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School CP - June 1947

Corpun file 9015

Evening News, London, 13 June 1947

My Cane Stays

Says This Headmaster

Appealing to them to support him if he has to punish their children, Mr. H. Bates, headmaster of Montem School, Slough, told members of the Parents' Association that although he detested corporal punishment, there were some children who understood only one thing -- pain. Referring to the proposed investigation into school punishment, he said: "I shall demand that the cane is left in my school." Schools that were run on "free discipline" lines were not schools but "rabbit warrens and fairgrounds," he added.

Corpun file 9016

Evening News, London, 28 June 1947

Caning "All Wrong"

Says Headmistress

Headmistress of Lady Margaret Grammar School for Girls, Fulham, for 30 years, Miss E. Moberly Bell has never caned one of her pupils. Now Miss Moberly Bell is retiring and she said in an interview: "I think corporal punishment for girls is absolutely wrong. It is a confession of failure."

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