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ZAMBIA (at the time: Northern Rhodesia)
Judicial CP - May 1960

Northern News, Ndola, 7 May 1960

Sentence is increased

NDOLA, Friday. -- Mr. Justice Somerhough increased a sentence of six months' hard labour to 12 months in the High Court here yesterday after Daniel Steven, a 22-year-old Coloured, appealed against his conviction for dangerous driving and assault on a police inspector.

He was originally fined 5 for dangerous driving and sent to jail for six months at Ndola Magistrate's Court on March 28.

The Judge yesterday also increased the fine to 20, and ordered 12 strokes of the cane.

Steven's grounds of appeal were that "I was wrongly accused of the alleged offence. I strongly deny I am the guilty one."

Northern News, Ndola, 10 May 1960

Cane for stone-thrower

NDOLA, Monday.

A 17-YEAR-OLD African youth was ordered to receive 11 strokes of the cane here today for stoning a car in Ndola late last night.

press cuttingMr. W.H. Hannah, the Magistrate, told the boy that he and any other person convicted of throwing stones at vehicles "will receive such a punishment as will properly suffice to deter them and other persons from doing likewise in the future."

Two Africans were remanded until Thursday morning by Mr. J.W. Cronin, charged with assaulting an African at Chifubu location last night. The two, Peter Ngosa and Silvestor Mwape, denied the charges.

Northern News, Ndola, 10 May 1960

Rioters go to jail

LUANSHYA, Monday. -- Eight Africans who took part in a Good Friday riot in the Mikomfwa location here were today each sentenced to two years' hard labour by the Senior Resident Magistrate, Mr. W.B. Scott.

Another African found guilty of rioting was sentenced to one year's hard labour, and a juvenile to receive six strokes of the cane. Two Africans charged with the same offence were found not guilty.

Northern News, Ndola, 12 May 1960

African gets 12 strokes

NDOLA, Wednesday. -- The courts would see that law and order was enforced, promised an Ndola Magistrate today.

press cuttingMr. J.W. Cronin had ordered a 15-year-old African boy to receive 12 strokes of the cane for throwing stones at a beerhall at Chifubu location on Sunday.

"I am gravely concerned at the number of cases of stoning in this area particularly, and elsewhere in the territory," he said.

"It is a lawless practice, which is dangerous, and steps must be taken to stop it."

Sentencing the boy, who had denied throwing stones, Mr. Cronin said: "I hope it will be realised by others prone to indulging in this sort of behaviour that the law will not be flouted."

Assistance-Inspector John Gillies said that in Sunday's disturbance at Chifubu all the windows of the new beerhall had been broken and an iron door forced open.

Northern News, Ndola, 13 May 1960

Stern warnings by N.R. Magistrates as five Africans are jailed


NDOLA, Thursday.

A SCREAMING African hurled himself to the floor after being given a year's hard labour in the Magistrate's Court here today. Adako Chisha was grabbed by policemen and spectators, and carried struggling violently from the courtroom.

Chisha and John Tembuza were each given a year's hard labour by Mr. J.W. Cronin for threatening violence. Chisha told an African woman: "You will die a very bad death," while Tembuza looked on.

"The tempo and spate of this particular type of crime has been rapidly growing," said Mr. Cronin. It was the duty of the courts to help the Government maintain law and order.

Nephas Tembo, the former treasurer for U.N.I.P. in the Western Province, sentenced to five months' hard labour here today, declared in the crowded courtroom: "Down with imperialism -- down with the police state."

He was hurried from the court, but paused on the steps outside to shout "Kwacha" to the small crowd of Africans.

Tembo was jailed by Mr. J.W. Cronin for taking part in an unauthorised assembly at Chifubu location on Sunday.

"Finish the case -- give me the maximum sentence," Tembo asked Mr. Cronin.


The Mufulira Magistrate, Mr. J.J. Hughes, today warned Africans against "senseless hooliganism" and told them that the court would not tolerate it.

He was sentencing an African juvenile and an adult for rioting.

The adult, Steven Mwansa, was sentenced to 15 months' hard labour and the juvenile to receive 10 strokes of the cane. A third juvenile was found not guilty and acquitted.

Giving judgment, Mr. Hughes said such cases of hooliganism would be punished with the utmost severity, and he hoped the sentences imposed would act as a deterrent to other Africans tempted to behave in the same manner.


Corpun file 3910

Northern News, Ndola, 19 May 1960

Mobile police stand by as 18 Africans are convicted

NDOLA, Wednesday. -- A PLATOON of Mobile Unit police stood by, but there were no incidents, when 18 Africans were convicted in the Magistrate's Court here today of taking part in an unauthorised assembly at Chifubu Township on May 8.

The prosecutor, Inspector Ken West, alleged that F.N. Bulawayo, the U.N.I.P. divisional public secretary, addressed a crowd of 400 Africans at Chifubu.

He was alleged to have said: "This is an illegal meeting, but we have permission from U.N.I.P."

The Police Mobile Unit arrived and the accused was among those arrested.

All the 21 Africans charged pleaded not guilty.

The Magistrate, Mr. W.H. Hannah, dismissed three of the Africans because they were each identified by only one policeman, and he felt this was insufficient proof of identity.

Two of the accused were juveniles and were ordered nine and 10 strokes of the cane respectively.

The remaining offenders were each sentenced to five months' hard labour and were bound over for a year.

Mr. Hannah said: "It is no band of conquering heroes who stand in the dock, but disreputable persons who have committed an offence and are now lying in attempt to ward off its proper consequences.

"I have no hesitation in applying a proper punishment which, I hope, will act as a deterrent to the accused and to others who may be tempted to follow their examples."

Mr. Hannah pointed out that they were not charged with violence, but for taking part in an unauthorised assembly.

He remarked on the excellence of the evidence given by African detectives.

One of the accused shouted "Imperialism" and "Kwacha" in the courtroom but the remainder were quiet.

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