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School CP - February 1960

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Daily Mail, London, 12 February 1960, p.3

Boys turn up at school ... drunk

They went home for lunch and drank port

By Daily Mail Reporter

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TWO 14-year-old school boys returned to their form-room after the lunch break and collapsed.

They were rushed to the school medical room because teachers thought they were ill.

But the school doctor diagnosed ... DRUNKENNESS.

Then it was discovered that the boys had been drinking port when they went home during the lunch hour.


Both boys were immediately suspended from the new boys' high school at Batley, Yorkshire, while the facts were considered.

That was last week. On Monday one boy returned to the school and was caned.

The other was due for a similar punishment on Tuesday.

But other pupils heard a scuffle in the corridor and then learned that a geography master had been struck and knocked to the ground.

Yesterday the headmaster, Mr. G.C. Locke, announced to the 900 boys in the assembly hall that a caning would be inflicted on the boy who got tight and then resisted punishment.

Police told

He went to his study and ten minutes later a crestfallen boy left it. He was not seen at school again yesterday.

Last night the headmaster, the chairman of the governors, Councillor J.R.R. Thornes, who is Mayor of Batley, and the vice-chairman, Councillor John S. Watson, held a private meeting.

Councillor Thornes said after it: "All I can say is that facts about this matter have been communicated to the police. We have nothing more to say. This matter is entirely one for the school itself."

But Batley headquarters of the West Riding police issued a statement that said: "The Governors have dealt with this matter. The police are taking no further action."

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