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Judicial CP - November 1962

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The Blade, Toledo, Ohio, 20 November 1962, p.8

Juveniles Pick Spanking Over Weekend In Jail

Findlay Parents Administers Punishment Of One; 3 Others Paddled By Court Officer

From The Blade Correspondent

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FINDLAY, O., Nov. 20 -- Punishment to fit the offense was ordered by Juvenile Court Judge Margaretta Schuck who gave four 17-year-old boys the option of a weekend in jail or a spanking.

They chose the spanking. And the penalty options were with the consent of parents, emphasized Judge Schuck, mother of three children.

One parent accepted Judge Schuck's invitation yesterday to administer the spanking in open court. The three other boys were paddled by the Juvenile Court officer.

Offenses Cited

Judge Schuck said the youths, all with previous records of court appearances, were charged this time with having drunk intoxicating beverages, throwing empty bottles, and stealing apples. They also gave police a false report of having their car stolen.

The judge said "I have imposed the penalties the law provides and it wasn't effective," adding that she felt the boys' action in this instance "were juvenile and the punishment should be as juvenile as the offense".

Licenses Suspended

The quartet was ordered to read "The Problem of Teenage Drinking," an article in a current periodical. They were also placed on curfew, and admonished to cooperate with the State liquor department officials in investigating the sale of intoxicating beverages to minors. Their driver licenses were also suspended.

The boys are Jack Cantrell, Robert E. Weaver, William Johns and James R. Farrell. They appeared in Juvenile Court on complaint filed by the Findlay police department.

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