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School CP - February 1922

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The New York Times, 14 February 1922

Ten College "Don'ts."

Evanston Judge Tells Northwestern Students What Not to Do.

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CHICAGO, Feb. 12. -- Max Witower, Justice of the Peace and Sage of Evanston, who decrees what Northwestern University boys and co-eds may not do -- and what will happen if they do -- today handed down a new decalogue whose ten high crimes and misdemeanours are punishable with a spanking.

The rules, designed to apply to all students and just kids, are to be enforced, in the case of masculine offenders, by Policeman Carl Exman and in the case of girls by Policewoman Georgiana Jerell. The minimum spank sentence is five and the maximum twenty-five. Here are the rules:

Don't wear "sloppy" (i.e. unbuckled) goloshes.

Don't swear in public unless 21 or over.

Don't use cigarettes unless 21 or over.

Don't spoon in an automobile where the public can see.

Don't get dormitory decorations by stealing "souvenirs".

Don't take some one else's auto for a joy ride.

Don't "fly ride" (i.e. ride on running boards, radiator or tire carriers) on automobiles.

Don't hook bobsleds or sleds on automobiles.

Don't roller skate in the downtown district.

Don't be a rowdy in an ice cream parlor.

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