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Domestic CP - September 1953

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The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania, 29 September 1953, p.17

Molly Mayfield

"I'm Too Old for Spanking --" High School Girl Complains

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Dear Mrs. Mayfield:

I am a 15-year-old high school girl. Recently I did something I shouldn't have.

I'd rather not say what it was. But I know it was wrong. My folks found out, and dad told me to go to my room and get into my pajamas while he and mom decided what to do. He took a hair brush and spanked me.

That's the first time I've been spanked. I think I'm too old for spanking. There are lots of other ways to punish me -- take my allowance away, not be allowed to go out, etc.

Dad says I've acted so well since I got a spanking he's going to try it again the next time I goof off. I don't think that's fair, either. I'm about as good and bad as most of my friends. I told him all this -- and he said why not ask you.

He won't promise to take your advice, but he says he'll consider it. What do you think?

P. H.

Dear Mrs. Mayfield:

Patty showed me this letter, and gave me permission to add a few words. Since she's reluctant to say why I spanked her, I won't tell, either. But it was for a major transgression and she told a whopper into the bargain.

Of course, Pat doesn't like to be spanked. She'd rather have her allowance docked or stick around the house for a few evenings and afternoons.

That's why, judiciously applied, a spanking is a darn good punishment. For years I've avoided spanking Patty. I'm sorry now. She could have used a spanking once in awhile.

The other punishments Pat mentions are fine for a great majority of things that come up. But there comes a time when, to be fair, they have to be applied on a scale that defeats their purpose. You need a punishment on a different scale then, and the best thing I've found is to turn her across my knee and give her a sound spanking in no uncertain terms with a hairbrush.

Patty and I will be very interested in your comments. MR. H.

Dear Patty:

Your dad certainly uses some pretty convincing arguments for spanking you. You admit that your offense was a whopper. And you admit, too, that after the spanking you have been toeing the line like a model girl.

That's exactly the result that punishment is to produce. So you can't possibly blame your dad for holding up the hairbrush as an ideal instrument of reform. Apparently, it worked.

So, you see, Pat, you are entirely responsible for the fact that dad ever felt that he had to use the hairbrush.

I realize that spanking is a pretty terrible experience for a teen-ager to take. It's humiliating. And yet, since it seems to work with you, I'm sure your dad is going to keep it foremost in his mind when you commit a really, major offense, and I can't blame him.

Dear Mr. H:

I think you were exactly right in blistering Patty in this instance, as results prove.

But I'm sure that in the future you are going to be pretty lenient in your definition as to what is and is not a major goofing-off.

For Patty is almost a young lady now -- and humiliation is something that a young lady should be spared, if at all possible. Humiliation cuts far more deeply at the ages of 15 and 16 than it ever does at 40 or 50. M. M.

Do you have a problem? Write Molly Mayfield, Box 476, The Pittsburgh Press.

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