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School CP - September 1919

Corpun file 23596

The Evening Missourian, Columbia, Missouri, 12 September 1919, p.2

Engineers Use the Paddle

Three Students Run Gauntlet for Violating Campus Rules.

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Students of the School of Engineering started their 1919-20 campaign against violators of campus rules at noon today when nearly two hundred men, armed with paddles, formed a circle around the Columns and forced three students to run the gauntlet.

Robert Edmonston, a senior in the School of Business and Public Administration, was the first to feel the sting of the paddles. Walking across the campus was his offense.

Charles Erbs and Frank Mefford, both freshmen in the School of Engineering, were the other victims. Erbs was paddled for trespassing on the campus, while Mefford committed a graver offense by walking across the mounds.

Hundreds of students watched the activities from the campus walks and the steps of Academic Hall. The majority of the onlookers were freshmen.

Corpun file 23597

The Evening Missourian, Columbia, Missouri, 24 September 1919, p.1

Journalists Favor Engineers

Vote to Continue Paddling for Walking Across the Campus.

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A vote to uphold one old tradition at least was registered by the School of Journalism at a student mass meeting last night. The question submitted to the students who met in Switzler Hall was whether or not the Engineers should continue to guard the West Campus and to punish those who walked across the greensward. Considering it as a matter of destroying or letting stand one of the old traditions of the University, the journalists voted 33 to 12 in favor of the Engineers, two men voting to allow all University janitors to take part in the paddling.

The meeting was called at the request of the Student Senate which is asking all schools and colleges of the University to answer certain questions regarding paddling of University students.

Two students in answering the questions asked, suggested that the number of paddles used be limited to 3,000.

The result of the votes in other schools will be put with the results from the School of Journalism, and the committee appointed by the Student Senate will draft a set of rules accordingly. After these have been approved by the senate they will be sent to the discipline committee of the University for final sanction. Until the matter is settled the Engineers will have full control.

Corpun file 23590

The Evening Missourian, Columbia, Missouri, 25 September 1919, p.6

Lawyers Favor Paddling Plan

Meeting Last Night Decides to Limit Size of Paddles.

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Students in the School of Law had a mass meeting Wednesday night at which the question of paddling was taken up and thoroughly discussed in accordance with the request of the Student Senate. One hundred out of the 175 students registered in the School of Law were present and voted to keep up traditions, with some reservations.

They decided that the sizes of the paddles used in punishing offenders should be limited, that freshmen should not be allowed to take part and that the juniors and sophomores should act as guards.

The committee appointed by the Student Senate on the paddling question will meet and compare notes tomorrow. Rules and regulations will then be formulated by the Student Senate and submitted to the student body at the mass meeting before the Drury game.

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