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Judicial CP - March 1921

Corpun file 21768

Chicago Daily Tribune, 2 March 1921

The Inquiring Reporter

Every Day He Asks Five Persons, Picked at Random, a Question.

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Today's Question.
Should the whipping post for wife-beaters be reestablished?

Where Asked.
La Salle between Randolph and Washington streets.

The Answers.

Velda Thompson. 180 West Washington street, secretary -- Yes; while there are many women who deserve a whipping, a man who would strike a woman certainly should be sentenced to the whipping post. I think that would stop a lot of men from using their wives as punching bags.

Florence Carter, 2619 Warren avenue, dancer -- Yes. Although a nagging woman is an awful evil, that does not justify a man striking her. We need some good old fashioned correctives in this country. The male sex is becoming too careless in its treatment of women.

Mildred Hillery, Washington hotel, model -- Yes, I would even go further. I think a wife beater should be hanged. Some men seem to think, when they swear to take a woman for better or for worse, that the latter stands for worse treatment.

Mme. Verona, 515 North Clark street, magician -- Sure. A man who would beat his wife needs a good, snappy punishment. The whipping post would supply a form of punishment he would not soon forget. It ought to be reŽstablished right away.

Labon Summers, 4016 South Michigan avenue, dancer -- It all depends on the wife. Some women render a husband desperate. Their tongues seem to be hung in the middle and they never stop wagging them. Maybe we ought to try the ducking stool before we try the whipping post.

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