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JERSEY (Channel Islands)

Judicial CP - March 1953

Evening Post, St Helier, Jersey, 24 March 1953


To-day's Police Court

Before E.A. Dorey, Esq., C.B.E., Magistrate

Young Thieves to be Birched

Headmaster Consulted by Magistrate

Roy Adolphus Urvoy (15), St. Lawrence, and

Denis John Aubert (14), St. Clement,

who last Friday morning were remanded in the custody of their parents after having been charged by Centenier R.P. Mourant, of St. Helier, with having, in complicity, on the 19th March, 1953, at approximately 10 p.m., broken into a mobile fruit shop parked at Havre des Pas, and with having stolen therefrom a quantity of fruit valued at �1. 16s. 7d. the property of Thomas A. Gilbert, appeared again before the Court this morning. Further charges were preferred to-day, these being of stealing two cycles, two spanners and a screwdriver.

cuttingAdvocate T.C. Sowden, on behalf of the younger boy, admitted the charges, while Advocate P.H. Giffard, who was present in Court, said that at the request of the elder lad he would safeguard his interests.

Detailing the further charges, Centenier Mourant told the Court that after being presented on Friday the boys made a clean breast of the robberies of cycles, two of which were found near Havre des Pas Gardens ...

Advocate Sowden: Neither cycle was damaged?

Centenier Mourant: No, Sir.

Advocate Giffard then rose and said that as the charges were admitted he would ask that the boys be dealt with by the Court. "I feel that those thefts were not done for a profit but from youthful exuberance. I feel that if this case is not dealt with by probation then birching will have the desired effect," added counsel.


Advocate Sowden, associating himself with what his colleague had said, informed the Court that the thefts were carried out after the boys had attended the Jersey School of Physical Culture. His client had a good report from his headmaster, Mr. A.A.H. Downer, and he considered that a period of two years' probation might meet the case.


The Magistrate then called Mr. Downer forward and having quietly spoken with him said to Advocate Sowden: "You requested a probation report for your client?"

Advocate Sowden: Yes, Sir. I thought that it might be possible for corporal punishment to be inflicted by the headmaster.

Advocate Giffard: I see difficulties there. The parents might object to a headmaster doing such a thing.

The Magistrate: I feel that the Court is the right place to order birching. This is a case which can be dealt with immediately.

Advocate Giffard: If you are going to deal with the case immediately, I withdraw my suggestion for probation. I ask for birching.

The Magistrate: It would be unfair upon the school to ask the headmaster to deal with the lads. Each is sentenced to 12 strokes with the birch. If they come here again it will be serious for them.

Daily Mirror, London, 25 March 1953

In Brief

Two boys will be birched -- by request

TWO schoolboys are each to get twelve strokes of the birch -- at the request of their own counsel, who suggested the punishment at Jersey (Channel Islands) magistrates' court as an alternative to probation.

The boys, aged fourteen and fifteen, were charged with stealing three bicycles and fruit, and with using a motor-cycle without the owner's permission. They will be birched by warders in Jersey Prison in the presence of a medical officer.

Jersey has its own criminal laws, which allow birching and flogging.

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