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All 2016's CP news items, for all countries, in a single date sequence



January-- 7 items

February-- 6 items

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June-- 8 items

July-- 7 items

August-- 7 items

September-- 9 items

October-- 7 items

November-- 5 items

December-- 9 items

January 2016

03 JAN....BARBADOS: Corporal punishment to reduce indiscipline
Teachers' union says schools must keep the cane

07 JAN....NEW ZEALAND: Twelve Questions: Leigh Hart (illustrated)
Comedian, pictured, describes severe canings at 1980s boarding school in Christchurch

18 JAN....UNITED STATES: Spanking, dehydration and ignorance of concussions: New details about Peter Nowak's Union tenure (illustrated)
Philadelphia soccer team players regularly spanked by coach, pictured

19 JAN....NIGERIA: Underage brothers flogged for possession of cutlass, charms
Five strokes of the cane each for two teens, six strokes for another

19 JAN....NIGERIA: Boy gets 12 strokes of cane sentence for theft
12-year-old also ordered to clear the bush within court premises

26 JAN....CANADA: Straight talk on spanking laws
Campaign to maintain the legality of parental CP

27 JAN....SINGAPORE: Loanshark harasser crawls past CCTV cameras to avoid being seen (illustrated)
Culprit, 26, pictured, ordered to receive 12 strokes of the cane

February 2016

01 FEB....ZIMBABWE: Masvingo teenager to get four strokes for raping 5-year-old girl
15-year-old is ordered to submit to a caning at local police station

02 FEB....SINGAPORE: Police NSF gets 18 years' jail, 15 strokes of cane (illustrated)
Heavy punishment for National Serviceman, pictured, 23, for multiple sexual offences and extortion

08 FEB....ZIMBABWE: Dentist saves rapist from prison
Three strokes of the cane for offender deemed to be a juvenile after dispute over his age

23 FEB....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail and cane for robbing and tying up masseuses (illustrated)
Two years in jail and 12 strokes of the cane for 21-year-old, pictured

25 FEB....NIGERIA: Bricklayer bags 12 strokes of cane for unlawful possession of army uniform
Severe punishment for 23-year-old in Nasarawa State

25 FEB....NIGERIA: Teenage student flogged over dangerous weapon possession
15-year-old sentenced to five strokes of the cane

March 2016

04 MAR....UNITED STATES: Paddling in NC schools up despite more bans
New statistics show N. Carolina bucking the downward trend

11 MAR....AUSTRALIA: Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mayor John Bowler wants caning for young offenders
Juvenile criminals need "a bit of a jolt", says Western Australia Labor politician

26 MAR....BOTSWANA: Botswana Public Floggings Scaring Zimbabweans
Petty criminals from neighbouring Zim regularly sentenced to strokes of the cane

30 MAR....MALAYSIA: Gang robber gets four years, eight strokes (illustrated)
21-year-old is pictured after being sentenced to a caning

April 2016

13 APR....MALAYSIA: Jailed, caned for raping 14-year-old student (illustrated)
Eight years in jail and six strokes of the cane for culprit, 21, pictured

14 APR....INDONESIA: Strict Indonesian province canes non-Muslim for selling booze
60-year-old Christian woman is publicly flogged

15 APR....UNITED STATES: Paddling common in some Central Georgia schools
Statistics given for various districts

20 APR....UNITED STATES: Laurens Schools defend paddling punishments (with video clip)
Focus on a Georgia district with over 1,000 paddlings a year

27 APR....ZIMBABWE: Schoolboy sodomises Grade 1 pupil
Culprit, 17, ordered to receive four strokes with a rattan cane

May 2016

10 MAY....SINGAPORE: Nearly 17 years' jail, 22 strokes of cane for man who raped woman thrice in public (illustrated)
Rapist, 30, is pictured

11 MAY....MALAYSIA: Rotan sellers jumping for joy over new ruling
Supplier of canes pleased with go-ahead for school CP

12 MAY....MALAYSIA: "Caning allowed under guidelines"
Clarification that schoolboys can be caned for serious offences

31 MAY....UGANDA: Uganda outlaws corporal punishment
Government bans school caning

June 2016

01 JUN....ZIMBABWE: School bullies arrested over indecent assault
Magistrate sentences two boys aged 16 and 15 to five strokes of the cane each

06 JUN....INDONESIA: Indonesia's Aceh sees rise in public canings to enforce Islamic sharia code, Amnesty says (illustrated)
Punishment of 18-year-old woman is pictured

07 JUN....MALAYSIA: Three years, 3 strokes for two friends (illustrated)
Caning sentences for two robbers, 27 and 28, pictured

14 JUN....ZIMBABWE: Court orders four strokes for 14-year-old
He raped his niece aged six

17 JUN....QATAR: Four things to know about flogging as a punishment in Qatar
Local news report describes procedure for JCP

21 JUN....CHINA: Video shows China bank employees being spanked (with video clip)
Failing bank staff paddled by trainer in front of colleagues

21 JUN....MALAYSIA: Court to cane duo in exchange for shorter jail sentence
Two 30-year-olds ask for caning, get two strokes each

24 JUN....UNITED STATES: All systems go at NSD
An Arkansas school district INTRODUCES paddling

July 2016

04 JUL....KENYA: Karaba calls for reintroduction of caning in schools to fight rampant indiscipline
Chairman of Senate Education Committee responds to arson reports

05 JUL....UGANDA: Caned and fined for 'having sex' with in-law (illustrated)
Culprit, pictured at outdoor village court, was lashed 10 times

14 JUL....SINGAPORE: Man jailed 12½ years, gets 11 strokes of cane (illustrated)
30-year-old, pictured, posed as policeman and raped 16-year-old

18 JUL....PERU: Vigilantes take the law into their own hands (illustrated)
System of unofficial local courts includes CP; whipping of young man is pictured

18 JUL....UNITED STATES: Abilene ISD eliminates corporal punishment from discipline methods for 2016-17
A Texas school district decides to abolish paddling

21 JUL....KENYA: Caning in schools on way back
Committee of National Assembly explores ways of bringing back school CP

27 JUL....UNITED STATES: Policy updates given for PES, PHS
At an Arkansas high school, the choice between ISS and CP is no longer for students to make

August 2016

04 AUG....MALAYSIA: Former teacher gets jail, rotan (illustrated)
Four years and a four-stroke caning for thief and crook, 36, pictured

07 AUG....UNITED STATES: Officials tweak discipline policy
A TX district switches from opt-in to opt-out system for school CP

10 AUG....UNITED STATES: Board eyes teaching program, other agreements
Another Texas school district bans the paddle

12 AUG....SINGAPORE: Youth gets jail, caning for assault which killed victim (illustrated)
8 years' prison plus 24 strokes of the cane for 19-year-old thug, pictured

24 AUG....UNITED STATES: In some US schools, resistance to ending corporal punishment (illustrated)
Reports from Georgia and Alabama; paddled girl, 11, is pictured

24 AUG....UNITED STATES: Paulding school board appoints new member
No more spanking allowed in a Georgia school district

27 AUG....ZIMBABWE: 2 pupils to be caned for raping classmate
16-year-olds said they were driven to it by watching porn; magistrate's sentence is four strokes each

September 2016

03 SEP....ZIMBABWE: Grade 5 pupil up for rape
14-year-old sentenced to receive three strokes of the cane

04 SEP....UNITED STATES: The paddle is still wielded in Kentucky schools, but in declining numbers (illustrated)
CP statistics for various districts, with a map

05 SEP....UNITED STATES: Some East Texas schools still use spanking, though corporal punishment on decline
More statistics

05 SEP....ZIMBABWE: Rape convict offered child victim 10 cents
"Five cuts with a rattan cane" is magistrate's order for youth of 17

06 SEP....NAMIBIA: School beatings ruled illegal
High Court decides that ban on CP applies to private as well as government schools

07 SEP....UNITED STATES: Another WNC school district ends paddling
Very little CP left in North Carolina

12 SEP....UNITED STATES: Alabama ranks third most in highest number of students paddled
One high school spanked 39% of its students, but overall the figure is falling

15 SEP....UNITED STATES: Tennessee school reinstates paddling policy, for boys only
Mother outraged by apparent discriminatory policy at her son's high school -- she wants girls to receive CP as well

21 SEP....UNITED STATES: Cheatham County votes to keep corporal punishment in classrooms
Parental pressure dissuades a Tennessee district from abolishing the paddle

October 2016

05 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: I'd give school bullies a taste of their own medicine
"Cane their bare bottoms", columnist urges

13 OCT....SRI LANKA: President on corporal punishment in schools
Head of State laments "disastrous" trend against use of the cane

14 OCT....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment has value
Former school principal supports use of the paddle

17 OCT....UNITED STATES: Big Spring ISD approves change to corporal punishment policy
A Texas school district abolishes same-sex paddling rule

19 OCT....UNITED STATES: Yantis trustees bring back corporal punishment
Return of paddling to a Texas school district after some years without it

22 OCT....UNITED KINGDOM: Punishment game marines avoid prison
Junior ranks were made to spank each other's backsides with a strap

29 OCT....SINGAPORE: Student expelled, several caned for taking upskirt images of teacher
Seven secondary boys caned in public and nine more in private

November 2016

14 NOV....UNITED STATES: Alabama 8th-grader paddled for writing 'Trump' on blackboard, parents say
Dispute over spanking of 14-year-old boy

17 NOV....ZIMBABWE: Juvenile gets 4 strokes for stabbing neighbour with screw driver
Court orders a caning for boy, 16

25 NOV....UNITED STATES: Superintendents support continued use of paddling
Alabama schools "upholding traditional values"

27 NOV....UNITED STATES: Johnson City Schools, Sullivan County districts only area systems to disallow corporal punishment of students
Statistics from some districts in Tennessee

30 NOV....UNITED STATES: Education secretary asks to end corporal punishment
But we do not take advice from Washington, say Texas school districts

December 2016

01 DEC....SINGAPORE: Jail, caning for attack on restaurant supervisor (illustrated)
Six strokes for 23-year-old, pictured

06 DEC....UNITED STATES: Howell Valley: Parents question school corporal punishment policy
A Missouri school is accused of spanking students without parental consent

08 DEC....UNITED STATES: Arkansas Spanks: The Natural State Still Practices Public School Corporal Punishment
Paddling procedures at some school districts are described, with statistics

10 DEC....UNITED STATES: Corporal punishment causes controversy among Louisiana parents
But others say it is effective; statistics given for certain districts

14 DEC....MALAYSIA: Youth escapes gallows when charged with drug possession (illustrated)
20-year-old, pictured, sentenced to 6 years in jail and 10 strokes of the rotan

15 DEC....UNITED STATES: Should corporal punishment be allowed in public schools?
More Louisiana paddling debate and statistics

20 DEC....UNITED STATES: Education secretary renews debate over corporal punishment
School paddling stats for certain Houston-area districts

21 DEC....UNITED STATES: Jefferson County School System says corporal punishment is effective (illustrated)
Parents may opt out in an Alabama district; a paddle is pictured

29 DEC....SWAZILAND: Meet Mbabane Central High School's Mr. Fix It
New deputy principal gets results through stricter enforcement of corporal punishment

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