 2014 Aljunied Crescent robbery (illustrated)
Twelve strokes each for three thirtysomething Malaysian Indians, pictured

05 SEP....ZAMBIA: Call to restore corporal punishment in Zambian schools causes controversy
"Untold indiscipline" in private and public schools since abolition of caning in 2004, says educational body

29 SEP....MALAYSIA: School heads can now delegate caning to teachers
Teachers' union welcomes government minister's clarification

30 SEP....NIGERIA: 23-year-old man gets 12 strokes of cane for stealing motorcycle in Ibadan
Magistrate orders him to be punished in open court

October 2017

04 OCT....NIGERIA: Teenager Who Escaped Police Detention Sentenced To 40 Strokes Of The Cane (illustrated)
Plus six weeks' community service for 17-year-old, pictured

11 OCT....TANZANIA: Four sentenced to 30 years in robbery with violence
"Bandits" also ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane each

11 OCT....UNITED STATES: Pioneer school board discusses corporal punishment policy
Paddling up for debate in an Indiana district

17 OCT....NIGERIA: Student to receive 6 strokes of cane for offence
18-year-old punished for causing grievous hurt

19 OCT....UNITED STATES: Hamilton County Schools superintendent: Corporal punishment may be phased out
Controversy and statistics in Tennessee

31 OCT....UNITED STATES: Ex-mayor "whoops tail" of accused burglar with paddle (illustrated)
Burglary suspect, 22, pictured, gets a spanking from his presumed victim

November 2017

01 NOV....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail, cane for offences including molest and theft (illustrated)
Six strokes of the cane for 24-year-old, pictured

03 NOV....SINGAPORE: Company director first to face caning for illegal importation of labour
Businessman, 33, who fraudulently obtained work passes for foreign workers, is sentenced to 45 months' jail and five strokes of the cane

08 NOV....BRUNEI: Jail, caning for five Vietnamese gang robbers
Four of them get 12 strokes and 13 years each

09 NOV....UNITED STATES: School board bans paddling students
No more CP in a Tennessee district

13 NOV....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment removed from local policy
Officials of a Texas district say spanking was not being much used anyway

16 NOV....NIGERIA: Court jails teenager 8 months, 14 strokes of cane for having carnal knowledge of girl
Caning of 16-year-old is administered by a court official

16 NOV....SINGAPORE: Car washer gets five years' corrective training and rotan for targeting two pregnant women (illustrated)
Six strokes of the cane for 31-year-old, pictured

26 NOV....MALAYSIA: Soldier jailed 16 years for raping teen (illustrated)
21-year-old, pictured, also gets two strokes of the rotan

28 NOV....TANZANIA: Two villagers jailed 60 years over robbery
The pair aged 22 and 32 will each also get 12 strokes of the cane, in two instalments

December 2017

04 DEC....BOTSWANA: Serial rapist gets 45-year jail term and 30 lashes (illustrated)
Severe punishment for offender, 30, pictured

06 DEC....SINGAPORE: Australian gets 11 months' jail, 3 strokes of the cane for molesting 2 women at 2 Boat Quay bars (illustrated)
34-year-old company director is pictured

13 DEC....ZIMBABWE: Gay porn teen sodomises six
Four strokes with a rattan cane for 15-year-old schoolboy

25 DEC....KENYA: Randy married men in Baringo whipped in public (illustrated)
Outdoor village court, pictured, gives adulterer six strokes of the cane, among other things

27 DEC....SINGAPORE: Man on the run for 2 years after robbing masseuse jailed and caned (illustrated)
Robber, 27, pictured, is awarded 12 strokes of the cane

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