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Domestic CP - February 1957

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Reading Eagle, Pennsylvania, 3 February 1957, p.29

Grandmother Is Professional Spanker

By Earl Aronson

Press cutting

East Boothbay, Maine (AP) -- An expert recommends the bare hand for the best results in spankings, and if you're too timid about doing it yourself she'll apply the pressure for you for a fee.

Mrs. Frances Dodge, a 48-year-old grandmother, is a professional spanker. Her charge is about a dollar each, depending somewhat on the victim's attitude. Her service is strictly confidential and she claims "many satisfied clients" in this Maine vacation and shipbuilding area.

"A half dozen well-directed strokes right on the target are usually enough," she advises. "All that we want to do is make the youngster realize that he or she has misbehaved. We're not out to seek vengeance."

HOW DID MRS. DODGE get into the spanking business? She got tired of hearing parents at Grange, lodge and other meetings complain about their children. So one day -- almost without thinking, she said -- she declared: "Bring them to me. I'll straighten them out."

Mrs. Dodge is no novice at handling children. She and her husband, Lawrence, a shipbuilding worker, raised four. She says she brought them up the old fashioned way, "with an eye on their manners and a hand on their bottoms when it was necessary."

The first "customer" was a friend's daughter visiting the Dodges for a few days.

"SHE HAD BEEN BROUGHT up by the new method -- never lift a hand to 'em," Mrs. Dodge related, "so she was very hard to manage.

"After two days of this, I was on the verge of collapse so I finally resorted to the method I had used on my own children. From then on we became fast friends and her mother hardly knew her when she returned home."

A recent applicant was a 12-year old boy.

"He came in a-grinning, thinking that my business was a joke." Mrs. Dodge said. So she resorted to her paddle which she keeps only for older children.

"WE HAD QUITE a tussle but three or four direct hits really made him see the light and his mother says he hasn't been any trouble since."

Word of Mrs. Dodge's rare occupation has spread. She said she got a letter from Bogota, Colombia, asking whether "a boy of 10 years old is sufficient tu spank with de hands on de bare rump?"

The answer was yes and she prefers the hand to a hairbrush.

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