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Judicial CP - March 1967

Corpun file 21018

Corpus Christi Times, Texas, 16 March 1967

Bill Would Give Policemen Right To Spank Youths

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. -- Policemen no longer would have to spare the rod and spoil the child, according to a bill now under consideration by the Illinois Legislature.

A bill introduced yesterday by Rep. Raymond W. Ewell, D-Chicago, would allow policemen to spank any unruly juveniles caught violating "any law or municipal ordinance" in a public street or place.

The bill -- certain to have a stormy future in the legislature -- states that a policeman shall stand in the same relationship to boys under 17 and girls under 18 in public places as parents and guardians stand to them in the home. The only qualifier is that the juveniles must be violating the law for policemen to assure the parental role.

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Corpun file 20845

The Southern Illinoisian, Carbondale, IL, 19 March 1967

Editorial: Our Opinions

Now, 'stop and spank'

Press cuttingFOR PEOPLE who believe that policemen would be given too much power if a "stop and frisk" law is enacted, there's a new angle: a "stop and spank" law.

Under a bill introduced Wednesday in the Illinois House by Rep. Raymond W. Ewell, D-Chicago, policemen would be given the same legal relationship to boys under 17 and girls under 18 in public places as parents and guardians stand to them in the home.

The stipulation is added that the juveniles would have to be breaking a law before policemen could assume parental authority.

Spanking would certainly seem to be in order under the provisions of the bill. But questions are sure to arise.

Where, for example, is the spanking to be applied? Somehow, it's difficult to picture a policeman upending an unruly teen-ager to administer a spanking when a rap on the knuckles -- or the head -- with a nightstick would be easier and less time-consuming.

If the legislature does enact this bill, it had better put in a protection clause for pintsized policemen. It seems the juvenile crop is growing pretty muscular these days.

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