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MALAYSIA (at the time: Federated Malay States)
Judicial CP - January 1905

Corpun file 23110

The Straits Times, Singapore, 11 January 1905, p.5

Flogging in the F.M.S.

Press cutting

Salutary public punishment of Chinamen.

OWING, most probably, to the number of Chinamen thrown out of work by the policy of the F.M.S. [Federated Malay States] Government in respect of "tailings" -- the miners being blocked at every turn by officials whose duty seems to be to allow no mud into rivers or marshes -- crimes of violence have been increasing lamentably in the Native States. Rigorous measures are now being taken to suppress such crimes, and public flogging has been introduced in Perak. An account of such a public flogging of three [sic] malefactors near Ipoh a few days back is forwarded to us by a correspondent. He writes:--

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Although not altogether advocating public flogging in Singapore, one cannot help thinking that it is having a very beneficial effect on the suppression of crime in the Native States. Some days ago five Chinamen were publicly flogged at a small place called Telok Krau about 3 miles from Ipoh. They had been convicted of gang robbery and sentenced by the Senior Magistrate Mr. M.P. Henna to twenty-four lashes to be followed by four years' rigorous imprisonment and then to be transported.

The flogging took place opposite the police station and in the presence of about three thousand Chinamen.

Assistant Commissioner Spinks was in charge with Inspector Wilson and twenty Sikhs with loaded rifles.

After Dr. Connolly had examined the men to see if they were physically fit, and had come to the conclusion they were so, the first man was brought out and strapped by his wrists and ankles to the upstanding triangle.

His trousers were loosened and his bajoo was pulled up over his head and he stood altogether nude.

Press cutting

The flogger, a very tall and sinewy Bengalee, then tried the rattans to see if they were to his liking. The first lash drew a curious white line across the buttocks, but the second drew blood. After the third or fourth the man collapsed, but on the doctor considering the man was fit enough to hold out the flogging continued until the full twenty-four had been administered. After he was finished No. 2 was brought forth and the same thing occurred, the only difference being that he stood it without either fainting or making a sound. Nos. 3, 4 and 5 were certainly afraid, no doubt from the fact of their friends Nos. 1 and 2 having come back into the police station nursing their wounds.

They all called out while being strapped up "Tolong tuan siy h dekot mati," but to no avail as with grim determination the tall bengalee laid on as if his life depended on it.

After the whole flogging was over the men were removed to Ipoh in a bullock cart, and from there sent to Batu Gajah by train. They were made to walk from Batu Gajah station to the police station which must have hurt them considerably. The curious part of the whole affair was the quiet demeanour of the onlooking Chinamen. When one turned and watched their faces, one could see that they stood absolutely awestricken and when all was over they moved away without a word. One felt that they had learned a lesson.

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