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JERSEY (Channel Islands)
Judicial CP - September 1931

Corpun file 10632

Jersey Weekly Post, St Helier, 19 September 1931

Police Court, 12 September

Boy's alleged theft

"No control over him," says mother.

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Henri Dosithée Jean Le Gastelois (13), St. Martin, was charged by Centenier C.G. Pallot, of St. Martin, with having on Tuesday, 8th inst., about 8.45 a.m., stolen £9.5s. from "Gibraltar," Rozel, St. Martin, to the prejudice of Angelina Marie Louise Laignel (née Le Blond); or with aiding and abetting the said criminal acts.

Centenier Pallot said that on Tuesday last he was informed by Mrs. Laignel that £9.5s. had been stolen from her house. She left early in the morning to go to work and on coming back in the evening found a window open and the money, which was in two purses, missing. Witness made enquiries and found that a boy named Holley had a watch which had been given him by accused. Witness questioned Holley, who showed him where the accused had hidden two watches and some money. Accused admitted the charge and said he went to town and bought four watches, two at 10/6 and two at 6/11 each. Witness found that the mother had no control over accused; he did no work at school and stayed out late at night. The sum of £8.4s. had been recovered, as well as the two purses.

Mrs. Laignel said that when she came home on Tuesday she could not open her front door. She went to the window and saw one of the drawers in the room open. When she made a search she found that about £9.5s. which she had in the house was missing. Witness identified the purses as her property.

Clifford Marcel Holley said he was at school with accused, who gave him a watch which he said he got at Mrs. Laignel's. Accused told him not to tell anyone, but he told his father. Accused showed him where he had hidden the money, and witness showed the police.

Vingtenier Le Soelleur corroborated the Centenier's evidence. Mr. Holley reported to him that the accused had given his boy a watch.

Mrs. Le Gastelois said she had five children. Accused was the youngest, and she had had a lot of trouble with him. He had stolen money from her, but as far as she knew had never stolen money outside before. She could do nothing with him. If she shut him up he got away by the window.

Accused said he stole the money because his mother wanted him away from the home.

The case was remanded until Thursday for a report, accused being placed at the General Hospital in the interval.

Corpun file 10633

Jersey Weekly Post, St Helier, 26 September 1931

Royal Court, 19 September

13-year-old boy charged

Court orders the birch.

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Henri Dositée Jean Le Gastebois, aged 13, a native of St. Martin, was presented on a report by H.M.'s Attorney-General, charged by Centenier C.G. Pallot, of St. Martin, with having on Tuesday, September 8th, about 8.45 a.m., stolen £9.5s. from "Gibraltar," Rozel, St. Martin, to the prejudice of Angelina Marie Louise Laignel (née Le Blond); or with aiding and abetting in the said acts.

Advocate Giffard defended the accused and entered a plea of guilty.

The Public Prosecutor detailed the incidents which led up to the prosecution. The father and mother were of French nationality and were highly respectable and hard working people. He (the speaker) had had a consultation with Advocate Giffard and they were agreed that they should not send the lad to prison or even to a reformatory. He thought the best way out of the difficulty was to order that the lad receive eight strokes of the birch under the supervision of the Prison Authorities and that he be handed over to the care of his parents, who would be notified that they must exercise greater care over the boy.

Advocate Giffard agreed with the conclusions, which he considered were very reasonable. By dealing with the lad in this way he would learn a good lesson and should become a good citizen. If he fell into evil ways again he would naturally be severely punished.

The lad's parents were requested to come forward.

The father said he had been in Jersey about 50 years; he could do nothing with his son.

Both mother and father said they were prepared to take charge of their son and to keep him in order.

The Court then granted the conclusions of the Public Prosecutor.

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