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Judicial CP - February 1901

Corpun file 19679


The New York Times, 17 February 1901

Five Men Whipped by Sheriff

Another Exhibition of Corporal Punishment in Delaware.

Special to The New York Times.

NEWCASTLE, Del., Feb. 16. -- Sheriff McDaniels inflicted corporal punishment upon five persons in the county jail yard to-day, before an interested group of spectators. The Sheriff this time was a little more severe on the culprits than last week, and more muscle was put into the lash. James Finns was the only white man punished, and he began the performance by standing in the pillory for an hour. Then he got fifteen lashes, which caused him to twist and squirm.

One of the lashes fell about Finn's neck, the Sheriff having misjudged the distance, and this caused the victim considerable pain.

The other men punished were negroes, and James Spence smiled as he got a double dose of five lashes. Lea Ackwood got fifteen. John Roach received ten lashes, which well marked his back, but Percy Coleman, after having the ten strokes laid on his back, said: "Easier than I thought for."

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