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Judicial CP - December 1950

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Post Register, Idaho Falls, Idaho, 27 December 1950, p.1

Youngsters' Escapade Ends With Paddling

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CULVER CITY, Calif., Dec. 27. (AP) -- A good old fashioned paddling ended an attempted airplane runaway by three youngsters.

The two boys and a girl, Lloyd Britton, 12, his sister, Louella, 13, and their cousin, Leonard Bryson, 14, also will have a juvenile court hearing Saturday. All live in Los Angeles.

Bryson's sister, Mrs. R.W. Yanz, and the mother of the other two, Mrs. Mildred Britton, administered the spanking at the police station Tuesday.

The juvenile junket began, police learned, on Christmas Eve when the trio left their homes with $13 dollars and a loaf of bread. They spent the night in a vacant house. They traveled afoot on Christmas day and reached Culver City airport that night.

Early Tuesday an airport guard, A.A. Burlingame, heard a plane engine. He saw a ship taxiing and flashed a light trying to stop it. The pilot tried to gun the engine to take off but the engine died. The youngsters were hustled to the police station.

Their explanation was simple: Bryson had learned a lot about airplanes from his father, a civilian pilot, and the trio had decided to fly to Eureka, Calif., to visit him. Eureka is about six hundred miles north of here.

Corpun file 26329 at

The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Iowa, 27 December 1950

They're Not Spoiling This Trio

Teen-agers get Old-Fashioned Spanking

Three runaway children are shown leaning over a counter in the Culver City, Calif., police station after they were caught by an airport attendant as they allegedly tried to fly a private plane to Eureka, Calif. When caught, Leonard Bryson, 14, was at the controls of the plane. The children, left to right, are Bryson, Lloyd Britton, 12, and his sister, Louella, 13. Doing the paddling are Mrs. R.W. Yanz (left), sister of Leonard, and Mrs. Mildred Britton, mother of the other two.

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