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Corporal punishment news chronology 2015

All 2015's CP news items, for all countries, in a single date sequence


January -- 19 items

February -- 6 items

March -- 10 items

April -- 6 items

May -- 8 items

June -- 5 items

July -- 9 items

August -- 6 items

September -- 5 items

October -- 4 items

November -- 9 items

December -- 5 items

January 2015

01 JAN....MALAYSIA: Man gets nine years for posing as Johor royal (illustrated)
Fraudster, 28, pictured, is also ordered to receive 16 strokes of the rotan

02 JAN....UNITED STATES: Sheriff's deputy called to home to witness father spanking his daughter with a paddle (with video clip)
Florida Undersheriff says he has personally supervised 12 spankings

05 JAN....INDIA: 'Creep' publicly spanked for harassing schoolgirls (illustrated)
Camera catches policewoman making 23-year-old bend over for a whipping in the street

08 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: Blogger sentenced to ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes (illustrated)
Flogging of activist Raif Badawi, pictured, set to go ahead

10 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi blogger receives first 50 lashes of sentence for 'insulting Islam' (with video clip)
First instalment of public flogging is captured on video

10 JAN....SINGAPORE: Trio given jail, caning over rape of pub waitress (illustrated)
Three twentysomethings, pictured, are ordered to receive corporal punishment

17 JAN....BARBADOS: Lash them! Senator Durant for using the rod
CP should be encouraged, says cleric and politician

17 JAN....MALAYSIA: Local, jailed for smartphone snatching, also given cane on appeal (illustrated)
A three-stroke whipping added to sentence for 22-year-old, pictured

17 JAN....ZIMBABWE: High Court outlaws caning of offenders
Long tradition of juvenile JCP comes to an end

21 JAN....SAUDI ARABIA: UK condemns blogger flogging
Britain deplores such punishment, says Foreign Secretary

21 JAN....SINGAPORE: Student from China gets jail, caning for graffiti offences
Six strokes of the cane for 21-year-old

22 JAN....UNITED STATES: Another WNC school district drops corporal punishment
No more paddling in Swain County, N. Carolina

22 JAN....UNITED STATES: Report: Ban corporal punishment in Florida schools
But educators support it because it helps improve behavior and keeps students in class

26 JAN....BARBADOS: Wild youth
Teachers' union leaders say corporal punishment is what works for school discipline

26 JAN....MALAYSIA: Court caning of minors may end
Government proposes abolition of courts' right to cane youths on the spot

27 JAN....SINGAPORE: Ringleader gets jail, caning for several offences (illustrated)
Graffiti is pictured that led to three-stroke sentence for vandal, 26

29 JAN....UNITED STATES: Former little league coach arrested for spanking players
North Carolina law "allows for someone to spank someone else's child"

30 JAN....ZIMBABWE: Teachers demand right to cane pupils
Removal of CP is turning schools into jungles, they say

31 JAN....ZIMBABWE: Magistrate attacks juvenile caning ban
There are many benefits to caning young offenders, he says

February 2015

01 FEB....MALAYSIA: Caning necessary to educate and discipline - Union
It is needed for the handful of students who are stubborn, say teachers

07 FEB....THE WORLD: The whip, the cane and the birch
Overview of JCP history and practice in various countries

12 FEB....MALAYSIA: Robbers get nine years' jail caning (illustrated)
Two twentysomethings, pictured, get two strokes each

12 FEB....UNITED STATES: Proposed bill would ban paddling, an option one ET district still considers (with video clip)
Tennessee politician wants to outlaw CP, but a school boss says it is effective

19 FEB....SWAZILAND: Mayiwane head teacher admits giving pupil 15 strokes
Caning of high-school boys is described

26 FEB....SINGAPORE: Aborted air pistol bank robbery backfires on exec (illustrated)
Six strokes of the cane for 31-year-old, pictured

March 2015

03 MAR....NIGERIA: Butcher caned for stealing laptops
12 strokes of the cane for housebreaker, 18

05 MAR....SINGAPORE: Caning not unconstitutional: Apex court (illustrated)
Court of appeal dismisses claim by drug trafficker, pictured; upholds his 15-stroke sentence

05 MAR....SINGAPORE: The invisible scars left by strikes of the cane (illustrated)
German report gives diagram of caning procedure, discusses JCP around the world

05 MAR....UNITED STATES: Millennials like to spank their kids just as much as their parents did (illustrated)
Statistical charts show no decline in Americans' support for parental CP

06 MAR....SINGAPORE: German vandals get 9 months, 3 strokes (illustrated) (with video clip)
Two youths, 21 and 22, pictured, sentenced for breaking into depot and spraying graffiti on a train, pictured

08 MAR....SINGAPORE: Same standards for everyone, says AGC of caning
Authorities reject criticism of German vandals' caning sentence

08 MAR....FRANCE: France holds back the anti-smacking tide (with cartoon)
French parents still believe in spanking their kids

20 MAR....NIGERIA: Student ordered to sweep court premises for attempting to steal
18-year-old is also ordered to be given seven strokes of the cane

21 MAR....SINGAPORE: Sex predator gets 30 years' jail, maximum 24 strokes (illustrated)
31-year-old, pictured, abused 31 young boys

26 MAR....SINGAPORE: Man gets three years' jail, six strokes for rioting (illustrated)
Caning sentence on rioter, 21, pictured, who punched and kicked two men

April 2015

04 APR....MALAYSIA: Riding a tiger: A floundering government indulges call to toughen Islamic law
Growing call for Sharia law in Kelantan state

05 APR....UNITED STATES: Different schools of thought on paddling
A look at the school CP situation in Florida

15 APR....NIGERIA: Student receives six strokes of cane for stealing sandals
19-year-old stole while shop owner was at mosque

16 APR....UNITED STATES: Natchitoches educator charged in 2nd incident at school
Louisiana Asst. Principal accused of paddling female teacher

22 APR....MALAYSIA: No plans to review caning, says Wan Junaidi
Government will not interfere with courts' power to cane juveniles

28 APR....UNITED STATES: MPISD shuffling more administrators
Texas school district changes the rules so that administrators may spank students of opposite sex

May 2015

05 MAY....UNITED STATES: Corporal Punishment By the Numbers (with video clip)
Paddling statistics for some Texas school districts

08 MAY....SINGAPORE: Man jailed, caned for molesting teen at carpark
Army sergeant, 22, receives three strokes

12 MAY....CANADA: Opinion: Time and place for spanking
Parental corporal punishment can yield good outcomes, argues activist

12 MAY....SINGAPORE: Serial offender broke into flats to steal, molest women (illustrated)
Train driver, 31, pictured, sentenced to five years and nine strokes of the cane

15 MAY....MALAYSIA: Three jailed 14 years, whippings for robbery (illustrated)
Three twentysomethings, pictured, ordered to receive six strokes each

21 MAY....MALAYSIA: MH370 theft: Mechanic gets jail, rotan (illustrated) (with video clip)
Three strokes of the cane for 34-year-old, pictured

28 MAY....SINGAPORE: Malaysian gets 17 years' jail for robbing, raping foreign national (illustrated)
And 24 strokes of the cane for 27-year-old, pictured

28 MAY....SINGAPORE: Kallang Bahru rapist jailed for 13 years (illustrated)
Storeman, 24, pictured, also ordered to receive 18 strokes of the cane

June 2015

10 JUN....MALAYSIA: Courthouse drama as convict flees (illustrated)
26-year-old, pictured, is recaptured and sentenced to 6 years and 2 strokes

15 JUN....FIJI: Fiji to stop flogging girls who stay out late
Or wearing their hair too long or wearing shorts. But village chiefs want to retain it

17 JUN....ZIMBABWE: The return of corporal punishment in Zim
Constitutional Court provisionally overturns judicial juvenile caning ban, also OKs school and domestic CP

19 JUN....BARBADOS: Place for flogging in schools
Letter-writer supports the retention of caning to dissuade disruptive behaviour

25 JUN....UNITED STATES: Spanking Children In Massachusetts: First Ever Guidelines By Supreme Judicial Court
It's OK if it is reasonable and does not cause physical harm

July 2015

01 JUL....IRAN: 480 sentenced to lashing in Iran city for eating during Ramadan (illustrated)
Mass punishment in Shiraz; file picture of a public lashing

05 JUL....UNITED STATES: Our view: Spanking, abuse and discipline
California newspaper takes a dim view of court sentence on man for disciplining his teenage son with a belt

09 JUL....UNITED STATES: Bush student spanking prescription resonates
Would-be presidential candidate had once praised Florida school district for its use of paddling

10 JUL....UNITED STATES: OKC social worker accused of paddling minors faces charges (with video clip)
Two Oklahoma boys 'were offered choice of corporal discipline or court appearance'

22 JUL....UNITED STATES: Counselors being indicted for spanking troubled youths in Boston
Eight former youth workers accused of using CP on teens at residential facility

24 JUL....SINGAPORE: Ex-YOG cyclist gets jail, cane for drug offences (illustrated)
Former sports star, 22, pictured, receives five strokes

28 JUL....UNITED STATES: Paddling no longer in Lake's school code
Abolition of CP in a Florida district

29 JUL....UNITED STATES: System to ban corporal punishment in two schools
No more paddling in an Alabama district

29 JUL....ZIMBABWE: 15-year-old to be caned for raping Grade 4 pupil
Three strokes for boy following restitution of JCP

August 2015

06 AUG....UNITED STATES: School board discusses changes
A Texas school district decides to increase CP use at middle and high schools

11 AUG....UNITED STATES: Schools set up 'no tolerance' against fights
New paddling policy in an Alabama school district

15 AUG....SOUTH AFRICA: Youth need a beating to set them on right path
It was a big mistake removing CP from schools, opines letter-writer

17 AUG....ZIMBABWE: Boy (14) to be caned for sodomy
Court orders two strokes of the cane plus suspended jail term

27 AUG....NIGERIA: Teenager receives 5 lashes for stealing iron rods
Boy, 14, caned for robbing shop

28 AUG....BOTSWANA: Lashed: Beer thief gets seven strokes of the cane
33-year-old, pictured, is punished with "cane on bare buttocks"

September 2015

02 SEP....AFGHANISTAN: Amnesty International Condemns Afghan Punishment For 'Adultery' (illustrated) (with video clip)
Film shows man and woman receiving a public whipping

08 SEP....SOUTH AFRICA: Bloem school investigated for corporal punishment (with video clip)
Film gives brief glimpse of canings under way

11 SEP....UNITED STATES: Paddling, still allowed in Kentucky schools, a fading form of discipline
Half the state's 173 public school districts allow CP: statistics given

17 SEP....ZIMBABWE: Teenager to be caned for raping niece (6)
Five strokes ordered for 18-year-old

19 SEP....INDONESIA: Dozens of sharia violators caned in Aceh (illustrated)
34 offenders punished in public; caning of woman is pictured

October 2015

06 OCT....NIGERIA: Man sentenced to six strokes of cane for stealing car stereo
24-year-old opts for a caning rather than pay magistrates' court fine

15 OCT....ZIMBABWE: Corporal punishment permissible: Concourt
Question of constitutionality of JCP deferred; Court confirms that school caning remains lawful

16 OCT....MALAYSIA: Youth jailed for robbing woman of her money (illustrated)
Six years in jail and three strokes of the rotan for culprit, 22, pictured

31 OCT....MALAYSIA: Caning for culprits behind illegal ads
Mayor of Kuala Lumpur wants JCP introduced for flyposting

November 2015

02 NOV....UNITED STATES: Man Finds School Paddle From 1968 Hidden Inside Wall in Kennewick (illustrated)
In Washington State, paddle with signed names is pictured

06 NOV....UNITED STATES: The strong bond that almost led Leonard Fournette to Alabama
Football stars who all felt the paddle at St Augustine High School in New Orleans

10 NOV....IRELAND: Mayor of Clare urges corporal punishment for criminals
It would be better than prison for rural burglars, who are "treated like royalty", he says

11 NOV....UNITED STATES: When School Feels Like Jail (illustrated)
Long article on school discipline in Mississippi; CP procedure described; picture of paddle on table in a middle-school gym class

12 NOV....UNITED STATES: Superintendent discusses new corporal punishment policy at parent summit
Paddling reintroduced in a Texas district as high-school students are leaving for neighbouring districts where classes are not disrupted because CP is used

24 NOV....UNITED STATES: Paddling students more prevalent in rural Coastal Bend school districts (illustrated)
Overview of CP policy and practice in southern Texas; a paddle is pictured

26 NOV....MALAYSIA: Eight light strokes for rape of underage girl
Caning-only sentence on 18-year-old by Juvenile Court

26 NOV....MALAYSIA: Two youths given maximum jail sentence for rape (illustrated)
Plus heavy caning sentences for culprits aged 21 and 22, pictured

30 NOV....ANTIGUA & BARBUDA: Antonio: Corporal punishment not ruled out of National Discipline Policy
Schools will still be able to use the strap

December 2015

03 DEC....MALAYSIA: No caning of minors under amended Child Act
Government proposes to abolish juvenile judicial CP

21 DEC....JAMAICA: Vengeance and corporal punishment not the same -- Hall
School CP is a deterrent to undesired behaviour and should be retained, says teachers' union leader

23 DEC....CANADA: Spanking is worthy discipline
Domestic CP option needs to be kept alive, opines newspaper editorial

23 DEC....SINGAPORE: Man gets jail, caning for slashing cabby (illustrated)
22-year-old, pictured, is sentenced to three strokes

23 DEC....ZIMBABWE: Boy, 16, offers $50 lobola for pregnant girl, 13
He is sentenced to four strokes of the cane for rape

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