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Judicial CP - August 1937

Corpun file 7214

Dublin Evening Mail, Ireland, 18 August 1937

Schoolchildren Whipped In Public

Claim That Punishment Has Reduced Juvenile Crime

Powhatan, Ohio.

THE use of a public whipping post is claimed to have reduced juvenile delinquency in this village by 60 per cent.

The village marshal, Edward Carpenter, a sturdily built, strong-armed man, has set up a barrel in the village square over which youthful offenders are bent and soundly strapped.

Since he first started public whipping the Marshal estimates that he has thrashed some 200 youths, ranging in age from eight to 15 years.

According to the County Judge juvenile delinquency in Powhatan "has fallen off nearly 60 per cent from what it was before Carpenter's 'barrel justice' went into effect."

The severest punishment meted out so far was that given to a group of 21 boys who played truant from school. Each boy was made to report every evening for a month and was given a daily strapping.

"When I got tired," said Carpenter, "I made those who had already been whipped strap their companions."

The Mayor and the Vicar of the village both endorse Carpenter's system enthusiastically. -- Reuter.

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