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School CP - May 1937

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Evening Standard, London, 25 May 1937

Headmaster Says Corporal Punishment is Best

A HEADMASTER said at Epsom Juvenile Court to-day that he thought the old-fashioned discipline with corporal punishment was best.

He was giving evidence in a case in which a 12-year-old boy was summoned for stealing a bicycle. It was stated that the boy was continually committing acts of dishonesty.

The chairman said that when he went to school boys received a jolly good hiding every time such a thing took place, and it gradually grew upon him that it was better to refrain from such conduct.

The headmaster said that, so far as his own school was concerned, that system of punishment was maintained, although, of course, with discretion.

The boy's father said he believed in chastising the boy for such offences, but his wife did not.

The hearing was adjourned for a fortnight for a medical report. The magistrates were told that when the boy was seven he met with an accident and injured his head.

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