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School CP - March 1935

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Chicago Tribune, 27 March 1935, p.2

1,000 Students Hear H. School Boys Whipped

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Cleveland, O., March 26. -- [Special.] -- This comes to you direct from the principal's office at Schaaf Junior High school in Parma. Principal E.O. Bartlow speaking:

"I have here in my office five boys who have been caught smoking in the school building. They will be dealt with accordingly."

There is a harsh rasping in the loud speakers in the classrooms as Principal Bartlow turns a dial for more power on the public address system.

Activity -- except in the principal's office -- comes to a standstill. Students lay aside their books and wait for further word from the speakers all over the building.

Then suddenly -- "Wham! O-o-o-o! Wham! Bam! O!" A thousand students hear the resounding blows of Mr. Bartlow's paddle and the wails of the victims.

Thus Principal Bartlow has solved to his own satisfaction the problem of "to spank or not to spank" -- a question arousing much comment in Cleveland.

"I tried it merely for effect," Principal Bartlow said. "I wanted to make an impression on the rest of the student body -- and I think I did."

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