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Judicial CP - May 1897

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Daily Public Ledger, Maysville, Kentucky, 22 May 1897, p.1

A Good Paddling.

Six of Maysville's Young Toughs Given a Deserved Blistering.

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Superintendent Gray will not be bothered by the six young toughs who so successfully "canned" a streetcar Wednesday night and then tried to wreck it by filling a "frog" full of rocks.

Yesterday morning the police officers were busy bringing in the ones who were interested in the sport, and by noon the following well known youths lined up for trial before Judge Wadsworth:

Allen Shepherd,
Rock Shepherd,
Jack Shepherd,
Waldo Gilbert,
Charles Plummer,
Morris Reagan.

Those boys have been up before the Judge before, and finding that rock quarries, jails and chains had no terror for them, an elegant white oak paddle with a two-feet blade, guaranteed to raise four blisters to the lick, was introduced to them.

Their parents were sent for, who very readily gave their consent.

Officers McDowell and Purnell were selected to wield the oak, and they were instructed to smash the tough element clear out of the boys, without regard to the blisters they would raise or the feelings they would fracture.

The Officers and boys retired to the place of punishment -- the hall adjoining the Courtroom -- and the work was begun. The boys were told to "strike a posish," while the paddle-wielders struck the posish, and every lick brought forth a scream as long as a clothesline and as loud as a Comanche.

The next time these young toughs are brought up on a misdemeanor charge they will be run through the sausage mill.

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