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The Chronicle, Bulawayo, 13 December 2017

Gay porn teen sodomises six

By Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu
Gwanda Correspondent

A 15-YEAR-OLD Form Three pupil at Gwanda High School has been arrested for sodomising six children who are aged five and seven-years-old on separate occasions after watching gay pornographic material.

The juvenile, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, was convicted on his own plea of guilty to six counts of aggravated indecent assault when he appeared before Gwanda regional magistrate, Mr Mark Dzira.

Speaking on camera in the company of his father, the juvenile said he sodomised his six neighbours after watching a pornographic movie.

"I bought a disc from vendors thinking that it contained wrestling matches. The label on the disc also indicated that it contained wrestling but when I played the disc it had pornography. I watched it and that's where I saw the act of sodomy and I decided to imitate it," said the juvenile.

Mr Dzira sentenced the juvenile to receive four strokes to be administered with a rattan cane at Gwanda Prison. In addition, he placed him under the supervision of a probation officer for the next two years.

Prosecuting, Mr Pearson Chekeya said the juvenile who stays in Jahunda area in Gwanda sodomised five children aged five-years-old and one aged seven-years-old on separate occasions.

"On 19 July around 2PM, the accused arrived at the home of his five-year-old neighbour where he found him alone. He asked the boy who is an ECD pupil to accompany him to a nearby bush and the child agreed.

"The accused person retrieved some oil from his pocket and applied it on his penis. He removed the boy's short and ordered him to bend over before having anal sex with him once," he said.

Mr Chekeya said the juvenile took the boy back to his home and warned him against reporting. The matter came to light after the boy later narrated what had transpired to his friends and a neighbour overheard them.

Mr Chekeya said on another day in the same month, the juvenile called another five-year-old ECD pupil into an old car parked in their yard and sodomised him.

He said in August the juvenile called another five-year-old ECD pupil into the same old car and also abused him.

"In the same month the juvenile called another five-year-old ECD pupil into an old car parked in the yard and forcibly had sexual intercourse with him. During the August school holiday the accused person asked his seven-year-old neighbour to accompany him to a nearby bush on two separate occasions and had anal sexual intercourse with him.

"On a separate day he took the boy to an unfinished building where he repeated the act and warned him against reporting," Mr Chekeya said.

He said on October 3 the juvenile called a five-year-old boy and sodomised him.

The incidences later came to light resulting in the juvenile's arrest.

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