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Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky, 14 October 2016

Letters to the Editor

Corporal punishment has value


I have read two reports about corporal punishment in the Herald-Leader. I agree with state Sen. Mike Wilson: I was spanked, and it sent me on the right path.

During my 32 years in education, I was a coach, guidance counselor and principal. I saw the value of counseling and corporal punishment.

It really irritates me to have professor Eric Weber call anyone who favors spanking ignorant. I doubt if he has ever been in charge of discipline in a public school.

When I was principal, the family was a strong influence. I would ask a child if they would like a spanking or a suspension; 95 percent of them took a couple of swats. Suspension would have meant a call to their parents and most knew that the discipline at home would be worse.

Weber also refers to prison discipline as protected by state law. I served six years as recreation director in a women's prison. I never saw an employee touch an inmate. I treated everyone fairly and kept my department free of inmate violence.

It's sad that such dreamers have no idea of the real world. It's a real shame that they influence others.

Russ Walkup

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CBS logo (KOSA-TV), Midland, Texas, 17 October 2016

Big Spring ISD approves change to corporal punishment policy

By Tatum Guinn

BIG SPRING -- Big Spring ISD has made changes to its corporal punishment policy at the elementary level.

The change allows a principal to administer corporal punishment to a different sex. Prior to the change, district policy only allowed a principal to give corporal punishment to a student of the same sex.

District leaders say the change was necessary because most of the principals at and vice principals at the elementary level are women, making for a delay in punishment often times.

It is important to note, if any parent does not want to subject their child to corporal punishment, they can sign a form.

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Wood County Monitor, Mineola, Texas, 19 October 2016, p.5A

Yantis trustees bring back corporal punishment

By Tommy Anderson


Press cutting

Tracey Helfferich is an elementary school principal who is a bundle of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to her job and now she is going to be in a position to share that energy and enthusiasm with even more students in the Yantis ISD.

Meeting in its regular monthly session on Monday, Oct. 10, the Yantis School Board voted unanimously to appoint Helfferich as principal of both the elementary and middle schools, filling the vacant middle school position.


Aside from assigning the additional duties to Helfferich, the biggest item was the adoption, on a unanimous vote, of proposed changes to local policy in the TASB policy book. That change will now allow corporal punishment to be carried out in the Yantis School District, something that has not been approved by the district for some years.

"I feel it is an option we needed to have available to us," Acting Superintendent Jerry Brem said, adding, "I know it worked on me when I was a kid and I have seen it work well in other schools where I have worked. It is not something you have to use, but it is something that is available if you deem it might best serve the situation."


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