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Judicial CP - September 1901

Corpun file 19678


The New York Times, 22 September 1901

Pilloried in Delaware.

Lawbreakers Subjected to Heavy Corporal Punishment.

Special to The New York Times.

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 21. -- In the jail yard at Newcastle this morning two culprits stood an hour in the neck-breaking pillory and fifteen received the punishment of the post, one of the pillory victims being among the latter.

Eight of the culprits were white and seven negroes. They were Henry Fisher, for murderously assaulting Thomas Mullin, a saloon keeper, one hour in the pillory. He will also be imprisoned four years. Charles Connelly, burglary, one hour in the pillory and twenty lashes; Lewis Purnell, William Finney, Frank Smith, C.A. Clarkson, Arthur Armstrong, William Fleming, and William Bouldin, ten lashes each; Hastings Appleton, John Fisher, Walter Osler, and Chester Gill, fifteen lashes each; George Welsh, five lashes, all for larceny.

The administration of the corporal punishment was the heaviest witnessed for twenty years. Sheriff McDaniel wielded the heavy cat-o'-nine tails.

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