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New York Post, 5 January 2015

'Creep' publicly spanked for harassing schoolgirls

By Chris Perez

Virat Dhoni being spanked
Sub-Inspector Monica Singh publicly spanked Virat Dhoni after some schoolgirls complained that he had harassed them. Photo: Europics

A cop in India was caught serving up her own brand of justice -- publicly whipping the backside of a local creep as he complained about the bum rap.

Accused pest Virat Dhoni claims he was wrongfully punished at the hands of Sub-Inspector Monica Singh after she received complaints from a group of teenage schoolgirls that the 23-year-old was harassing them.

"I had a choice," Singh told Central European News. "I could take him to court and watch as he wriggled off the hook, or I could hand out some justice then and there."


Instead of taking him down to the station to be booked, the stern policewoman decided to toss aside the legal system and give the young man some old-fashioned corporal punishment.

Once Singh finished with the culprit, she let Dhoni's accusers take turns hitting him.

"I felt shamed by standing there while these women hit me," the young man said. "I hadn't laid a finger on them and it is not a policewoman's job to decide who is and who is not guilty."

Dhoni expressed his feelings in a local court, but judges couldn't have cared less, according to CEN.

They ultimately rejected his complaints despite evidence of a bruised butt.

"He had tormented his victims in public with his whistling and catcalls, and he was punished in public," a ruling said. "It was very fitting."

Sex pest bending over to be spanked
Dhoni's punishment was upheld by a local court, which said, "It was very fitting." Photo: Europics

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